[ANNOUNCEMENT] A New Feature & an Instagram Hiatus


Hello, my friends! I know this is an odd day for me to be posting since I don’t usually post on Saturdays, but I wanted to announce something, and I feel like this is the main way all of you guys follow me the most, so I decided this is where I wanted to talk about it.

So, Jess @ Beaucoup Books posted this awesome discussion on writing book reviews that I really loved. While writing a super long comment, I got this sort of idea, and I realized how much I really wanted to do this idea. So, it’s all thanks to her for the inspiration!

Confession time: I hate writing reviews. It’s just not my favorite thing. It’s one of the many reasons why I quit Goodreads, writing reviews has always been a burden to me on the blog, and the days I post reviews on my blogs are always so meh for me because not too many people actually seem to read and enjoy them. But, I love talking about books. I love recommending books. I love promoting books that don’t get talked about a lot. But how can I do that in a more entertaining way?

So, I decided to start a new feature, much like I do often. I’m calling this new feature Book Spotlight. Basically, I’m going to keep reviewing books. The information on the book I’ll call “The Lowdown” and the review part will be “The Review” (I think), and then I thought, “Why not create more discussion?” So, for all the books I’ll review, I’m probably going to talk about an aspect of the book.

So, for example, if I was reading Six of Crows for the first time, I might talk about authors whose books have improved over time or authors whose earlier books I didn’t like, but enjoy their later works. Or if I had read The Winner’s Curse, I’d talk about some unpopular opinions I have regarding books. So, I’ll definitely review the actual content of the book, but I’ll also talk about a little something else so we can finally get some conversation going regarding reviews, they’ll be more fun to write, and because they’ll be more interesting for you guys (hopefully). It’ll be starting next week, and I hope you tune in!

Also, I’m taking a little hiatus from Instagram! I’ll probably come back before April is over, but I need to take new photos, and I don’t have anything ready, so I’m taking a little break. Spring break is (FINALLY) coming up for me next Thursday, so, I’ll probably be working on the blog and taking pictures because I’m lame.

Anyone, that’s all I wanted to say! I hope you enjoy this new feature as much as I will!

let's chatWhat do you think about my new feature? Any opinions on writing book reviews?

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16 thoughts on “[ANNOUNCEMENT] A New Feature & an Instagram Hiatus

  1. I kind of got to a similar point with writing book reviews a while back. I’ve been reading extremely fast so I have a lot of reviews to write, but they also get basically no views on my blog. So I took a step back and decided to only post reviews for books I was really passionate about and make it more of a discussion of an aspect of the book than a review. I’m still working out the kinks, for sure, but it takes the pressure off and makes talking about books more fun – the way it’s supposed to be. Looking forward to reading your future posts!

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    • I feel you on that! I have about five or six reviews to write because I’ve been doing really well with reading this month (Go me!) but still have some not reviewed from last month. That sounds like such a great idea! I always usually write a review for all the books I read, especially since I don’t do wrap-ups anymore, but some do get left out because I don’t have much to say. 😅 And, yes, definitely; talking about books should be fun; never a chore! Thank you so much! 😄

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    • Oh, yes, they definitely can, especially when you have a backlog of them (as I do right now lol; it has gotten way out of hand). Thank you so much; it definitely is better for me! 😄

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  2. I do like this idea! I did something kind of similar a while back, but I did it as two posts: one was a regular boring old review, and the follow-up (usually posted a week or two later) was on a topic inspired that book, similar to what you described. I like the idea of doing it all together!

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    • Ooh, yeah, that sounds super interesting. Technically, I could do that and put one on Monday and one on Wednesday, but I really like posting two reviews a week so I can catch up with my reading. 😂


    • Yeah, definitely! I was thinking, “Maybe I should just change it up,” because I see so many people who write much better reviews than I do; I always feel like mine suck. 😝 Thank you; I hope you like it!

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  3. It sounds like you’ll enjoy writing this post a lot more, I agree with you about reviews. I really struggle to write reviews on my blog, I can go months without writing one but then I kind of feel like this is a book blog I should probably write one. I’ve recently queued a few reviews for my blog but honestly, they felt mandatory and I didn’t really enjoy writing them.
    I think this will be a really great feature, if this will make it easier to write about books then you should totally do it!

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    • Oh, yeah, I definitely agree! I’ve been reading so much lately, and then I realized I had to write reviews for all of them, eventually, and I was like, “Ugh. 😑” And then I realized I shouldn’t have to suffer through them anymore! They do feel mandatory, but it’s funny how they always seem to be the least popular on pretty much everyone’s blog.

      Thank you! I already wrote my two for next week, and it was so much easier and enjoyable for me to write, so I’m excited! 😄

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