10 Of My Most Secretive Bookish Confessions

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So, a couple months ago, I did a post about 11 blogging confessions and it was pretty popular and very fun to write!

So, I decided it’d be fun to kick off the month of August by talking about ten of my bookish confessions, because, clearly, I have lots of things to confess.

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1. I sometimes skim.


Yes, yes I do. It’s usually not even because I’m bored or anything, but when I read a book, I usually read it pretty quickly, depending on what’s going on around me. So, if I read a thriller in a day, yeah, I’ll sometimes skip a couple of paragraphs if they just reiterate the same facts over and over again or if I’m reading a YA book and the main character is angst-ing about somebody that’s died for the millionth time. I don’t think it’ll kill me if I just skim over the paragraph, especially if my eyes accidentally wander to the end of the page and I see something exciting happening.

2. Action scenes can bore me sometimes. 


I owe this mainly to the fact that I’m awful at visualizing things in books. I mean, I’m weird enough that I can visualize whole story ideas in my head and see my own characters, but I suck at seeing things in my head as a story happens. So, to me, action sequences are basically nothing in my head. Not to mention that sometimes, I’ll read a couple of pages from a book but be completely out of it when I do, and that mainly happens when I read action scenes. And I’m terrible with keeping up with what’s going on during the scene, so overall, action scenes and me don’t get along.

3. I will frequently rant in my own head while reading.


It definitely depends on what I’m reading. For instance, there have been many a thrillers where the guy is a douchebag, and I continually rant in my head about how much I hate him (looking at you, Todd and David). There are also the times I’ll rant in my head if insta-love becomes present since I hate insta-love with a passion. Or when something really awesome happens or I love a quote or I notice something, I’ll also rant in my head about how good it is. It can go both ways, for sure.

4. I suck at finishing series.


I do. I really, really do. I’m not even going to bother to list them all, but for some reason, I have a problem with reading every book in a series except for the last one. Or it’ll be even worse and I read the first book in a series and fall in love with it, but haven’t read the sequels in the series, and now it’s been years and I forget everything. And let’s not get started on the amount of books I’m just in the middle of reading. Someone please help me.

5. Long chapters make me bored.


I’ve definitely said this before, but they do! I think it’s mainly because I have this weird thing where I HAVE to finish a chapter before I put down a book, or else, it’s going to bother me until the end of time. I have a problem with this since I’ll continually tell myself I’m going to stop after this chapter, but then end up almost finishing the book (oops), so when I tell myself “One more chapter and then I’ll go to bed!” and the chapter ends up being forty pages long, it honestly drives me up a wall.

6. Sometimes, I’ll rate books higher because of hype.


Yeah, I admit it. Most of the time, I do give my honest opinions and ratings on books, but when a book is really hyped up, sometimes I’ll end up convincing myself that I loved it more than I actually did. Some books this happened with were A Darker Shade of Magic, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Clockwork Angel – these are all the first books in some of my favorite series that I originally rated four stars, but as time went on, they went to three stars. They definitely weren’t bad, but not as good as what I was expecting. Books like Shadow and Bone and The Winner’s Curse were books I also rated higher for some reason, but, unfortunately, I didn’t like those series or those books, so those ratings went from four and three stars to two and one stars. I think it happens to the best of us.

7. The more I hear about a hyped book, the more I want to scream.


I feel like 2017 has been the year of “Everyone Keeps Recommending Mediocre-Looking Contemporary Novels That I Almost Fall Asleep When I Read Their Synopsis’.” Like, I’m glad you guys love your contemporary novels, but I literally could not care less about any of them (or maybe I could; who knows?). But, in general, I feel like I’ve been bombarded by the same hyped books over and over again this year, and it drives me crazy. Is it the influence of the blogosphere? Probably.

8. I’ll sometimes judge people on what they read.

i see you

Yes, I know, I shouldn’t. But if someone says that a book I love isn’t good but rates five stars to every single new adult romance book that’s the same as every single new adult romance book, except with different names for the main characters? Or if they trash my favorite series while constantly talking about and praising an extremely mediocre one? Yeah, I’ll probably judge them just for that. It’s terrible, I know.

9. I don’t like reading negative reviews of books I love.

nope 1

I actually hate it. It seems like everyone always has this attitude of “I actually go out of my way to read negative reviews of books I absolutely adore!” but I just don’t. It’ll make me angry, I won’t change my mind, and it’ll just be a huge downer on my mood, so I just find absolutely no reason to go seek out something like that (and, between you on me, I don’t really believe people when they say they always read negative reviews of books they love, but that’s just me).

