[ANNOUNCEMENT] A Brand New Look & Schedule Changes

File_001 (10)

I swear to God, this isn’t going to become a weekly thing. I just keep changing and updating things because it’s spring, I guess? Let’s blame it on spring. But, really, I wanted to re-design my blog. Probably because I’m looking at all these stunning blogs and I am exceedingly jealous because HOW DOES DESIGN WORK. But, I have changed a couple of things that hopefully will make my posts look more aesthetically pleasing.

File_003 (7)First off, I quit Instagram.

I took a hiatus, but then I realized I didn’t really miss Instagram too much, and the more I thought about going back, the more unappetizing it seemed to me, so I decided to quit. But, the thing is, I absolutely love taking photos of books and bookish photography. I enjoy making aesthetically pleasing photos. And I also have a ton of photos that I think look actually pretty nice. So I decided I’d incorporate my photography into my posts and use them as a sort of border. Hopefully, my photos won’t bother you guys too much.

File_005 (3).jpeg

Second, I made some design changes.

I’ve been looking at lots of blogs lately, and I’m so jealous at how stunning their graphics and posts look, so I decided I’d do something about my own. I’m sure you’ve already seen the featured image and how it looks way different than my previous posts, thankfully. Here’s an upcoming look at some of the posts coming up this week with their updated featured images.

File_000 (15)

File_003 (6)

File_001 (11)

File_002 (10)

I also scoured Freepik for some watercolor arrows, and lo and behold, I found some that looked stunning! The arrows that I used to use for “Let’s Chat” and “Follow Me” have now been nixed, and here are the two new arrows that I’m using for my posts from now on, courtesy of the author, who can be found right here.

File_000 (65)

File_000 (63)

I’ve also changed up my blogging button. I’m pretty sure none of you guys noticed my first one too much in the first place, but I thought it’d be nice to change it up a little bit. Some of you guys may have seen it already on Twitter, but I wanted to put it here any way for those who don’t follow me or don’t care about my Tweets. I also used Freepik to create this – you can find the watercolor flower background here and the open book here.

File_003 (8)

And with a new blog button comes a brand new banner, hot off the presses!

File_000 (67)

(I love how pink is my least favorite color and I’m not a girly girl whatsoever…and yet my blog is pink and girly as all hell. Great decision-making.)

File_003 (9).jpeg

Third, I’m making some changes to my blogging schedule.

I’m going to still keep the days I post the same – which are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday – but I’m going to minimize my two book reviews a week to just one. Mainly because I just really don’t care too much about reviews, and I don’t think most of you guys do either, so I’m going to do a non-discussion post on Wednesdays now! Usually, I reserve tags and Let’s Chat posts for Fridays and Sundays, so I guess you can say I’m going to be doing something meme-ish. I looked through old (and new) Top 10 Tuesday and Top 5 Wednesday posts, and wrote down the ones I found interesting. Instead of making it a meme thing, I’m just going to use those topics as bouncing-off points for entire list-type posts that will be WAY more than ten and five books, and most of those will be on Wednesdays! Mondays will still be sacred review days, though, and probably my only review days since you guys will probably need a break from being slammed three times a week with posts I actually prefer a lot more.

File_000 (68).jpeg

And that’s basically what I have for this post today!

Hopefully, there’ll be no more big changes that elicit announcements. I will say, I’m actually in the midst of creating a blogger project that I hope you guys will take part in, but I won’t be announcing that until nearer to the end of the month. But, I’m hoping you guys will love and promote it (and it won’t flop). 

Let's Chat

Do you like my new blog design? Do you think that this blog post looks okay (hopefully, it looks as good as I think it does)?

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42 thoughts on “[ANNOUNCEMENT] A Brand New Look & Schedule Changes

  1. The new design looks fantastic. Though — let’s be honest, pink LOOKS girly because it’s been stereotyped as a “girl” color. XD (Sorry just had to say that because I’M A BIG BELIEVER IN THAT KINDA STUFF). And yay for booky pics as borders!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Oh, yeah, that’s definitely true; we do see pink as girly and blue for boys because of gender stereotypes. I mean, if my blog looked the way I dressed, it’d be black. 😂 I rarely wear colors. Funnily enough, my old style was blue when I first started, but I switched because this was the best style to go with a white background, I guess??? So strange! And yes, for bookish photography! It’s still my aesthetic.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I 100% think spring is the season for re-design and fresh starts and all that. It’s totally in the air! Looking forward to seeing your new posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It really is! This is the third time I’ve changed my design. 😂 Can’t wait to write my Blogging Evolution post for June because then I’ll have to dig up my old graphics from my first couple of weeks blogging. So terrible! 😂 And thank you!


  3. I love your new images Mikaela, and if your new scheduling changes make blogging easier for you then that’s all that matters I think! I’ve been giving some serious though to how I schedule my posts and may need to make some similar changes in the future, same with my Bookstagram account actually because I haven’t updated it in ages so what’s the point of even having it?
    I love the images you take for your posts, it was what inspired my images for my re-design which you may have guessed. Hopefully you’ll be able to incorporate more photography in your blog if that’s what you enjoy! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’ve changed my schedule so many times already, so no shame in doing so. 😂 Pretty sure this is probably my fourth time??? I don’t even remember. You’re not alone; I feel like there are some other bloggers out there who also don’t update bookstagram that often. It’s so hard to handle; I feel like it’s a whole entity of its own and way different from blogging. And I also got so little traffic from it as well! 😝

      OMG, really? I’m so glad to know that my bookish photography inspired you! You should see some of my older photos; I deleted them but they were so bad. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t really have a schedule but one day I’ll have to create one and I’ll try and stick to it. 🙂
        It is hard, and on top of blogging and GR it’s just not something I can dedicate the necessary time to to create gorgeous photos.
        Yeah, I loved the way yours looked so I thought of creating my own for cover images. I guess this was a case of practise makes perfect right? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • You don’t??? I applaud you; I could never do that! Blogging is the only thing in my life I have slight organization in. 😂

        Oh, yeah, photography is so much work! Probably why I quit Instagram! There’s only so much time you can put into it before it stresses you out! It’s for the hardcore people. 😂

        Most definitely! My first graphics in that first month of blogging were a hot mess. 😂 Thankfully, I discovered Canva!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well I know roughly what I want to post and when but it’s not a set thing; like I don’t post on the same days each week or anything like that. I don’t think my organisational skills will allow me to work like that. 🙂
        Exactly, I’d rather dedicate the time to my blog because when it comes down to it I enjoy writing more than I do taking photos, and at the end of the day I can only fit one of them into my life. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the new looks! Spring is definitely the time for change. And please keep up with the pictures! I love bookish pictures but find Instagram so overwhelming and I don’t like that there isn’t a way to post links to pages directly with the pictures. I love visiting sites people work so hard on and sharing the love ❤️.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! And yes, I will definitely keep up with the pictures! I feel like Instagram is such a hardcore social media sometimes; it definitely is overwhelming, and I feel like I’m too lazy for it? 😂 And it’s so hard to get your account out there. And, yes, same; to all the bookstagram accounts that post 2-3 great pictures a week, you do you. I don’t know how they do it!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. THIS IS ALL SO PRETTY MIKAELA I love it!! ❤ ❤ Your featured images look so aesthetic and your book photos are lovely toooooo. I kind of feel like changing my own design but at the same time I have no idea what to do with them?? Haha. But YAY for you creating such lovely graphics! And an updated blog schedule. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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