Unpopular Books I Like

So, as bookworms, we all have different opinions on books. Three people could read one book, and come out of learning different things, liking different things, and hating different things, which is what’s so cool about art. But, sometimes, there are books out there that we enjoy, but it seems like people shame us for liking said books and can sometimes act a bit “high and mighty” about it. So, I thought it’d be nice to talk about some of the books that seem to unpopular, in my opinion, that I really enjoy.

Also, I apologize for this being so late. My family overslept and decided not to go to church, and that’s, like, the only way I manage to post at 8 in the morning, so yeah. But let’s get on with the list!


Queen of Shadows


So, it seems like the entirety of the TOG fandom ended up splitting up because of this book, because some people literally can’t handle when two fictional characters don’t get together, even though when there are about 24374 hints that it ain’t happening. So, lots of fans hated this book because their ship didn’t happen or because all the characters acted differently (which, in my opinion, didn’t happen at all). This is probably one of my favorite books in the entire series (but all the books are so good, I can never choose a favorite)!

The Maze Runner Trilogy


So, I’ve seen a lot of people hate on this series and saying the books get worse and worse each book and that Thomas is bland, but I actually love this series. Okay, I haven’t read The Death Cure yet, but I though the first two books were so addicting and wonderful and action-packed, and I absolutely love the entire cast of characters. Especially Minho, because he’s my boyfriend.

(I haven’t watched the movies yet, though? I’m so weird.)

Paper Towns


Okay, so everyone seems to hate this book (or just John Green in general), but I loved this one. I see everyone say they really hate Margo, even though she is literally in the book for about max 40-50 pages (I mean, really? She’s MISSING pretty much the entire book) and they just found it boring, but I read this book in about two days when I was younger. I thought it was really hilarious and heartfelt). And, again, I failed to watch the movie, for some reason.

End of Days


Everyone on Goodreads seemed to hate this finale with a passion, but I loved it. People thought it was utterly ridiculous and didn’t make sense and made them super angry, but I actually almost cried while reading this book. I really loved the romantic moments between Penryn and Raffe and the family relationships, not to mention how tense it was. I absolutely love lore about angels and devils, and I loved learning more about Uriel.



I actually really hated Allegiant, but re-reading the series last year, I actually really enjoyed this sequel. I’m a fan of war politics in books and don’t mind ones that are slower-paced, not to mention that Tris had some really great and realistic character development, especially when she suffers from PTSD. This book was actually really clever, in my opinion, and not at all boring.

The Raven King


Okay, some people might say this isn’t unpopular, but I know I saw some really negative reviews about this book and how disappointing it was, but I devoured it. Pynch was absolutely adorable in this, the writing was as magical as always, and, to avoid spoilers, I actually really enjoyed the ending and how everything unfolded. Also, apologies, but I didn’t really care much about Noah, so everything revolving around him didn’t bother me. Maybe it’s just the fact that ambiguous endings don’t bother me too much, plus we’re getting a new trilogy in the world anyway.

City of Bones


And, again, some people might say this isn’t unpopular, but most Goodreads users seem to snark on this book a lot for being similar to Harry Potter (even though, honestly, to do that, most people are reaching like crazy), and I actually avoided it for that reason. In the end, I caved it and read it for myself, and I’m glad I did, because now I’m a Cassandra Clare fangirl.

Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Some also might say this isn’t unpopular, but I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews when I was around Goodreads about this book, and I found it really enjoyable. I definitely didn’t enjoy the rest of this series, but this one was really quirky and funny, and I loved it.

Red Queen


Yep, I love Red Queen. Everyone seems to hate this one for being unoriginal – which isn’t a crime in my book; nothing can truly be free of cliches – and saying that it was made to become a movie just because it got a movie deal even before it came out, which is apparently an evil motive, even though books like The Hate U Give and Moxie have had movie deals months before their releases. I found this one to just be a really fun read, and, yeah, it may be predictable, but I didn’t think it was too bad, and I really liked Mare.

The Cursed Child


And I enjoyed this one, too. I’ll wait before someone says I’m not a true Harry Potter fan. But, really, I loved getting back into this world and I smiled and laughed and teared up reading this, and all the Albus and Scorpius (who I shipped years before this book released). Pretty much everyone hates it and says how disappointing it is, but I don’t agree. Guess I’m not a real Harry Potter fan anymore!

