The Rapid Fire Book Tag


And I come with another tag! Again, I saw this on Books Amino and didn’t quite get to it, so I decided it’d be much better if I just did it on my blog! I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to do this tag as fast as you can, hence the name, and I’m pretty sure I did it fast enough. I failed to time myself (#shame).


E-book or Physical book?


E-books! I still love physical books, but my precious e-books make me read just a little bit faster, I think.

Paperback or Hardback?

Hardback. I love the look of them, and it honestly kills me inside that I have so many paperbacks and my series don’t match like other people’s series do. *cries*

Online or In-Store Book Shopping?


Online. Those prices, man.

Trilogies or Series?

Series! While thinking of the answer to this question, I realized that a large majority of the series that I love and adore are 4-6 books long, so, definitely series.

Heroes or Villains?

Heroes! (Do anti-heroes count as heroes? I’m counting it.) I love villains, but, man, I absolutely love my gangs of misfits for main characters. How could I live without the Gangsey or the Dregs or the Night Court or Aelin’s squad.

A book you want everyone to read?


Okay, so as to avoid Unwind, I’m going to say Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It’s one of my favorite stand-alones of all time, and one of the most surprising; I didn’t expect much, but I read it in two days and was left super emotional by the end.

Recommend an underrated book.


Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock by Matthew Quick is another one of my favorite stand-alones that definitely doesn’t get enough love. Some people find the ending to be unsatisfying, but I personally love it, and the journey to get there was so great. It’s such a good book about a rarely talked about topic.

The last book you finished?


History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera. My review of it can be found here! It wa super depressing, but such an important and brilliant read. I highly recommend it!

The last book you bought?

I bought a crapton of books for Christmas, and I can’t exactly remember which one I bought last, so I’m going to provide you guys with a list.

Gemina, Scythe, The Diabolic, Three Dark Crowns, Crooked Kingdom, The Midnight Star, The Female of the Species, Replica, Frost, Boy Robot, Caraval, Heartless, Everything You Want Me to Be, Behind Her Eyes, History Is All You Left Me, The Marriage Lie, The Twilight Wife, Sister, Sister, Little Heaven, My Husband’s Wife, and The River at Night.

Weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark?

For all the Harry Potter books, I used this tiny tag from some clothes I got from Gap. It’s sort of nostalgic for me, and I still have it tucked into The Sorceror’s Stone.

Used books: Yes or No?

I’ve never bought used books online, so no. If the shipping date weren’t between a period of months and so expensive, I’d probably be all over it.

Top Three Favorite Genres?

Fantasy, Thriller, and Sci-fi.

Borrow or Buy?

Buy, even though I should work on borrowing more. But I love owning books.

Characters or Plot?

Mm, plot. I can deal with crappy characters, but if the plot is boring, then it’s a deal breaker.

Long or Short Books?

Long, if I have to choose between the two. Most of my favorite series’ books have over 500+ pages, and I’m never getting rid of those.

Long or Short Chapters?

Short. Long chapters are my pet peeve.

Name the first three books you think of.


Divergent, The Hunger Games, City of Bones.

Books that made you laugh or cry?

A Monster Calls, How to Repair a Mechanical Heart, Before I Fall, Looking for Alaska, TFiOS, Draw the Line, etc.

Our world or fictional worlds?


Who in their right mind would choose our world?

Audiobooks: Yes or No?

Nope. I tried listening to the audiobook for The Goldfinch because I was taking much too long to read it and I had to return it to the library soon, and I thought listening to the audiobook would rush the process along, but it didn’t, and I didn’t really enjoy the experience as a whole.

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

No. I’m attracted to gorgeous covers, but I’ve never bought books JUST because of their cover.

A movie or TV show you preferred to its book?


None. The only movie that has come close is Gone Girl, but even then, I still prefer the book.

Series or standalones? 

I refuse to answer. Thrillers are usually stand-alones, but I love my favorite series, and I can’t choose between the two. It’s such a hard decision!


And that’s it for this book tag! I hope you enjoyed it! 

Also, so much good news! Okay, I know most of us are upset because of a ~certain event~ happening today, and I definitely am, but for one, I finally created a pretty banner to go with my blog! I’d like to thank Canva for being a life saver to those who are hopeless with graphic design. 

And, two, I received two ARCs from Netgalley! These are my very first ARCs, and I’m so happy to have them! I don’t even know how since I have such a small following and got turned down for so many of the ones I requested (I still have nine left in the running), but I ended up nabbing an early copy of The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda. Yes, the one who wrote All the Missing Girls, one of my favorite December reads! And I also got Final Girls by Riley Sager, which is one of my most anticipated reads of the year! I’m so pumped that all the other rejections barely matter!

And I also reached 50 followers on my blog! It’s actually been one month since I’ve started this blog, and I can’t believe it’s grown so much in such a short amount of time. That’s insane to me, and I thank all of you, especially the ones who take time to like and comment on my posts. You guys are took kind!

file_009Do you prefer series or stand-alones? 

5 thoughts on “The Rapid Fire Book Tag

  1. Omg congrats on 50 followers!! 🙌🎉 That’s crazy you grew so much in a month! Also congrats on getting those ARCS, I hope you enjoy them! I’m also cracking up because I used Canva to make my blog header too 😂 Sometimes it drives me insane but I’m definitely grateful to have it cause I wouldn’t have any graphics otherwise!

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    • I know, right? I can’t believe it’s been a literal month; at gone by so past. I’ll be super emotional in a year. 😂 And thank you, I’m already halfway through The Perfect Stranger! So good! Yep, I used it to make my banner and all the featured graphics. I was making super ugly graphics before.

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