7 Common Book Blogging Insecurities

 With being an amateur blogger comes great insecurities.

Most of you probably think I have my blogging life together, and I’m not insecure about anything. THAT IS A TOTAL LIE. I have all the insecurities, and I’m terrible at not playing a part in the comparison game – I play it all the time. So, I decided that I’d talk about some of my blogging insecurities and hope I’m not the only one who’s suffering through the same thing.

I Don't Read Enoughreading

I feel like this is mainly because I blog and I’m not too good at time management – I usually throw my all into one favorite thing and desert literally everything else – but I won’t say that it doesn’t hurt sometimes when I see all these other bloggers read 20+ books a month and finish their yearly reading challenge easily, especially when that used to be me just last year.

I will say, since my reading slump in the first half of last year has gone away, it’s been better, but seeing all that precious reading time wasted earlier this year frustrates me.

I'm Not Good At ReviewingSpongebob

I’ve already confessed that I don’t feel like I’m a good enough reviewer, and it’s true! I rarely ever feel truly proud about the reviews I write, but I guess they’re satisfactory enough.

I will say, I feel like ever since I’ve been doing mini reviews and lists for them, I’ve become more confident to write reviews, but I still see so many other talented reviewers and I wish I had their skills.File_002 (43)imagination spongebob

Sometimes, I feel like I’m writing about the same discussion topics that so many other book bloggers before have already talked about (which I guess is the curse of being so late to the game)!

I know there are so many of you who are like, “WHAT??? NO!” but I guess that really does go to show that we are our own biggest critics if I’m really the only one that feels that way.File_003 (28)simpsons

So many people talk about how people’s personalities and blogging voice is what keeps them coming back, so I guess it means I must have it if so many of you guys are constantly reading and commenting on my blog all the time!

I’ve never really thought of myself as having a blogging voice and I feel like it comes more naturally to others than it does to me. I usually blog the way I think and talk, and I don’t really think I stand out that much in that way either, so I always feel like I come off as bland in my writing.File_004 (15)pretty

I definitely do feel like my blog and graphics have greatly improved ever since my whole make-over a couple months ago, but there are times where I look at my favorite blogs and see how pretty they are and what they can do with self-hosted WordPress and how amazing their pictures look, and I feel down on my luck because I don’t think that I’ll ever get to their level.

Why am I not super accomplished at graphics and web design?File_005 (9)waiting 1

This is another point that you guys are going to probably be like, “WHAT? HOW?” but sometimes I look at other blogs that started less time than me or around the same time as me or bloggers who started only a couple months ago but already have thousands of followers everywhere and wonder if there’s some secret formula out there that’ll show me what I’m doing wrong.

I know that I’m probably not, and it’s really up to chance and a lot of factors – I know I can’t even put my blog growth on just ONE THING – but it’s still really frustrating sometimes.File_006 (10)sad

I’m sure we’ve all had those days where we just feel meh about our blog, whether because it doesn’t look like we want it to or our stats aren’t good enough or we aren’t proud of our content, and I think that’s totally fine!

I know I have those days as well where I just want to mope around, and, eventually, I’ll realize how happy I am with my blog and how far I’ve come and realize how silly it is and that I’ll be okay.

flower border

File_006 (13)

Let's Chat

What are some of your book blogging insecurities? Do we share any of the same ones? 

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103 thoughts on “7 Common Book Blogging Insecurities

  1. Pretty sure we all deal with those insecurities at one point. I’m lucky enough to be able to just let it go and do what I want to do, but that’s mainly because it has been my mantra for years now – in general life.

    I have no clue what I should imagine when thinking about a “blogging voice”. Now I’m going to be wondering about that all day, haha!

    Not reading enough is just.. Ugh. You shouldn’t compare yourself to others – but you probably know that. If you read less, but you still enjoy it.. I’d say that’s more important than people reading one book after the other just because they feel they “have to” and, as such, don’t really enjoy reading like they used to.

    The one I’m most familiar with, though, is the feeling that my blog isn’t pretty enough. Honestly I’m no hero at all when it comes to creating images. I want to have a fun logo for my blog, and banners and.. well, everything. But I’m just not great at creating those, at all. Maybe someday I’ll figure something out but right now I’m just trying to ignore it.
    Which is hard because we all know that people tend to go back to the pretty blogs more easily..

