11 of My Most Secretive Blogging Confessions

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We, as bloggers, definitely have our secrets.

So, I thought I’d jump in and talk about my blogging confessions, because they’re fun posts to read, and I hope I’m not the only blogger who experiences these types of things. I NEED OTHERS TO RELATE TO ME.


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1. I’m scared of scheduling on WordPress.

You guys are probably like, “Mikaela, that is actually ridiculous,” but it’s true! I scheduled once way back in my first week of blogging, and it was a terrible idea because it posted much later than it should have. Then again, I didn’t know that you had to set up your timezone with WordPress, and mine was completely off, so that might have been why it didn’t work out, BUT STILL. It just seems like way too much work to me, I don’t like it, and I’m also that one person who still reads over and edits my posts a minute before they go live. Yeah, I know.


2. I probably wouldn’t be blogging a lot if I had little to no followers.

“BUT, MIKAELA, YOU’RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE BLOGGING FOR YOURSELF, NOT FOR OTHERS.” Quite true, BUT, I honestly probably wouldn’t be blogging that much or working as hard on my blog if barely anyone read it. I mean, I work HARD on my blog, but the reason I do is because I know there are people who will read and comment and like and share it. I probably wouldn’t be spending hours on posts and graphics if only two people read my blog. Maybe I’m the only one?

oh god no

3. I don’t like writing book reviews.

I don’t. I never really have. Which is funny, because I was on Goodreads for a full year and a half before I started my blog, but whatever. I just don’t like them because they’re hard and boring to write. And it’s funny, because I can talk about a book in ANY OTHER POST, but once it comes to a review, I don’t know what to say??? What are words???

i love you

4. I cater to my followers. 

“BUT, MIKAELA, YOU’RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE BLOGGING FOR YOURSELF-” Yeah, I know that, but me blogging for myself is blogging for my followers? If I think a post is going to be popular, I’ll post it. If I don’t think it’ll be popular, I’ll delay posting it. Pretty much every single time I post something that I think my followers want, I’m happy with it and I work hard on it. Other bloggers seem to think it’s terrible to do this, but I’m happy, so it doesn’t matter to me!


5. I’m jealous of those who easily have publicist and author connections.

I’m sure we all know those bloggers that are always having the most casual conversations with authors on Twitter and are best friends with publicists and all the authors follow them, and I AM JEALOUS. I am way too much of a socially anxious mess, and getting the courage to tag an author is already hard enough, nevertheless keeping a conversation with an author. I’ll just awkwardly follow and like their Tweets, thank you very much.

i wish 1

6. I wish I was better at social media. 

I failed at bookstagram because it’s too much work and am I doing good at Twitter? Who knows, because I really don’t care that much. I wish I were better at social media and could have witty things to say three times a day and easily gain thousands of followers, but that’s probably not going to happen any time soon, so I’ll learn to deal with it.

envy 1

7. I get ARC envy – like, all the time.

You got an ARC of a book that I would literally do or give anything in the world for? It’s fine, I’ll just sit here and wallow in envy and happiness for you while I wish I could get all the ARCs I wanted if I were more cool.

(I will admit, I feel less like I’m in this state after Bookcon and the combination of 2482048 e-ARCs I have to read, so yeah.)

not good

8. I suck at reviewing books.

Because I hate reviewing books, this leads my reviews to just be meh. I don’t know if people even like them or buy books based off of them, but once I finish writing them, I always think they’re average or I’m saying the same things or phrases over and over again. But, then again, we all look at the things we write through a critical lense, so that might be why?

scared 2

9. I want to self-host, but at the same time, I’m terrified of code and design.

Do I want to self-host on WordPress.org? Most definitely? But I don’t know anything about coding or design, and it sort of scares me that my design won’t look as good as it does now or my website will glitch and I don’t know why or how or I’ll fail to transfer all my blog stats and posts and I’ll lose everything I worked hard on. IT’S SO SCARY.

