[LET’S CHAT] What Makes An Original Book Blogger?

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Ah, yes, one of the biggest questions when you enter the blogosphere: do you have to be an original blogger?

I feel like that’s something that every blogger sees as some sort of requirement. Even in my own post when I talked about what makes me follow a book blog, I said that I really liked seeing original content that would continually inspire me. And, also, who wants to see a blog that looks like pretty much every other blog? We don’t just push creativity and non-conformity in the blogging world, but pretty much everywhere. How many times have you heard someone say that they’re tired of superhero movies and sequels and want an original movie? Or someone saying a song is overrated because it sounds like every other song on the radio? Or someone complaining about how a TV show is using the same old tired cliches?

But, is it necessary to be completely original as a blog? There seems to be a sort of look-down on people who just post memes and tags and awards, and even some people who have pretty much sworn off all of those things in favor of original content. So I wanted to talk about my experiences with all those things, because I am the blogging queen.

(Just kidding, I am 100% not the blogging queen.)


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So, of course, you’ve probably heard of these things called weekly memes, and contrary to what I used to think, memes aren’t just those things that get popular on Twitter and become annoying after a day. Basically, there’s a concept, and you’re supposed to pick books relating to that concept. Some of the popular ones I’ve seen around are Top Ten Tuesday, Saturday Situation, WWW Wednesday, and Waiting on Wednesday. There are definitely a lot more out there, and several for pretty much every day of the week.

If you’ve been around since the very beginning, you’ll know that I used to do WWW Wednesday for the month of January. Eventually, I realized that I wasn’t really enjoying them, and, surprisingly, they weren’t really doing too good in terms of stats (even though I’ve seen so many people say they’re memes do the best in terms of stats), so I ended up quitting. It’s definitely worked for me, since I’ve now opened up a spot that’s been taken in favor of more original posts, but I know that might not work out for everyone.

I’ve definitely seen a general consensus that seeing too many memes when you first stumble upon someone’s blog makes it less likely for them to stay, and I’ve also seen some people say that they just straight up avoid their Reader on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because of the amount of memes. I definitely get it; I feel like with WWW Wednesday and WoW, it’s hard to really say something other than, “Oh, cool; I loved those books, and that one’s on my TBR! Here’s my link!” and “Yes, I’m super excited to read that book as well! Here’s the link to my post!” With TTT, I can definitely find something to comment about, because I’ve seen several people turn those posts into something creative (like what Cait @ Paper Fury does), but even if it’s just a list, I can always find something to relate to!

I don’t know if it’s a way to meet new people, but I have seen lots of people say that’s how they got their outreach when they were first starting out, so I can see why new bloggers like me jumped on the train! Personally, I don’t think I was really discovered by my WWW Wednesday posts, but I guess it might depend on what type of meme you’re doing.

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I guess you can say it’s mixed regarding tags and awards. On one hand, I feel like they’re fun and easy to do, especially if you don’t have something to do that day, and it’s always fun being tagged in an award. But, I’ve also seen some bloggers say that they think that they can get boring every once in a while, which they definitely can be, depending on the tag. There are some tags that I’ve managed to turn into full-blown post ideas, so they’re not completely useless.

I used to do tags a lot, and those who’ve been here around since the beginning, again, know that all I used to do were tags and reviews, before I got sick of it and opted to do more original content. And, as you guys know, I’m a huge planner when it comes to my blog, and even though I’ve been nominated in so many blogging awards and tags, only about three or so tags are on my agenda until August of next year, and don’t even get me started on blogging awards. I just feel like I’d rather post a Let’s Chat or a recommendations post or a list over a blogging award, because even though they’re nice, I don’t get excited about posting them. So, I decided that since I’ve been nominated for so many, why not just combine them all into one huge Q + A post? That way, I don’t have 248028 awards to do, and it’s fun and creative!

