In Which I Rant And Rave About TV Shows | The All About My TV Shows Tag

 It’s no secret that I love talking about TV!

I stumbled upon this tag a couple of weeks ago, and just knew I had to do it! I wasn’t nominated by anyone for this one or anything, but I definitely wasn’t going to wait around for someone to do it! So, let’s get to it!

1. First TV Show You Ever Watched

You might be asking, “Mikaela, what are these shows; where are the classic Disney Channel shows?” but when I was younger, pretty much up until middle school, my family had an old TV that didn’t have Disney Channel, and by the time we got a new TV, I was pretty much too old for Disney Channel. I primarily watched PBS Kids for a large majority of my childhood, so there’s that. I absolutely loved Arthur and Cyberchase; those were my favorites. Fun Fact: I had a huge crush on this character named Slider from Cyberchase. Feel free to Google him.

2. All-Time Favorite TV Show

I actually have a handy-dandy list that you can check out here, but above are some series I didn’t mention in the original post or I’ve actually watched them since the time I published the post. And I’m throwing in Queer As Folk and Black Mirror because I can’t live without them. I have other TV shows that I love such as Breaking Bad and 13 Reasons Why that aren’t included, but I can’t fit them all, of course!

3. Your Character Crush

Sam and Dean Winchester

I think Sam and Dean Winchester are pretty obvious answers. I actually liked Dean more when I first watched this show (which was about two years ago), but I finally got back into watching it this summer so I can watch season 13 this year, and I ended up accidentally falling in love with Sam. I can’t tell if it’s because of the hair or the abs.

(Probably both.)


And I’ll also throw in Spartacus, and I’m pretty sure the reasons are obvious just by watching the gif. I absolutely loved Spartacus from the first season, and it still completely sucks that the actor died of cancer before season two could be made, so there’s a replacement for the next few seasons (AND NO, HE IS NOT AS GOOD), but I definitely cherish the memories for sure.

4. Favorite OTP

queer as folk kiss

Brian and Justin. I love the main couples of Queer as Folk so much (except who Ted ends up with and how Emmett ends up with no one), but Brian and Justin’s love story beats out Michael and Ben’s by far (even though I love them, too). I literally shipped this couple ever since they hooked up in the first episode and through all their break-ups and Brian’s character development and the “I love you,” all the way to the sad, but perfect ending. I’M NOT CRYING; YOU ARE.

in the flesh kiss

Simon and Lucas. Pretty much no one knows about this ship, WHICH IS CLEARLY TRAGIC. It’s just so cute how this is pretty much the only modicum of happiness in their lives since they’re both considered outcasts, and how much Simon is totally and completely in love with Lucas that he sacrifices everything for him. IT’S SO PRECIOUS AND PURE; THIS SHOW DIDN’T DESERVE TO BE CANCELLED.

eyewitness philkas

Philkas. This ship is so angst-y but also so adorable and frustrating at the same time (I know; there’s a lot of emotions). But I just love how happy they make each other, and the show is so dark that it’s nice to have a bit of a bright spot with these boys just loving each other. IT’S SO HARD TO EXPLAIN; JUST WATCH THE SHOW.


Coliver. I’ve been watching the show since the beginning, and it came as such a surprise that there’d be a gay couple in the show since there was zero indication of it from the promos, but I’m so glad there was! Everything surrounding them is just absolutely terrible and tragic, and it’s so beautiful that they have each other to rely on and love each other no matter what. And they’re just so funny and adorable and compliment each other so well, AND LAST SEASON WAS SO HARD ON MY BABIES. And they’re the only couple I really ship on this show (besides Wes and Laurel…but we know what happened to that).

Carrie and Lucas

Carrie and Lucas. This ship is especially tragic since they’re in love, but then Lucas sacrifices himself to save her, and once he finally gets out of prison, he finds out that she’s married to someone else, but it’s just so beautiful. I love seeing such a kick-ass couple, well…kick ass together. Not to mention that their sweet moments are so amazing to watch and the way they lean on each other AND THOSE FINAL MOMENTS OF THE SERIES FINALE UGH.

Lucifer and Kate

Lucifer and Kate. This ship is a new one to me since I literally binged this show in about two weeks last month, but I was absolutely in love with these two. They first start out hating each other, but it becomes a friendship, and then they’re sort of push and pull when it comes to being romantically involved (which will actually drive me crazy one day; I swear to God). But I love them together, and the slow-burn and their little moments drive me wild every single time. I love them. 