All the Missing Girls


I saw a lot of my favorite crime book reviewers saying they found this book boring and that the format wasn’t good, but I thought this book was pretty amazing. I thought the way this book was told – which was backwards – was what made it really addicting, and I found it really easy to piece all the clues together and keep track of everything. It made the book tense, and though the chapters were long as all hell, I still found myself glued to the pages.

All is Not Forgotten


Again, another book that had a lot of negative reviews for this book once it come out, and I was going to not read this, but I’m glad I did. It’s more of a contemporary thriller about a small town and its secrets told from the view of a twisted therapist, and it was brilliant. I read this in one whole day, and I loved Dr. Forrester’s POV. Some said he was too clinical, but he’s a therapist. That was sort of the point. I just really enjoyed this one, and now I feel like I’m in a party of one.

Order of the Phoenix


Not really an unpopular book, but I’ve seen so many people say this is their least favorite book in the series, which shocks me. This is definitely one of my favorites, and it seems that some people hate it because Harry is depressing and the beginning was boring, but again, I’m a fan of slower-paced books, and I thought Harry’s behavior was justified, since, you know, literally saw someone die, saw someone get his hand cut off, and watched Voldemort come back to life, and no one believed him, but, I guess we all have our opinions.

The Widow


I don’t know if I can really classify this as unpopular, but I saw really average reviews for this one, and I really loved it. It’s a thriller, and I could tell from some of the reviews that people expected some sort of amazing twist, but it’s just a linear storyline where everything you think it is, it is, which is sort of interesting, since it feels like so many people expect thrillers to have a giant twist these days to be considered good. It was such an interesting way of telling the story, and a great way to showcase domestic abuse.


And that’s it for all the unpopular books that I like! I hope you enjoyed it and it made some of you guys feel less ashamed to like books that everyone seems to constantly belittle!


What are some unpopular reads that you like? Do we share any of the same ones?

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60 thoughts on “Unpopular Books I Like

    • I didn’t think so either (or maybe I didn’t notice)?? Maybe because he’s a ghost and I don’t think ghosts can be around ~forever~, so it made sense to me! Ooh, yes, OOTP is my fave! I don’t actually have an order to the other HP books, for some reason. I feel like I should sit down and write a list! 😂

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  1. I TOTALLY agree with Paper Towns and the Maze Runner series. Just awful. So much wasted potential with both. I loved Queen of shadows but agree that it was the weakest book in the series. You aren’t alone – I’ve heard quite a few people who didn’t like that one

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wait what; do you mean you did like them or didn’t? Because I meant her they’re unpopular books most people don’t like that I enjoyed! 😂 I think TOG is the weakest one, imo, but I still loved it, so I feel like it barely counts.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha, it’s totally fine! I woke up early today, and then went back to sleep, and woke up again and realized I had slept way past my posting time, and I was scrambling to get up. 😂


      • I remember reading your post and I got distracted then came back to write my comment. In the span of maybe 5 minutes I managed to get everything backwards. Note to self – do not write comments before I’ve had an entire cup of coffee! Thanks for being understanding. I feel like an idiot! LOL

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  2. Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix is also my sister’s favorite Harry Potter book. I can’t wrap my head around the fact the she has read it multiple times while I’ve been reading it for 4 years now 😂😂. But like as you said, to each their own.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol, my best friend took months to read that book, so I get you! 😂 I actually have not read HP books multiple times; I tried to and only made it mid-way through OOTP because I got brand new books lol. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmm, a lot of people I know who have read Paper Towns really love it? And WHAT HOW CAN THEY SAY TRK WAS BAD??? THAT WAS THE BOOK THAT MADE THE WHOLE SERIES A FAVORITE OF MINE! I thought Red Queen was good, but REALLY didn’t like Glass Sword. Yesterday I was at Costco and read the first 57 pages of King’s Cage, and while it wasn’t amazing, it makes me want to get into the series again. XD And ASDFGHJKL TOotP IS MY FAVORITE OUT OF ALL OF THEM??? I actually don’t know why because I LOVE SIRIUUUUUUUUS and I HATE UMBRIIIIIIIDGE but it just is. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I see so many people say they hated it on Goodreads and Books Amino! Personally, Abundance of Katherine’s was the one I didn’t like that much; his other books are A+, though. AND I KNOW RIGHT TKR SLAYED MY SOUL; I saw so many people say they were disappointed and I was like, “BUT HOOOW?” I’ve heard the same thing; that Glass Sword wasn’t too good, but I just have to try it out for myself! 😂 SAME THOUGH. I think it was because of that big battle at the end that did it for me and Dumbledore’s Army!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I thought TFIOS was okay. It was good, but not like… five stars. XD And TKR WAS SOOOO GOOOD. Yes! HOW??? Yeah, in Glass Sword, it was just something about Mare… she got annoying lol. YEAH! XD