I’ve seen some people say that they don’t do tags and awards anymore, which I can totally understand if you want more original content on the blog. I think some tags are definitely fun to do since they reveal more about yourself, and same with blogging awards because you usually have to list facts for those, but I feel like they’re best in moderation, so I reserve them for every once in a while or when I just have nothing to post (which will probably never happen, so there’s that).

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As you guys probably know, I freaking love lists. Basically, for me, what falls under the “List” category are Monthly Recommendations, Anticipated Releases, Monthly TBRs and Wrap-Ups, and Book Playlists can be put under this category.

I did a lot of lists in February when I was trying to branch out in terms of more original content, and I was very happy to see that it gained so much popularity. I thought it was not only a great way to try something new on my blog, but I also got to share a lot about myself (my favorite ships, my favorite series, some facts about me, etc.), and I love doing that since it reminds everyone that there is a human being behind the blog. I also got a lot of comments from those types of posts, so they obviously push people to talk and share about themselves as well!

I’ve never done monthly TBRs, and I have an entire post dedicated to that whole subject that you can find right here if you’re interested. But, you’ve probably noticed that I don’t do much in regards of Wrap-Ups anymore. I realized during the month of March I really didn’t feel like doing a Wrap-Up post, and I realized that I don’t HAVE to do them at all. It’s my blog, and I can do whatever I want with it, so I chose to just skip out on it and just continue on with the month with more original content that I was really excited for. I like seeing other people’s wrap-ups, but it’s just something that I don’t really like doing, so I decided I wouldn’t.

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Ah, yes, the real money-makers. It seems to be that everyone in the book blogging community agrees that discussion posts are what’s really good for your blog and are what rake the numbers in, which is definitely true. When I posted my first ever discussion post – which I was incredibly nervous to do – I was blown away by how many likes and comments I received from it! And I realized how much fun it was to write that discussion, so I thought, why not keep doing this?

People seem to worry a lot about the topics they discuss, though. Some people never know where to get their ideas from or don’t really know how to get their thoughts into a blog post. Some feel like so-and-so topic has already been talked about by SO MANY PEOPLE, that their input will mean nothing in the long run. But, I definitely don’t think you SHOULDN’T talk about something just because someone else already has, and I don’t think that you have to be completely original to write up a discussion.

Personally, when I started out blogging, after getting frustrated with my lack of original content in January, I ended up brainstorming. So, really, pretty much all the discussion topics I’ve come up with have been thought up months ago. I don’t think I’ve ever thought up a discussion post the month of, basically. I use Discussions to talk about things that I don’t think too many people in the blogosphere have already talked about, and Let’s Chat is more for topics that have already been discussed by a range of people, but I just want to put in my own two cents anyway. Obviously, I post several Let’s Chat posts a month, but only one Discussion per month, and that works for me. They tend to get noticed a lot, and also generate conversation, which I love.


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So, that’s basically all the categories I can think of.

Hopefully, there aren’t many more than that. For me, the answer to the question is no, you don’t HAVE to be a completely original blogger. It’s pretty hard to come up with an idea that someone hasn’t already thought of and written down. But, it does seem like the general consensus is that bringing something new to the table can push your blog to several heights and even get better stats!

Let's Chat

What are your thoughts on each of the categories? Is there one you prefer over the others? What do you think makes an original book blogger?

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57 thoughts on “[LET’S CHAT] What Makes An Original Book Blogger?

  1. Ooooh we like this post!! We started blogging fairly recently (a month and a few days) – but we’ve stopped for awhile due to exams and plan to be back by May 25th! The book community is so amazing and welcoming (that’s saying something ‘cuz we’re weird people 🙃) This post has given us ideas of what we can do (or won’t 😉) – but yes we also saw that people like discussions over memes. 😊 We wanted to know HOW original we must be to get people to read our stuff – but realised you just gotta be yourself and enjoy what you write! Oh and be honest 😉

