8 Tips For Gaining Blog Traffic Like A Boss

My name is Mikaela, and I have a problem with writing too many blogging tips related posts. Please forgive me.

I’ve talked a lot about how to grow your blog in general and also how to navigate the world of social networking, but I decided that it’d be nice to focus on giving tips when it comes to blog traffic. I’m sure we all want to have a high amount of views and likes and comments on our posts, but can’t really figure out how to get to that point. So, I thought I’d write up a post about some tips when it comes to gaining traffic, whether your blog has been around for a while, or it’s brand new!

Evaluate your stats.

I know that as bloggers, we’re supposed to do what we love and not care about the numbers and all that jazz, but I personally think it’s very helpful, and one of the reasons why my blog grew so much!

Seeing what’s working month to month and adjusting what you post or when you post based off of it definitely isn’t a bad thing. There are lots of people who say, “Don’t blog for your audience,” but isn’t the point of blogging to gain an audience? I know that it’s been crucial for me – I don’t post as many tags as I used to, I’ve started writing mini reviews, I stopped wasting so much time writing book recommendation and new releases posts, I write more discussions, I’ve started writing more posts related to blogging tips. And with that, my overall monthly views tend to increase every single month, along with the rest of my stats.

Stats have definitely helped me find my rhythm and help me figure out what I should and shouldn’t do, which has been super helpful (and I have a lot of fun with it).

Examine which posts work well and which posts don’t.

Jumping off my previous point, I also think it’s good to look at what posts exceed your expectations, fall short, or do okay no matter what. It can really cut down on stuff that you might not be enjoying as much as you thought it would.

I’ve talked a little about this before, but there are some early series that have completely died that I created in those early months of blogging. I used to do these posts called “Book Playlist” where I listed songs that fit the mood of the book. They were easy posts to write, but at the same time, they weren’t doing too hot in terms of stats, and I realized I wasn’t that into the idea either, so I quit. In an effort to get more views on my reviews, I announced a series called “Book Spotlight” where I’d review a book, then have a mini discussion related to it. This completely flopped, and the announcement was actually more popular than the two posts in the series I wrote, so I stopped that (and started Bite-Sized Reviews much later, which did really well). I also had Monthly Recommendations posts, but after spending hours and hours in them with little to no payback, I quit those, and I haven’t looked back since.

Sometimes, posts you’re excited about flop, which is totally okay! But I’ve always felt that if it’s a pattern, it’s not the best to continue doing it.

Comment in new circles.

I feel like once we’ve been blogging for a certain amount of time, we just stick with the same people we’ve been following and never bother to branch out. I can see how it’s so easy to do that; if the same people comment on your blog and your stats are doing well, we can become sort of stagnant, especially since we’re all really busy.

But I think it’s definitely valuable to comment in new circles or new blogs. Scour through the “book blog” tag on WordPress. Go to Bloglovin’ and see who some of your followers are following. Check out a new blog that you saw in someone else’s comment section. It’s definitely hard to be EVERYWHERE, but we don’t have to comment on every book blog under the sun. It’s always nice to branch out, though.

Promotion, promotion, promotion.

This is always a good thing. Much like the last point, it’s easy to get stagnant when it comes to this stuff when you have pretty great stats, but it’s always nice to reach out to a certain audience.

I feel like some people might be scared that they’ll put time into something and it’ll be wasted, but it’s always nice to try. If you enjoy taking pretty pictures of books, try Instagram! If you think Twitter will help your blog grow, sign up! If you think a discussion of yours on StumbleUpon will get big, download the app! There are so many social media sites for everything, and I feel like if you’re curious about something, just do it.

Do all the commenting, all the time.

When I first started out, commenting was huge for me. Nowadays, most people find me via Twitter, Internet searches, and when I’m linked in blog posts and tags, but when I first started out, I got a lot of readership just by commenting around on popular blogs that I really enjoyed!