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      • TFIOS is my fave; it’s the one I’ve read the most of his so far! So many people think Mare is annoying, but I rarely care too much about characters, which is probably why I don’t see it. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • XD That’s the only book I’ve read of John Green. 😛
        :O YOU RARELY CARE TOO MUCH ABOUT THE CHARRIES??? *gasps* Charries are everything! Charries are life! Charries are… AMAZING. *sobs* XD And there was something in Glass Sword about her… Maybe she was too paranoid. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      • Looking for Alaska is my fave of his, for reference! 😂 Then TFIOS, then Paper Towns and Will Grayson, Will Grayson (which tie, imo), and Abundance of Katherines in last!

        No, not really! I mean, there are characters that I love – like any SJM characters or Cassie Clare characters or Rick Riordan characters or The Gangsey – but I rarely ever hate a character and a large majority of the time, if someone says they don’t like a character, I don’t see it??? It’s just not a big deal for me. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, wow, you sure love John Green! XD The only book I read was TFIOS, like I said, and because I thought it was meh, I didn’t want to read his other books lol.
        Ohhh, I see. XD Yeah, some characters that others hate are ones I love, but other times, I totally agree. XD

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  4. Wait… some people hate Order of the Phoenix? Literally my favorite one! I mean, to be fair, I am depressing, so I enjoy when characters are depressing in a weird way. I also just thought the level of detail that went into Books 4, 5, and 7 was really great. (Also, I’m sorry, were some people happy at age 15? I sure wasn’t!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Some people do, but it’s my favorite! And, lol, I feel you; I’m a very negative person, so I guess it meshed with me? 😂 I know I’d be as angry as Harry if Voldemort came back and everyone thought I was crazy for believing that. I’m sixteen at the moment, and I definitely wasn’t too happy at 15. I was stressed because of high school. 😅

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  5. Oops, I’m guilty of not liking Red Queen, Cursed Child and Queen of Shadows! I enjoyed The Raven King, but I thought the rest of the series were stronger books… oh, and we’re in agreement re: Maze Runner. I didn’t love that series, but I didn’t dislike it like others seem to! In fact, I thought it was quite enjoyable and unique. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I know (does that mean I know you too well?)! 😂 Hm, I don’t know. I wouldn’t say there’s a weak book in the series for me, tbh, and I usually have one for every book. I guess I’d say The Raven Boys, but I feel like I’m lying because I fell in love with that book and that’s what pushed me to read the sequels. And, yeah for The Maze Runner! I actually do think it’s very unique, especially since when it was published, most dystopian revolved around a girl having to suffer because society is controlling an aspect of their life, so it’s very interesting.


  6. I’m totally with you on Queen of Shadows. That actually ended up being one of my favorite books in the series, if only because it feels like the characters have ALL developed SO much since the first one.

    Most of the others on your list I haven’t read or am just indifferent about. City of Bones I liked well enough, but can’t say that I LOVED (I liked it enough to buy the second book after I finished, but I still haven’t read it yet :/)

    Liked by 1 person

    • AHHH SAME! Actually, I feel like I can never choose the favorite! I’m always like, “I love Crown of Midnight, but also Heir of Fire because Rowan and Manon and that cliffhanger, but Queen of Shadows was so badass and ROWAELIN.” I can never choose. 😂

      Hm, I think City of Glass was the best and still my favorite of the series. The last three were meh in my opinion. I did prefer The Infernal Devices to The Mortal Instruments, though! Lady Midnight I would put in between TMI and TID, but I will read Lord of Shadows!