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    • Thank you! And, oh, welcome to blogging! I’m glad to see you enjoy the community; it really is amazing! 😄 I’m glad that this post could help you, and that is important – being yourself, being honest, and enjoying what you write is what’s really important! 😄

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      • Your welcome and thank you – this further clarifies this is an awesome community 😉 We totally agree – what’s the point of blogging if you don’t stay true to yourself and enjoy it?😁😁

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  2. I used to do tags, awards and a lot of memes, but after a few months I realized I didn’t even like doing them anymore. They felt like a chore and not fun. I do like Top Ten Tuesdays when they’re original, but my feed is filled with those posts on Tuesday so being original isn’t easy and therefore I barely read them. I love doing discussion posts, though they take me quite some time to write and think of so I only do them once a week. I think I’ve got a nice division between original content and the basic stuff (reviews, wrap-ups etc), and I’m really happy about that. Great discussion (as always 😀 )!

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    • Yeah, I feel that! I realized doing one of my WWW Wednesdays that I hated doing it, and I realized I didn’t even have to do it in the first place, so I quit (which is good, because I’m in a reading slump, so it would be useless now)! Yeah, you can make TTT original, but it doesn’t mean that the blogger is original- they’re still a ton of people doing TTT at the same time. Haha, the only reason I have so many is because I wrote these a couple months ago; if I hadn’t, I probably would have a much lower number. 😂 Thank you! ❤

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      • Smart! I always try to write things ahead of time, but I do fail at that a little. Plus, I like the immediate gratification of posting it right away. You’re welcome 🙂

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  3. Great post dear! I don’t participate in many memes or award posts, but I am 100% owned by lists. I love them; bring me lists of all kinds! Lists of beautiful cover art, lists of upcoming books, lists of TBR AND WEEKLY ROUND UPS!!! I ❤️ The lists. 😂

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  4. I personally don’t post meme’s, and in general I prefer reading posts which tell me a bit more about what people think and their opinions. I do love a list though! They’re a great way into original content I think, as there’s always something unique you can bring.

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  5. I try and mix up my posts, but I actually post memes everyday of the week! Monday I do my Netgalley post (which I don’t think is a meme really, but I class it as that), Tuesday I’m one of the annoying TTTer’s, Wednesday I do “Wednesday Wisdom” which is just posting an inspirational quote for that week, Thursdays I do my own meme called “Tor.com Thursdays” where I review a short story, Friday I do “Friday Finds”, Saturday I do Decluttering and Sunday I do my weekly summary. I aim to post twice daily, though, so I do a lot of my own lists and discussions too, as well as reviews! I tend to stay away from following blogs that post a million memes where I haven’t seen a book review in a few weeks, but I can’t really judge because I post so many memes myself haha. Oops! 😛

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    • Yes, you post every day, and I can’t do that! Nor could I post twice a day – I really want to dedicate one day to one post of mine. 😂 I tend to do that, too, but even though I don’t really like review-only blogs, I still follow them, so there’s that!

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  6. When I entered the blogosphere, I was kinda just doing reviews and tinkering with asking advice on subjects and tv shows I had watched. Then, I entered the book blogging world and I was taken by storm. There were blog hops, discussions, recaps, TBR’s, pros and cons and just SO Much content and I had never thought about before. So, over time, I just began forcing myself to write ‘blogging tips’ because a lot of successful blogs were doing that like ’12 ways to get over writer’s block’ which I didn’t quite enjoy writing.So I decided to just copy what everyone else was doing. I began doing recaps, without thinking the topic over, and weekly memes, without bothering to weigh up pros and cons of posting this, and let the comments roll in. I definitely agree with you about the limitations of commenting on blog memes, and these are the comments I used to get. BUT, I wasn’t enjoying anything. Sure, my stats were rising but it all felt a little fake and my book blog was no longer a book blog.I did a few thought posts like will the pen become extinct but nothing seemed to grab anyone’s attention.

    So, then for a while, I was SUPER confused about content.

