[DISCUSSION & ANNOUNCEMENT] Is the Book Blogging Community Too Clique-y? (Introducing My Blog Project)

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Woohoo, it’s that time of the month again where we talk about a blogging and/or bookish things! Okay, it’s more like, I talk for 1000 words, you guys read it, and then we talk in the comments section, but, you know, same difference.

Anyway, I talked about something that I can’t decide if it’s controversial or not, but I wanted to talk about it anyway: how, sometimes, book bloggers can be clique-y, which definitely isn’t a good thing or a bad thing, but just a simple observation.

(Also, I’m going to be announcing a project at the end of this that I’m hoping you guys will participate in so please, stay tuned!)

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This post was mostly inspired by Karen @ Kissin’ Blue Karen’s discussion where she talked about how she visited 365 different book blogs in the course of a year (which is a crazy accomplishment).

One point she made was that book bloggers seem to run in the same circles, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, and I agree. Most of the so-called “cliques” I wormed my way into, are really nice people that I would consider my friends and people I always trust. 

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I will say, I’ve been around the internet in two different websites: Wattpad and Goodreads. Both of them had cliques that I wanted to be a part of (now, looking back on it, I cringe).

For Wattpad, I tried as hard as I could to cater my stories to their “type,” because I knew that if the leader of the clique liked it, commented on it, and added it to her reading list, it’d blow up. For Goodreads, I tried so hard to friend all the most popular users and comment on all their reviews, but that proved to be ten times harder than trying to fit in on Wattpad. Basically, I tried as hard as I could to belong.

Blogging was different. I wouldn’t say that the cliques on Goodreads and Wattpad were cold-hearted or anything – it’s just hard for anybody to open up their tight-knit group of friends to somebody else, whether on the Internet or in real life, even if you really want to do so, or you don’t even mean to do it in the first place. But there was just something about the book blogging community that was so welcoming. I remember being shocked when popular book bloggers, ones who’d been around for forever, decided to follow me. Sure, there are some who haven’t even interacted with me since doing so (that sounds like I’m bitter or something, but I’m not, I swear, because I have so many awesome people that enjoy my posts), but some of them went on to like and comment on a large majority of my posts, and now some of those people I admired from afar, are people who I’d call blogging buddies.

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Back when I was a newbie blogger in late December of last year, when I had literally just started out, I remember following all these popular blogs, and often browsing through usernames in the comments section.

Most of the time, blog-hopping around from those usernames, I noticed a lot of the same people commented on a lot of the same people’s posts. I’d go to one person’s comment section, and then another person’s comment section, and it only took me a little while before I realized I saw the same people commenting on the same people’s blogs within the same circle – and most of the bloggers just happened to be popular.


And it wasn’t even just that. When I searched on some of the more popular blogs I admired for what their favorite blogs were or some of the blogs that inspired them, I remembered not being surprised by many of the favorites. Usually, a large majority of the time, I’d already heard of the blog or was already following the blog, and 99% of the time those people were part of their “clique,” as in I’d see them in most of their comments sections. Even if those blogs weren’t on their comment sections, most of the time, those blogs were already popular, established book blogs that had a lot of followers and had been around since the dawn of time (just kidding, I’m exaggerating), not anyone who was new, or had just started out. Even in monthly wrap-up posts, where some bloggers link back to some interesting posts/discussions they’ve found, those bloggers were already popular ones that had a lot of attention on those posts, and, often, I’d hop from one monthly wrap-up to another to see that two bloggers had already mentioned the same post.


So, as a newbie, it was pretty daunting. I remember thinking, “How in the world is anyway going to even find/read my blog when there are so many people that are constantly advertised everywhere?” Obviously, it was silly. I ended up commenting on some of those blogs I found inspiring. And, for some reason, some of them were kind enough to check out my posts and comment back and even follow me (it’s been almost four months, and I’m still not over it). Some of them tagged me in tags and awards, and it surprised me so much because it meant that they had noticed me. That even if these bloggers got 394480 comments a day (estimated number), apparently, I stood out. 

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So, really, is the book blogging community a bit too clique-y? I’d say yes.

There are definitely times where I feel like we’re so caught up in the people we usually interact with and mention, that we fail to ever get the chance to discover new book bloggers that aren’t even doing anything wrong, they just aren’t part of the “group,” so to speak. But, is the fact that we’re sometimes a bit clique-y bad? Definitely not. As a newbie, you will definitely feel a bit intimidated, because why would any of the “big” bloggers follow you or pay attention to you? But that’s false. Immediately get out of that mindset if you’re a newbie yourself. Most of the “big” bloggers are the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. We all love books in the end!