thinking 4

10. I think too hard about blog titles. Like, way too hard.

I’m not even kidding. I’ve mentioned this before, but I always feel like if the title is boring or not intriguing enough, no one will click on it, so I’ll just sit around and take so long re-doing my title and wondering if anyone will even click on it or what in the world will my title even be. I’m pretty sure no one cares so much about my blog titles except for me though (or maybe I’m wrong and you guys DO care?).

ugh 1

11. I get sort of annoyed at those who get ARCs because of their social media prowess.

Okay, this sounds like a terrible confession, but I will admit, when someone literally has ten followers on their blog and 3,000+ followers on their Twitter account, but still manages to get all the coveted ARCs, I’m just left sitting there as to why I’m putting hours into blogging if I can do nothing but host Twitter giveaways that require people to follow me to get a stack of books. I get bookstagramers getting ARCs because that’s actual hard work (people think it’s easy, BUT IT IS NOT) and those who have thousands of followers on all their social media accounts AND their blog, but I don’t get why publishers think large number of Twitter followers from giveaways = popular. SORRY I CAN’T LIVE UP TO YOUR UNREALISTIC SOCIAL MEDIA EXPECTATIONS, PUBLISHERS.


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And those are all of my blogging confessions!

Hopefully, I’m not the only one who shares these opinions and confessions? I’m not alone, right? RIGHT?

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Do you agree with any of my blogging confessions? What are some of your own?

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94 thoughts on “11 of My Most Secretive Blogging Confessions

  1. First, I love how honest and brave and genuine this post is ❤

    Second, I can definitely relate to a lot of these. I definitely experience blog envy sometimes and though I wouldn't say I necessarily "cater" to my followers I do keep them in mind when writing posts. I've also thought a lot of about going self-hosted but FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN is a thing.

    This is an awesome post! 🙂

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    • Aw, thank you so much, Holly! ❤

      Yes, all the blog envy – but it’s also admiration as well! 😄 Ugh, yeah; it’s definitely fear of what might happen! I’m sure if I did it, it’d be fine (I’m one to usually think of the worst case scenario lol), BUT MY FEAR.

      Thank you again! 😄

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  2. This is such a great post and I definitely found myself nodding along to quite a few of your confessions!

    I definitely have to agree with you on the followers part! Like, once more people started following our blog and leaving feedback, writing for it became more fun because I knew people WOULD read what we shared! And now I’ve gotten into a nice rhythm and just enjoy writing the posts not necessarily thinking about who is gonna read them or not. Maybe I should do a bit of what you do and cater our posts more towards our readers, but then I’m also like ‘But I want to post this and I don’t really care if anyone else thinks this is interesting.’.

    ARC envy is such a real thing – especially after BEA/BookCon! I saw people get all these great upcoming releases and I was like ‘I WANT THEM TOO!’ but being from Germany, getting to the conventions isn’t really in the realm of things I can do. But I’m so happy that you were able to attend and get some really great ARCs!

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    • Aw, thank you so much! 😄

      Yes, definitely! It gives me that motivation to keep writing, and to also waste an unhealthy amount of time on blogging. 😂 Yeah, I mean, there are some posts that I thought would flop and did great! I thought my post about my fave TV Shows wouldn’t do well, but it actually did really great, so I definitely go with a mix between the two!

      THAT WAS ME LAST YEAR! And me now with ALA. And Yallwest. And the LA Festival of Books. 😂 I want to attend all the book conventions, but I have to get my parents permission and money, etc. I’m ready to be an adult and go to all of them haha. 😂

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  3. My blog would collapse if I didn’t schedule posts 😂
    I confess – I get ARC envy too! Even though I receive a considerable amount myself, I still get envious when I see like everyone receiving a book I really want to read – I guess I just want all the books 😂

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    • I guess this means I have all the time in the world??? Also, since I post in the mornings, it’s the only reason I wake up at a reasonable time, so that could be an excuse! 😂

      SAME! If I request a book and then everyone in my Reader reviews it and my request is left ignored, I’m just like, “Well…okay.” 😂

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  4. We can relate to all…kinda (only because we don’t actually get arcs…too confusing and we’ve seen how people/bloggers get soo stressed out to finish them etc. Perhaps one day though😅)