10. I’m brutally honest with myself regarding what I will and won’t read. 


Literally just a couple months ago, I went through my TBR and took off probably 100+ books, and it felt really good. I know there are people who will keep a book on their TBR forever, but for me personally, if it’s been years and it’s just not happening or I realize I’m just never going to read a book no matter how much I want to, I’m totally okay with just removing it from my TBR. I want my TBR to be A LITTLE bit manageable, at least.

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57 thoughts on “10 Of My Most Secretive Bookish Confessions

  1. Um yes for hyped contemporary novels that are actually just ‘OKAY’ books. Like I am NOT A FAN OF FLUFF and for some reason everyone loves it and it’s just me like ‘HEy I like dark fantasy’/ Fluff i find is boring. An action scene has to be REALLY well written for me to understand. If it’s just swords clashing then I’m bored but if it’s a conversation and a fight, I’m hooked.
    I definitely, FOR A WHILE, gave higher ratings for hyped books. I gave ADSOM 4 stars because i had some problems with it and yeah. My opinion. i admit negative reviews do make me feel a little bad sad about a book i loved and just ruin the feels i have. So, I don’t completely avoid them but try not to let them affect me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ARE YOU IN MY MIND BECAUSE I FEEL THIS SO MUCH YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND! I love dark stuff so much – horror, thrillers, sci-fi, etc – so fluff bores me to death. It’s the same thing with TV shows – I don’t like comedies or chick-lit type dramas as much as my action or thriller or paranormal shows. I don’t even know what attracts me to an action sequence! I think it depends on my concentration on that particular day. 😂

      Yeah, I’m a sensitive person in general, so it’ll definitely affect my mood than other people’s. Like, I know I shouldn’t care, but I still do! 🙈

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  2. Totally agree with you on long chapters and hyped books! I’m a chapter a night kinda gal so it can be a task to read when they drag. And, like you, I’m not a massive contemporary YA fan either and that’s all I seem to see everyone raving about!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I have a terrible habit with needing to finish a chapter before I do something else, so I’d probably be less annoyed if I didn’t have that habit. 😂 Yes, same! There’s been too many contemporary novels shoved in my face that I don’t care about and I’m tired of hearing of them! 😝

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  3. Long chapters being boring: check! I love short chapters; they just make me feel like the story is getting along at a good pace. Long chapters immediately make a book feel sluggish, even when it’s not the case. So weird that chapters can do that.

    As for hyped books.. I’ve only been blogging for about six weeks and I’ve been having “hyped” troubles in bookstores already. Every time I see a hyped book, I automatically want to buy it because “if it’s so hyped up, it ought to be good, no?” Up until the point that I sometimes end up with a book / books without a clue what they’re about. Fortunately I realize that before buying them – most of the time, that is – and reconsider what I’m doing. But still. It’s annoying that it’s got such an influence on my book-buying-behavior. I want to turn it OFF. ><

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, exactly! Literally, I don’t even charge if there’s 200 chapters in a book if they’re all short and pack a punch. It kills me inside when I open an ebook that’s 400+ pages and there’s only, like, 13 chapters. 😝

      Yeah, that definitely makes sense! I know I sometimes add books to my TBR just because EVERYONE is mentioning them – and then they become so hyped up and overrated in my head from everyone screaming about them that I end up taking it off. 😂 Or never reading it because the anticipation is too much!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yup! It’s what I hate about some eARC’s as well since some of them don’t even tell you how many chapters there are so you just have to notice along the way how long they actually are. [Like the one I’m reading now. I wanted to have one more chapter in before I left for work and it didn’t seem to end so I had to stop mid-chapter, ugh.]

        Totally! Only I never take them off.. Since I barely dare to look at my TBR properly, haha. I should do that some time, though. Pretty sure I could clean it up a bit.. Then again, it’ll only remind me of all the books I still really want to read and that makes me depressed.. xD

