[LET’S CHAT] The Taboo of Blog Stats

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Ah, yes, blogging stats. The two words that seem to make all book bloggers freeze up immediately. I can’t really say I’ve been in the community forever, but I have noticed that stats seem to be kept hush-hush around here, which I’ve always found strange.

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Every blogger when you mention blog stats

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Taboo #1: “I never check my stats!”

I’ve seen SO MANY book bloggers say this, but I feel like it’s sort of a lie (does that sound accusatory? Probably). Mainly because I feel like you can’t go years and years without looking at your stats at all; you have to notice what posts get people liking and commenting and discovering your blog, after all. And, two, because most of these bloggers request physical ARCs or are on the Netgalley website, and you can’t do either of those things without looking at your stats and basically listing out your follower numbers and monthly page views and daily page views and your social media following…Basically, the list can go on forever, but we, as bloggers, eventually cave and look at our stats. It’s inevitable.

Also, I’ve noticed that it seems like book bloggers put people into two different groups: people who obsessively track their states and are destroyed at a dip or people who have never glanced at their stats since Day 1. I’ve never really understood why there isn’t a middle group, because I love checking my stats to see what features are working and being looked at, and what makes some of my reviews more popular than others, but I also don’t think my entire blogging legacy is based off of the stats I gain or lose. People seem so set on putting people into these two groups, and I’m sure there are extremes out there, but I feel like the majority of us are in the middle.

Taboo #2: “I don’t care about my stats.”

I feel like people feel bad or guilty if they ever admit that they care about their stats. I know I certainly care about my stats, but it seems like there are some people who think that someone caring about their stats = they ONLY care about their stats, and I think that’s completely false.

I mentioned earlier that I analyze my stats, and that’s true! When I join a social media site, I like to see if people are actually coming from that site to my blog, or if it’s completely useless advertisement. When I start a brand new feature that I’m excited about, I want to see if my readers are as pumped about it as I am. When I post a review of a book, I like to see if I can compare it with other book reviews I’ve published, and wonder how this review got popular, but this one did average. It doesn’t mean I obsess over them; I just like to see how people are finding out about my blog, and if people are reading and commenting. And nothing makes me more happy than seeing fantastic stats.

Also, every month I like to set my own personal goals. It’s not me trying to be extremely competitive against myself or anything, it’s just so I can see if my blog/Instagram/Twitter is growing, or if I’m stuck and nothing’s really changing, or if things are declining. It won’t kill me if I don’t reach those personal goals, but I do like to observe how things are going month-to-month, and it’s always nice when my stats are better than the previous month’s because it obviously means I’m doing something right (or I think I am).

Also, probably the most fascinating thing about stats for me is how people find me. Lots of people find me through search engines, which has always interested me because I don’t even know what I’m doing regarding Search Engine Optimization. Because most of those search terms are protected under Google, I signed up for Google Analytics to see some of the words/phrases that got people finding my blog. Sometimes, it’s total BS because I’ll be told I got clicks from six search terms, and Google will be like, “LOL whut” and say I got zero clicks that day, but it’s nice to see how people are finding my blog! Funnily enough, it’s mostly because of the fact that I reviewed some underrated novels back in January that don’t have too many reviews, so I pop up near the front page. #NailedIt

Taboo #3: “I don’t have anxiety over my stats.”

I think we can all admit that we sometimes get upset if our stats aren’t up to par. Nothing’s more disappointing than working your ass off on a post and being super excited to share it, and it doesn’t do as well as a post you didn’t really care about too much. Or if you really loved a book, but that review doesn’t get as good stats as a review for a book you thought to be meh.

I don’t know about you guys, but since I post in the mornings, I always get so nervous to look at my stats. I usually check my stats before my notifications just to see if there’s a lot of comments that I’ll have to respond to and if I have time to respond to them all, and I get so nervous because what if the post doesn’t go over well, especially if it’s a brand new feature that I’m really excited to introduce to you guys.

Really, that’s the crazy thing about blogging. You can never tell what post is going to be popular or not no matter what you do, it’s really all up to how many people find your post interesting enough to read, like, and comment (which can definitely be extremely frustrating).

