Announcement | A Schedule Change, Wrap-Ups, & Mini Reviews

I know what you’re probably thinking: “Mikaela, isn’t this the 13809481 time you’ve made some sort of change to your blog?”

Yes, yes it is. But is it really my book blog if I don’t make some sort of drastic change five times a year?

(The answer is no, no it isn’t.)

#1: A brand new blogging schedule!

For a very long time on this blog, I’ve been posting reviews on Mondays, and shoving everything else on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. I must bid this schedule goodbye as I move on to posting on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, leaving Sundays open for reviews. There are several reasons I’m making this (very terrifying) switch.

  • Weekends are left open for commenting duties. In 2018, one of my blogging resolutions is to do way more in terms of social networking. Saturdays are now reserved for commenting back on the blogs that commented on my own – much like I have been doing in recent months – and now, on Sundays, I’m going to be going through the comment sections of various other blogs to reach new people! I feel like I tend to visit the same blogs over and over again when it comes to commenting back, and I really want to expand my blogging circle, hence this decision.
  • It’s literally every other day. I’m one of those people that mildly panics that a two-day break means all my readers will forget me and I will fade into extinction. So why not have a literal “every other day” schedule to fix this problem?

#2: Wrap-ups are making a comeback.

Since the beginning of time, I have basically refused to do monthly wrap-ups. I did it once in my first month of blogging, then quickly gave it up because they were super boring to write, and, okay, I’m a lazy teenager who hates linking and having to approve 840248024 things after posting it. SUE ME.

But after a year of blogging, I’ve learned that I don’t have to follow the status quo. I’m starting monthly wrap-ups back up again, but instead of talking about books and linking back to all the posts I’ve watched, I’ll be talking about the movies and TV shows I’ve watched, stuff that happened in my personal life, etc. I have lots of thoughts on movies and shows, and I don’t really have the opportunity to talk about them on the blog, and I think wrap-ups are the best way to talk about them! I’m ditching talking about books for a couple of reasons:

  • Literally no one clicks the links you provide. Literally no one. So, there’s no reason to waste time linking and approving posts I’ve written in that month since I know no one really actually cares.
  • I’ll be reviewing books throughout the month. I’m going to be expanding on this in my next point, but since I do mini reviews, and I’m reading way ahead of when I’m posting them, I expect to not run out so easily. I feel like it’s boring and repetitive to express my thoughts on books I’ve already talked about, so I’m not going to say the same things twice.
  • Everyone who wanted to read my posts read them already. Personally, when it comes to posting, the popularity of a blog post is basically around two days when it comes to liking and commenting. After that, there’s really not much activity. I could link to all the posts I’ve written for the month, but since the same people tend to read my posts, I don’t think it’s necessary.

#3: From now on, all reviews will be mini reviews.

I’ve been taking a fancy to writing mini reviews for several books at a time for a while now, and I’m pretty sure you guys do as well! My mini reviews have gotten way more interaction than ones where I just rambled on and on about one book, and I’m glad for that, since I didn’t enjoy writing those types.

From now on, all my reviews are going to be mini reviews! I don’t think this is a surprise to anyone since that’s basically what I was doing (at least, before I went on a reviewing drought for, like, half a year. Oops)!

#4: I will be celebrating my blogiversary!

So, yeah, I’m well aware that I was supposed to celebrate my blogiversary on Wednesday, and I didn’t really do that at all, but, in my defense, my stats have been lackluster ever since I’ve come back (which is really disappointing because before I left, I was finally getting numbers I was satisfied with, and now it’s like I have to start ALL OVER AGAIN) and I was a bit busy planning my blogging reboot. The Q & A post will probably be up on Christmas Eve, and if not, it’ll be up on Wednesday, so DO NOT FRET.

#5: All these changes will be implemented come January.

In the next couple of days, my posts will be total and complete trash, to be honest. I’m probably going to post my Q & A, a couple of tags, and a book haul, and that’s basically it. I’ll be back to my more creative posts once January comes along complete with talking about the best and worst books of 2017, 2018 blogging and reading resolutions, the 2017 End of the Year Survey, and so much more! But, at the moment, I guess I’ll end my first ever blogging year with a whimper, and not a bang.

What do you think about my changes? Are you excited about my blog revamp?

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18 thoughts on “Announcement | A Schedule Change, Wrap-Ups, & Mini Reviews

  1. I love these changes! I may have to adapt my own. I might do more mini reviews, but only do long reviews for 5 star books or something. Instead of making a monthly TBR I decide to do wrap ups. Every time I make a TBR for the month, I change every book I planned to read. I’ve also decided to do weekly What Are You Reading Wednesday blog posts I can at least update people on my “current reads”.

    Thanks for an awesome post!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m glad you’re taking matters into your own hands and changing your blog to be the way you want it to be! And yes, I so agree — I love writing mini-reviews even more than longer reviews?? And it keeps me focused on not rambling ahaha. Also, I completely relate to having to start all over stats-wise! I went on a month-long hiatus in September (besides a few ARC reviews I had to post), and my stats were super high those months, but they dropped a lot and I’m still struggling to bring them back up ahaha.


  3. I envy that you actually have a blogging schedule. I do not and simply because I’m not organized and I don’t like having to post just because it’s scheduled.

    honestly, when people change their blogging habits, I just go with it. what I choose to read, it’s up to me and what you choose to post and when you choose to post, is up to you. so make any changes you want. you really don’t need your readers approval do you?

    I love short/mini reviews, I do a lot of those myself but my blog is not a book blog so I don’t know. does it matter how long the reviews are? I read all types of reviews before selecting a book to read so long or short didn’t matter to me.

    have a lovely day.


  4. I AM SO EXCITED FOR WRAP UPS I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU TO RETURN TO THE DARK SIDE. I mean…Well. I am excited okay. I don’t recap the posts I posted in my wrap up so I don’t have to approve all the pingbacks? I do 3 posts and that were most popular and thats it?! And I talk about my life too! So do your wrap ups however you want. And I think the mini review idea is super cool! Excited for 2018 x


  5. Yo, being divergent is best! And wrap-ups are so fun – I love reading them. Though writing them is hard, it’s either going to sound super boring or not great?

    Sometimes i check out the links in wrap-ups, especially if they’re favorite posts from other bloggers. I love reading other bloggers & I often discover other blogs through wrap-ups.
    Also, sorry that your stats have been down! That’s frustrating. 😦


  6. Yay for blog revamp! I’m excited for more mini reviews too since I definitely prefer them over full reviews. They’re fun, quick and help me learn about MORE new books faster! Good luck finishing up the year and getting ready for 2018! 🙂


  7. Best of luck for implementing all of these changes! It’s so great you’re trying to comment more and expand your circle – I want to do that more as well, but there are so many blogs and so little time to see everything… it’s just SO HARD to be organized, ahah 🙂
    Mini reviews are such a great way to talk about books without spending a whole lot of time trying to put together a full-length review. They’re also really fun to read overall, so, yay! 😀
    Best of luck for all of this revamp and HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! Don’t let some stats get you down. numbers mean nothing, really, I mean, you are writing fabulous posts and I feel like you have been blogging for years. Be proud of yourself 😀
    Wishing you a great new year! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel that! I’m trying to get more organized when it comes to blogging, but we’ll see how everything works out once school starts back up again! 😅

      Yes, I love mini reviews! They’re much easier and fun to write! 😄

      Aw, thank you so much for the kind words, Marie! 😘 I know I’m going to have to put a lot of hard work into my blog to get them back, but I’m willing! 😄 Wishing you a great new year as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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