    And that’s when I started posting what I wanted. I personally LOVE my monthly recaps because they’re so juicy and full of content. they are all the weekly memes put into one. And book reviews were back on my blog no matter what. All my content wasn’t original but now I have quite a bit of unique fresh posts and I think your blogging voice also has to be original, though I haven’t quite mastered that yet.

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    • Yes, the first month of blogging all I did was tags and reviews, with a couple of original posts. Once I posted my first discussion post, I realized how much I enjoyed it, and I wanted to post more original content. So I looked around the blogs that inspired me and brainstormed a lot. And then I started my more original content in February, and my stats were really good! I’ve been pretty satisfied ever since! 😄

      Yeah, I don’t feel like I have that much of a blogging voice??? But I don’t really feel like I have a “voice” in real life, so there’s that. 😂

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  7. I feel that what makes your own blog original is the power your voice has. You can tell just by simply reading what someone has posted wether they are excited by the post or not! I feel that having a clear voice (with sarcasm, humour, self-deprecating jokes) has an impact on whether I want to continue reading the blog 🙂

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    • Ooh, that’s such an interesting way of looking at things! I never know if I have a blogging voice – I feel like I don’t, but maybe I do to other people? 😂 I am drawn to blogs with unique voices, though!

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  8. I don’t do tags and awards anymore, they got to be too much of a chore and not fun for me to write. The only meme I will do once in a while is Top 5 Wednesday. I did create two features for my blog that I feel are original and I started doing more discussion type posts. I have the hardest time with my feed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because a lot of TTT and Top 5 Wednesday lists contain the same books. Something that I have noticed is that for some people, tags and memes get the most views. I always love reading your discussion posts, they always make me think.

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    • Yeah, I don’t do memes, I do use old meme topics for future blog posts because some can be really interesting if expanded on! And, yeah, I feel you. I don’t even follow that many people, and it feels the same way to me! I hope that no one misses my Wednesday posts because of the memes. 😂 And, yeah, they do use the same books! It’s why I’m trying to use lesser known books in tags! I think it depends on the tag – there are some that have been duds, but my unpopular opinions Book Tag was unexpectedly popular, so there’s that? And thank you so much! ❤


  9. Great post! I’m starting to fall off the Top 5 Wednesday and Top 10 Tuesday train… I still participate, but only when the prompts are interesting, or I come up with a fun twist for them.

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    • Thank you! And, yeah, I feel you! There are some old meme topics that I’ll use to write future posts because they’re really interesting, but I know there are some uninteresting topics or repeated ones! 😄

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  10. This was a really great chat! And I definitely feel like being original to some extent is important as a blogger. You don’t want to be or sound like someone else. Because I can just read that person’s posts if I want that kind of style. I feel like Cait is definitely one of the more original people I’ve come across and I LOVE her blog a lot!

    When Sandra and I started out blogging, we definitely tried to do more memes and with a Goodreads group and The Broke And The Bookish offering a link up for T10T it definitely helped us a lot to get our blog out there and reach a bigger group of people. I also found a good deal of people by reading through as many posts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays! We haven’t been doing them as often lately because the topics didn’t interest us or we couldn’t think of things to write about. There is nothing I dislike more than just seeing a list of books/things and that being it. I always want to know WHY something is featured! Give me at least a couple of sentences to work with!

    I’ve kind of stopped doing tags or awards because I feel like they take away from a different kind of post that could go up instead and with our new blogging schedule I definitely prefer having something else go up rather than a tag or award. Those also don’t do too well with stats – depending on the kind of award or tag.

    Lists are a GREAT thing for sure to get to know the blogger! I remember when I did my first Get To Know Me tag type of thing and shared a bunch of facts about me, that got people talking in the comments a lot! And isn’t that what we all want? Talk about things that we enjoy?

    I really love reading discussion posts or your Let’s Chat posts! They are always so much fun – though I don’t always comment because I sometimes find that I just don’t really have much or anything to share. But I do still do my best to leave at least a like.

