[MOVIE REVIEW] The Girl on the Train


Genre: Thriller

Based Off Of: The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Movie Parental Guide Rating: Rated R

Rating: 4 STARS

My Thoughts:

Okay, so I went into this movie expecting to hate it or find myself extremely bored. All movie critics and fans of the books hated this one alike, but I’m neither a critic nor a huge fan of the books. I rated The Girl on the Train 3.5 stars when I read it last year because I found it addicting, but I thought there wasn’t enough evidence to support the answer to the whodunnit of the mystery to work, if that makes sense (probably not?).


Anyway, in general, I did enjoy the movie, as you can see by my rating. Yeah, it was slow-paced, but I really expected it to be worse from all the people saying how bored they were. I liked how the movie transitioned between all three women – Rachel, Megan, and Anna – and gave all three of the women equal screen time without overdoing it. Emily Blunt’s performance as Rachel was freaking amazing; she played her so well. And, though I will admit that it’s been a long while since I’ve actually read the book, I thought it was pretty spot-on, in my opinion.

And that’s it for the non-spoilery part, so if you haven’t read or seen the book/movie, I advise you to leave now!

Okay, now for me to talk in depth about the movie. Something that annoyed me from the get go was how weirdly sexualized Scott and Megan Hipwell’s relationship was. Not saying it’s a bad thing, but in the books, the reason Rachel watches the Hipwells is because she’s recently been divorced, and she sees the couple as what could’ve been between her and Tom. But in the movie, they’re having sex in plain view of a train that rides past their house every day, and it makes Rachel seem like some sort of pervy voyeur or something. It reminded me of my disappointment when I watched the sneak peek of the Big Little Lies trailer. It was so saturated with sex in every scene, and portrayed zero references to the actual book. Why are they always doing this?

Another thing that annoyed me that isn’t as big as a deal: it takes place in New York. This is a pretty huge leap since the book takes place in the U.K., and correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t New York mainly have subways, not trains that ride around in the country? Honestly, it made no sense, and I’m guessing it would have been expensive, but still. Come on.


I thought the cast of the movie was great! Again, Emily Blunt totally nailed Rachel, especially her drunken tirades and the way she acted so depressed and melancholy. She was absolutely brilliant. I also thought Haley Bennett did really well as Megan Hipwell, especially that heart-breaking scene where she accidentally killed her baby. Her acting was so powerful during that scene, and so were her scenes of the therapy sessions. Those were the top two stand-out actresses for me, but I think everyone did pretty well in their roles.

Also, woah, I didn’t know that Detective Sergent Riley was such a jerk. She straight up threatened Rachel at one point, and I was just like, “Is this legal? Are detectives allowed to do this? Do detectives do this to people just because they think they did the actual crime? What?” But, you know, irrelevant fact.

I mentioned earlier on that it’s been a long time since I’ve read the book, but I feel like the final scene in which Rachel finds out that Tom was the murderer was a bit incorrect. They made it seem as if Rachel blacked out, and then Anna went upstairs to chill out after finding out that her husband is a murderer, and Tom was just sitting around, waiting for Rachel to come to they could have a final show-down. Like, huh? I did like the moment where she stabbed him in the throat, and Anna joined in and drove it in to finally murder him. I thought it was a really poignant scene for their two characters.


Other scenes I haven’t mentioned yet that I really enjoyed: the flashback to Rachel confronting Megan and Tom, the murder of Megan (which was super intense, damn), when Anna stood up for Rachel and said it was self-defense near the very end, the final couple of scenes with Rachel drawing, Rachel going to the AA meeting after blacking out, and probably a couple more that I just forgot.

All in all, I really enjoyed this one. Of course I’m part of the more unpopular opinion, but it wasn’t as bad as everyone made it out to seem. If you’re curious, I think it’s pretty safe to go ahead and try it out for yourself.file_009Have any of you guys seen this movie? Did you like it? Did you think it was accurate to the book?


9 thoughts on “[MOVIE REVIEW] The Girl on the Train

    • Yeah, we can revel in our unpopular opinion together! 😂 And, same. It’s not THAT big of a deal, but it still doesn’t make sense to me. Honestly, if no one had told me it was set in NY, I probably wouldn’t have realized! The setting was quite vague.

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  1. I can’t wait to watch the movie since I liked the book.I am glad about the Emily Blunt choice.Dissapointed to hear about the sex scenes,Rachel watching that just seems wrong/weird.I hope to watch the movie soon.Thanks for sharing the review.

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    • Yeah, same! Emily Blunt was fantastic. Yeah, I totally didn’t understand why the Hipwells would be having sex on the terrace of their house as a train passed by??? Also, they said that Megan was a sex addict, and I was like, “That couldn’t be in the book, right?” And no problem! 😄


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