Taboo #4: “I don’t care about anyone else’s stats, just my own.”

I’ll admit it, I’m nosy as all hell. When I see big book bloggers that I admire talk about how their stats were really good that month, or see people who have over 1,000 followers and continually seem to get lots of comments and likes on their posts, I can’t help but wonder what their stats look like! I will say, this old survey from Pages Unbound about stats was really interesting, because it seems like the stats that I have are pretty much average, and the big book blogger who took part in the survey had stats that were definitely the outlier.

But, I do get curious about big book bloggers and their stats. Are mine low compared to theirs? Are mine higher compared to theirs? How many views do they get on their reviews compared to mine? How many views do they get on their discussion posts? What are their monthly page views like? Maybe I’m just super weird, but I honestly get very curious, and I don’t know why people feel bad for admitting that.

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So, really, I think as a book blogging community, we shouldn’t feel ashamed to have good stats or like looking at our stats, and we definitely shouldn’t feel ashamed to be curious about anybody else’s stats. I just really think we need to take a step toward getting rid of this whole taboo about blog stats, because we’re so weirdly uneasy about them, and why should we be? 

let's chat

How do you feel about the taboo of blog stats? Do we share any of the same feelings about blog stats? How do you feel about your own blog stats?

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47 thoughts on “[LET’S CHAT] The Taboo of Blog Stats

  1. Great post! Like you I use my stats to gage which post do better, if a feature is working out etc… admittedly I was more obsessed by them in the beginning because you see blog that have thousands of followers on just a couple of months and wonder what they’re doing that you’re not.

    Not so much anymore. Now I have a more analytical approach to my stats. But those early days? Woo!

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    • Oh, yes, I agree! I always got stunned when I was younger when a blog I admired that was popular was like, “Yeah, I’ve been doing this for just a year.” I got so jealous, and I’d always think it would take me forever to get to that point. But, I’m doing pretty well now, so I shouldn’t have worried too much. Lol, yes, to analytics; I’m obsessed with doing that.

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  2. I definitely do look at my stats, but it’s more of a reference point than anything else. If a post does really well, then I know that it’s a topic I should return to more often in the future. However, I often find that “qualitative” stats like comments are actually more helpful to me. If a post receives a few comments and sparks meaningful discussion, then I call that more of a success in my book! Great post 🙂

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    • Oh, yeah, they’re definitely a reference point for me! It’s what pushed me to do these Let’s Chat things in the first place; I like Discussions and so did my followers, so why not do more! I do think comments re a good unit of measure! If people have lots to talk about, I always feel glad to get a conversation going! Thank you!


  3. I think ALL bloggers want their blog to grow and be successful. I mean, why not? It’s nothing to be guilty about, and there’s nothing to be guilty about checking your blog stats. However, when you start thinking you’re better than other people BECAUSE of your higher stats, or that you DESERVE higher stats, or that you think stats are ALL that matter, that’s where it starts becoming a “problem”. Looking at your stats is normal, and it’s completely okay. However, there IS a line you can cross, but most bloggers do not cross that line.

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    • Definitely! I do want my blog to grow and be successful, because I remember blogging and only having one or two followers, and it felt like talking to a brick wall sometimes. Ooh, do people feel that way? I don’t know how someone could think they’re better than someone because of higher stats, mainly because I don’t know anyone’s stats, so what is high anyway??? It’s interesting, because all you really get is follower count, and who knows how many of those people are dead followers. But that’s another subject lol. I can feel that “deserve higher stats” thing. There are times I go to other blogs and think that, and I guess that has to link with envy – thinking you deserve something someone else has. But, again, whole different discussion coming next month. 😂

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      • I’m not sure if people think that way, but I’m pretty sure at least ONE person has in the history of blogging. 😄 And yeah, what is considered a “high” amount of followers? And YES the dead followers. I just think that commenters are your most important “stat” (or views) — how many people actually READ and/or comment on your posts.

