where i’ve been + what’s going on

long time, no see, right?

i know that it’s been a very long while since i’ve been on this site, and it was pretty damn unexpected, and i apologize for that, and it’s also why i’m writing this post. i’ve always hated it when other bloggers just…disappeared into thin air, and you don’t know if it’s because they’re busy or if something terrible has happened, and i didn’t want you guys to worry!

first off, i still had the wordpress app on my phone, and i saw all of you guys nominating me for the book blogger awards. i just want to say thank you to all the people that nominated me despite my extremely long absence, even though i didn’t win anything. it truly warmed my cold, dead heart.

second, i’m sorry to say that i’m done with blogging for the meantime. i honestly didn’t think this would happen so soon, especially since i was on such a great trajectory around this time last year, but i knew it was going to happen eventually, since i’m hoping to work for a publishing company, so it wouldn’t be possible to keep up with this blog forever. it kind of got really stressful for me there near the end of the school year, so i ended up going on an unplanned hiatus, and i don’t think i’ll ever come back. but i did want to at least talk to you guys and not leave you hanging!

i did want to update you guys on some things!!!

  • i wasn’t reading at all during that time i was gone, which is just great!!!! but, thankfully, since the last days of june, i’ve been back in the reading game, and it feels so good! so far, in july, i’ve read six books, and i might be finishing my seventh tonight. yes, i’m aware it’s only july 9. I HAVE NO LIFE.
  • i’ve been watching way too many tv shows, some of them being harper’s island, arrow, scandal, the exorcist (pls watch this show), animal kingdom, and so many more that i probably can’t think of because i’m TRASH
  • i’ve skimped out on movies, though. i’m sorry @ movies
  • i’ve landed a job!!! i never thought i’d ever get one in high school because when i think “job” i think “going into food service, which is my worst nightmare because i have to talk to people and i am socially anxious and also impatient as HECK” but my mom found a job at my local library where i can be a page, which basically means i put the books back on the shelves and scan them in, which is perfect for me!!! i was highly anxious before the interview and tbh, i cried a lot, but it worked out fine because who am i if i don’t hype up the worst expectations for any and all situations, only for them to turn out fine?
  • i never got to post a post that i was super excited about because i honestly didn’t think it was going to get that good reception, but i literally wasted hours on it, but it’s FINE!!! I’M FINE!!! (it’s about my favorite movies, which i compare to my favorite books. if you want to see it, i’ll be happy to actually publish it!)
  • i’m really obsessed with watching booktubers’ reading vlogs??? especially haileyinbookland’s. it’s fine i’m fine.
  • am i the only one who has only two book releases for november and december??? yes? okay?
  • i am very jealous of all the people who went to bookcon
  • i am way too obsessed with bookstagram
  • i’m going to yallfest this year!!!
  • i’m going to be a senior in high school this year and i’m still shook. i can’t believe high school is almost over and that i’ll be in college and just GAH. I FEEL LOTS OF NOSTALGIA.
  • i’ve deleted the twitter app on my phone because it was honestly stressing me out way too much keeping tabs on all the terrible things happening in the world. it’s been about two weeks, and i don’t regret it at all.
  • my favorite books so far this year have been the hanging girl by eileen cook, dear martin by nic stone, everless by sara holland, neverworld wake by marisha pessl, the cheerleaders by kara thomas, contagion by erin bowman, obsidio by amy kaufman & jay kristoff, and an ember in the ashes & a torch against the night by sabaa tahir (yes i tried this series again, and it was deffo worth it)!!! READ THESE BOOKS DAMN IT

anyway, that’s really it! i just wanted to update you guys on all the things in case any of you were worried about me, because i didn’t want you to be! i love you all, and i very much appreciate all of you who liked my posts or followed me or commented on my posts or said you were my favorite blog. it means a lot to me, and i appreciate it so much! 🙂

bye for now!!!!


12 Books I Somehow Still Haven’t Read Yet (Shame! Shame!)

My TBR of Shame is so big that if it toppled and fell on me, I would probably die by being drowned from my own books.

That’s how serious this is.

I’m glad to report that so far, 2018 has been treating me pretty well, and I’ve actually FINALLY conquered some of those books that have been sitting on my TBR for years now, and I’m extremely pleased.

Despite that, there’s still lots and lots and LOTS more books that I’ve yet to actually pick up, even though I’ve been wanting to. So I’m going to pull some amateur psychology, and hope that putting this list out there and having you guys yell at me might finally push me to read some of them.

Hopefully, it’ll work.

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17 Oddly Specific Types Of Books That Make Me Go “Yes! I’d Like More Of That Please!”

I have a very specific taste when it comes to the books I’m attracted to.

Other bookworms might say, “Oh, I really like books that contain music!” or “I love it when authors write about robots!” I say, “One of my favorite types of books are the ones where a plague or disease has overrun the world, and the protagonist is the cure, and, oh no, what should they do now??”

(I swear, I’m normal.)

Today, I’m going to be talking about specific types of books that I’m seriously addicted to, and I hope I’ll see more of in the future. I’M DESPERATE HERE, PEOPLE.

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12 Books I Thought I’d Fall In Love With…And Yet, I Didn’t Like Them

Despite loving books, I can often be disappointed by them.

I know, the horror!

I thought it’d be nice to spend today talking about books I was expecting to fall in love with, but then they asked me out, and whoops, I was Catfished.

I shall never stick to the status quo.

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17 Little-Known Facts About Me That You Didn’t Want To Know (Or Maybe You Did)

For some reason, people really liked learning more about me.

Last February, one of the posts I wrote was “25 Facts About Me,” and it was pretty popular, as you can tell. Since then, I haven’t seemed to talk about myself much, which is clearly a tragedy for all.

So, I decided to write up seventeen facts about myself, in honor of the fact that I’m seventeen years old at the moment. And that’s basically it.

(And if you must know, yes, that’s my dog blocking my bookshelf in the featured image. She’s a keeper. You can see her actual face in my other facts about me post.)

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12 Books I Wasn’t Going To Read…And Then I Did Because I’m Weak

I am one hundred percent the cat that curiosity killed.

Why, you might ask? Because I tell myself I’m not going to read a book…and then I do it anyway because I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.

It’s a sickness.

I thought it’d be fun to talk about some books I told myself I wasn’t going to read, but then I did it anyway. Some I deeply regretted, some I’m glad I caved for. It’s up to you to find out.

(Also, inspiration for the format came from Cait @ Paper Fury’s own post talking about books she wasn’t going to read!)

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