    Love this post! Made me think and pretty sure it’ll be recognizable to a lot of people reading it!

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    • Yeah, some people say they go back to blogs with a blogging voice, and I’ve just never really cared nor noticed! But I guess most people do! 😂

      Yeah, I definitely still enjoy reading! I’m either reading books quickly one after the other or I’m not reading at all. There’s honestly no in between for me. 😂 I’ve been taking a break from reading and not minding much, but when I wrote this post, I was in more of a reading slump!

      Yeah, definitely! Like, I like my graphics and photos, but then I’ll see other people’s graphics and photos and just feel like mine suck. 🙈 I have to remember that most of these people are professional graphic designers with years of experience under their belt, and I’ve just figured it out in my own, and it’s pretty good for someone who didn’t know how to make graphics this time last year! 😄

      Thank you! 😄

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  2. It’s kind of surprising YOU, Mikaela the queen of discussions HAVE INSECURITIES? But I guess we all do. My blogging voice is dfghjk basically I hate it. I DO think i read enough so that’s not of mine (but you should never feel like that! Reading s for FUN) I think EVERYONE sucks at reviewing but what helps me is writing the review like 1 second after the reading so I don’t forget anything. YOU ARE SO ORGINAL, what even? Your blog looks FABULOUS and it’s growing amazingly! WOW.

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    • OF COURSE I DO! I am highly sensitive in real life, so I feel like that bleeds into everything. Haha, same; I just feel like it doesn’t exist. Like at all. I’m more likely to take notes and then write it later! I feel like that works better for me, mainly since I usually write mini reviews no more than anything and try to see how many I can fit in one post. 😂 AW THANK YOU ILSA! 😘

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  3. this is a really great post, because i think every blogger asks themselves the same questions. but i think the most important thing is, that you have fun. i didn’t start blogging because i wanted to have the best, the prettiest and the most followed blog. i started it, to get down my thoughts on the books i read. the community is definitely a huge part, because i love to talk to others and get to know new people. but for me, most important is having fun. when i start typing a post and i am not having fun, i stop. because that’s not what it should be. you never should write for others, or what others want to see. just write what you want and have fun with it and everyone who loves your posts because they are you, will stick around. that’s the advice i can give. do it for you, not for others or it soon will become a chore you will have enough off soon!

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    • That’s definitely true! I personally do blog for other people since I WANT people to read and enjoy my blog, but for those who do it for themselves or whatever their idea for fun is – I know I like to push myself and plan and organize and that’s fun for me and that sounds stressful to other people lol – it’s definitely fantastic advice to heed! 😄

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  4. Wow !! That’s totally me. I have all the sane insecurities. I really don’t think my blog is good. It could be so much better. I also don’t understand what people mean by the blogging voice. I blog the way I talk and it’s EXTREMELY ordinary. I don’t have a lot of views and I go “oh that’s understandable”. So ya, too full of blogging insecurities. I do this because I like it and not for the views, but views & follows help when you’re requesting review copies 😛

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    • Same! I’ll always be so excited for a month full of posts, and then mid-way through the month, I’m like, “Okay, when’s the next month; I’m more excited for those posts!” 😂 AND YES! To me, it feels like you’re blogging voice is either “I’m so random and peppy and fun!” or not, which is why I feel like I don’t have one. 😬 They definitely do haha.

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  5. I’ve definitely felt all of these things at one point or another. It’s hard to not compare yourself to really successful bloggers and wish that yours could grow at the same rate. However, I just keep reminding myself that book blogging is something I do for FUN– it’s not a competition! 🙂 Awesome post!!

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  6. I’ve definitely felt each of these at one point or another. But I’m just really happy that our community is so supportive, and really helped me overcome these fears!

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  7. Yup. Basically all of those have happened at one time (sometimes all of the time!) the biggest one is not reading enough. In the summer I can only manage a book a week and sometimes people are doing 4+ reviews. I hope I can get back to that when the kids go to school!