    Writing reviews is hard – how can you right a non-spoiler review?!!? You’ve read a book and now you have to write about it without hyping about it – you’re just bound to mess up somewhere! And being active in social media etc – WHAT!!? WE DID NOT KNOW THIS WHEN WE STARTED BLOGGING! WE ONLY WANTED TO BLOG TO LET OUT OUR FEELS!! WE KNEW WE WEREN’T EXPERTS ON THE BOOKISH WORLD (like we didn’t do arcs or bookstagram or tags, which we do now ‘cuz it’s kinda easy and okayish to do or social media or anything) WE ONLY READ BOOKS WE WANTED TO READ AND WE DECIDED TO PUT THE FEELS INTO A BLOG…pfft we thought that was what blogging really was – just all the feels! Um no!! You actually had to write VALID (?) things that is actually interesting!

    …turns out we enjoy the fact people ACTUALLY read our stuff – so it’s only normal to want to give them what they want. No?

    Your posts always intrigues us! 😊 👍🏻❤

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    • Haha, the stress pushes me! I have about 7 or so e-ARCs all published in July! Around this time last week, I was stressing out about them, but now I’m halfway through the last one! But I know the stress isn’t for everyone. 😂

      Yeah, there are some times where the only reason I can express my feelings is by spoiling, BUT I CAN’T. 😂 And, haha, I feel you! I thought I’d be able to write posts easily, BUT NOPE. It takes way more work than I thought it would. And that’s definitely true!

      Thank you so much! ❤

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      • Well aren’t you a positive soul!!…(in more specific words an optimist?) It’s awesome that you can drive your stress energy into good work!! 😊👍

        Yeah like “you guys really want to be spoiled? You don’t know what you want! SPOILERS FOR ALL OF YOU!!” ….and then we come back from the crazy 😉 We knew at first it was gonna be hard work…we just calculated the quantity of it all😅

        You’re very welcome!😊💖

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  5. These are really relatable! I think that with reviews, you get better over time. My first reviews were cringe-worthy: so bad. I read this tip (I think at paperfury’s blog) that you should focus on 3 topics and then write a conclusion when writing a review. I think that’s a great start! I do kind of the same thing.
    I definitely post things because I think my followers will like them but not always. I mean, I personally don’t really like wrap-ups and hauls but my followers seem to love them so I do them anyway!
    I hated scheduling in the beginning, I wanted the immediate gratification of having your post out in the world but I’ve grown used to it. And I kind of like it now as well. Sometimes I write a lot of blog posts and schedule them over a long time and then I have lots of time to do other things 🙂
    Great post!

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    • I hope I am! I reviewed on Goodreads for a good year and a half before I started blogging, but I still feel like I suck. 😂 I’ve started doing mini reviews and “5 Reasons You Should/Shouldn’t Read This Book,” and it’s definitely made me more comfortable with reviewing!

      I did one haul in my first month of blogging, but then again, I don’t really BUY books, so that’s probably why. 😂 I don’t like monthly wrap-ups either, but unlike you, I stopped doing them! I don’t know if anyone cares that I do or don’t, but when I quit, my blog was MUCH smaller, so that might factor in.

      Yeah, I pre-write posts and plan on another app, but I just don’t like scheduling via WordPress. It stresses me out. 😂

      Thank you! 😄

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      • Ohh I also made lists in the beginning and I really liked that way of reviewing! I also really like reading those types of reviews!

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  6. Great post! (As always!) I love writing reviews. They’re my favourite post ever and I feel like I’m the only one who likes to write them sometimes 😂 I can totally relate with the social media and followers comments. I’m awful at social media – especially twitter and Instagram! I don’t understand twitter and no one really sees my posts and I basically just forget about Instagram. But the followers comment hit close to home. Yes I know we are supposed to be blogging for ourselves, but if I didn’t have followers/likes/comments, and no one seemed to care about what I had to say, then what would be the point of saying it?

