[LET’S CHAT] What Makes Me Unfollow Your Book Blog

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Sometimes, we unfollow blogs, and that’s okay. 

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I actually wrote a Let’s Chat months back about what makes me follow your book blog. For some reason, it ended up being wildly popular, and was the first post to get 100+ views within one day. So, why not make a sort of second part to the post about what makes me unfollow your book blog (which I’ve certainly done. A lot). Obviously, this isn’t a “to-do” list for how anyone’s blog should be, so don’t take any of my points to heart! I’ve learned that 99.99% of the time, even though you really think someone is talking about your blog, they’re not.


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I said in my previous post that I really like consistent content on someone else’s blog. Of course, it doesn’t have to be every single day, it could be once or twice every week, or maybe three times a week. The blogger doesn’t even have to have some sort of blogging schedule for me to keep up with their blog. But, if out of the blue, someone who usually posts three times a week only posts two reviews for a couple of months with zero explanation behind it, then I’ll probably unfollow them.

I don’t mind if the blogger mentions somewhere, whether on their blog or social media, that posting will be sparse because they’re busy or on vacation or something else, but if the posting just stops and there’s no reason behind it, I’m likely going to just leave.

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This can mean a lot of things for me. It could mean that when I start scrolling past your posts in my Reader without barely giving them a second look, I’ll unfollow you. If I start mindlessly liking your posts without really commenting or feeling like I’m even prompted to comment, I’ll unfollow you. Or if I just don’t really like what they’re posting anymore, I’ll unfollow. Like, if I followed someone because I love their discussions and their recommendation posts, and all of a sudden, all I see from them are book blitzes and reviews and book tours, I’ll probably leave their blog. I always suck at keeping up with the people I actually care about following, so I don’t need my Reader filled with people I don’t really pay attention to.

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I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. If someone just ends up vanishing in thin air or they announce that they’re leaving the blogosphere, then I’ll wish them well and unfollow them because there’s no reason to keep following them. For those who vanish, if it’s been months since they’ve posted, I’ll just unfollow them. I know there are some people who don’t feel like unfollowing people who vanish unexplained because they might come back one day, but, sometimes, I just don’t feel like sticking around. Is that heartless? Maybe.

Though I will say, I don’t mind if someone goes on a hiatus and says they are! We all need to take breaks. But if someone just drops off the earth unexplained, I’m usually just left confused and let down.

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I’m sure we’ve all experienced those blogs where we like the blogger’s most recent posts and they have a pretty design and they’re really nice and it seems like you share the same favorites, so OF COURSE you follow them…and then a couple of weeks of following them seem to be a nightmare because literally all of the posts after that aren’t interesting to you or the person is too negative for your taste or the content just seems to change or they go on hiatus. Basically, those people are impulse follows. I follow them because they seem really awesome and right up my alley…and then I realize they’re not.

This is probably why I follow so few blogs and why I check and double-check before I follow to make sure I WANT to follow them. I’ve had many a impulse follows where I just can’t get into any of their recent posts, so it’s just best to unfollow.


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And those are all of the reasons I unfollow blogs!

Hopefully, this is a good reference to those who are looking to unfollow blogs and just don’t know where to start! Or to those who are just curious. Just remember to never feel guilty for unfollowing a blog, even though that might be your instinct. We all have our tastes, and that’s totally fine!

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Do you unfollow blogs? What are the reasons you unfollow a blog?

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59 thoughts on “[LET’S CHAT] What Makes Me Unfollow Your Book Blog

  1. I did a little “house cleaning” last week and unfollowed all the blogs that hadn’t been updated in 2-3 months. There were SO many!! I unfollowed about 20 blogs that day. And I totally agree about all the cover reveals, book tour, book blitz, etc. It just feels like a promotion blog but nothing I’m interested in reading (well most of the time lol)

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  2. Great great post !
    I went on an unfollowing spree recently because my life has gotten really busy and I couldn’t keep up with all the blogs I was following and bloghopping just started feeling daunting so I started missing even the blogs I like when they post, which is mainly why i’ve been failing at reading and commenting on blog posts 😂
    What I noticed is that I unfollow mainly for 2 reasons, inactive blogs or blogs of which the content doesn’t interest me anymore ( my tastes changed a lot since I started following them).
    Anyway I’ll just stop rambling here !

