[LET’S CHAT] How Do You Balance Blogging, Books, and Life?

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We all know those bloggers.

The ones who put up three posts a week, tweet four viral tweets a day, post twice on Instagram, are able to attend all these awesome blogging events, have two videos up on their Booktube channel, work on their book, spend time with their family, do homework and study, and then read 50 books per month. And the question on everyone’s lips: how in the hell are they managing to do it all?

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Personally, I think I do all right in terms of balancing things, especially because things can get hella stressful.

I’m not like those super bloggers who seem to nail every single thing they do, but my standards, I’m happy with what I do and what I can handle, and that’s really all that matters, right? 

So, I thought it’d be interesting if I shared how I balance blogging, social media, my personal life, and my reading life. I’m not going to pretend this is an advice post or anything, but I thought it’d be nice to share how I personally deal with ALL THE THINGS.

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For me, personally, I feel like this is where I most succeed. I know some of you guys think I’m straight up nuts because I’m months ahead in terms of posts, which is true, I am. I’m writing this post right now in March (this was supposed to go up in May, but I switched some posts around), my May posts are pretty much finished at this point, and I’m probably already working on some of my June posts. I’ve planned all my posts on my calendar up to April of 2018, so now I don’t have to do any brain-storming for a while!

You might be like, “Mikaela, are you selling  your soul to the devil?” and the answer is no, because my parents would kill me if I were. But, for real, I started blogging at a great time! I started this thing back in late December over Christmas break, and I pretty much wrote up all my January posts at that point, so I decided, “What the hell, let’s continue?” And when you do that month after month, you end up getting very much ahead. 

For me, Saturdays are my reserved “blogging days.” That’s when I write my posts, edit some posts I think need tweaking, make my graphics, add the reviews I’ve written to my review index, write some reviews for the books I’ve written, customize my blog, etc. I get a lot done on these days, and a large percentage of the time, I write two-to-three of the posts I planned for the upcoming month. My goal is to try to completely finish them, but I don’t mind editing them if I have to later.

On days that I do post, I don’t do too much. On the weekdays, I’m at school, but I have iPads at mine, so that’s awesome. Usually, I check the app every two hours just to see if there are any new posts in my Reader, and that’s pretty much it. As you guys know, I post in the mornings, and though I check Instagram and Twitter, I don’t really check my blog notifications until 8 at night, just because I think I’ve given most people enough time to check out my posts. I’ve noticed after I check, I don’t really get notifications anymore, so it’s a pretty perfect time for me personally.

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See, this is where I fall completely and totally short. Before blogging, I was totally on top of my reading game. I read over 150 books last year. I was reading about 15+ books every month despite the stress of school. I could easily read a book in 2-3 days. And now…that’s basically fallen apart.

When I have time to read, I just find myself not feeling like reading whatsoever, even though I really want to. I really have to push myself, and now that I read e-books, even though I feel like I’m reading faster, having all these apps on my phone that can easily distract me makes it so bothersome. Some weeks are great reading weeks, and some just plain suck. And, I’ve accomplished about zero of my reading goals, and I feel like I’m completely and totally failing at reading 200 books. I used to try to read at least 100 pages a day, and now my reading philosophy is, “At least try to read.” 

Like, seriously, how are people reading over 20+ books a month and then doing 4824802 things??? Can you please share your magical reading powers with me; I’d very much appreciate it. I just think that now I’ve started blogging and that takes up a lot of my time, I’m actually doing WORSE at reading. Who knew book blogging could really throw your reading?

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So, for all bloggers, “life” could mean something completely different. For some it’s about family, for some it’s about college, for some it’s about their job, and, for me, it’s about the hellhole that’s high school. Hooray.

(Obviously, that was sarcasm.)

I’m a sophomore in high school at the moment (yep, the hell that’s supposed to be junior year is coming up soon), and it sucks. I don’t like school in the first place, and I just really want to get to college so I can study something I ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT. I’m ready to get out of my conservative state. I’m ready to be an adult. But, that’s two years away, unfortunately, so I have to (im)patiently wait. 