    Also, as like a random comment: do you seriously have your posts thought through until August of 2018??? Or did you mean August of this year? Because DAMN that is some serious organizing!

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    • Thank you! And, yeah, that definitely makes sense! I don’t want to sound like someone else, because what’s the point of coming to my blog at all then? And I love Cait’s blog! ❤

      I was never on Goodreads, so I never got to join a blog group (even though they look pretty nice)! I feel like it depends on what link-up it is, because WWW Wednesday was probs not as good as a link-up as Top 10. I don’t usually follow blogs with those kinds of TTT, but I have stumbled upon some of those, and it’s like, “What’s the point then???”

      Yeah, I only do tags that can get people talking and help others learn more about me and my taste in books – some are just meh.

      Yeah, I remember my 25 Facts About Me post was huge when I first posted it, and I was so excited! 😄 It was the first time I got a lot of comments!

      Aw, thank you! And don’t worry about it; I don’t expect everyone to comment on all my posts! I know I certainly don’t do that with all the people I follow! 😄

      Haha, I planned until August 2018! 🙈 Not written, but I know what I’m posting! I have a great app that I’m going to talk about next month that helps me plan ahead! 😄

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  11. This very topic has been on my mind a lot lately. I love lists!! I am a list freak and have them all over the house. They’re how I survive! And I also love reading blogging lists. But when it comes to tags, awards, and memes – not all the time. I do enjoy reading them every once in a while though. They help me get a feel for what the blogger likes and I even get recommendations if there is something they’ve mentioned that I haven’t read yet. But they can be SO overwhelming sometimes, not to mention so repetitive. Now original thoughts, reviews, discussions, etc, are what inspire me more and brings me closer to the person behind the blog. I get a more in depth look at who they are and why they read what they read. Your blog, for example, has so many discussion posts! You interact with your reader, get them thinking, and recommend reads. That’s something I really appreciate!!

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    • Same! I love lists, and I’ve become more obsessed with them now that I have to organize regarding blogging. 😂 Yeah, I’m trying to use more lesser known books in book tags because I know it’s easy for us to mention the same books over and over and over again, and I want to try to move away from that! And, yeah, Discussions definitely reveal more about a blogger! And, aw, thank you so much; you’re too kind! 😄

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      • I also want to start focusing on some lesser known books. Seeing the same thing over and over is getting repetitive. I know we all love them and read them but it’s time for some new adventures!

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  12. Can I just say that one of the reasons I continually come back to your blog is that you have unique discussions? Because that’s a for real thing.

    I definitely will “like” memes, tags, etc. but I only really comment on discussions. I don’t ever know what to say for the shorter types of posts, other than “thanks for sharing this” which starts to sound super lame in my head when I type it, lol.

    I do the same thing with my discussions, though: I brainstorm randomly and then schedule them out weeks before I write or even post them. I try to do at least 1 discussion and then minimize my memes/lists style posts per week. I’m definitely slightly annoyed by them when they all come around each week – but mostly because I don’t know how to comment on those types of posts, like I said above.

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    • Oh, thank you so much, Christine; those are such nice words! 😄❤

      Yes, I do the same! There are some days where I just like posts and don’t comment because I feel like I have nothing to say. Like, even when I do, I always feel awkward saying, “Oh, I like this author and this author as well!” Probably because they’re awkward to reply to on my own blog. 😂

      I pre-write posts a couple months before, but I constantly edit and edit over again before I actually post! 😂 It’s ridiculous. And, yeah, on Wednesday, I just look through my Feed some days, and I’m like, “Meh.” 😂


  13. I think “originality” is definitely hard to define. If I had to tell someone “how to be original” while blogging, though, I would probably start where you did and suggest limiting the memes/tags/awards. These are fine in moderation (particularly if you’re actually saying something about the books you’re listing in the memes and not JUST listing them), but I think the general consensus is that most people will not be interested in your blog if it’s not heavily weighted towards content that came from your own brain. I know people also sometimes avoid blogs that do a lot of book blitzes. (And, yeah, I stopped posting memes because I know longer find them interesting to read, and I too skip the majority of my feed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I do read some memes that ask actual discussion questions, though.)