  7. I totally agree with a lot of your list, loved City of Bones and Red Queen for example but I’m afraid I’m in the hate camp as far as John Green and Maze Runner go. Everyone’s entitled to different opinions though. Life would be boring otherwise.

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    • Nooo, you break my heart! 😂 JK, I totally get it! Red Queen and City of Bones were just so good (even though I still haven’t read the Red Queen sequels, for some weird reason). And, yep, life would be boring if we were all the same! 🙌🏾

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  8. I loved Queen of Shadows, too! I mean, there are problematic elements of it, as with the rest of the series, but Sarah J. Maas has SUCH AN ADDICTIVE WRITING STYLE, and I’m sticking with this series through the end. AND I CAN’T BELIEVE PEOPLE DIDN’T LIKE THE RAVEN KING. THE RAVEN KING WAS AMAZING.

    Thanks for stopping by Writing on a Vintage Typewriter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I KNOW! I love her characters and the world and it just makes me so happy reading the series. I’ll just read everything that woman writes. It was definitely the worse time to step into the fandom, though; that year I had just started reading her books, and after that, the fandom has become nuts, but I can’t control that. 😂 AND YES I KNOW RIGHT I SAW PEOPLE RATING IT ONE STAR AND I WAS LIKE BUT HOOOOW?

      No problem; I love your blog! ❤


      • I mean, I get people are mad, but at the same time, the Chaol thing…she was literally told she had to take his storyline out of the book because the book had gotten too long. And people were treating it like she was saying “I don’t want this character with a disability in my novel”. It got blown waaaay out of proportion.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, yeah, definitely didn’t get the Chaol thing! Mainly because she literally said she was going to write a separate book on him, and now we’re getting a full-length book IN PLACE of the last book that seems to be predicted to be more than 400+ pages. Like, he’s going to be the starring role of his own novel, and it’s just as important as the other books (she said it was necessary to read it because it definitely plays a huge part of the plot). So, I never got that??? I didn’t think Chaol was OOC in QOS, either, but that’s a whole other rant. 😂


  9. I loved Paper Towns, which is why the movie was such a huge disappointment. I’m sorry, but I’m mostly blaming Cara for that one. She didn’t feel like Margo to me. Anyway, back to the book. I’m surprised many people seem to hate it (and who’s hating on John Green? That guy’s pretty amazing–even if you don’t like his books) Sure, I don’t think it’s John Green’s best, but it’s definitely not bad. I like how he has Q idolizing Margo before making him see she’s just a human like the rest of us. I like that message.

    PS: Can you tell I’m a huge John Green fan? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh, still haven’t watched that (or TFIOS?? I honestly don’t know why haha)! I heard it was okay, though; not the worst, but certainly not the best. AND SO MANY PEOPLE. I know there are some that feel all his books are the same, and I remember stumbling upon this “I Hate John Green” tumblr and then there was that whole “John Green is like a creepy uncle” post on tumblr that was just rude (this is probably why I don’t get along with tumblr lol). And, yes, same! I haven’t re-read his books in a while, and I wonder if my feelings would change (probably not).

      P.S. Definitely! What’s your favorite book of his? Mine is Looking for Alaska!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You should give it a try. If not Paper Towns, then TFIOS. It’s a better movie than Paper Towns is. It actually got me to reread TFIOS (I hated it the first time around).
        Ugh, the internet is so stupid sometimes. I don’t get how people can’t separate author from narrator. It’s not because he writes about crushing on teenage girls that he’s a “creepy uncle” or whatever. It’s called being a decent author.
        Oh, I love Looking for Alaska! It’s definitely my favourite. I’ve read it at least three times by now.