I know I personally enjoy scouring comment sections of discussion posts to see how everyone else feels and can sometimes find new blogs that way. Plus, the more you comment, the more visible you make yourself. Commenting becomes less and less crucial when you start to really build a following, but when you have nothing to go on, this can be really helpful!

Join in on memes and link-ups.

For me, I know memes and link-ups haven’t really helped me at all, but I know for most people, it’s been really helpful for them!

I think the meme you choose definitely plays a part in what growth you’ll gain from it. I personally find that the most popular ones are overwhelmingly Top Ten Tuesday, Top 5 Wednesday, and WWW Wednesday, though there are many others and multiple memes for every day of the week.

Link-ups might also be helpful! I know there are lots of people who use Saturday Situation to advertise posts and giveaways, and the Discussion Challenge has a monthly link-up for discussion posts if you sign up for it (which is very simple). People might be more inclined to find your posts through there!

Sign up for Twitter.

I avoided Twitter for a long time based off the fact that it has a lot of drama surrounding it, but, thankfully, it really depends on who you choose to follow.

I used to be on Instagram to try to gain more traffic from there, and it spectacularly flopped. I ended up caving and signing up for Twitter, and within a week of being on the app, I got way more views and traffic than I had when I was on Instagram for three months. It’s naturally grown, and I now have people who have solely found me because people share my posts on Twitter, which is awesome!

Be patient.

I am actually the poster child for impatience. I’m terrible at waiting for things, and I’m one of those people that easily quits things because I expect to do well, and when it’s not working out exactly like I thought it would, I can’t stand it. It doesn’t matter if I lower my expectations or not – in the back of my head, I’m still hoping that I’ll go viral by some miracle.

I actually almost quit blogging after a pretty bad day when it came to my stats way back in January, my first official month of blogging. I ended up pushing through, and lo and behold, my hard work paid off. It was definitely slow-going, but it was all pretty much worth it when I got featured on WordPress back in September or when I reached 1,000 followers or that I’m super close to my first ever blogging anniversary. It’s all worth it, I swear!

Do you have any tips when it comes to gaining blog traffic? 


51 thoughts on “8 Tips For Gaining Blog Traffic Like A Boss

  1. Great tips as always! I never really think to analyze my stats but it makes a lot of sense. I have noticed a few things like the fact that I seem to get less views on the weekends so I no longer post on Saturdays. There is probably a lot more I could learn if I paid more attention.

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  2. Commenting I found was a big thing!
    I use the search bar to find topics interested in and read those posts and comment! I may not follow each blog from each post I read, but I comment and check out some of their other posts. If I like the recent content, I’ll follow!
    Link ups weren’t helpful and memes were more so, but I enjoy the link ups more I think!

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  3. thank you for these tips!! I also love to look through the comments, it’s so much fun 🙂 I’ve found so many cool blogs that way (including this one!) ❤

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  4. This is actually super helpful, thank you! Now that I have my blog off and running (I only started in October) I think that these tips could be helpful to grow my blog to where I want it to be. I already have a personal twitter, and have been promoting through that. Ironically, it is Instagram I am most curious about at the moment.

    Thanks again for posting :]

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  5. Thank you for this post! I’m still struggling to apply them to my own blog, but I know I have to keep trying and not let my low numbers get me down. I’d like to start trying Top Ten Tuesday, but I’m afraid it won’t keep anyone’s interest as I don’t read a lot of newer books. Anyway, congrats on your almost-there-anniversary!

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    • Hey Rebeccah! 🙂

      I used to do Top Ten Tuesday when I first started out blogging quite regularly and I would feature a lot of the same books too, simply because I hadn’t read as many books or didn’t have as many of them fresh on my mind – and it still worked out just fine! You could also use the link up to discover new blogs and to leave comments on other people’s posts as it helps getting your name out there!

      As a bit of a lift-me-up, we all start out with low numbers and it’s through dedication to blogging that they start rising – sometimes sooner sometimes later, but they do! 🙂

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    • No problem! I feel that! My numbers have been pretty meh this month, probably because I’ve been on a hiatus, which sucks, since it feels like I’m starting from the bottom all over again after getting to a spot where I was really happy with my stats! So don’t feel bad! 😄 Thank you!