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    • Thank you so much! ❤

      Oh, yeah, I get that! I’m way less busy now since it’s summer and I just lay around doing nothing compared to school where I had to choose if I wanted to write a post or comment on other people’s posts or take pictures, etc. Yeah, definitely! Since I’ve been blogging for such a short amount of time, most of the time I unfollow because the blogger’s interests have changed – which is good for them, but sometimes we have nothing in common anymore! 😄


  3. My gosh!! You know what we started blogging at the very VERY wrong time…near exams..😅
    But we don’t regret it – but the only regret we do feel is for the people who follow us…we have been so inconsistent and it makes us feel soo BAD!! We don’t necessarily have social media (other than Pinterest – which we think is the perfect media for introverts👌🏻) so we don’t say we are taking breaks!

    And usually when we start posting we don’t want to ruin the mood and say “no more fangirling or bookying (?) for a week/month” but we also don’t want to leave the blogging community ‘cuz it’s just too GREAT!
    We can’t help but comment on other blogs, it just comes to us! So it’s mainly from commenting on other posts that people become aware of when we take breaks..😅 So even when we don’t have time to post a post – we comment (mostly Fangirl😉😎) on other bloggers post (like yours😉)!

    Your post always makes us feel passionate and makes us think! 🤓👌🏻 We know where to go when in need for a good discussion!!😉😉

    We’ve noticed from the (little -can we even say that anymore 😅) time we’ve been here – that people follow you just to get a follow back…but we have not given in!!

    Hopefully we get the time to post after we get back from our holiday and FINALLY get to post some real good (hopefully 🤞🏻) stuff!😆

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    • Ah, don’t mind the long comment! I love comments! ❤

      Oof, yeah, that sucks! 😩 I started blogging over Christmas break, so I literally did nothing but stared at a computer screen, writing posts until school was back. Terrible, of course.

      Oh, I don’t think it’s bad to take breaks! We all need breaks! I actually do think it’s a good idea to at least make your presence known even when you’re in a break! I guess because I’ll logically think that people won’t completely forget you – I know there are some people who are in hiatus that I still follow, but I forget because they just disappeared from the blogosphere altogether!

      Aw, thank you so much! 😘 You’re too kind! And, yeah, there definitely are people out there just to get you to follow back. I’ve had some people that aren’t even book blogs follow me, unfollow me, and then follow me again months later like I won’t recognize them! 😂

      I hope you do, too! ❤

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      • Ahh yay we love long comments too!!😆❤

        We started (blogging) in the spring break that they said was specifically for revision!!😂😅 Aren’t we all terrible people!!😂😂

        Know that you say that – commenting really helps to get people to remember you and at one point (after the spring break was over and life crashed on us with WORK – but we still love this place and it was all NEW AND BEAUTIFUL WE JUST COULD NOT STOP!!) we just couldn’t stop commenting and people would just check out our blog that hasn’t been updated for quite a while – so we would be all shy and weird and say yes we’re active but at the moment not for POSTING but rather just popping here and there to FANGIRL!!.. We mean comment!😁😁

        You’re welcome, Master of Discussions!! 😉
        OMG YESSS!! BLOGGERS THAT AREN’T EVEN BOOK BLOGGERS FOLLOWED US – key word “followed” and had then proceeded to unfollow and than out of nowhere we see them following us again and we were like wasn’t he/she following us before? “That profile pic really looks familiar…🤔” 😂😂😂 and then we’re like in our heads “well now we know who NOT to follow…😁” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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  4. I can’t help but laugh because you posted this today and I posted a discussion about unfollowing blogs today, too, haha. Great minds think alike! 🙂
    I can relate 100% to impulse follows. I do it ALL THE TIME. I follow them thinking their blog looks good and that we have similar reading tastes and then after a couple of weeks, I realize I was very wrong and unfollow, haha. It happens to the best of us 😛

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    • They do, apparently! Someone else mentioned in the comments that they scheduled a post this month about the same topic! 😂

      Haha, yes, it totally sucks! I used to do that when I was in elementary school – think that someone was the perfect friend for me, but they were not! 😂 Glad to see the habit has followed me!