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  10. Well I’m not a fan of Red Queen I’ll admit but there are a few other books on your list I like as well; Queen of Shadows is definitely one of them and so is the Miss Peregrine’s trilogy. I haven’t read City of Bones in ages, I’m supposed to be re-reading it soon, but even so I can tell it had nothing to do with Harry Potter, reading the book way back when there were literally no similarities I picked up. I think people may be reaching a little there.
    And actually as much as I enjoyed the Penryn and the End of Days series I was a little disappointed in the ending. I still thought it was an amazing book but it felt like there was so much happening whereas with the other two books the story had more of a slow pace. I remember reading that originally there was supposed to be five books but it was cut back to three, and I just thought it felt like the author had tried to fit three books worth if development into one. Still great post Mikaela, it was quite interesting reading about the books you loved that maybe other people didn’t, and also how some of these despite being popular are still consider unpopular as well. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, yes, Queen of Shadows was good. Rowaelin happened. 😂 And there were so many amazing things that happened in that book as well (and also reminds me that I need to read EOS; what is WRONG with me)! Mrs. Peregrine’s was actually really good; I had seen meh things about it, but I really enjoyed it personally. Yeah, I re-read the first three books last year (and actually liked it even more then than I did when I was in middle school, funnily enough). I know it was HP fanfic before it got published and there was huge controversy around that, but most of the stuff that was compared are just basic tropes that could be found in any fantasy novel tbh.

      Yes, I heard the same thing! I would’ve loved a five-book series, but I feel like something happened so she couldn’t (or maybe I’m wrong)? I was expecting to not like it as well, but I really loved it; it’s actually one of the few trilogy endings where I didn’t feel like I needed to change my rating for it (which I often do when I binge trilogies in a couple of days because I’m sometimes on a high 😂). I do wish we could get more of what happened since it sort of ends on a “still not fixed, but all is well” moment, but I overall really enjoyed it!

      And thank you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • I take it you’re a Rowaelin shipper then? 🙂 And yes you definitely need to read EoS but you can always just say you saved it until closer to the release of the sixth book. I wish that’s what I’d done actually.
        Ohh, I didn’t know it was HP fanfic before it was published, I know she wrote HP fanfic before publishing TMI series but I wasn’t aware the two were connected other than that you know? I don’t remember any similarities and tropes can be found in all books when it comes down to it.
        I hadn’t heard anything more about it at all. Just in GR one day there was five books and then there were three. Maybe one day we’ll get a follow up book or novella, that would be kind of nice to see where the characters went after the ending.
        That’s all right. 🙂 ❤

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      • I 100% am. 😂 They’re one of my fave couples. I should, but I’m not in a fantasy mood, so I’ve just put it off. Now that the sixth book isn’t coming out anytime soon, I can rest easy.

        Yes, that would be awesome! I feel like it’s been so long since the book was published though. I’m hoping that she writes another series soon, but I really don’t know what she’s doing at the moment!

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  11. I SUPER agree about All The Missing Girls. A lot of true mystery and thriller lovers I’ve read said that they weren’t into it and hated it, but I thought that it was rather good. Wonderful post! 🙂

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    • Same; a lot of reviewers that I totally trust said they didn’t like it, which made me worried, but then I read it, and could barely put it down! Also, it was one of the first books that I read that took place in my state, which was awesome! 😄 I feel like Miranda’s books are a hit or miss for some people. Thank you! ❤


  12. I have only read The Missing Girls on this list which unfortunately I didn’t like. The format was a bit confusing for me. I have oonly read one book by Green but I have been meaning to read Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns. I hope that I will enjoy the later as much as you did.

    Great idea for a post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The format actually really made sense to me! I think it really read well whether forwards or backwards, but I guess it’s all personal opinion! 😄 Looking for Alaska is my favorite of his, so I hope you enjoy that one! And thank you so much! ❤


  13. I have to agree with your opinions on the Harry Potter books. While Cursed Child was nowhere near the level of magic I felt while reading the original series, I loved being able to interact with the characters again (even though they’re all old and it confused me). Slipping back into their terminology and battles was kind of comforting. Also, Order of the Phoenix is one of her best books, I think! Everything starts heating up in Prisoner of Azkaban, but then Order of the Phoenix comes and really pushes everything up to the next level. I kind of love how many people die (although I hate it at the same time) because that’s how war is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, yes, they’re all so old! I can’t believe they’re in their forties at this point; the characters are as old as my parents. 😂 I was tearing up by the end; I enjoyed it so much! And yes, I agree with that! I loved POA (which seems to be everyone’s favorite), but there’s just something about OOTP that I really love. And, yes, I get that! Even though DH tortured my soul. 😭 I knew who was going to die, and it still hurt.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Thank you for this list!! I loved the Twilight series. It helped that I was subbing at a middle school right when the series came out. I started the series so that I had something to connect to the students with. I loved the series.
    My husband enjoyed the Maze Runner series but I’m on of those that said that the books got worse as they went on. The movies really improve upon the books though. Minho is awesome in the movies too!
    I’ve read all but City of Heavenly Fire because the enormity of it scared me off. I’ve been watching the Shadowhunters series on TV which is inspiring me to complete the series this year. Malec forever!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, no problem! I read Twilight way back in middle school and actually really enjoyed it! I couldn’t finish New Moon, personally, though. 😂

