[REVIEW] The Many by Nathan Fields


Genre: Horror, Thriller, Suspense, Adult

Series: Untitled Series #1

Rating: 4 STARS


Karl notices something odd about his sister the morning after a blind date. A coldness in her manner; nothing anyone else would notice. Suspicious, he confronts her about the date but she turns nasty, accusing him of taking a perverse interest in her sex life.

When he next sees her, months later, she seems back to normal, until a harmless comment provokes a sudden, violent response. As her mental state fluctuates, Karl seeks out the man she dated just before her personality began to change, convinced she is suppressing a painful memory from that night. But what he discovers is something far more sinister, and pervasive, than he’d ever imagined.

Strictly for adult readers, THE MANY is the first book of a series that explores the dark side of the world we live in, and sheds light on a shadowy evil that is both disturbing and eerily familiar.

My Thoughts: 

“Stacey knew something wasn’t right when he asked who was feeding her cat tonight.”

I can’t believe I almost hadn’t heard of this! I’m a huge mystery/thriller fan, if you must know, and I saw during one of Sam @ Clues and Reviews’ Friday Finds post that this book was mentioned, and I was immediately intrigued. I mean, do you see that synopsis? Then, last week, I signed up for Netgalley, and was just browsing through the Mysteries/Thrillers section, and I saw this book was up to Request, which made me curious since it was from a year ago. And then, I realized that this was a book that was up for download, and I thought, “Why the hell not? I’ll get the PDF for free.”

Let me just say, wow, what a ride. As soon as I read the first sentence of this book, I was completely addicted. Something that sometimes bothers me about thrillers is the fact that they’ll often spoil some of the major events in the summary, and then take about twelve chapters to get to that event, leading to me feeling like my time is being wasted for about a good hour. This one managed to just jump right into the action, and kept me flipping pages until the end. 

The main characters in this novel are mostly Karl and Dawn, who end up teaming up to bring down the unseen forces behind the strange behavior of their loved ones. Karl’s sister and Dawn’s mother are the two who are affected, and I definitely felt the two main characters’ emotions at how it seemed like no one was taking them seriously. I felt anger with them, as I always do (I don’t think you’ll know true frustration until you read a thriller where the policeman says, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have enough evidence to build a true case.”), and horrified once you found out the real truth of what happened to them on that date. The two of them felt like real people, and the choices they made were sometimes stupid, yes, but made sense since they were so dedicated to getting justice for their loved ones.

Sometimes, the reason why I don’t like thrillers or they just fall apart from me is that the description is sometimes misleading. I know we as bookworms have probably been super excited about a book, only to be let down by it because the premise made it out to be so much better than it really was, or we’re faced with a totally new story. This one definitely led up to its potential that the synopsis was given. I wasn’t let down by any of the events of the novel, and I got so much more than I truly expected from this novel. I’m a huge fan of dark thrillers, and I definitely got a dark thriller that delivered on the surprising discovery. I could’ve never guessed the turn the plot took, and in a world where thrillers sometimes get repetitive and delve into the same old/same old, it was really nice to read something unpredictable and different.

I can’t really talk much about the ending since this isn’t a stand-alone novel like I originally thought. This is actually the first novel in a series of books, and I was shocked, especially since Goodreads doesn’t even seem to have a release date for a second book or even acknowledge that it’s a series. I’m curious as to what the next few books will entail, and I really want to know when they’re coming, if ever. The ending left open room for a sort of revenge tale, which I think is pretty awesome, and I’m definitely looking forward to, if that’s the direction the story takes.


Have any of you guys read this book? What do you think about it?


I received this book for free from Netgalley. Thank you so much to Nathan Fields and Silvermac Publishing for making it available for me to read!

4 thoughts on “[REVIEW] The Many by Nathan Fields

  1. I haven’t seen this book around. Didn’t even know it until this post. I am intrigued. It sounds dark but interesting. I am staying away from NetGalley requests at the moment but this book has definitely temped me. Great review!

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