I’m usually busy during the weekdays because of this, so I don’t usually work on the blog unless I just really want to write this review and get it out of the way or if I can actually find the time. I also do track during the spring (which I hate with my entire being), which takes up my afternoons, so I don’t really get home until around 6:30, so I only have a limited amount of time to do my homework before having to eat dinner, and when that’s over, I’m exhausted and just want to listen to music or watch some TV, so that’s what I do.

Basically, all I do during the weekdays is post in the mornings before I leave for school, occasionally hang around on Twitter for a little, and check out my blog notifications when I have them.


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And, basically, that’s how I manage to balance ALL THE THINGS.

I don’t think it’s too effective, but I feel pretty satisfied with everything (except my reading life, that’s just a total dumpster fire), especially blogging, and, for me, that’s what works out for me the most.

Let's Chat

How do you balance reading, blogging, and life in general? Do you feel like there’s an area where you’re totally lacking?

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70 thoughts on “[LET’S CHAT] How Do You Balance Blogging, Books, and Life?

  1. Great post dear! I think managing it all is a struggle for everyone. I can’t tell you how often I start comparing myself to those uber successful bloggers that manage to read 7 books a week, post all their reviews the day after, and manage 5+ other posts as well. But then I realize its about us each doing what we can and enjoying it.

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    • I agree this is a great post and highlights something I we all struggle with as far as how do we make sure we fit in everything. And continue to enjoy ourselves in terms of blogging so it doesn’t all become too much. I also compare myself to others but I’ve realized pretty quickly that I have to only do as much as I enjoy and if I try to do more it becomes a chore and I know then I wouldn’t continue and it’s too much fun to let that happen!!

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      • YES, DEFINITELY! I totally agree with the whole “struggling and enjoying ourselves,” because it’s so true – I think we’re all on a fine line between being stressed and having fun, tbh, which definitely isn’t bad! I certainly don’t mind. 😂 And, yes, I compare myself to other blogs all the time! But then I remind myself that I’m so thankful for what I have because it’s so much, and I honestly never thought I’d get all this in such a short amount of time! ❤

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    • Chelsea, what, you manage to post a review almost every day, that’s crazy awesome! 😄 I feel like crime/mystery bloggers are so dedicated since most YA bloggers don’t do a review a day thing! And, yeah, it’s definitely about enjoying it, and as long as you are, that’s always awesome! 😄

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  2. Love the post. For me is also hard to balance life, blogging and reading. I have a pretty demanding job and sometimes I just don’t have the energy to blog or read but I’m trying to organise mydelf more and try to plan post in advance, though so far it just a thought hehe 🙂

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    • Thank you so much! ❤ Ooh, yes, I’m sure having a job and blogging is a lot of work; I can’t even imagine how stressful is probably is! 😅 And, don’t worry, you’ll eventually get there; it takes a while to start a new habit! 😄

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  3. This post is so helpful,Mikaela <3.I just started blogging recently and I haven't got the hang of scheduled posts.My exams are coming up so I have to obviously schedule a lot of posts 🙂 But yes,my reading time affected a bit at the start but now that I have a schedule,I am back on my reading game.

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  4. I feel very smug if I have a post scheduled three days in advance! I’m usually writing things the day before they go up, if not the day of. I’m super impressed with you (and slightly intimidated in the best way possible)

    High school absolutely sucks, but I have a feeling you’ll love college. You can make it happen, don’t let anyone hold you back! The fact that you’re so dedicated to your blog says a lot about your work ethic and determination!

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    • Haha, don’t be! I guess it was just a case of good timing (I was originally going to create my blog on the first of January, but I was so excited, I did it two weeks earlier. 😂 I wonder what would have changed).

      Same, I think I’ll love college (if I get there). And, aw, thank you, that’s so sweet! I feel like I’m better at blogging than school because I love blogging, but I try with school! 😄

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  5. I was really inspired by you mentioning doing posts so in advance. I usually do mine for the week, but it never occurred to me to try to do posts months in advance! That may actually assist me in upping my blogging game.