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Would I say that I have some sort of solution as to how we can branch out? Well, that’s where I introduce my blog project.

I’ve noticed that among my followers I have a mix – some book bloggers I’d consider “big,” and some that are just starting out, or I’d consider smaller book blogs. So I’d thought this would be a good idea to bring the two of you together – introducing Project Big Blogger, Little Blogger.

Basically, much like being a Big Brother, I thought it’d be nice to pair up a bigger book blogger with a smaller book blogger. For the purpose of this project, I’m considering a smaller book blogger one that has less than 100 followers, while a bigger book blogger will have more than 100 followers. The bigger book blogger will support the smaller book blogger in any way they choose for a month. Some suggestions might be liking their posts and leaving comments, sharing their posts on social media, giving them a follow – whether on their blog or on a different form of social media, linking back to their posts in weekly/monthly wrap-ups, etc. I’m sure you guys are much more creative than I am.

Once the month is over, the bigger book blogger will dedicate a whole blog post to their Little Blogger, much like a guest post. You could have them on as a blogger interview or do some sort of blogger spotlight or let them guest post about a certain topic, etc. so other bloggers who follow you can have a chance to learn about this Little Blogger.

Once every Big Blogger participating has done their blog post, I’ll compile them all in a masterpost of some sort and post so then there’ll be even more promotion for said bloggers. Hopefully, this will push all of us to find new bloggers and promote these newbies. I know when I was a small blog, it was the help of some of my blogging buddies and those bigger than me that really propelled me forward, and I want others to have that opportunity.

If you want to sign up for this, the Google form is right here. The form is open to both Big Bloggers and Little Bloggers to sign up for. Feel free to share this post on social media or repost this post on your own blogs or promote it in any way you can because I really don’t know how big my reach is. I’ll be leaving the sign-ups open for all this week and will close them on Sunday night, which is May 7. Throughout the week, I’ll be pairing people up and sending e-mails to you guys so you know who you’re partnered up with. On May 14, the project will begin, and will go on until June 11. After that, I’m giving all the participants the rest of June to create a post dedicated to their Little Blogger, and in July, I’ll hopefully have the Masterpost up on the blog!

Hopefully, this won’t flop terrifically, but I’m really excited for this project, and I hope you guys are too! If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them in a comment down below!

(Also, the reason I ask for a piece of advice you’d give a new blog is because of a blog post I’m doing, if you were wondering.)

Let's Chat

Do you think the book blogging community is clique-y? To the established bloggers, how do you find newer, smaller blogs (like mine all those months ago lol). To newer/smaller bloggers, do you feel like you matter in the community? Will you join in on the project (hopefully, you will)?

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142 thoughts on “[DISCUSSION & ANNOUNCEMENT] Is the Book Blogging Community Too Clique-y? (Introducing My Blog Project)

  1. […] Also, I wanted to mention that Project Big Blogger, Little Blogger is over! I know, it’s so sad! But, that means it’s now time to enter Phase 2 of the project, where we create a post highlighting our Little Blogger in some way! A couple of you guys have already started, and I’ve taken note of that, which is awesome! Just whenever you make the post, link back to me in some way so I know to check it out! I’m hoping to have the masterpost up sometime in July, so just make sure it’s not TOO late. If you have any more questions, all the details are in the original post! […]

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  2. Hi, gutted I missed the boat on this as it sounds like a lovely idea! I’ve definitely found it difficult to engage with book bloggers – I read other blogs and comment on the ones that speak to me, as I’m keen to get to know like-minded people, but it’s a struggle to be honest. I’m not pushy about my blog, it’s not something I’m hoping to make money from or achieve international stardom with, so I’m not sure where I’m going wrong. It was helpful to see other people had struggled with this, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I think that’s just because book bloggers just engage with book bloggers – same as with lifestyle blogs or mommy blogs or fashion blogs. I know some book bloggers who follow blogs outside that range, but it’s more of something they like as a hobby rather than keeping up with it! 😄


      • I blog about books, but still don’t seem to be able to get inside the book blogging community – but I’m not complaining, I’m sure it just takes a bit of time.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I couldn’t by your site name that you did – I assumed you were a lifestyle blog. XD Sorry about that! I think it took a lot of commenting around on different blogs consistently for people to really notice me and to start getting involved with the community, personally! 😀