    I do think some discussion posts can see “overdone,” but the reality is that I’ve been blogging for six years. New bloggers join every day and have not seen the 500 posts on “Do you comment back?” that I have. This topic is new to a lot of people. In fact, my co-blogger wrote a discussion post on it last year and it was wildly popular, so there’s that….

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    • Yeah, definitely! And, yeah, I can’t stand blogs who only do blog tours/book blitzes/review ARCs, etc. But they always have such a large amount of followers??? I guess you can owe it to the fact that they have giveaways, and those usually force you to follow in some capacity. ❤

      Yeah, I enjoy Top Ten Tuesday sometimes, but stuff like Waiting on Wednesday just doesn’t make sense to me??? Like, even when people write why they’re excited about a book, it’s still basically a filler post. Why not do a monthly anticipated releases post instead, you know? But, yeah, there are some memes I avoid.

      Yeah, that’s true! I have seen a lot of posts that cover the same topics, and it can get boring, which is why I try to make my Let’s Chat and Discussions original in topics (though sometimes I cave and do something everyone’s talked about). 😂 Yeah, writing about popular discussion topics will get people talking more; I’ve noticed that as well! 😄


  14. Great post Mikaela. Personally I think being an original book blogger just means posting your own posts rather than only e-blogging other people’s (not that there’s anything wrong wit that but there’s a reason I left Tumblr to join WordPress is all.) Even though weekly memes can be very same-y, and not for everyone either, I still think they can be original because not everyone picks the same books for TTT, and not everyone has exactly the same take on the topic. Same with awards and tags. They’re the same questions but no two bloggers answers are ever going to be the same.
    I do agree discussions are the money-maker as you said. I really love writing them because they’re something completely free. There’s no set theme I can literally write about anything I can think of so I guess in terms of my blog discussions are the most original thing I post! 😀
    Again great topic Mikaela! 🙂 ❤

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    • Thank you! Ooh, I didn’t know you were on Tumblr! I know there are some book blogs on Tumblr, but I’ve always thought it was a less professional format. I know I personally don’t read all the memes that pop up in my Feed – to be honest, some are just really boring and seem like filler, no matter if people pick different books or not – but TTT is one of the creative ones!

      Yeah, that’s exactly why I love Discussions! I’m free to talk about whatever! And that’s what make them so fun to write!

      Thank you! ❤

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      • Ehh, kind of. I have a Tumblr account but I haven’t updated it in over a year. Kind of like my Facebook account, I only use that for FB Messenger with my friends.
        Yeah I get what you mean about the memes. I always try and check them out, I normally get a few book recommendations from each of them! 😀
        Definitely agree on discussions, and that’s all right! 😀 ❤

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  15. Great post! I absolutely love writing discussion posts but sometimes I just lack the brain power 😂 , and the time for that matter. Like at the minute I’m in the middle of my university exams so I think memes and tags are good for times like this. I don’t think book bloggers have to be completely original though, as you said it’s hard to think of an idea that someone somewhere hasn’t already thought of. I think people putting their own spins on it is good enough! Your blog is so great for original content, I don’t know how you come up with all your ideas!!

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    • Thank you so much, Kirsty! I don’t even know how I find the time – usually neglecting other duties. Oops. 😂 Yeah, it definitely depends on time! I work ahead, so I guess that’s why? And I always have back-ups in case something falls through. 😄 Yeah, like even most of my ideas aren’t super original. 😂 Aw, thank you; I’m really not, but that’s so nice!