5. Most Disappointing Ending Or Cancellation

I haven’t watched any TV shows where I thought the ending was genuinely bad (half and half between the fact that I suck at finishing TV shows and the fact that most of the ones I watch are still on), but I have watched plenty of shows that end up being cancelled or are mini-series that 100 percent should have had a second season and the ones above are some of them!

6. A Show You Would Like To Be On

Even though I don’t keep up with The Walking Dead anymore, I would still totally love to be a zombie on the show. Regarding Supernatural, Lucifer, and Orange Is the New Black, I just really love the casts of the shows, and it looks like it’d be such a fun work environment to be a part of.

7. A Character You Would Love To Take Out On A Date


Uh, none of them? I do have a hell of a lot of crushes on characters in TV shows (or is it the actors I have a crush on…), but all of them have pretty terrible lives surrounded by destruction and sadness, so I wouldn’t really like to take part in that at all.

8. A Popular TV Show You Can’t Stand

I attempted to watch Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries at the same time to try something new, and I stopped watching both after three or four episodes. Both were just way too over-dramatic, ridiculous, and romance-y for my taste. I also watched the first couple of episodes of Riverdale before it became popular – again, severely overrated and ridiculous and I’m also getting really sick of adults writing storylines where teenagers are hooking up with their teachers. Like, creepy much? And my most unpopular opinion, Friends. I watched the pilot, and didn’t laugh once and almost fell asleep while watching it. I honestly just don’t get the hype.

9. A Scene That Made You Cry Like A Baby

Supernatural is just tragic overall, but there are definitely specific moments that really hit me hard – John Winchester’s death, the season five finale (which was originally the series finale), and when Benny sacrificed himself to save Sam and Bobby in Purgatory (BENNY WAS SO PURE). Regarding Lucifer, that moment when Father Frank died hit me so hard. It was one of the first moments where Lucifer became human and showed emotion, and Father Frank was such a fantastic character, even though we’d only known him for one episode. For How To Get Away With Murder, Coliver breaking up was obviously rough on me. And, even though Queer As Folk is also an absolute cry-fest, I have three moments that really hit me hard – when Brian has to take Justin to the hospital after he gets hit with a baseball bat, when Brian tells Justin he loves him after the bombing at Babylon, and the series finale overall made me cry like a baby.

10. A Character With A Killer Wardrobe


I really don’t pay attention to what the characters are wearing nor do I think I’m watching shows where they change outfits often enough that I would notice (most of them seem to wear the same variations of outfits except with different colors, to be honest). So, no answer for this one.

Bonus Questions I Made Up Because I’m Having Too Much Fun With This Tag

11. Shows On Your To-Watch List

SO FREAKING MANY. It’s actually ridiculous how long my list is. Help.

12. Shows That Are Guilty Pleasures

I really enjoy watching shows on The Food Network Channel, and my three favorites are definitely Food Network Star, The Great Food Truck Race, and Cupcake Wars! I’m also completely obsessed with Gordon Ramsay ever since I’ve watched the cancelled Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, so I devour Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, Dancing With the Stars, and Divided can go under the “I Just Love Watching This Trash” category.

13. Shows You’re Currently Watching

I’m currently watching two mystery/thriller mini-series – one is Somewhere Between on ABC, which is about a mother who gets a second chance at saving her young daughter who dies at the hand of a serial killer and the other is The Sinner on USA, which is about a mother who violently murders a man she doesn’t know on a lake trip, and a detective and she try to find out why she committed such a crime when she hasn’t had any history of violence. Both are absolutely fantastic, and I recommend them!

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38 thoughts on “In Which I Rant And Rave About TV Shows | The All About My TV Shows Tag

  1. Love this post!! And OMG Cyberchase was literally my childhood and I completely forgot about it until now!!
    You should totally watch Stranger Things!! I put it off for so long and then I watched it and was completely blown away!!
    And I LOVE DEAN WINCHESTER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely love this tag; it looks like it’s so much fun! Cyberchase and Calliou were my favorites as kid. I was talking about shows from my childhood recently and couldn’t think of the title Cyberchase so thank you for the reminder. 🙂 I, too, do not care for the Vampire Diaries show but the original books are so fantastic! And Supernatural is my love–I could watch that show day and night. I just discovered Black Mirror and cannot stop watching. This post was so much fun to read! Happy watching!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, so glad I could be of service of helping you remember; I need those reminders all the time! 😂 Yeah, I didn’t even know there were books before I watched the show, but they’re so old! Haha, I’m binging SPN, so it’s literally day and night for me! 😂 Black Mirror is totally addicting and so good! Thank you! ❤


  3. YES!! All of the old PBS shows were the only shows I watched growing up! Cyberchase used to be my favorite!

    And Black Mirror is awesome! (Also, Divided is one of my guilty pleasure, too!)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved this! SUPERNATURAL ❤
    Haha I remember Arthur (but only vaguely) I used to watch Blues Clues a lot when I was younger
    I don't understand the Riverdale hype either… I watched the first two episodes and it was a struggle to watch.

