My Favorite Bookstagram Accounts


Since this month is pretty much all about spreading the love, I decided it’d be nice to talk about something that I absolutely love: bookstagram. I have an obsession with looking at pretty pictures of books and I love aesthetics, and bookstagram manages to combine both. I follow pretty much all bookstagram accounts, but I have my favorite accounts, and I just wanted to share them all with you!

NOTE: I did this post last month (because I’m an overachiever at blogging, so the pictures of these people’s feeds are probably hella old, so feel free to click their name so you can get a look at their current feed!




Just look at her feed! I absolutely adore  the dark filter put on the books, and the way all her photos are unique and original.




Have you seen her character portraits? They are absolute gold. Not to mention her feed is so dark and pretty and eye-catching and she’s a master of make-up. Absolute perfection and seriously underrated.




I’m sure most people are familiar with Cait from her blog, and her bookstagram is just as fantastic. Look at the background! The bookshelves! The stacks! The bright colors! It just all comes together so well.




I’m a sucker for clean feeds setting off white backgrounds and pastels and Alexandra totally nails it. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing to look at! And she has a nice bedroom, and I know that’s completely unrelated, but my room is messy, so, yeah.




Abby’s bookstagram was one of the first that I ever discovered and the first I ever followed! It’s always consistent and neat, and since I’m a huge fan of mysteries and thrillers, I love her recommendations.




Fiderly is already such a sweet girl herself, and her photos are just as gorgeous. Again, I love the fact that she doesn’t have a theme so all her photos are unique, plus, she has bookshelf goals.




I watch a lot of Booktube, and I’ve seen Carmen around in some vlogs, but I never knew that she had a bookstagram. I just love the soft photos she takes and how pretty they always look.




My bookstagram skills are awful (I just need to improve on photography in general, to be honest), but Caden is around my age and yet she takes such gorgeous photos??? I am all kinds of jealous.




Celine’s feed is pure goals. I just love how bright and organized her photos always are, and look at that bookshelf! Also, she introduced me to Passion Planners, so thank you, now I want one really bad. 




JUST LOOK AT THE WAY SHE USES PROPS AND COLORS! It’s so unbelievably perfect, and whatever filter she’s using is perfect.




I just love bright feeds or the types where the books have this great ombre shade, so this is basically book porn for me.




Beautiful crowded photos are always my weakness. And, again, she’s! My! Age!




Another feed that uses props perfectly. Look at how unbelievably neat this entire feed looks!




Not only are her photos that take place in nature really nice to look at, but, again, I love minimalist feeds with softer colors.


And that’s it for my favorite bookstagram accounts! I hope I’m not the only one who’s unhealthily obsessed with bookstagram. Please reassure me.

ALSO, I know some of you guys have already found me, but I decided to start up my bookstagram account this past week! I know I’ve said it’s super stressful, but, so far, it’s really fun, and I’m actually very happy with the way my feed looks (finally!). Here is the link to my account! Feel free to follow me; I’ll probably check you out as well!

(And I’ll probably end up making a Part 2 to this because THERE ARE SO MANY MORE!)


What are some of your favorite bookstagram accounts? Do you have a bookstagram account? Leave your username or your link in the comments section so we can find each other!


21 thoughts on “My Favorite Bookstagram Accounts

    • Haha, I went into it telling myself I would not stress myself out. 😂 I know there are like “professional bookstagrammers” who post twice a day and check their stats to see the best time to post each day and take hours doing photo shoots, but I am not that person. And thank you! ❤

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  1. Great list. I love bookstagram even though I don’t post anything. I followed a ton of people a few years ago but a lot of them aren’t active anymore so I’ll 100% be following all of these people. Something about pretty books is just mesmerising. I sit there for hours just scrolling and scrolling…

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  2. Bookstagram is actually the best thing ever. I love it so much. I spend way too much time on it whoops. And these accounts are all so gorgeous.Your account is so pretty too. I love your photos! 😍 I think it would take about two years for me to list all of my favorite bookstagrammers though. XD

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    • I know, right? I honestly can’t believe it took me this long to discover it, tbh; I’m that one person who likes to stare at gorgeous things and books so it makes sense. And, aw, thank you; I love your photos as well! And, lol, same; I have so many more, but then I realized that could make up a whole other post. 😂


  3. OMG I’M SO HONOURED THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! ❤ I'm really glad you love my feed. And ohhh bookstagram is my favourite place of ever.😊💕😍 People are so talented??! Like I can only just stare in awe at these skills! @Darkfaerietales_ is one of my favourites of ever too. Her spirals are just absolute goals.😍 And I'm checking out a bunch of these other ones I hadn't head of yet!! Thanks for this epic post!

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    • AW NO PROBLEM YOUR FEED IS AMAZING. 😍 And yes, exactly, people on bookstagram are so talented and creative; I don’t know how they think up these amazing ideas for photos. And, yes, I love her spirals; they are total goals! Thank you so much! ❤


  4. Ohh this is a great list!! Cait is one of my faves of course, and I also adore Dark Faerie Tales. Some of these are new to me, so I have to check them out, thanks for sharing them! I feel like I am a mess at bookstagram, but eh, I try not to stress too much about it! I followed yours though, it’s very pretty!

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    • Yes, Cait is definitely one of my favorites! I absolutely love Dark Faerie Tales; her spirals are just literal perfection! 🙌🏾 And, haha, same that’s how I feel as well! 😂 And thank you! 😄


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