    I know for me, right now, work has thrown some curve balls at me and has left me feeling so drained that after work, reading or participating in any of my other hobbies hasn’t been or interest. I have barely read in the past two months and it’s added some unneeded stress. I’m definitely trying to focus on what I am up to doing right now — reading other blogs, for example, is still enjoyable. I’ll get back on the reading path soon enough.

    Now…I need to take some time to blog plan! 💜

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    • Yeah, it definitely helps me! I know that if I didn’t plan months ahead, I probably would post way less because I just can’t write, edit, take pictures, and make graphics for the post during the school week. I’d be a hot mess. 😅

      I feel you on that! Not reading as much definitely stresses me out because I want to do that, and I also need to put out reviews on my blog, so that’s more added pressure. And then I have all these ARCS. 😂 I totally love reading other people’s blogs, though; it’s so much fun!


  6. WOW. I am seriously quite jealous of how far ahead you’ve planned and written your posts! How do you have that many ideas? Share some wisdom! I’ve only come as far as having two weeks worth of blog posts written out when we were still posting daily and that’s it! I don’t even want to look at May right now and think about what I want to write. xD

    I haven’t really been feeling like reading much either this month. I haven’t picked up a single book and instead, I watched Netflix or Youtube. xD

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    • I don’t even know! I usually either get inspired by other bloggers, meme prompts give me fully-fledged post ideas, or it’s just something in the back of my brain. I daydream a lot and I have way too many ideas in my head. I really like it though! 😂

      Oh, same, I failed at reading this month. I just watched YouTube, planned my posts, and watched TV and movies (which was nice!). I’m going to try again in May, though.

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      • I really need to step up my game in May! With our new schedule I sometimes ended up the night before realizing I had calculated wrong and didn’t have a post going up at all – which sucked. But I was also staying with my sister and helping her take care of her boys and house stuff as she had injured her foot quite badly and was on crutches pretty much all of April – so that probably played into me not being on top of my game as well.

        Let’s hope May is better for both of us as far as reading goes! 😀

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      • Oh, yes, it must be so different having a co-blogger! It seems really nice to be able to share with someone and not have the dress all upon your shoulders! And, yes, hopefully it will be! 😄

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  7. I so envy your ability to plan ahead and write out your posts months in advance. Me, I lack the foresight to think that far ahead and pretty much write my posts the day before I publish them. I go to University, and I work full time. Luckily, I have a really laid back job with lots of downtime, so I often am able to read blog posts while at work. I have to fit my reading in where I can. I do a lot of reading while doing cardio at the gym, and at night before I go to bed. I’ve also started listening to audiobooks in the car just so I can keep up with my goal for the year.

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    • Ah, university and a job! That’s crazy; I honestly don’t think I’ll even be able to do that when I go to college lol. I feel like I’ll be dirt-poor. 😂 I feel like most of my reading – when I actually do it lol – is done either in the afternoon or late at night while going to bed (which is a terrible idea because I always fall asleep). Someone else talked about audiobooks, so I obviously just try one of them! 😄


    • Thank you! Ooh, like a co-blogger? The only reason I’d never do that is because I’m not big on teamwork and partners, but that’s probably me being weird. 😂 I’d love to have a person to give my password to, though, so they could be able to post my stuff sometimes or edit things! And lol, I don’t feel like I sleep much either. 😂 Ah, well!

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  8. Great post, as always! I try to dedicate time in the morning and at night to blogging. I write my posts in advance when I can but I spend most of my time visiting other blogs. I think that’s so important. Reading – I do mainly at night when the kids go to bed. If I get a spare 5 minutes or so throughout the day I’ll pick up my book. My life is chaos so I fit everything in when I can – it’s not easy but I love it!