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      • Probably! 😂 I think that’s the thing: book bloggers get WAY less stats/followers than other blogs, which makes sense, because not everyone likes books, but wanting to cook healthier food or how to take care of a baby are more universal things, if that makes sense??? So our follower numbers are probably low, but I’ve seen some bloggers with 1,000+ followers, and I think only one or two with 2,000. Which is a lot to me, but probably not a good blog. Yeah, everyone has dead followers (like, I seriously have followers who aren’t even book blogs lol), so it matters more to me who actually reads and likes and comments!

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  4. I will admit to checking my stats on a fairly regular basis and also being very curious about other bloggers stats. Partly to improve my NetGalley approval numbers but also just to see where I can improve. If another blogger has loads of followers, likes and comments I like to look at their content to see what they do so well and where I can improve (and I don’t mean by copying them) I think it’s the fear that people will copy that makes it a bit of a taboo subject.

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    • Yeah, join the group! 😄 Haha, yes, I love updating my stats on my Netgalley bio because I’m proud when they go up (thanks for telling me; I haven’t updated those in a while 😬). I definitely do that as well! I’ll be talking more about that in a discussion about book blogger envy, but I do definitely gain inspiration from people who seem to always have all the comments and likes. Obviously, they’re doing something right, so I should take inspiration from them! Copying does seem like a touchy subject, especially because what’s copying to one person isn’t copying to another, so it’s a fine line!

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  5. I definitely check my stats daily (or actually, I see them whenever I go to my WordPress dashboard, as the stats page is my bookmarked page) and I do obviously care about them because I want to continue improving our blog! And with our new blogging schedule, I am obviously also curious to see how that impacts our stats, etc!

    I definitely don’t understand why people make such a big taboo out of stats and talking about it! I always find it really interesting to see or hear about people’s stats and how different types of posts get a different amount of traffic, etc. I feel like we can all learn a thing or two from discussions like that!

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    • Same! And, yes, when I open the app on my iPad, it takes me straight to my stats page (not on my phone app, though, for some reason), so I can’t avoid it. Oh, yeah, when I started my new schedule, I checked to see if it worked, and it definitely did, so I was happy. Whenever I make a change, I always want to see how it works out.

      Yes, same! Without knowing that, I feel like everyone would be quietly suffering wondering why reviews aren’t getting enough attention. Because that’s public knowledge, I don’t feel uneasy about it. Same with learning that discussions bring stats in. I’m sure that helped a lot of people, especially me when I started out!

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  6. I also love to see how people find my blog and where they live, etc. It’s really cool to me! I look at my stats because honestly, it’s hard not to, but I try to not become obsessed, because for me, it would ruin the fun of blogging for me. I have a tumblr blog and there was a time a few years back where I was fixated on my follower count and how many notes my posts were getting. So with this blog I don’t want to repeat that. I look at my stats most days to see what’s up (and I don’t think there’s any shame or embarrassment in that at all!) but I try to not get too down when things aren’t going as well as I’d hoped 🙂

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    • Ooh, yes, I always get obsessed with where people people in the world are! I always get so shocked when someplace so foreign pops up; it really hits you hard that there are people all over the world reading what you wrote, which is so cool! Yes, same! I used to be obsessed with that stuff when I was on Wattpad – how many likes and reads and comments I was getting – and it caused me to not enjoy it as much as when I began, so no more repeating of that! And, yes, exactly! I feel like all bloggers are on a middle ground!

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  7. I check my stats, but I don’t obsess or get anxiety over them. I mainly just use them for reference. I don’t check them daily or weekly. I probably check them once or twice a month.

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    • You guys have so much more strength than I do; I check them daily! 😂 I can never avoid my stats and only look at them once a month. I always like to see how I’m doing day to day (though I’m less interested with the days I don’t post because my stats always suck on those days). 😂


  8. I do find it interesting that book bloggers are actually expected to claim that they don’t care about stats. The implication is that, if you care about who is reading your blog and why, you somehow lose legitimacy because “real” book bloggers blog only for the “love of books.” I think this is silly because if we didn’t want audiences, we wouldn’t have blogs. We’d have private reading journals.

    Book bloggers seem to have a horror of admitting they might care about numbers or do marketing because that would veer into being too commercial and the person in question would be considered a sell out. However, other bloggers don’t seem to have any such qualms and I don’t see why we should undersell our content and our skills in an attempt to make ourselves look untainted by such worldly concerns as page views or followers.