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  4. I think most people skim or skip chapters. When it’s a whole lot of fluffy and useless information I get bored and just want the relevant stuff to the story. I totally hate long chapters too! And you’re not alone with your rant reading. I will have to stop reading because my rants take over my brain lol. Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. YESSS. I won’t read any reviews besides the ones that share my opinion. 😂 I’m great. Oh, and I so agree with ranting in my head about the book, especially when there’s insta-love (which I hate SO. MUCH). Haha when I read ADSOM I rated it five stars, totally because of the hype, and then changed it to four stars. 🙈 LONG CHAPTERS OMG. I just CANNOT with them. I need chapters to feel like the book is broken down into tiny little sections to take one at a time, especially if the book is long. And gosh I also skim sometimes!!! I think everyone does it at least once in their bookworm life, but some parts are SOOOO boring. (And sometimes I skip ahead a few pages to see if they die/kiss/get caught/etc. 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, same! I know it’s terrible, but I don’t feel like I need to put myself in a bad mood over reading! Insta-love will literally make me pause from reading the book and rant for five full minutes; I actually can’t. 😂 The hype will get to you. Yeah, I can’t have a long book and long chapters. That just kills me. I’m one of those people that loves books where the chapters are only, like, three pages each and there’s 110 of them. 😝 Haha, when I was younger, I loved romance, so whenever I read a book, I’d skim the entire thing to see if the main characters kissed. 😂 Ah, memories!

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  6. I skim too. Especially with the overly repetitive parts! I also Like waiting for the series to have a good amount books out before I start reading them so I can just Binge read, rather than waiting a whole year for them to come out. Like idk how you guys do it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I mean, I’m not doing well at all because with book series that I’m reading that aren’t finished, I’m not caught up with the books, so they just tells you how horrible I am at just catching up in general. 😂 I feel like I read less series now since most thrillers and horror novels are just stand-alones, so that’s a nice break!


  7. Sometimes I skim too XD Or, to be honest, I read super fast searching for the actual clue inside the story. And I relate a lot to point 2! Sometimes I’m like: how did it happened? What? Where? When?
    In my minds actions scene become a blur. I can only shrug and be: “oh, well. They’re moving. I suppose.”
    And sometimes I read negative reviews too! It happend that I agree over some points, but other times I’m really tempted to ask if we read the same book

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I definitely read fast! I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing since I have such a poor bookish memory, but ah well! And, yes, I usually read them, gather zero information, and then move on since the protagonist probably won anyway! 😂

      Most of the time, if I do read them, I’m just like, “We definitely didn’t read the same book.” 😝


  8. I SUCK AT FINISHING SERIES TOO *woof* I’m so happy I’m not alone in this train, ’cause I’ve been meaning to end some series I just haven’t yet and well… I’m ashamed😅
    Also I give a higher rant to some hyped books I’ve read and them want to bang my hear with a chair because I feel do bad! Or I just lower my rating (that’s the most possible thing I’d di haha).

    Liked by 1 person

    • YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I don’t understand people who finish series so easily like how do you do it? How do you concentrate? 😂

      Yeah, same! In the end, I usually end up revisiting my ratings and changing them sometimes! I think that’s one of the few positives of me not writing a review soon after reading a book – it gives me time to evaluate it now! 😄

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know! I think the reason why is because I’m afraid to be disappointed by the ending😅

        Yes! It also happens to me with other books. I give them like 3 stars and then I realise I enjoyed it more that I furst thought haha

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  9. I share SO MANY with you. Also, with ebooks, I zone out really frequently, and then I keep on turning pages without actually reading, and it’s not good.

    Also, contemporary summaries bore me a lot? I know that all of them are like “heartbreaking” or “self-love” or stuff but I’m more interested in knowing that there’s cutesy fluff, haha.
    Like, if people on Twitter are saying the male interest is so adorable or something or that the romance is so cute I’m more likely to read it…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I read ebooks most of the time, and I definitely zone out sometimes. With physical books, I’m more likely to skim the pages before I even start reading them so I know the gist of what I’m about to dive into haha. 😂

      Yeah, most of them sound the same to me, and most of them read the same with a couple changes here and there, so I usually skip them! I’m more drawn to the heartbreaking stuff, but I do read some fluffy contemporary every once in a while! 😂 I think I usually need more word of mouth to get me to read a contemporary!


  10. 😱 put e in the box of shame I skim sometimes too 😂 and if it’s not really well written a battle scene will bore me too 🙄
    OMG long chapters are the bane of my existence. Especially when the bf is waiting and I’m like JUST LET ME FINISH THIS CHAPTER. He’s all: how many more pages.
    Me: ummmm 😇 57488
    And come on who HASN’T rated a book higher because of hype…….I KNOW I HAVE. THIS FEELS SO GOOD TO GET THIS ALL OFF MY CHEST 😂😂 it’s like a free therapy session 😂
    Oh I actually kind of like reading negative reviews, because I find it interesting to see how they see the book or experience it differently!
    Love this post 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, yeah, I’m that one person where I’ll be like, “Okay, I’ll go grab a snack or go to bed once I finish this one chapter!” and then it ends up going on forever and ever. 😂

      I feel like everyone has at some point! I did it more on Goodreads because of the pressure of having friends on there, I guess; I don’t do it with blogging much.