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    • Thank you so much! Ooh, yes, I’ve seen other bloggers say they make time during the morning or the night to write their posts! I’m not a morning person (literally the only reason I post so early is because I have school and church on Sunday’s, so I’m forced to wake up early), but I did stay up till midnight one Saturday writing a post. Horrible for my eyes. 😂

      Ooh, yes, since I have my ebooks, I usually can just read anywhere, but at the same time, I’m distracted by everything else on my phone, so it has its perks and downfalls?

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  9. Your planning ahead skills are awesome. That would have really helped me out these past few weeks, when final projects hit and I didn’t have time to write anything… 😀 😦 (As a college student, let me warn you that you will no longer have time to devote Saturdays entirely to writing. The end is near. Run. Run for your life.)
    (But also college is quite nice. Especially if you’re studying something you like.)
    (Just some days I want to run into the Sahara and start a life as a camel farmer.)
    (But it’s fine.)
    (I’m not sure why this comment is all in parentheses.)
    On the rare occasions I am on top of myself, I’m usually abducted by aliens. I have a reading goal of 52 this year, and I’m way behind already…looking to the summer to help me catch up. And I don’t bookstagram or anything cool like that because my dorm bookshelf is as big as a cucumber. But I do try to read in between assignments and everything else, and I try to do some creative writing when I have the time. Here in college, I guess it’s all about prioritizing…plus also Netflix. (Hides in shame.)

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    • NOOOOO. That’s terrible! Maybe since I want to major in publishing, I can say my book blog is my real-life application? 😂 I am very ready to learn about things I actually want to learn about, though!

      Ha, I put mine at 200 because I read 150 last year – I’m currently at 40-something at best. It’s so bad. 🙈 I quit bookstagram earlier his month actually because it is a LOT of work, with little to no reward, imo. And ah, Netflix; I think it’s everyone’s weakness! 😂


  10. Well for me, since I’ve been out of college for three years, and I’m currently not working, it’s actually very easy for me to balance everything. I volunteer twice a week at a local library, so the rest of the days I look for jobs, and just read.

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  11. Holy crap, I am so surprised you’re a sophomore in high school. I seriously had no idea for some reason. And I’m impressed that you manage such an awesome blog while you’re in high school. *insert comment about how in my day all we had was xanga* but for real, you’re doing an amazing job – keep it up!

    I’ve definitely gotten more into blog scheduling lately. It makes me feel 100% more confident about my blog when I have things planned out. I like having goals and crossing things off lists, so right now my goals are to have posts planned out 4 weeks, drafted out 2 weeks, and queued out 1 week (that way I have time for editing). I also realize I have way more time on my hands since I’m technically “between jobs” at the moment, so I have no idea how I’m going to do when I actually get a part time job.

    As far as reading goes, I try to squeeze it between whatever else I have going on, but I don’t force myself if I’m not in the mood. Reading should always be fun, in my opinion, and if I’m not enjoying it then what’s the point?

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    • Aw, thank you, Christine; that’s so sweet! 😄 I procrastinate so much in HS; it’s ridiculous, but I get good grades, so I’m satisfied! 😂

      I feel you about goals and crossing off lists! I have an app called Planner Pro which I love, and it’s always nice to check the box off when I’ve completed something! Yeah, same, I always wonder if I’ll still be blogging when I’m an adult or in college and how that will work out, but I guess I’ll cross the hurdle when I get there?

      Ooh, yes, that’s definitely true! I feel so guilty when I don’t read when I really shouldn’t!