    I look at my stats daily–in fact I have to because they pop up when I log into WordPress (another reason I find it difficult all these bloggers don’t have any idea what their numbers look like, unless they are shielding their eyes ;b). I think it’s interesting to see what types of books or posts generate more traffic and where traffic is coming from. I do try to increase traffic based on what I see happening. For instance, I try to review popular books when they’ve just come out so people’s feeds aren’t already glutted with reviews, but also not too early so people have had a chance to read the book in question.

    We got tons of hits on our blog last year from a post I did on Delphini Diggory because not many other people had written on her so my analysis ended up being I think the third option when her name was searched on Google. I do consider that a success because I felt strongly that people weren’t considering the artistic reasons Delphini’s character was included in the play and I was pleased that potentially hundreds of readers might think about her in a new light after finding my blog. I don’t see why I should be ashamed of being pleased that people were finding and reading my thoughts. That is why I posted them in the first place!

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    • Yes, same! I actually talk about this whole “we should only blog for the community/books” in this whole different post about blogging success that isn’t coming out till next month, unfortunately, but I said the same thing! I do feel like we’re always constantly telling book bloggers they should only blog for the love of books, but I also like to blog for other things as well! I don’t think it’s bad that I do.

      Yeah, I’ve noticed that this also affects this whole “should book bloggers get paid” debate. Like, I’d love to get paid for book blogging! But it seems like some people think it’s greedy to do so, and I’ve never understood why. Because literally every other niche blogger gets paid…but we should only be happy with free books we read early??? But why???

      I’m permanently logged into all accounts (probably a bad idea if my phone is stolen, but oh well 😂), but when I go to the app on my iPad, I’m immediately staring at my stats, which is always difficult to avoid. Ooh, yes, I haven’t had to deal with the new release thing yet. Like, I’m prepared for ACOWAR reviews all over the place once it comes out, and I’m already worried I won’t read it fast enough before people get tired of reading the reviews of the same book. So strange. 🤔

      Oh, I feel you on that! I wrote a review on The Roanoke Girls (loved it), and I didn’t think anything would come of it…but now it’s the number one reason people are finding my blog. The top four hits are basically different variations of “the roanoke girls review,” and I’m dominating on top, apparently??? I didn’t think that would happen, but good on me, because I get page views because of it every day!


      • Ooh, sounds like a great post! But I totally agree. Why shouldn’t we be able to blog for different reasons? Why can other bloggers get paid and still be legitimate? For that matter, why can people who review books for Kirkus or TIME get paid and not be suspect, but we can’t be paid and have our reviews be seen as unbiased? Nothing about this attitude makes sense!

        That’s fantastic that you’re getting views every day! I think it’s nice to be able to get that level of exposure for your thoughts!

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      • Yes, exactly! Which is probably why I’be never understood bloggers who want to be paid, but then turn around and say Booktubers are fake because they get sponsored reviews. I feel like a lot of that hate comes from bloggers even though it might just be jealousy. Who knows? 😂

        Same! I get a lot of searches because I decided to review a lesser-known book, and now I’m on the front page, so that’s always nice! 😄


    • Yep, I definitely agree with that; I really like seeing what posts are working with my followers and which are just meh. Sometimes I get surprised by what does well, for sure. 😄

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  9. This is a FAB post!! I don’t track my stats daily but I do check them, it’s nice to see if my blog is getting more or less visits than a previous week or month. I also agree that it’s a good way to see what kind of posts are getting the most interactions etc. To me stats are not the be all and end all of my blog but they certainly are worth looking at! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Kelly! Ooh, I track my stats daily, but that’s probably because I have barely anything to do. 😂 Yes, I usually aim to get better stats than the previous month, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m fine with it, because the stats I have are pretty amazing, and I really shouldn’t be upset about them. They definitely are! 😄

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  10. I agree with so much of what you said here. I’ll believe there are some bloggers who just aren’t very concerned about their stats in general, but I’m also a little skeptical when people say they “never” look at stats and don’t care “at all.”