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      • Oh man, that is hilarious!! I guess it was time for everyone to talk about unfollowing blogs, hahaha.

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  5. I am definitely someone who will unfollow a blog if they haven’t been active in weeks and there’s no explanation as to why. Because like you said, sometimes people need to take a step back and concentrate on something else and that’s okay with me and I won’t follow if I know that that’s the case.

    Oh, the impulse follows! I know those all too well and it sucks when you realize that you no longer enjoy what they post!

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    • Yeah, definitely! Even with pre-writing and planning posts, I get stressed out sometimes, so I totally get it if someone else needs to! But a long hiatus and there hasn’t been an explanation why, and I’ll probably unfollow! I know there are some people who come back, but I don’t feel like waiting (which sounds terrible ugh).

      Ugh, yeah, nothing like thinking you’ve found the perfect blog for you, and you haven’t! 😩

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  6. The primary reason I unfollow blogs is that I notice I haven’t been clicking on any of their posts in my feed for a while…so I’m following but apparently not actually interested in reading any of their content. Now, it could take me a while to realize this, and I’m sure I’m currently subscribed to a couple dozen blogs I’m not really reading, but I will unfollow when I do notice or when I think “Who even is this person???”

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    • Haha, I follow such a small amount of blogs, I pretty much know all the ones I follow, so that’s never happened to me, but that makes sense! I know when I skip over a lot of posts for that blogger, I’m obviously not really into it, and I should unfollow, since it’s not fair to the blogger to be a “ghost follower.”


  7. I’m not one to comment a lot or be very active in the “commenting” way but I totally understand your view on that, I mean whats the point of following someone’s blog if you don’t want to actively be a part of it.

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  8. I don’t unfollow that often, but I tend to have a 5-strike rule. Every so often, if I see a post I have no interest in reading then I go to their page and if none of the last five posts appeal to me then I unfollow them. I find this helps deal with the impulse follows or the blogs that have slowly changed since I started following and I don’t feel too bad because I feel I’m pretty generous with just wanting 1/5 posts to appeal to me.

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    • Ooh, that’s actually a really good idea! I should totally start doing that! I know I’m one of those people where before I follow, I’ll go through their Reader and read some of their posts, and that really hasn’t been foolproof because then their next few posts just aren’t my thing! 😬


  9. I actually don’t unfollow blogs too often, but very occasionally I will if I’m not enjoying the content for whatever reason. Although recently I took a little break off of reading a lot of blogs, because it was getting tedious and not as fun as it used to be and now I’m back in the game and enjoying it again!

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    • Yeah, I feel that! I know there are days where I’m on top of my game and commenting on ALL THE POSTS, but there are some days where I’m just tired and don’t feel like commenting. I’m one of those people who gets worried that if I don’t comment, people will get angry and stop commenting on my posts, which is ridiculous, but what fear isn’t??? 😂

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      • I can understand that fear. I did loose a little bit of likes and comments for the long while I was commenting and liking sparingly. I think I was pretty absent in that respect for about three or so months because of family issues and starting work and with everything being so crazy I was just too tired to be as active as I was, but things are getting better now so I’m happy to be more active in the community again.

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  10. Oh my god I had an “why I unfollow blogs” post scheduled for this month too! 😂 I did a why I follow blogs post too sometime ago and it was also very popular??? I’m not really sure why. XD I totally agree with you! I have a lot of impulse follows… and then I end up unfollowing later. Or maybe I followed back because their blog looked interesting… and then I got bored. I just did a massive unfollowing (okay, not THAT massive), and it was exactly what you said — I didn’t feel like commenting on their posts or feeling promoted to comment… so I just liked. And moved on. And also got annoyed at myself because why do follow if I won’t actively follow? Great post! 🙂

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    • Haha, another blogger I follow posted about unfollowing blogs today, so I guess it’s a popular topic this month! 😂 Me neither! I was shocked when I looked at my stats that day.