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  12. I am beyond jealous of how ahead you are on posts. I’d managed to build quite a few up at one point but then I hit a blogging slump and I just had 0 decent ideas for blog posts so my completed drafts dwindled pretty quickly! I think I read less monthly now that I blog as well. I spend a lot of time blog hopping and commenting on other people’s blog, I really enjoy it and I love the interaction with other people but I do miss how many books I used to read. I also think it has to do with university, I started my blog 3 months after starting my first year of university, so the two things combined probably haven’t helped. I need to know the secrets of the people who can do it all and make it look so easy, I want some of that magic. This is a really great post<3

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    • Ooh, blogging slumps suck! I feel like the only reason I avoid one is because I have all my posts planned ahead of time. I mean, I could take a hiatus, but I honestly can’t resist the WordPress app. 😂 Yes, I feel you on that! I love interacting with other blogs and replying to my comments and writing my posts, but I feel so guilty because then I suck at reading. 😝 Oof, university! College is coming up in three years, and if I’m still blogging, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to keep up. 😬 Thank you! ❤

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  13. Omg you are MONTHS ahead in scheduling?!? *bows* I don’t even have my post for this evening ready haha. 🙈 I honestly would like to be more organised but I’m not. At all. Haha. And I agree that book blogging often makes reading fall to the wayside! A few years ago I was reading like a book per day (shh, I’m normal I swear😂) but now my blog needs WAY more attention and I also like to update twitter/instagram very regularly. It’s kind of impossible to keep on top of it all sometimes.😭😂

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    • But your posts are so wonderful, so I guess it doesn’t matter in the long run? 😂 And, yes, I thought my reading would stay the same, and now it’s just, “Meh.” Like, in the past few summers, I can read a book in a day because all I do is post my reviews on Goodreads and that was it, but now there’s all this other stuff! I don’t feel like I update Twitter often; I always feel like I’m boring people with what I say! 😬 I totally feel you; it really does!


  14. I totally feel you pain, since I’ve started blogging have certianly been reading less, I would recommend that if you’re writing a post that requires less brain power that you listen to an audiobook. Also don’t feel weird about having months scheduled ahead, I actually already have a post scheduled for October which is nuts (it’s a readathon so mark your calender!)

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    • Ooh, I don’t think I’ve ever listened to an audiobook before! I’m not an auditory listener, so I don’t know how it’d work, but I could definitely try!

      Ooh, yes, a readathon! I created four over the past week that I want to host, and one of them is going to happen in June. 😂

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  15. So I used to have my posts planned out. But I found that it REALLY wasn’t working for me. It kept me organized and prepared, but it was very strict and… unforming. AHG WHAT’S THE WORD. Anywaaaaaaaays, I started just planning out post ideas from the month, and it’s MUCH BETTER! I have ideas of posts for the month, which allows to be flexible (AH THERE’S THE WORD) if I have another post I want to write. But it’s up to you! Honestly, having posts scheduled for the next months scare me, because OMG SO MUCH COULD CHANGE IN THAT TIME. And HAHAHA I am the WORST at time management. I end up spending like an HOUR (it’s been more than an hour now) commenting on most of the posts in my Reader and answering notifications. Then it takes me an hour/two hours to finish/write a post. D:

    I’m not sure if my reading habits have been affected by blogging? I might be better, so I’m motivated to say LOOK I READ ALL THESE BOOKS THIS MONTH, but probably not because TIME. XD

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    • Oh, trust me, I change things all the time! 😂 I’ve changed my schedule twice, and I constantly move ideas around, and sometimes I can’t do tags and awards because I don’t know where to fit them in, etc. That’s when I wish I was more flexible, but at the same time, I don’t think I’d post that often, which I’d hate, and that’s mainly because school eats up so much of my time, there’d be no weekly posts. Unless I wrote four posts over the weekend, and I don’t think I can. And I’d probably never write reviews because I literally need to force myself to do those with a date sometimes lol. 😂

      NOT ENOUGH TIME. I’ve given up on reading in April. 😂 I’m going to try again in May, though, so fingers crossed!

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      • Yeah, the tag and awards thing was really big when I had my posting schedule. But every blogger has their ways!