    I think people think about stats as “just numbers” or some meaningless sign of some abstract popularity, but to me they do represent more of “Are people interested in what I’m writing?” And while I do write what I want, including tons of posts I don’t expect to be very popular, but I think we all do want readers. That is, to me, part of the point of blogging–to find an audience.

    I also find the stigma around discussing stats weird. There are outliers with very high stats. But I think most of us are hovering in the same range, but the reluctance to talk about it leads a lot of people to assume that everyone else’s stats are far higher than their own, and that somehow they’re “failing.”

    Thanks for linking to my survey!

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    • Oh, good, I’m glad to not be the only one who has skepticism. 😂 I was so sure that I was the only one who felt fishy about that.

      Oh, yes! I always get surprised with what gets popular on my blog. Some I expect, but I wrote a review just last week that got over 30 likes, and I was shocked. I definitely do look at my stats to see what people are enjoying looking at! I feel like most of my posts now do about the same, which is good enough for me, but when I get a spike or over 100 page views on a day, I always get curious as to why?

      It’s true; I do think that! I remember being so surprised to see your survey and realizing that 50-75 is average, and 100+ doesn’t happen often, because I always assumed all established blogs were getting way over 100+. It definitely made me feel better and more proud of my own!

      No problem; I’ll be linking to your posts often; a lot of them inspired my chats! 😄


  11. Honestly I’m exactly like you are. I look at my stats and pay attention to them and I’m really interested in seeing how others stats look as well. I don’t feel like saying that you care about your stats a bad thing, I certainly care about my stats. It’s an incredible feeling to see yourself grow over the months. I really think that the taboo over stats shouldn’t exist. Paying attention isn’t a bad thing, knowing that people are liking your content and which posts do the best is good information to know.

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    • Yes, in glad there are others who understand my curiosity. 😄 I just love looking at my stats, probably because I like to analyze things and see what’s working??? I’m a total nerd, apparently. 😂 It is awesome to see yourself growing over the month! Looking back at my early months of stats, they weren’t as bad as I thought they were; they’re actually pretty nice, especially considering the content I was posting – which was just tags and memes and reviews. 😬 And, yes, I agree! It’s why I kept doing Discussions and started Let’s Chat, after seeing how well my discussions do!

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  12. This is so accurate and I relate to your thoughts so completely. I won’t claim not to care about my stats, because I check pretty often, but I try not to define my blogging self-esteem by how many likes I get. It’s always exciting to get comments on my posts, because the whole reason I started my blog was to interact with other book lovers.

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    • Aw, I’m glad you do! Exactly, it’s really hard not to be let down if a post doesn’t do as well as you think it will! When I was starting out, I remember wanting to be in this spot at my blogging career where I could post anything and it’d still get a lot of likes and comments – and even now, when I feel like I’m at that point, I still panic sometimes. 😂 I do love comments, totally agree! It always means a lot to me when someone thinks my post is worthy enough to comment on. ❤

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    • Ooh, only once a month??? I could never; I’m so weak. 😂 I check several times a day, but on days I don’t post, I don’t usually care much about stats because people don’t usually visit my blog on days I don’t post (though, some days, I’ll get 40 views, and I’ll be like, “What???”). But I always cave and check them several times b/c that’s me, I guess?


  13. I LOVED THIS DISCUSSION SO MUCH! I personally can say I care about stats but not for fame or popularity but to see how well my post is being received by others and whether they are liking what I’m doing. I mostly judge it by the amount of comments, shares and page views I get for the post. Awesome most Mikaela!

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    • Thank you so much, Anisha! Yes, exactly! I just really like to see where I’m standing in terms of how my posts are doing because I don’t really like wasting time on a post that’s not really doing well! I feel like I usually judge by page views and comments and likes! I don’t think I mind the amount of shares because I don’t get too many, but I have a smaller amount of followers on Twitter, so it makes sense! Thank you! ❤


  14. This is such a great discussion post Mikaela.And thanks for sharing the Pages Unbound survey. Its nice to see that I am not the only one who is stuck at the 0-100views per day. Sometimes I get surprised when a daily views hit over 100 since its rare lol. Anyway, I used to check my stats very regularly. When I started blogging, I would check like thrice in a day. Nowadays, that changed. I can go even a week without checking which is an improvement for me. I find that I am more likely to check them when a blog post has few likes/comments.