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    • Thank you! Oh, no, I’m sure there are like-minded individuals out there somewhere! 😂 I honestly don’t even know how I attract people to like my Tweets, but I won’t question it! Yeah, exactly! Great for people who have two followers and still blog their heart out, but I’m not that person – I need motivation!

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  7. I totally agree with you on the scheduling thing – I only recently got brave enough to try it, and it worked for the most part. At least, until a post I had scheduled for Wednesday and a post I had scheduled for Friday BOTH went up on Wednesday… 30 minutes after they were both scheduled.

    So anyway, not scheduling anymore😂 I do like prewriting posts though, so that’s fun. I’ll just hit the publish button myself from now on…

    I DO have a bookstagram, but I’ve never even tried Twitter. Idk why, because I feel like I would probably really like it, but… I just haven’t. Not really sure why😂

    AH yes I’m terrified of tagging authors. On one bookstagram post I did someone else actually tagged the author of the book I featured in the comments, and I just kinda stared at it. Although if I was an author, I would like to see my book in pictures, so…😂

    Great post!! – Abi

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    • What, that’s so weird??? But then again, WordPress is glitchy, so I’m simultaneously not surprised. 😂 I pre-write pretty much all of my posts and just publish them on the day I’m planning to! The closest I’ll get to scheduling!

      I resisted it, but then ended up caving. 😂 It’s not my favorite thing, but it’s so easy and I realized I don’t have to spend hours on it like other people!

      UGH I’D HATE THAT! Especially if I said the book was meh or I hated it. I’d just go and die inside. 😂

      Thank you so much! ❤


  8. Writing reviews for ARCs is hard for me because I know the writer or the publicist will read them so I feel the pressure to write them well. But they usually end up worse than the ones I wrote because I felt like it.
    I completely understand the envy towards more popular bloggers – some of them seem to just point at the book they want and immediately get that one plus a few others the publisher wants to give them. I console myself by looking at my netgalley ratio to remind myself that I haven’t even reviewed all the ARCs I have received – so why complain about not getting more?
    I’m jealous of bloggers who schedule their posts months ahead. I wonder what it’s like to be that organized 😀

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    • Ooh, yeah, I feel that! I don’t mind giving one-star reviews when I hated a book, but I always feel like if I request from them, they’ll deny it because I gave their last book bad publicity??? But then again, they might not even remember me, so…

      YES EXACTLY. I think that’s where my envy lies – being so comfortable that you can just request any book you want and you KNOW you’ll get it. LIKE HOW??? I feel that! I just recently got my NG ratio to 76%, and I’m about to hit 80 soon, so I’ll revel in that! 😂

      Really nice! I don’t schedule on WordPress, but I use an app so I know what I’m posting when I’m posting it and write stuff ahead of time! I just like the organization! 😄

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  9. I totally understand like all of your secrets. I especially get the first two, I was totally scared to schedule my posts when I first started blogging but it has actually made my life 10x easier. I also totally feel your follower pain, I get that we’re supposed to blog for ourselves, but it is nice to know that people are actually appreciating my posts.

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    • I should just go for it one day! But I feel like I still wouldn’t go through with it because I just REALLY like looking over my posts before I publish them! I think it’s just a me thing, though. 😂 Yeah, definitely! It reminds me of why I sit in front of my laptop and blog for hours on end (which is way too much time, but OH WELL).

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  10. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again — HOW. ARE. YOUR. POSTS. SO. AMAZINGGGGGGG. I literally RELATE to everything??? Did you like take my mind away to copy all my thoughts??? AGH. *fangirls*

    Anyways, ARC ENVY!!! Mostly because I’m not getting any ARCs atm haha. But I’m planning on starting soon (!!!) and the envy will tone down a bit when I’ve got my own ARCs??? XD And OH MY GOD I AM STILL SCARED OF SCHEDULING. (Also I calculated the time zone thing so I am PRETTY SURE IT’S RIGHT BUT THEN WHEN I LOOK ON THE SITE IT’S AN HOUR EARLIER???) But like… what if it doesn’t post? What then? What then? WHAT THEN?