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  8. I think most of us in the blogging community share, if not all, some of these insecurities..if they don’t they must be lying… we all have doubts about what we do, is it good enough, pretty enough, will people like it? we just have to learn to deal with them and not let them cripple us….It’s hard work (for me it is at least) I’m still a newbie here and sometimes I get sucked into the insecurities void and start to second guess myself… that´s when I just take a deep breath and try to push through..

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    • That’s definitely true! I feel that’s definitely magnified with blogging, since you can pretty much put your all into your blog…and it’s pretty much up to other people whether your blog makes it or breaks it, which is terrifying and can make you vulnerable, I guess? I feel that! As a newbie, I felt I didn’t understand anything I was doing and that I was doing it all wrong, but it was after a couple months where I felt a bit more comfortable! 😄


  9. This post is definitely not a post that I usually see, which is great!
    Having blogging insecurities is probably okay, because most of us all have these, especially when we go and look at other bloggers and see their booming and beautiful blogs, it can make sense why insecurities are a thing.
    But when you about about the fact that people take time out of your day to actually read your blog posts, it just all makes sense as to why we blog.
    Great post. 😊

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    • Definitely! Sometimes you see something else that you envy, and then all these insecurities start flying around! It doesn’t stop at blogging; it’s definitely relevant pretty much everywhere! 😄

      This is so true! There are some days where I just feel meh or I’m down in the dumps, and I just need to breathe and realize that what I’ve done so far is incredible, way beyond my expectations, and I did it all by myself! 😄

      Thank you! ❤

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      • Definitely, you can experience these things in other social areas like YouTube and more.
        Agreed! Some days I feel blahhh, and as if I don’t want to post, and sometimes I don’t, but sometime I manage to convince myself that my work is incredible, just like you’ve said.
        Your welcome!! ❤️😊

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  10. The personality thing is totally me, I always feel like my blog personality is super boring and don’t know how to fix it since irl I’m mostly just sarcastic and annoying.
    Also the thing about growing quickly is SO TRUE because there’s always people going faster and although realistically I know it’s because they post way more in the back of my head I just wonder why I suck.
    I loved this post!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha, same! I’m a sarcastic, cynical, whiny teenager, and I’m only funny in my head. 😂 Good on other people who are constantly funny and random and peppy, but that’s just not me, which makes me always think I don’t really have a blogging voice (also, if I forced myself to have that peppy spirit, I’d honestly hate myself lol).

      Yeah, definitely! I always have to remind myself that sometimes they’re networking more, they’ve been around longer, they have a different audience, etc. I think my main problem isn’t that people are growing, but more that when I see their growth is better than mine, my immediate thought is, “I must be doing something wrong,” even though that’s really not the case!

      Aw, thank you! 😘

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      • Exactly! I want everyone to grow, I just get a little discouraged when people grow way faster than me. In the end though, props to them for doing something right!

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      • Me too. But I just try to concentrate on my journey and have fun instead of looking at others and the progress they’ve made. I applaud It, but I try not to let it get me down 🙂

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    • I think we all are! 😂 I mean, I’ve seen people who’ve been blogging for four or five years, and it shows, and I’ve also discovered blogs that have been alive for that same amount of time, have awesome posts, is all over social media, has a pretty blog…and they only have 100-200 followers. I juggle between thinking you have to do something or is it pure luck! I feel like where I’m at right now, I legitimately didn’t think this would happen FOR YEARS. I barely thought I’d get 100 followers in my first year of blogging. So I’ve always attributed it to luck, personally! 🤷🏾‍♀️

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      • I think everything happens for a reason. People can’t just blow up like that. Something made people want to follow. I agree that luck plays a part, but there’s some underlining detail that they all probably have. I’m gonna figure it out. When I do, best believe I’m letting the cat out the bag 😁.

        I think the people over 500 are starting to figure it out even if y’all don’t realize it. Idk; it’s got me thinking though.