  16. I think I definitely like discussion posts far more than other types- but I don’t think it really matters as long as the posts are entertaining! I think the biggest factors in deciding to follow a blog for me is interesting content and personality! What I don’t really like is ONLY reviews or ONLY book excerpts.. I honestly really like reading recaps/month conclusions. Nice post, and thank you for sharing!

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    • I much prefer discussion posts over everything else, but I love lists and recommendations and tags! Yeah, I follow some review-only blogs, and I usually skim them, to be honest. 😂 And I’ve never read a blog tour post; those are so boring and the books never interest me! I do like reading other people’s wrap-ups – I just don’t like writing them on my blog. 😄 Thank you! ❤

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  17. Haha, I’m that stupid little gal who thought your “Let’s Chat”s were the same as your Discussions! XD I mean, in discussions, we DO chat… 😛 Anyways, I like memes — but when done creatively, like Cait. When I see the same thing over and over again, I get a liiiiiiittle bored. It’s always great to put a twist on things and make it your own. I sort of like tags, and sort of don’t. I mean, I always feel bad that I don’t post them, especially when people nominated/tagged me for it. But at the same time, there are just SOO many other posts that I could do.

    LISTS ARE MY FAVORITE THING OF EVER. LIKE THEY ARE AMAZING. Frankly I feel like I do too many lists but PSSSH THERE’S NO SUCH THING. I love doing bookish posts with lists because books + lists = two of my favorite things. *heart eyes* XD Discussions are definitely great though! My first discussion didn’t get that much traffic but HEY it was really bad. XD My second discussion caught people’s attention though so yay!

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    • Haha, I don’t expect everyone to notice the difference! 😂 I feel like it’s more for my personal categorization than anything!

      Yeah, I agree! There are just some memes that are really boring – like Waiting on Wednesday or Teaser Tuesday – that I just skip over because there’s not much substance to them??? And don’t feel bad about tags! Out of all the ones in tagged in, I usually only do a couple of them. I usually only do tags that I can turn into fun posts or talk about something new!

      Yes, I love doing lists! They’re fun to write and everyone can relate to them! Haha, I don’t know how much traffic my first discussion got! I remember it was more popular than my other posts, but the numbers would probably be low in my eyes now! 😂

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  18. I have no idea how you come up with all your content ideas (or how you have the time to write it all down! Can I borrow you brain?
    As always, this was a great post. 😍 For the majority of posts I think lists and things like T5W and WWW do very well because you can post them on all sorts of media types (goodreads, twitter…etc) and really get the word out. Although, I think discussion posts are really an eye-opener, which is why they get so much attention.

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    • Aw, thank you! I actually write my ideas down as they come on my iPhone or iPad. I literally have, like, 4 Notes dedicated to just me brainstorming random blog ideas. 😂 It’s a mess, but it makes sense to me, in a way??? Probably not to an outsider though.

      Ooh, it’s actually funny how things can get “popular” on Twitter! I’ve realized my discussions usually get less likes, but my lists and tags get a lot of them. I don’t check my notifications until the end of the day regarding my blog, so I usually like to measure how well a post is done by social media, and sometimes it doesn’t always line up??? There are times when I get barely any promo on Twitter, but my post ends up being wildly popular. So weird. 😂

      Yeah, definitely! Especially when you ask a question – that always gets people to check it out! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Eeep, I’m SUPER pleased (and blushing) that you like my TTT posts!! hehe. I actually really enjoy things like TTT and similar memes because I think it’s a good idea-sparking tool and you can easily twist them to work for your blog. And I cheat a lot for the prompts too haha to make them fit what I like to blog about.😂 However I thoroughly agree that discussion posts are THE BEST. I always click on those! It doesn’t even matter if the topic has been gone over before, it still is really interesting to get multiple perspectives!! I also like just fun list-y posts or tutorials or advice posts. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, no problem; they’re so much fun to read (even though I sometimes miss out on them because school is taking over my life ugh)! 😄 And, yes, I actually love going through old Top 5 Wednesday and TTT topics because some of them are really good ideas to turn into full-blown posts! 😄

      Yes, same; no matter what, I will always click on discussion posts! I can’t help myself; they’re just so much fun to read! Lists and tutorials are also great; they always help me learn more about the blogger!