    And I totally get you on the “blogging for myself = blogging for my followers” thing! I think if I had no readers, I’d probably despair as well. What’s the point of posting if no one’s going to read it, right? But I think there’s a difference between blogging for YOUR followers and blogging for THE followers (gasp a new discussion???). I think when you blog for your followers, you’re trying to give them the best content possible, etc. But when you’re blogging for the followers… it’s like you want the popularity and stats and all that.


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      That’s true! I’ve always wondered if I’ll still have ARC envy if my blog gets to a place where publishers just send me books, but I don’t know. We might see??? Ugh, setting up my time zone was super annoying. They had a list of all these states, but I had to choose the one closest to my own, which forced me to Google if this state shared my time zone. 😂 I DON’T KNOW. It just stresses me out with everything that could go wrong! 😬

      You write that discussion! I’m almost finished with August posts and already have all discussions written out, so I won’t need topics for a while. 😂 Yeah, I think that now that I’ve gotten to a point where I usually get the same stats for most of my posts nowadays, it’s less about stats and more that the posts I usually enjoy, I assume the people that read me enjoy!

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  11. I completely get you! Love this for being so honest and open…I’ve been barely keeping up with instagram and thats wiith having three semesters of professional photography in college under my belt (yeah, there’s a reason I dropped out of that program though, lets face it xD) you’re right it’s not easy to be on social media. Been thinking of trying twitter and buying my domain too like you but it’s so scary! I’ve hear so many horror stories 😮

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    • Haha, my mom actually wanted me to go into this super expensive photography elective at my school and I turned it down, thankfully, since my mom would’ve wasted money for me to quit bookstagram a few months later. 😂 WordPress.org terrifies me! I have zero faith in myself to transfer anything lol.

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  12. Social media makes me a total wreck too! I don’t really like twitter, it’s completely overwhelming and I hardly ever say anything interesting, but I feel like it’s required so, there I am! On the bright side, someone posted this on twitter and that’s how I’ve found you, so I guess it’s worthwhile occasionally. I do enjoy the bookstagram, but I don’t put nearly as much effort into it as most of them do.

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    • IT IS OVERWHELMING. I only follow around 50 people, and even then my newsfeed is a mix of everything. 😂 Same! I said I wasn’t going to join Twitter, but then I did a couple of months later. Aw, I’m so glad you did! Yeah, he popular people on bookstagram post like twice a day every day, and I just can’t even. 😂

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  13. “7. I get ARC envy – like, all the time.” YASSSSSS. Me too. I just can’t help it. Especially when it’s a book I’ve been counting down the days until it’s release.

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  14. Wow I basically related to each and every one of these points! I am so super underconfident about my book reviews because I feel they’re totally boring and that no one in the history of ever will want to read it! And I’ve had scheduling fails more times than I can count! This post is amazing and so relatable!

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  15. Literally the most relatable post I’ve ever read😂. I have some of the same problems though… I’m just starting out on Twitter and I don’t think I’m very good at it, and I couldn’t deal with keeping up a Bookstagram because I just couldn’t make it pretty enough, so I suck at social media. And don’t get me started on all the connections I DON’T have with authors and publishers 🙈🙈

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    • I’ve been on Twitter for months now and still don’t know what I’m doing, so you’re good! 😄 Oh, yeah, I had the same problem with bookstagram! And even when I finally got pictures I was satisfied with, then I just couldn’t keep up with it. 😂 SO MANY NON-CONNECTIONS. How are they even made???

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      • I spent more time deleting pictures from my Bookstagram than I did actually posting them 😂😂😂. And I’m just too scared to reach out to people and have all of them say no 🙈🙈😂

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      • I spent more time deleting posts from Bookstagram than I did actually posting them 😂😂. And I’m just way too nervous to reach out to authors just to be told no 🙈😂


  16. Great post Mikaela. 🙂 ❤ I loved reading your confessions because some of them are definitely mine too. I'm a little wary of scheduling posts. I've tried it a few times and no matter what it just never seems to work! I've given up and I just post them myself because it's the only way I can guarantee my posts actually get posted when I want them too.
    And yeah ARC envy is definitely a real thing, but the way I see it I get to read the book eventually, if not before it's released then at least after it is. 🙂