      • No need to apologise, thank you very much for highlighting it! I hadn’t realised WordPress still had my former bellydancing blog as the address, and the username! I’ll amend that to minimise confusion. Yes I’ll just keep on reading and commenting on the things that speak to me, I’m still enjoying blogging, and I’m pleased I found your blog to follow too!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Actually, I haven’t been counting! But I might be coming close. It’s just a question of which blogs stay and which don’t. On my list, I mean 🙂 I know I am currently following 83, so I’ve definitely visited those (I’ve only been blogging since last October), and then there are lots and lots I haven’t even visited yet. So I might come close to that number 😀 but then, I have to blog-hop wayyyy more because I’m self-hosted and WordPress just doesn’t put me out to the “Discover” stream (bah, humbug)

    But yes, you ARE right. We have groups that are hard to.. break. For me, the weirdest thing is that Wattpad and Goodreads are ALREADY two very different groups which barely mesh at all! Unfamiliar with the Wattpad part myself, so I can’t comment further.

    And yeah, Goodreads is LOVELY, but it’s so very different from the blogging community. Perhaps because people on GR don’t all blog, so their experience and understanding is so totally different?

    Yep, I too remember being totally shocked that the big bloggers would come to my blog and talk to me 🙂 it’s awesome! I hear this doesn’t happen a lot in the other blogging communities, mostly just the book blogs. It pays to be a book blogger 😀 haha.

    This is suuuuch a lovely idea though 🙂 it’s so cool that you came up with this. Mega awesome 🙂 it’s too bad that I found out about this only today! But I still signed up, just in case you’ll be doing it again 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I only follow around 28??? Which sounds terrible, but I’m so picky with which blogs I follow and I’ve never liked over-crowding things, so that might be why? 😂

      That’s quite true! I used Wattpad before I had Goodreads, and quit Wattpad before I started Goodreads, so those two parts of my life never intersected!

      And that makes sense! I know that when I was on Goodreads, I wasn’t aware that anyone had a blog or that blogging existed. Now that I have a blog, on the occasion that I visit Goodreads, it seems like all these reviewers that I’ve seen constantly around have had blogs all along! So weird.

      Yep, I feel like that makes sense, mainly because the biggest book blogger is nowhere near close to the biggest fashion/make-up/lifestyle blogger. I guess book blogging is more centered around loving books and community while with fashion, it’s really just learning the trends and such, and not really have a connection to the blogger at all!

      And I definitely am! Since it was so fun this year, I’m thinking of making it a yearly thing! 😄

      Liked by 2 people

      • Yeah, I wasn’t aware either. I was like.. “So there are like 15 bloggers in the world and they’re all super qualified and probably journalists” :DDD you know that thought? Bet you had it too 😀 and it IS so weird! Later I found out that a lot of those active people actually have blogs. Funny how you don’t know so many things, huh 🙂

        Oh dang, now I have to wait a whole year 😀 haha

        And yeah, I have no trouble following so many blogs because I am a quick reader and commenter. There are select blogs though, who I visit outside of the reader. I have them marked in a doc. And there are also not so many 🙂 so I guess it’s kind of like your system, except pumped up a little 😀

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  4. I just started my blog about a month ago, so finding this post really made me feel better and like I wasn’t the only one out there who thought this. This is actually the first post of yours that I’ve seen and am totally in love with your blog. Your idea is amazing and I’m super sad I missed out on it this time around. I’m trying to branch out to other blogs and make friends on here, so if you have ANY suggestions PLEASE tell me, I for the love of all things books don’t even know where to begin on this whole blogging thing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aw, thank you! I’m so glad to see that you’re an international blogger! We have a couple of those in the blogging community who are pretty big, so I’m sure you could be as well! I’m hopefully doing this project again next year, so you could join in then, if you still need the help! 😄


  5. I feel like an ass since I am just now seeing this post. Thanks for linking me in it. (gah! I guess I need to activate ping-backs on my site).
    You make some valid points here. I found this post from one of your little bloggers who mentioned this.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I’ve never really considered book bloggers “click-y”, but now that you mention it, I have seen some of what you are talking about around. I know it can be super hard to break into the community at first, and I love the Big Blogger, Little Blogger idea!! I don’t know if I’m too late to sign up, but I’m going to fill out the google form and hopefully be able to participate!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You project sounds amazing! I wish I was around then haha I could have done with a boost or some good feedback from a more experienced blogger 😀 how did it go? I hope it was a success 😛


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