  20. This was such a cool post, Mikaela!
    Memes have always been a great way for me to find more blogs and get my name out there, but I’ve stopped doing them as much as I used to. I just would rather come up with my own blog post ideas.
    Discussions are definitely my favorite, and everyone else’s it seems. I think one of the fun things about discussions si getting to read about someone’s perspective on something and then discuss with them what your thoughts on it are.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Adalyn!

      Yeah, so many people have said that! I guess I did the wrong meme then? 😂 I didn’t get too much traffic from them, but they weren’t too fun to write, so that was okay! And exactly! I’d rather come up with my own ideas! 😄

      Yeah, exactly! I love reading people’s thoughts on a subject; it’s always interesting! And I feel like it gives insight into the blogger! ❤


    • Thank you so much! Yeah, I struggled with it a lot back in my first month of blogging, and eventually got better at it! It took some time, but I got there! ❤


  21. Memes are definitely useful when you’re first starting out! I did TTT and The Sunday Post but eventually, I stopped. I found I didn’t like them any more – every week I struggled to even WANT to write them. I think some of us just eventually hit a point where its like “ok, I now understand more about blogging and don’t need to do these anymore”. Also, I am definitely one of those people that avoids my reader on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I literally NEVER read those.

    For some reason, I also hate lists? I don’t know. I mean, I do them sometimes and I read a FEW here and there if it’s a topic that really interests me. I think it’s because I’m trying NOT to add more books to my TBR so if it’s a list that has nothing to do with adding books to my TBR, I’ll read it lol

    Discussions are definitely my favorite. I get inspiration from other’s discussions, I like commenting on them, and I feel like you get to know the blogger a lot more with those.

    So, now that I rambled about those, this was a great topic! haha

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I agree about that point! I felt the same way about WWW Wednesdays – I was always writing them up on Wednesday 15 minutes before I posted them and it stresses me out and I didn’t like it??? So I quit. And, yeah, I skip Wednesday memes unless it’s Top 5 Wednesday. The others are boring, tbh. 😅

      Haha, I get that! Some lists have really interesting topics that just draw me in, and I can’t help myself!

      And I agree! Though it might take long to gather my thoughts, they’re my fave to be involved in! And I love writing them! 😂

      Thank you, Molly! ❤


  22. I just joined the book blogging community ( about 5 days ago) and this was really helpful for me. I really wanted focus on being original so thanks for a making an awesome post I’ll be able to reference!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey, welcome to the book blogging community! I hope you love it; it’s quite nice here! 😄 And I’m so glad that this could help you as a newbie; the fact that you’re focused on being original is already a good start! 👍🏾

      Liked by 1 person

  23. I just stumbled across your blog, and I’ve already read so many of your discussion posts. I LOVE them! I like when blogs have original content because I can still enjoy the blog when I haven’t read or even heard of the books they’re reviewing.

    I didn’t know anything about the world of book blogging before I started mine some months ago. When I compare my blog to other book blogs, I feel like I didn’t get the memo on book blogging because I see so many attributes in other book blogs that I did not include it mine. Sometimes it gets me down and feeling like I’m not going to find many fans in the community, but I love having this opportunity to be creative in my own way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw, thank you so much! ❤ I’m glad you enjoy my posts! And, yeah, that’s so true! I often skip out on reviews because I haven’t heard or read of the books, while discussions can easily be read by everyone.

      Yeah, I read a couple of book blogs a week before I even started mine, and I was heavily influenced by most of them, which was why I started posting more discussions! I wouldn’t worry about not doing what everyone else is doing – you’re your own person, and will eventually find an audience! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  24. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m binge-reading your blogs :’) I love them. And you’ve given me a few things to consider and some ideas to brainstorm so thank you for that !


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