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    • Thank you! Ugh, yeah, I wanted to try doing it again since I lined up with my timezone, but I just couldn’t do it! I’m paranoid that something will go wrong and when I read the instructions and saw everything that could go wrong, I was like, “Nope!” 😂 That’s quite true! I feel like I’m more worried because even if I anticipate a book, I’m usually distracted. Like, books released the first half of this year are still not even read because I have so many ARCs for the second half of the year! Now that I blog, I feel like I primarily read ARCs now, which is interesting!

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      • That’s all right. 🙂 I’ve never managed I get up the nerve to try it again. I can publish my posts when I want and I can normally find a wi-fi connection as well so why bother with scheduling?
        Yeah there are books I was really anticipating I haven’t gotten around to yet. I guess it’s just part of so many amazing books being released. Honestly now I blog I find my reading habits haven’t changed all that much. 🙂

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  17. I quite like writing reviews? I used to hate to but now because I write them like 1 second after I finish the review, they come so naturally! I definitely blog for my followers, and If I had 0 followers, I wouldn’t put nearly as much effort in! I want my readers to enjoy my posts as much as possible while I still enjoy myself! I guess you could say it’s a motivation, and NOT THE ONLY reason I blog! I THINK SO MUCH ABOUT BLOG TITLES TOO, It’s a problem! They end up really bad anyways so that kinda sucks! I wish I was good at social media, but you seem like an expert *gasp* HOW CAN YOU SAY THIS?! I also never win giveaways, and I hate that

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    • See, I don’t do that. I am not responsible. 😂 I’ve started writing down little notes so that makes them easier to write now instead of winging it like I used to! Yeah, it’s definitely motivation. There are posts that take HOURS to do that I probably wouldn’t be doing if I didn’t have as many followers as I do now! Aw, no, I think your titles are interesting! 😄 I AM NOT AN EXPERT. I wing everything I do. 😂 I don’t win any give-aways I enter either! I rarely do because most of them are like “RT + Follow!” and I don’t like following random people for giveaways. I’ve always hated a crowded feed! 😬

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  18. Very relatable post, High fives ya on the honesty! 😉 I honestly didn’t think Twitter & Bookstagram were that difficult until I gave it a go & it has been ridiculously HARD! I try my hand at it every day & all I can say I’ve learned is that consistency is key. I don’t think it’s cool that twitter followers is a valid way to get ARCS but I get that it all comes down to marketing & dollar & cents. Bookcon & Bookish events in general + my eGalleys keep arc envy at bay but I do raise a brow from time to time LOL! 🙂

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    • Oh thank you! 😄 Bookstagram was much harder than I thought it’d be ugh! 😂 That’s true! I went to Bookcon and got so many good books that ARC envy is less bad than it used to be, but I am one of those people who gets really confused when I see someone have this huge following on social media, and next to nothing on their blog! I guess they don’t correlate as much as I thought they would???

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  19. This is the best post I’ve read today! I relate SO hard! I hate writing reviews so much omg, which is funny since I started my blog initially to write reviews! I also suck at social media! I tried bookstagram twice but holy crap it was not for me. I recently joined twitter and am liking it way more but I mean come on, I’ve only got 33 followers 😂

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    • Really??? I don’t even know why I started mine – to have a hobby, I guess? 😂 I’m shocked at that! You were much better at bookstagram than me – you grew way faster than I did and I was still stuck on the same amount of followers for weeks! I honestly don’t even know what I did to get over 100! But then again, a large majority of them are spam, so…😂

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      • Yeah I’m shocked thinking about it too! And yeah I did grow on IG but I absolutely hate how follower/like based everything is. Twitter and blogging are more for me!

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  20. Okay… I relate to ALL of these xD. Especially arc envy! I mean, I have nothing to complain about because I’m a new blogger and don’t have a large following yet and I already get a couple a month, but not the super exciting ones and it’s hard to waaaiit xD.
    I totally blog for my followers. I mean, I like blogging SO much more now that I have a following, and it just feels more worthwhile! And I enjoy it more knowing that people actually read my posts!
    Fantastic post!