      I haven’t read The Death Cure yet, so I can’t really say, but I thought the books got better! The Scorch Trials is still my favorite atm (and I really want to re-read the series). And yes, Minho is everything. 😍

      Haha, I feel you; her books are giant. 😂 And Malec is amazing; I love them together so much. ❤


    • (Accidentally pressed reply before I was finished!) *when I read it, though I understand why others weren’t a fan. And I’m going to admit, I’m one of the people who didn’t like Paper Towns! I’m so glad you liked it though, for me, it just didn’t click. I did watch the movie though! It was pretty good.
      And haha the people who say the City of Bones is like Harry Potter are definitely reaching quite a bit in my opinion?? They’re not that alike, to be honest. I liked Red Queen when I read it, but it was Glass Sword that I wasn’t a fan of! I’m still going to read King’s Cage though, and hope for the best haha. Lovely post! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • LOL I ALREADY REPLIED TO YOUR COMMENT BUT THAT’S OKAY. XD I accidentally forgot to link my website in somone else’s comment section. XD

        I still haven’t watched the Paper Towns movie. Honestly, I think the last book to movie adaptation I watched was Allegiant, and that was just to make fun of it, tbh.

        And, yeah, they’re definitely not that similar. So many people were saying the same thing, and I was os confused. I’ve heard lots of people say Glass Sword was meh, but I’m still going to check it out because I can’t help myself (and cliffhanger)!

        Liked by 1 person

      • 😂😂 The amount of times I have had a comment malfunction of some sort is countless tbh.
        Haha I still haven’t watched Allegiant! I was going to go watch it in theatres and then opted out, and then it slipped out of my mind lolllll. Haha yup, the cliffhanger was quite something. There’s another cliffhanger in Glass Sword if I remember correctly, so be prepared! 😉 I hope you enjoy Glass Sword!

        Liked by 1 person

    • It really did; and I was so shocked that it did, tbh, because I read it and was floored because it was brilliant and amazing and ROWAELIN. It feels like the fandom’s been split since then, and it’s so annoying.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. I really enjoyed this post 🙂 I liked Paper Towns – and I love John Green, so…you’re not alone ahah – and I have seen a lot of people that weren’t that much of a fan of the book, which makes me a bit sad, but I guess, to each their own after all 😀 Also, I LOVED The Raven King, and the whole series so, so much ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, same; I guess you always feel sad when someone doesn’t like a book you love, but then you realize you probably a hate a favorite series of someone else’s! 😂 And, yes, TRK was absolutely brilliant!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. We have quite a few in common here. Order of the Phoenix is one of my favourite Harry Potter books. I thought Harry’s “annoying” behaviour made a lot of sense given what happened to him, plus Umbridge was a brilliant villain. I also don’t get all the hate for Cursed Child. It’s not as good as the original series, but I still really enjoyed it. And Red Queen! I was so nervous to try it because I saw so many negative reviews, but it became one of my favourites of the year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! Even though I hate her, Umbridge was fantastic! And I totally understood what Harry was going through! I mean, he was only 14 when he saw someone murdered. That’s terrifying! 🙈 Yeah, it’s not as good as the first seven books, but I just really enjoyed it for what it is! Yes, I loved Red Queen! Read it despite the negative attention, and enjoyed it as well!


      • I actually find it a bit weird that Red Queen specifically gets so much hate for being unoriginal. Most dystopians I have read follow a very similar storyline, so it doesn’t make sense that this one is the apparently “only” one that is so unoriginal.

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