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    • Thank you! Oh, that’s good to hear you’re experiencing the same thing since you have WAY more followers than I do! Nice to know that we’re all just really at the same spot and we shouldn’t be too worried! 😄 Ooh, I could never do that. I check my stats several times a day and just can’t resist! Usually, when I get few likes/comments, it’s on review days, so I usually don’t worry about those!


  15. I think sometimes we avoid talking about stats to hopefully not brag, maybe?? Or like whine?? haha. I definitely avoid it for those two reasons because I get upset when my stats drop BUT I always feel like mentioning it is whining because I actually have higher stats than the average blogger. (I think??? Idk because no one talks about it! But according to that survey you linked to, I was higher than their top option. 🙈🙊) BUT. Stats are weird?? Because there can also be LOTS of spam in them. I know I get a ton of spam views so are they even stats?!?? I tend to feel blogs are more rated on success for what kind of content they produce, how nice/functional their posts are, and if they have a lot of audience interaction.

    But I’m definitely middle ground for thinking about my stats!! *hi fives with you* I don’t obsess over them, but I definitely keep an eye on them!! I’m with you!

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    • That definitely makes sense! I know I saw some comments before that said that bloggers who post about their stats are “bragging,” but I’ve seen some posts like that and I always appreciate seeing it because I’m just a nosy blogger and I’m always curious. 😄 Yeah, same, with the whole stigma about stats, I don’t even know if my stats are okay, which is why I feel like people are so paranoid about them. I don’t know if I get spam views or not (or what they would even be), but I usually get the same amount, so I feel like they’re probably legit! And, yes, people who have a lot of great content and are great at interaction with other bloggers are always wonderful.

      And, yeah, I’m glad there are more people out there like me! I’m such a middle ground person in everything!


  16. I have to say I agree with Cait’s comment right above: I think we avoid talking about stats because it can either be seen as bragging, or complaining. I’m very, very prone to comparison and it’s such a bad habit, but this is why, even if I check my stats often, I don’t really look forward to hearing about other bloggers’ stats or something because it would just make me feel down and bad about myself and anxious and a load of things I don’t want to feel. But being curious is normal, and I guess it shouldn’t be so taboo to talk about your own stats and share them with the world if you want to, or not if you’re not comfortable with it. I guess being successful isn’t all about stats, it’s about interaction and being happy with what you’re doing on the blog anyway 🙂 Lovely post!

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    • I’m also prone to comparison! I think it both effects me negatively and positively. I can look at someone’s blog and be super jealous, but at the same time, I can also be spurred to try something new or create a new feature, so it all really depends! I’m sure you have nothing to be anxious about; you get so much interaction in your comments, and I admire you for it! 😄❤ Definitely! I have a whole discussion about blogging success saved for a later date though! Thank you, Marie! 😘

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  17. Great discussion! I think I actually AM one of those people that doesn’t care about my stats though >.< I only look every few months (if that) just because the search terms are sometimes really funny. I guess the way I judge what's popular and what's not is how many people comment on a post. I don't really consider that looking at my stats though because I HAVE to look & reply to my comments.

    I also don't request ARCs and I'm not on Netgalley or EW. So I have no "professional" reason to check lol

    I DO however, get curious and envious of big bloggers. When people are like "I've hit 2000 subscribers" I'm like HOT DAMN WHAT WITCHCRAFT haha

    With all that said, I don't care if other people care about theirs. Set goals, be proud, I don't care. I just don't check because I find it pointless to do it for myself.

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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    • Ugh, I sometimes wish I had self-hosted WordPress, because I don’t get blogging search terms. I hooked my site up to Google Analytics, so now it gives me some sort of reference as to what’s popular, though (which is mostly my reviews!). Oh, gosh, I request all the time on NG, and I have so many e-ARCs now! I haven’t tried EW yet, though I might soon for some fall ARCs!

      OMG, I feel the same! Usually, those people have been around FAR longer than me, though. Most of the time, they’ve been around for five+ years, so, patience, I guess??? 😂


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