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    • Haha, same! It’s like, I appreciate the ARCs I get, but I can’t help it – the ones that I really want are the ones that are usually given to more popular bloggers, so I have to settle. 😂

      Yes, exactly! Blogging is much more fun knowing that people actually genuinely enjoy my posts! Definitely makes me realize my hard work pays off!

      Thank you! ❤

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  21. You’re definitely not alone, girl! You basically spoke out all my fears and problems, especially on the social anxiety part! >__< Ughhhh, it so annoys me that I can't even do anything about that, but at the same time I don't really feel THAT guilty because at least I can still try to focus on other things I need to do…

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  22. Ugh. I relate to the ARC envy so much. I haven’t been blogging for too long so I know I have to be patient and build my following, but it’s so hard! I’m so impatient.

    And I wish I was better at social media too. I have a bookstagram account but I’m failing miserably (it’s so much work and actually really hard) and I never know what to say on Twitter?

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    • SAME! Like, I’m well aware that it’s slow-going, but when I first started out, I was SUPER impatient. I mean, I still am. 😂 I think that’s why I burn out on things so easily! I always have these high expectations for what it’ll be like, and when it doesn’t happen like that, then I sort of give up!

      Yeah, bookstagram is way harder than I thought if you’re actually trying to get a following. I spent months on it, and still only got around 100 followers. WASTE OF TIME. Same! I’m like, “Do people care what I’m saying???” But then I’ll get likes, and it’s like, “Well, apparently so.” 😂

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      • Yes on the bookstagram thing. Apparently I have 0 patience and creativity. I look at all these amazing accounts with all their props, perfect lighting, and incredible set-ups and I think it’s beautiful, but at the same time I’m like “yeah, that’s never going to be me”.
        And I love Twitter for the conversations and for funsies (I love the memes and the puns), but I’m really bad at tweeting. I guess I just like to observe 😀

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  23. I wish I was better at code and design. The visual side in general. I know I should spend hours setting up Instagram-worthy pictures, but really? I’d rather be reading or writing. ARC envy is a big one too. I’m not doing this for free books … but when I see people getting free books, I drool. 😉

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  24. Thanks for sharing your confessional!

    Scheduling in WordPress helps me stay on top of my blog, but I definitely review and edit before it’s scheduled to go live. But there have been times where the post didn’t published…yikes! Luckily those times are few and far between.

    I’m also here from the future of self-hosting to let you know that you really don’t need to know too much about coding or design. I was worried about it in the beginning too, but so far I haven’t had any issues that couldn’t be solved by a quick Google search or the WordPress Forum. Plus there is a lot of shared options between WordPress.com and .org, which would probably make the transition a lot easier if you decide to cross over to the dark side.

    As always, great post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much!

      Haha, that’s my nightmare! I’ve made such a habit of looking over my posts before I publish them that it’s basically a reflex now. Even if I’ve read and edited it a million times before that, I still check over it again. 😂

      Oh, that’s definitely good to know! I’m hoping to self-host someday, but I don’t know when since I’ll have to ask my parents to pay, and I don’t want to waste their money. 😝

      Thank you! ❤

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  25. SAAAAME to 5, 6, and 11. I mean, I mostly use Twitter for things I want to talk about, but I’m pretty sure 75% of the other bloggers I follow aren’t following me back there. Which is fine, and I try to not get petty about it. But then those SUPER POPULR Twitter people get a bunch of ARCs and have all the confidence when talking to authors. And then you look at their blog and they have fewer followers than I do (and I’m like a baby blogger still). I try to just breathe and be like, welp, it’s okay to not be good at social media, and it’s okay to do this book blogging thing the way I do and not try to be everyone else.