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  11. PLEASE STOP WITH THE RELATABLE POSTS, MIKAELA. I’m currently screaming over how extremely accurate this is. First of all, YESSS TO NOT READING ENOUGH. I definitely feel like I am a slow reader compared to a lot of people in the bookish people, and it makes me feel insecure. 😦 But there are the people who read 20 books in a month, and then there are the people who read 4 books in a month, so I’m lucky to read the amount I do, really! DUDEEEE the creativity/originality thing is a struggle. I’m always like “But so many people have already posted things like that…?” But really, it will be different because YOU have a different opinion! I just can’t make myself think that tho ahahah. I love this post! ❤

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    • NO NEVER. 😂 Yeah, my reading is just ALL OVER THE PLACE. I’m either finishing a book every two days or I’m ditching reading for movies and TV shows and blogging and YouTube. Right now, I’m in the “ditch reading” phase, and I’m okay with that, though I don’t really have anything to post on Mondays. 😬 I’ll be back in September with some October ARC reviews. 😂 SAME! My posts switch between “I haven’t seen anyone talk about it before” and “Literally everyone has said this before.” The curse of being late to the blogging game! Thank you, May! 😘

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  12. Honestly, I can relate to all of this. I have been blogging for nearly six years now and I still wonder if anyone even reads my blog and am so envious of some people who have been blogging for less time and have more followers and I have been through my fair share of reading and blogging slumps over the years too!

    But I also love blogging and don’t think I’ll stop anytime soon! Thanks for the great post 🙂

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  13. 5 & 6 absolutely. I remember my co-blogger struggling with should I or shouldn’t I switch to WP and buy a snazzy design, but it’s so much work to move over 4 years of posts. I saw a blog celebrating their first blogiversary and thanking their 2000 subscribers. Yeah, I felt horrible about my numbers, but I will admit, I don’t have the best social media game. I just won’t sacrifice my reading time for Twitter, Instagram, etc. And, Twitter is a really scary and hateful place, so I will just keep my small following and reading books.

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    • Yeah, that definitely sounds like a lot of work, especially if you’re on Blogspot! Even I freak out about moving eight months of work into WordPress.org. 🙃 Oh, wow, was it a book blog? I’ve seen some bloggers that just have incredible numbers when they start out and tech high numbers in a matter of weeks, and I’m just like, “How???” Haha, same! I’ve been on Twitter for a while now, and I’ve never run into bookish drama! Honestly, it’s only one part of bookish Twitter that does, and on the outside, 99.9% of the time, its drama that’s started FROM them, BUT THAT’S ALL I’LL SAY BEFORE I START RANTING. 😂


  14. Yeppp all of these! Your discussions are definitely original though – they’re my favourite thing about your blog 🙂 I feel six sooo much, but when I look back at how I blogged back when I started I do understand why my blog wasn’t growing so fast in the beginning 😂

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  15. I think we all feel like we match those points for the majority of our blogging lives. I really enjoy your blog and your reviews and I always look forward to reading your posts! ❤ I think you are doing a fantastic job and it takes real guts just to go public with a blog and personal thoughts! I honestly feel like anyone that doesn't experience any of these insecurities may be doing something wrong, haha!

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  16. I definitely struggle with #1, #6, and #7, but every so often I come upon a reminder that many of those I admire struggle with those same insecurities, and I take two things away from that. One is that these insecurities are not rooted in reason or logic, but in perspective. No matter how successful you are, you can be just as insecure.
    The second thing I take away is the fact that I have something in common with those successful writers I admire, and if I have one thing in common with them, I might have more in common with them.

    Thank you for sharing.

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    • Those are definitely great points you made! Even though I’m well aware that most other successful book bloggers that I admire feel the same way, I still am shocked when they admit it, mainly because everything just seems great from where I’m at! And that’s definitely true! Knowing your faves have insecurities definitely makes you feel like you can do anything! 😄

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      • Indeed. One of my favorite anecdotes on the subject is one Neil Gaiman tells, where he’s at a party and feels like an imposter among real shapers of history, only to hear “another Neil” express similar sentiments, to which Neil Gaiman replied “Yeah but you went to the Moon. I think that counts.”
        Still puts a smile on my face, the seeming absurdity of those two feeling as insecure as I sometimes do.