    Liked by 1 person

    • AH ALL THE SUPERNATURAL LOVE. I’ve been binging the show for the last month after a two year break, and it feels good! I’m on season 10 and hoping to catch up to the newest one!

      Ooh, I watched Blues Clues! I definitely remember “Mail Time!” down to the voice. 😂 Yeah, I watched three episodes and was like, “Never again!” 🙈

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m on season 12 🙂
        Haha I remember too! That was my LIFE
        I don’t want to ever trust the hype ever again after Riverdale

        Liked by 1 person

    • I was originally going to read the books and then watch the show, but I was like, “Yeah, never going to read the books,” so I’ll just stick with the show! 😂 I’ll probably wait until it’s finished to actually watch it. I watched the first couple episodes years ago and failed to continue. 😝 The Outlander pilot was really good, but then I also went on to never finish the show and now it’s on it’s third season! 🙈

      (Also, unrelated, but I love your profile pic; it’s so pretty! 😍)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m not a huge fan of reading historical fiction though so Idek if I’ll ever read the books TBH 😂 OH WELL. I’ll definitely try out the show though!

        Eep thank you haha! I’ve been trying to get it to change for a while now and it just showed me no picture instead 😅😑 finally it works!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAS SEEN BLACK MIRROR! I watched all the episodes recently and have such mixed feelings! I didn’t care too much for season 1 but seasons 2 and 3 had some great episodes! It’s good tho that each episode is self contained so it doesn’t affect other plot lines if you don’t like an episode.
    ALSO YOU DON’T LIKE RIVERDALE! I gave that one a shot back when it was airing and idk I just never saw what everyone else saw in it… honestly, it kinda bored me

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel like every season has an episode that I love, so I don’t have any seasons I hate. There are episodes I haven’t liked, and those are just Bring Me Back and San Junipero (which EVERYONE loved), which, coincidentally, are both the happiest episodes, so that says a lot about me. 😂

      Yeah, same! I’m not even interested in who killed that Blossom kid. I like thriller shows, but thriller shows for teenagers suck. In general, I don’t like shows for teenagers, even though it’s made for my demographic. 😝


  6. Friends is literally the only show I watch from this list and you trashed it. 😂😂 IT’S SOOOOO FUNNY TO ME but like, I’m a very easy-to-u person. 😜 And OH MY GOD I NEVER HAD DISNEY CHANNEL AND PBS KIDS WAS ALL I WATCHED TOO??? Plus Barney and Dora. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, I just don’t like sitcoms in general! They bore me! I watch them with my family, and I watched Arrested Development and loved it, and that’s the full extent of it! I like drama and action, and sitcoms aren’t the place for it. 😂 AH I AM FINDING SO MANY PEOPLE WITH THIS CHILDHOOD! I watched Dora online because I didn’t have Nickilodean (don’t remember how to spell that oh my God), but I did watch Barney even though I hated it when I was younger! 😝

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Wonderful answers. I love Riverdale but I agree with kids and teachers hooking up. I also agree with your thoughts and comments on Spartacus. It was an awesome series but I never got over the actor who played the main role dying after the first season. It was so sad and to me, he will always be Spartacus!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Ooh I love posts like this- all about the shows! I remember Caillou lol. And Big Little Lies and DD were both good! I did like Riverdale but I agree about the teacher/ student hook up angle, not cool. Luther was pretty good, Westworld was okay but not as good as I hoped (it definitely has some cool moments tho) and Black Sails is kind of awesome. 🙂

    I’m kind of intrigued about The Sinner!?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I definitely remember Caillou, mostly because I hated the show so much when I was younger. 😂 I was surprised by Big Little Lies; I loved the book, but the teasers looked awful, so I avoided it, but it was actually pretty accurate, so I was impressed! I haven’t watched the second episode of The Sinner yet, but the pilot was good! It’s based off a book that came out in 2008, which I didn’t even know until after I finished the episode! 😄


  9. Oh my gosh. I LOVE this tag!!!😍😍
    A lot of the beginning shows you watched I recognize and love!
    A lot of the other shows you talked about I haven’t seen, so I don’t have anything to say about them.
    Though I do agree about Friends. Just a frustrating show and I don’t want to watch it!


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