[ARC REVIEW] Blink by K.L. Slater


Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Adult

Series: None

Rating: 3 STARS

Release Date: February 16, 2017


What if the person you love most in the world was in terrible danger … because of you?

Three years ago, Toni’s five-year-old daughter Evie disappeared after leaving school. The police have never been able to find her. There were no witnesses, no CCTV, no trace.

But Toni believes her daughter is alive. And as she begins to silently piece together her memories, the full story of the past begins to reveal itself, and a devastating truth.

Toni’s mind is trapped in a world of silence, her only chance to save herself is to manage the impossible. She must find a way to make herself heard. She must find her daughter.

A compelling, gripping thriller with a breathtaking twist that will keep you awake until the early hours. Perfect for fans of The Girl on the Train, Behind Closed Doors and The Sister.

My Thoughts:

Okay, so I’ve actually never any of Slater’s books before now. I do own Safe With Me, but I also have about 1001 other books on my TBR that are currently screaming my name, so I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read it. I will definitely pick it up though, because I really enjoyed it! It wasn’t the best thriller I’ve read so far this year, but I enjoyed it enough.

The pacing of this novel was definitely on the slower side. There were a lot of chapters, which meant they were pretty short (always a positive in my experience), and I thought it was perfect that the book was split into two parts. Part 1 is definitely slower. I know that for some readers, they’ll find it extremely boring because it’s not very thriller-y at all; it has more of a contemporary feel with the fact that Toni is suffering between taking care of her daughter and dealing with the grief of her husband’s death a couple years back and moving into a new place and her mom riding on her about things and dealing with a new job, etc. We have a peek at these journal entries that seem from the captor’s point-of-view, and the POV of the person who’s paralyzed, but those are pretty short and pretty spare. Part 2 was definitely interesting and I couldn’t stop reading once I reached that part; I just binged until the very end.

The characters were just fine (it’s always awkward to talk about characters since I don’t care much for them when I’m reading my thrillers). It’s quite easy to gain sympathy for Toni since she’s suffering from so many things and she’s just trying to get her life together just like anyone else. We also get to learn more about Harriet Watson, who plays a larger part in the book besides “the abusing teacher I hated a lot.” She was quite the three dimensional character, and I actually really enjoyed learning more about her as the novel went on.

I thought the premise was done semi-well. I feel like it might be a bit misleading, but I’m not going to talk about it anymore so as not to spoil anyone. Again, this book was a bit slower than I thought it’d be, so if you’re looking for a faster-paced thriller, this will probably not be your jam. I’d also say that if you’re looking for a thriller revolving around missing kids, this isn’t the one for you, either.

I actually really enjoyed the ending a lot. Like most thrillers, it has all the plot twists that most modern thrillers have these days, but I actually didn’t mind them too much. I really enjoyed the very last chapter of this book; it was so touching. And that’s it, that’s all I’m saying about the ending because no spoilers!


Have you read K.L. Slater’s previous book? Does this one sound good to you?


I received this book for free from Netgalley. Huge thanks to K.L. Slater and Bookouture for giving me the opportunity to read this! 


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