        And YES. NOT ENOUGH TIIIIIME. I’m looking forward to the summer, even though that wouldn’t help with the obtaining of books because still #broke. XD

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      • Yes, I have like, three awards and so many tags I can’t even, and since I’ve planned everything out for such a long time, I don’t know where to fit it in???? So they’re currently unfinished drafts. 😂

        SAME! I’m so ready for the summer! My spring break was not enough. 😩

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  16. This is such a great post! I find myself wondering this same question all the time… how do people manage life, along with everything else? It’s crazy. Since I started blogging, my reading has slowed down… since I started bookstagram, my blogging has slowed down… it’s like I just don’t have time to do everything. I think I need some lessons in time management lol

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    • Thank you! ❤ Oh, yes, I used to be on bookstagram, and it took up so much of my time! I still love taking photos (obviously), but trying to keep up with everything was way too much for me. And it was super frustrating because I felt like nothing happened or I was growing. 😩 And, same! 😂


  17. Balance is such a difficult little bird to catch! I used to try to do bookstagram, twitter, blog, and facebook and bookstagram is such a time suck! I couldn’t do it so I decided to focus on blogging, twitter, and my facebook page (which are my favorite ones). I’m actually trying to get back into the swing of blogging now. I just completed my first semester at college and basically didn’t blog at all the last three months. But I have some ideas ready and I’ve written a few blog posts so I’m trying to write them on days I don’t have classes.

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    • I definitely agree about bookstagram! I used to have one as well, but quit because it’s just so much more time put it in than other social media accounts. Ooh, I hope getting back into blogging works out for you! And yeah for making it through the first semester of college! 😄


  18. Mikaelaaaaaaaaa!! Oh my gosh. I always knew you were fabulous but GIRL. You have your posts planned until APRIL 2018??! *showers you with jewels and bows* That is amazinggggg oh my gosh, good for you!! I would love to have your skills haha. And oh my gosh, LIFE. School can be so stressful and busy, definitely one of the main reasons why I have less time for blogging! (Again, it is SO great that you have your posts planned out so in advance aha.) It’s too bad to hear about the reading though, ironic how a blog dedicated to BOOKS is the thing that partially prevents you from reading said books! ❤ I haven't been reading as much either though, here's hoping we both get more reading done in May ahah. 🙂 Such a lovely discussion as always, Mikaela!

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    • Yeah, I have most of my post ideas planned out, but not written (it actually expanded to August of next year, but I guess I forgot to edit it)! I don’t know why; I just like knowing what’s going up when. 😂 I’m weird. I KNOW, RIGHT? It seems like a lot of people encounter the same problem, so I guess I’m not the only one! And, yep, I’m planning to really get back to reading in May, because one, ALL THE ANTICIPATED RELEASES, and, two, I have a lot of summer e-ARCs to read lol. 😂 Thank you! ❤

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      • No, not weird!! I’m actually so envious haha and that’s great organization skill! I love having a schedule, but I don’t have it that much in advance haha. *clapping emoji that I don’t actually have right now* YESSS so many anticipated releases! ❤ Haha good luck and have fun!! 😀

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  19. This is a great post Mikaela, I feel like every blogger struggles with the whole blogging/real life management because it is a challenge. I’m not entirely sure how I manage my time between my job, reading and blogging but what I do at the moment seems to work for me so I’m not really questioning it too much right now. 🙂
    Saturdays and the weekends in general is when I tend to do most of my blogging as well. I’m trying to build up the amount of posts I have in my drafts folder so I can maybe take a step back in the week and dedicate my time to other things I need to/like to do. Blogging has taken over most of my life so it would be nice to get started on some of my other hobbies again! 😀

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    • Haha, I don’t think anyone knows their system for keeping things together, they just do it??? At least, that’s my mentality. 😂

      Yeah, that’s definitely why I plan over the weekend – so I’m free for the week. I’ll probably stop doing that over the summer and be more relaxed since, so far, I’m only going to Bookcon and that seems to be our only vacation, but it’s dentrimental because SCHOOL! I agree, blogging has taken over my life! I don’t have any other hobbies besides blogging, tbh.