    It’s so refreshing to hear you say some of these things too. Obviously I love your blog and think you’re great, so it’s nice to know that someone who’s AWESOME at blogging still has the same thoughts that I do sometimes. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, same; most of the people I admire don’t follow me back, SO I SHALL SUFFER. Not like I’m taking an effort to interact or anything lol. SAME THOUGH. I swear, there are some times where every time I look up a book on Goodreads that I’m anticipating, the top reviews are from people who get literally every ARC on the planet. And I try to figure out how and why, and I come up with nothing??? And I don’t want to be that weirdo that asks how they get so many ARCs lol. 😂 BUT STILL I hate it because it makes me think that reviews don’t matter anymore and more publishers are moving towards bigger social media presences over blog presences but maybe I’m overthinking it???

      (I totally am lol).

      I DO! I wrote a post about my blogging insecurities (it’s not coming out till August though boo!), so I definitely have the same thoughts! 😝

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah it definitely makes me wonder. I wouldn’t be surprised if publishers are starting to take Twitter more seriously than a full-blown blog. Twitter is more immediate and instantaneous, plus there’s so much ~drama~ that draws attention to the book conversations in a way I haven’t seen happen on WordPress.

        Part of me is all old lady angry about the way social media is changing every aspect of the world. But the other part of me is like, “shut up Christine, your age is showing.” At the end of the day, we all have weird insecurities, but the only thing that really matters is how we feel about ourselves 🙂

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      • Yeah, me neither! I saw on some other discussion post a while back that some publishers might prefer Twitter and Instagram over a review because if you post a Tweet talking about book mail you got or make an ARC look pretty in your picture, it’s purely in a positive light. While when you send an ARC to bloggers, you risk getting lots of negative hype through negative reviews. Publishers would much rather spend money on people who make books pretty and just show off the synopsis in a caption over that.

        I mean, I’m 16, and I’d hate it if in the future, social media is the only thing that matters to publishers, just because I like blogging much more and I’m ten times popular on here than I am on Twitter. For now, I’m going to assume that if you have a lot of followers SOMEWHERE that that’s what really happens, but I don’t know. XD

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  26. As always I loved this post. I’m still figuring how to schedule my posts to get more traffic. And yeah, I get ARC envy as well. Sigh.

    On another note, I wanted to ask if you’d be okay with me, sort of re-using your Little Blogger, Big Blogger project but for my writing community in Tumblr. Of course, you will be credited!

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  27. I love this post. I relate to at least half of these. (What are words?) I agree that reviews are hard. I like to talk about books but it can be hard to make the review interesting or funny.

    I get blog envy so bad. I constantly visit other blogs that have lots of followers and think “why can’t my blog be that popular?” I did just start my blog this year but still… and I totally agree about the ARCs.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, exactly! I love talking about books – but I feel like my reviews are super boring and repetitive! I keep going with them anyway!

      Haha, same! I see blogs with super large comment sections, and it’s just like, “HOOW???” Yes, ARC envy is the worst, but I feel like I’ve been learning to deal with it more and more!

      Liked by 1 person

  28. You can totally still use design templates if you self-host! I use BlueHost + WordPress.org and use a template for my design. Self-hosting just gives you more options for changing/tweaking the design.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah, the money is a big drawback. I ~just~ started self-hosting, after 6 years of blogging. I wanted a fresh start. It was easy to transfer my posts over, but all the links and stuff is a pain. I think you’ll have an easier time since you’re already on WordPress. I was going from blogger to WordPress. I wish I could help more but I’m still learning the ropes. There are a lot of online resources and tutorials, though. 😊

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  29. lol im glad you’re happy i think in the end thats all that matters. what i will say is… that i am pretty jealous of your following. i dont even have one follower and like u said that u wouldnt keep blogging if no one read so im kinda feeling the same… who knows… i think ill keep on. great work 🙂 and thanks for the read

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think it definitely depends on what blogging community you join! Book blogging definitely has a very kind community, and commenting on a lot of different blogs got me where I am today! It definitely depends on what you want to accomplish whether you want to continue your blog or not – if you’re blogging for you, then go on, but if you’re blogging for others, and you don’t feel like you’re happy, then there’s no need to keep going on if you don’t feel like it! 😄

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