      Haha, yeah, someone needs to stop me from impulse following! 😂 In my earlier days, I followed back a couple of people, but only because I was a smaller blog and had a weird fear that if I didn’t follow someone, they’d just unfollow me, but in the end, I ended up unfollowing because I wasn’t really interested! It was a vicious cycle! 😬

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  11. I don’t tend to unfollow blogs that often, but it’s something I should do because I have a fair few blogs I am currently following who aren’t posting anything, and some who have possibly left WordPress and blogging all together. Like you said there’s no reason to keep following them if they’re no longer posting.
    The only other reason I’d unfollow someone is if the content doesn’t interest me. Like I’m a book blogger so I only really want to follow other book bloggers, it’s what I talk about on here and there’s no reason to follow someone I’m never going to talk to.
    Great post Mikaela. 🙂 I haven’t seen many people talk about unfollowing blogs but obviously it’s something we all do so it’s great to see you post about it.

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    • Yeah, like, when I started out, I followed this person’s blog, but only a couple weeks later, they stopped posting, and they literally haven’t posted since January or so! I followed them for a while, but there comes a point where you acknowledge that they’re probably not coming back, which sucks! She was one of my first blogging friends! 😄

      Yeah, I’m more likely to just keep up with bookish posts! I do like when people talk about movies and TV shows once in a while since I love those as well, but not ALL the time!

      Haha, Kourtni Reads actually posted about unfollowing blogs as well today, so I guess we all have it on the brain??? 😂

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      • It does suck, I often wonder about what happened to some of the people I was close with back when I first started out blogging who have since disappeared from WordPress.
        Yeah the odd post about something else; TV shows, movies, etc. is something I LOVE reading, but for me to actually follow it has to be majorly book related now.
        I guess it’s something everyone thinks about at some point or another. 🙂

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  12. This is a great discussion post! Thank you for sharing!
    I am new to the blogosphere, and so far I have been following many blogs that I am initially interested in. However, I find that there is just so many posts to scroll through every day, many of which I am not interested in. I am also finding it difficult to keep up with the bloggers that I care about, since their posts get lost in everyone else’s. I will take your tip about unfollowing those whose content is not interesting for me.

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  13. I love this! You definitely have some very good reasons. Sometimes it is just necessary to unfollow someone, plain and simple.
    I had to think about this for myself too! I’ve been trying to have good content and keep up with posting and I was doing okay for a while until things got really hectic because I was trying to fit in everything before my surgery, and then my surgery happened so I was out for a while. But now I’m starting to have the stamina to sit at the table for a few hours and just blog and do bloggy things so I’m trying to be more consistent! 🙂

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  14. Agreed! I have the occasional spring clean of blogs and every time I find a a handful of abandoned blogs. It’s such a shame :/

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  15. Eeek…impulse follows. There have been times when I go through my bloglovin’ feed and see that I followed a blog that ONLY reviews adult romance and I’m like….I’ll never be able to comment on their blog? Why did I follow them? It’s like they had ONE post that interested me and then suddenly no more after that. Oops. That’s not saying their blog is bad, but whats the point if we’ll never relate on anything?

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    • Haha, that’s funny, because I was on Bloglovin’ today and some random post popped up in my feed in a totally different language – and apparently I was following them??? It must have been on accident. 😂 And, yeah, that definitely makes sense to me! There are some blogs that just do things that aren’t my style, but it doesn’t make them bad!


  16. I love that you have well-defined reasons for unfollowing. I have… crises every time I even THINK about unfollowing. I just get the guilties, you know? Even though there are absolutely some blogs that I don’t need to be following. Like, sometimes they shift focus and we don’t read the same stuff anymore, and it is not anyone’s fault, it just… IS. I don’t know why I feel so bad about it, but I do. And the disappearers are tough- I am one of those people who keeps them around on the off chance they come back, but someone recently did that, and I have NO. IDEA. who they were before they left. Oops? I am also rather guilty of the impulse follow as well hahah. This is a great post!


  17. I’m new on here so I don’t follow that many people yet. I’ve just started reading other people’s blog posts. But it’s helpful to see why people unfollow other bloggers. It seems it’s mainly due to inconsistency or lack of interest 😛 useful to know 😀 thanks

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