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      • Whatever works works right? That’s my system for blogging at the moment and I’m not questioning it too much! 😀
        Starting from May or June that’s what I’m going to do as well, if I can build up my drafts of tags and reviews I’ll be able to take a step back during the weeks and it’ll be nice to have some free time back again I guess. 🙂

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  20. You have posts scheduled so far in advance and I’m a bit envious. I completely fail at scheduling more than a week ahead because it takes me so long to write posts and then I get distracted by other things while writing posts. 🤦 (though I’m proud that I’ve even started scheduling because at one time I didn’t) But! I can completely relate about the reading! I swear before blogging I was reading around 130 books a year and sometimes three books a week and now I can barely manage one book a week. I miss the days when I read a book in a day. Always funny how book blogging can take away from our actual reading 😂. Balancing blogging, reading, and life can definitely be tough. And I also end up using the weekends for writing posts and stuff, mostly Sunday’s. Great posts, Mikaela! 😊

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    • Ooh, same! There have been some Sunday’s where I’m just on top of it and I cross a lot off my list – and then there are some days where I just laze around all day, and before I know it, the day’s over. 😅 And, yeah, I can definitely feel that! I read a book every two days, but now I just barely read anymore, which sucks! 😩 Hoping to hop back on the reading train next month, though! Thank you so much! 😄

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  21. Okay so I just followed you 5 minutes ago and this is the 1st (2nd?) post I’ve read and so I’m thoroughly amazed and I don’t understand how you do it.
    I used to schedule 3 weeks ahead but now I’m only 3 POSTS ahead and so this really sucks and it stresses me out so bad. I’ve only read 12 books THIS WHOLE YEAR and that’s really super good for me.
    You seem perfect and I wish I was you lol. (Also ps junior year is not as bad as it seems)

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    • Haha, thank you! I don’t know how I do it either! Lots of staring at a computer and YouTube, I guess? 😂

      I’ve lost track of how many books I’ve read this year and I almost want to not count it because it’s probably absurdly low. I’ll try again in May, hopefully!

      NO I AM NOT PERFECT. I’m pretty sure I’m a hot mess. 😂 But thank you.

      (And, good; you’re the second person I’ve heard this from, and that gives me hope! 😄)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, thank you??? I was bored one day, so I was like, “Might as well write out all my plans.” 😂 Now I just need to actually write them!

      Once school is out, I might do that! 😂 The only reason I don’t stay up is because I have school and such, but I naturally stay up during the weekends, so I could totally do it! 😄 Thank you! ❤


  22. Sometimes I do better than other times. I don’t have SPECIFIC days to blog but I do set aside days to do it. Like, it’s not the same day every week. I don’t have a job or school to go to so I’m kind of my own boss. I make my own schedule for “wifely” duties (grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc), my blog, my store/designing for it, working out, and anything else. That’s both a blessing and a curse. Some weeks I’m ON TOP of it and get everything done, other times I’m lazy as hell and put everything off until last minute >.< hahah

    I think overall I'm pretty organized. Like you, thought, my reading since starting my blog has gone down SO MUCH. I've read 1 book in a month and a half. For some reason I can never find time for it. I always find something else to do, or video games I want to play, or hanging out with my husband in my free time. I'm TRYING to fit some more reading time in, but that is the hardest part for me.

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, same! There are some days when I work super hard on my blog, but some days where I just sort of fall apart and don’t do too much. And I only work on my blog and probably some social networking, so you have WAY more to juggle than I do! There have been times where I’ve switched posts around and have to type up an entire post the week I’m publishing it, which I rarely do. XD

      Yeah, same, even when I have time to read, I don’t do it??? I feel like I’m doing better this month, and I sort of have to do because of all these e-ARCs I got from NG, but, yeah my reading has been SO POOR these last few months, and I hate it! >_<


      • Ah, I gave up on arcs >.< I never read them when I HAVE to. So I just don't request them anymore. I also haven't accepted any requests for a while lol

        Liked by 1 person

  23. Great post! I’ll definitely need to start scheduling more (any) posts ahead of time and having a blogging day saturday seems like such a good idea (since I never do any homework on saturdays anyways rip)


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