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  17. Ughhh this post is so freaking relatable! 😳

    #2 I’m a crap book reviewer. For starters, I’m the slowest reader ever. I only manage to read, on average, 2 books a month and I only review a book if I have some original thoughts about it. I’ve found myself enjoying reading everyone’s mini-reviews more and more and am thinking about doing them too, but it’ll be a few months down the line when I’ve actually read enough books o_O

    And ultimately #7 – we ALL feel this way. Especially me lately. I’ve had a hard time with managing my time when it comes to blogging that I haven’t blog-hopped in a REALLY long time. Commenting on my favorite blogger’s posts has totally gone down the tubes as well and because I’ve completely failed at putting myself out there for the past couple months, my blog traffic has taken a tremendous nosedive which is so disappointing and discouraging and sometimes I just want to quit. ^^’

    But I think your blog is #goals so hang in there! You’re doing a fantastic job and don’t let those Debbie Downer thoughts get to ya! 🐱 ❤

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    • Ugh, I feel you; I haven’t been reading much at all lately! So there haven’t been many reviews on my blog lately, and I’m okay with that since I’m watching great TV! 😂 Yeah, mini reviews are great! I personally do them more often since when I read, I read a lot, so it’s better to just summarize my points easily!

      Yeah, I really hate how your blog doing well is largely tied to your interaction. There are some days where I just don’t feel like commenting on everyone’s posts, and it annoys me that some people will automatically think that if I don’t comment on a post that that means they should stop commenting on mine…It does get disappointing sometimes!

      Aw, thank you so much Bridget! Your blog is fantastic as well! 😘

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  18. Dude. All of this. I literally think ALL OF THIS every single time I get on my blog. The reading one is more of an every day one because I really don’t read a lot anymore haha. BUT YES ALL OF THIS. But I love your blog and your blog is goals so shhhhhh

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  19. This post is just SO relatable, I could relate to every single thing on here. I see bloggers reading tons of books every month and I am amazed – I can’t read that many books because of work and life and I’m just not that fast a reader, but sometimes it makes me feel a bit insecure. And yes to everything about blogging: not being original enough, or good enough overall, the graphic and design thing, UGH YES haha to it all. I’m very prone to comparison just as well and it’s hard not to watch other bloggers and ask ourselves what we are doing wrong.
    Rest assured though, Mikaela: you are doing FABULOUS. I do think you have a blogging voice, great ideas and intake on many blogging and bookish topics – probably the reason why you’re one of the fastest growing blogs I have ever seen in my three years of blogging. So you’re doing GREAT, no need for any of these insecurities to tie you down 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I’m currently taking a break from reading so I can catch up on TV and movies (I literally can’t do both at the same time, no matter what I do lol), and it low-key stresses me out that I’m not reading much??? Oh well. 😂 I play the comparison game SO MUCH. I just can’t help it, and I wish I could stop, but I’m weak. 😝

      AW MARIE YOU ARE TOO NICE! 😍 Those are such encouraging words; thank you so much for the love, Marie! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • well…TV shows and movies are pretty cool as well so…don’t feel too guilty about it? 😂 also, you’ll come back to reading even more READY TO DEVOUR ALL OF THE BOOKS so that’s good!
        Oh you’re so welcome, just saying the truth! ❤ ❤ ❤

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  20. Someone, please tell me why I relate to each and every one of these insecurities…

    My problem is that I either completely concentrate on blogging, or I completely focus on reading. I NEED TO FIND A BALANCE. SOMEONE HELP!

    xoxo, Rawan M from RMAI

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  21. i’m sorry who are you BECAUSE I THINK YOU’RE ME RIGHT NOW.

    I relate so freaking hard to ALL OF THIS!! I always feel bad because I’m friends with fantastic bloggers, who get like one hundred followers per month, and I’m just in the corner, like “hi.”



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  22. Where do you get your images from? They’re so pretty 😀 I need to add more things like that into mine but I don’t know where to get the materials from. Any advice? Do you make some of them yourself?

    And I don’t know how people can read 20+ a month! I see it a lot and I can just about to that in a year. Less if I’m lucky haha these people must be speed readers and I must be a three legged turtle :’)


  23. I definitely have all of these. I just started book blogging a bit over a month ago and I constantly think these. I’m just glad I know I’m not the only one (though I wish you didn’t feel this way). Great post!


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