      Oh, God, I hate it. It just always puts a damper on my mood. 😝 Plus, since reading is just a hobby, I don’t feel like I need to ruin it, since reading is a personal experience anyway?

      Thank you! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  11. *hides in box of shame* I skim scenes way too much… Sometimes I just really wanna finish so I’ll subconsciously start skimming… I should stop 😂
    Hype does affect my rating sometimes when I feel like I should like a book more than I do. I’ll go back a yr later and lower the rating sometimes bc I’ve realized it wasn’t as good as I originally thought.
    I’m hardly ever a fan of long chapters. Sometimes they’re nice bc I don’t like stopping in the middle of a chapter so I’ll keep reading and finish the book quicker but that usually means I’m enjoying the book anyway and would read quickly no matter what

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, same! Especially when I’m so close to the end, since I just love the feeling of finishing a book. 😂 Yeah, eventually, I’ll go back through my ratings and be like, “What was I thinking???” and change it to reflect my more honest opinion. The only positive thing about long chapters is that I’ve at least read more pages than I was set out to. 😝

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Long chapters make me nuts! Especially if there was a logical place for a break, and you know, it’s terrible to stop in the middle of a chapter. Negative reviews for books I love make me sad, so I avoid them too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, same! I hate those chapters that are super long, but have about fifty line breaks within them; like, there were so many opportunities to break this chapter up into three smaller ones but whatever. 😂 Yeah, they just put a damper on my mood, and for something that I enjoy doing for fun, I don’t feel the need to ruin it, I guess?

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  13. I’m terrible for not finishing book series, too. Though I really don’t mind reading negative reviews of books I liked. They make interesting reads for me, though I only read them if I stumble across them. I don’t actively seek them out :p also clearing out your TBR every once in a while is so satisfying!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • People who actually finish book series are a mystery to me. 😂 Yeah, sometimes I end up reading them just because I stumble upon them, but I never go out of my way to find them! I’ve never understood that. 😂 It really is! Sometimes, I realize I’m just never going to read a book, and I need to kick it off the TBR!


  14. I feel you on action scenes! It depends on the author/book though, because sometimes I have no problem visualising what’s happening and the action keeps me on the edge of my seat, but other times? My mind just automatically goes towards other stuff and all of a sudden I’m a few pages further in without a clue of what I just read haha

    Long chapters can be so tiring! Especially when it easily could’ve split up in multiple chapters?? Give us tired bookworms a break pls

    I’ve rated hyped books higher too. Especially when I was new to the blogging community I easily did this, without even realising it. I’m sure lots of people do/have done it though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know if I ever have a particular book or author! I feel like this probably relates back to the fact that I love action movies and shows, and that’s probably the only time I see it right in front me. Nine times out of ten, everything’s a blob to me unless the book was made into a movie. 😂

      YES EXACTLY! I’ve always hated it when a chapter has so many chapter breaks – like these were all perfect times to stop! 😬

      Yeah, I definitely did it a lot when I was on Goodreads! I think it was because when you have friends on all sides who love a book, you want to love it, too, and that’s an influence.


  15. I’m the same when it comes to action sequences! Even in movies, that’s when my attention is most likely to fade, which I know is completely backwards since action sequences are supposed to be exciting. Like you, I think I have trouble visualizing it so it’s not so engaging for me to read, but I’m not sure what the excuse is when it comes to movies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s the opposite for me! I love action movies and action sequences are my favorite things ever! When it comes to books, I think it’s because I’m terrible at picturing things that it doesn’t seem as cool. If it were in movie format, I’d be all over it!


  16. Ok I don’t agree with all of these. I like finishing series but I have been behind since I got into this bookish community. I love reading series straight through. It gives me satisfaction. Luckily I don’t have that many to catch up on. It’s one of my reading goals this year. I skim sometimes by accident and I hate it. Long chapters annoy me sometimes but as long as I have a balance I’m ok with it. Action scenes definitely do bore me sometimes because I’m horrible at visualizing it XD. And I’ve definitely rated books higher because of hype which I’m trying not to do this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh, I mean, I used to be able to read a series? I had this catch-up period where I missed a huge chunk of popular YA books, so I binged them all – I read, like, fifteen series, and a large majority of them over Christmas break because I would literally read a book a day. But now, I just can’t do that with series anymore. I don’t know why? I think it’s mainly because thrillers are more my thing, and they’re one-offs (and I hate big books).

      I can’t visualize anything! 🙈 I do like action scenes in movies and shows, though. I’m a total adrenaline junkie in that regard.


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