  6. I also saw an increase in traffic when I joined Twitter. It definitely doesn’t bring me the same amount of view as some other things, such as WordPress followers or search engines, but it helps. I also get a small but kind of steady amount of views from Pinterest, even though a lot of book bloggers don’t really use Pinterest. So any social media can be a good start, I think.

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    • Yeah, I think a large majority of my views come from here, then it’s search engines, then probably Twitter? My search engine results are usually super old reviews of mine while Twitter targets more of my recent posts, though. I’ve seen some book bloggers who use Pinterest effectively, but I can’t figure it out for the life of me. 😂


  7. These are all such fantastic tips, Mikaela! I feel like I really need to work more on a lot of things when it comes to gaining traffic because I’ve gotten rather lazy lately, especially when it comes to commenting outside of my usual list of people! Which is really quite sad because I’m sure I’m missing out on so many fantastic blogs that I just haven’t discovered yet!

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    • Thank you! And I feel that! I’ve gotten lazy with commenting back as well, lately, which sucks! I need to make some time for it. 🙈 I do really want to start branching out to different blogs! Someday, I might check out a friend’s blog, go through their comment section, and find some blogs to look at! 😄

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      • We should totally make it like a project for 2018 or something to visit as many different blogs as possible. I even feel like my reader is filled with too much of the same things because I follow so little people but also a lot of people from the same circle. Might make that my mission for 2018!


  8. write good content? that’s all I got. I don’t really have any tips as I’m the least person to ask about getting traffics to your blog as I’ve never really successfully gotten a lot of readers. I moved around to new urls a lot. but one thing I found that keeps me reading a blog is humor. if you write with humor, I’ll stick around.

    have a lovely day.

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  9. Thanks for the blog post. Really helpful. Did twitter help you much when you first got a twitter account because I have one and, although I do get one or two people from promoting on Twitter, it is not much.
    And how long did it take for your blog to start picking up? Just a curious question. Anyone can answer these questions because I am curious to see how people do on their blogs. 🙂

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  10. All of these tips are REALLY GREAT. I’m finding that since I started posting less after starting a full-time job, it’s almost like I have to start over w/ my audience because my views have gone down so much. But I’m definitely going to take your advice and try some of these things to help get my traffic up again 🙂

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  11. I think being patient is definitely a big one, I’ve been blogging for six years altogether and being patient is difficult sometimes. I’ve gotten some new followers recently, but they don’t do anything, they are just there.

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  12. Love the tips, and I look forward to reading more of your posts! I found your blog from a link to this article from kourtnireads.wordpress.com! I’ve found the bookish community here, Twitter and IG to be a friendly place and loaded with a diverse range of recommendations! Good luck to all!

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  13. These are really great tips! When I first started blogging, my stats were really great! But lately I’ve hit a plateau and all stats are pretty much the same, not growing any. I’m going to try some of these tips and see if they’ll *hopefully* help! Also, this is the first time I’ve heard of your blog and you’ve got a new follower! I found you from Kourtni’s Around the Blogosphere post 🙂

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  14. I AGREE! About 6 months ago I stopped posting because of some family issues. But ever since I’ve returned I realized that I have to be patient and re-grow my audience again. All I have to stay is that it’s worth it. To see your website go from 0-30 subscribers in a 2-month sprint is AMAZING! If you are tempted to stop, don’t. I promise that it is worth it.

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  15. Thank you so much for this post, it really benefitted me a lot. I’m a nooby blogger so I appreciate this content a lot. I really need to try out Twitter, I’ve always assumed that it was ‘dead’. I now see it with new eyes so thank you once again.

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  16. I love these tips! As a new blogger whose big thing is food pics, I’m finding that Instagram is the place I’m getting most of my click-through from. I wonder if twitter might be the next one to try…

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