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I mean, long time no see, you guys! I’ve been busy preparing all my posts for January, which I’m SUPER excited to post and show off to you guys because they’re gorgeous and I worked hard on them, but I decided to come back to the blog on the last day of the year (!!!) and do this fun tag I’ve been seeing around that was created by Jenniely @ A Page of Jenniely!

Basically, there’s a list of questions, and you have to check them off if you’ve done them, then count them up to see if you’re a naughty or nice book blogger. Clearly, this is already setting me up for complete and utter failure, but let’s get to it!

1.) Have you received an ARC and not reviewed it? ✔️<
h, yes, definitely! I requested a physical ARC a long time ago for He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly, and I got it a couple of days later, which filled me with joy, especially since I hadn’t had too great of blog stats in the first place.

And then I never went on to actually read it. I KNOW, THE SHAME. And I had three months to read it, too. And I still own a copy of this book. It haunts me on my bookshelf.

(I still feel really bad at getting a free book and not actually reviewing it, though.)

2.) Do you have less than 60% feedback rating on Netgalley? ❌<<
m proud to say that I have an 86% feedback ratio on Netgalley! Granted, I’ve only been given access to 36 books and sent feedback for 31 AND I personally haven’t been using the site to request books anymore, but it’s definitely nice to have!

3.) Have you rated a book on Goodreads and promised a full review was to come on your blog (and never followed through)? ❌<<
on’t have Goodreads anymore, but when I did, I carried through and had reviews for all the books I read! It was basically like how blogging is like for me now – I enjoyed getting more Friends and more likes and more comments, so I was determined to write as many reviews as I could.

4.) Have you folded down the page of a book? ✔️ IT WAS AN ACCIDENT.

I mean, I can’t really remember any specific instances, but I do remember times where I’ve accidentally closed a book incorrectly or thrown it into my backpack with a bunch of other heavy stuff, and it comes out all crinkled later on. I AM SO SORRY, BOOKS.

5.) Have you accidentally spilled something on a book? ❌ Oh heck no. I make sure to keep the book far, far away from me if I’m thirsty and need to drink some sort of liquid so it doesn’t get messy. You can say that it dries all you want but the PAGES! COME OUT! CRINKLED!

6.) Did you DNF a book this year? ✔️ Of course I did! I’d be shocked if someone said they didn’t. I only DNF-ed six books this year, which I don’t think is too bad, to be honest.

  • The Edge of Everything. This book was way too weird for my taste after about thirty pages of it.
  • Replica. I was initially drawn in by the concept, but reading the exact same thing from two different people became boring really quickly, so I gave up.
  • Bad Little Girl. Literally nothing thriller-y had happened in this book after reading around 35% percent in, so there wasn’t anything worth staying for.
  • Blood Rose Rebellion. Yet another boring book after a couple of chapters. 2017 was the year of boredom.
  • All Rights Reserved. I was really disappointed about this one because the concept was golden until it became Yet Another Dystopian™.
  • Jane, Unlimited. I expected something totally different from what I had gotten, and I struggled to get into the characters, unfortunately.

7.) Have you bought a book purely because it was pretty with no intention of reading it? ❌ Yeah, no. I’m poor, so I don’t get the opportunity to buy books very often, and I’m not going to waste it on a nice cover. Maybe I’ll be attracted enough to a cover to check out the summary and some reviews, but otherwise, I’m more intrigued by books I’ve already heard of!

8.) Have you read whilst you were meant to be doing something else? ✔️ Every single time I opened a book when I have free time in school even though I have ALL THE SCHOOL THINGS TO DO. I’m a mess, really.

9.) Have you skim read a book? ✔️ Sometimes, if I’m reading a book in an entire day, I’ll skip over certain passages or my eye will glaze over because the character will repeat something that’s already been mentioned a million times, so why waste time reading I again? Also, I cannot keep up with or picture fight scenes for the life of me. I do love me some action scenes in movies and television shows, though.

10.) Will you completely miss your Goodreads goal? ❌ I didn’t make a Goodreads goal, so, technically, I didn’t miss anything. YES I AM CHEATING; SUE ME.

11.) Have you borrowed a book and not returned it? ✔️ FUNNY STORY: when City of Heavenly Fire came out, I was desperate to get my hands on a copy because Magnus and Alec had just broken up in the last book, AND I NEEDED THEM TO BE BACK TOGETHER FOREVER. It was way too expensive, though, but a friend on the track team was kind enough to lend me her copy after she was finished reading it! I ended up reading all 800+ pages in two days, mainly because I was at an all-day track meet for my brother.

It had been the end of the school year, and I knew she was leaving our school to go to another one, but I didn’t think she was leaving so soon. But I came back to give her her book, and she had apparently decided to leave a week early. And never came back. So, now I still have this copy of the book from the seventh grade.

(Really, it was her fault.)

12.) Have you broken a book buying ban? ❌ Once again, I’m poor, so I’m eternally on a book buying ban, and I have no way to break it, so…

13.) Have you started a review, left it for ages, then forgot what the book was about? ✔️ In the early years of blogging, yeah, I did. There was this book titled The Last To Die, which was an e-ARC, and I started writing a review straight after I finished it, wasn’t up to the mood to writing it, and then I didn’t continue writing it until, like, a month later. I had literally forgotten all the character names and had to scroll through the book to find them all. #NeverAgain

14.) Have you written in a book you were reading? ✔️ I mean, I’m in high school, and I had to annotate outside reading books and write papers on them last year, so, yeah, of course. And sometimes, the teachers tell us to write notes in our books for studying. So it’s pretty darn important.

15.) Have you finished a book and not added it to your Goodreads? ❌ When I was on Goodreads, I added pretty much every book I finished. I WAS GREEDY FOR THEM LIKES, YA’LL.

Naughty or Nice? I got out 8 out of 15, so I guess I’m naughty? WHOOPS.

Have you done any of the things on this list? DID YOU MISS ME WHILE I WAS GONE? (lol, jk) Also, if you’re reading this, you’re officially tagged!


30 thoughts on “Am I Naughty Or Am I Nice? | The Bookish Naughty List Tag

  1. I actually have not DNF-ed a book this year. Or ever really. There were two books in middle school that i was forced to read and seriously disliked, so i never finished those two. Otherwise, I finish what I start. Mostly because for the past five years I have been reading my way through the Gilmore Girl list and in order to cross the book off I have to actually read it and I’m too dang competitive to not get it done! I even made it through James Joyce’s Ulysses because of this list. lol

    This post was fun! I have four yes’s – i have accidentally spilled on a book (i have three kids so it’s not always entirely my fault and i ALWAYS feel guilty about it), i have definitely read while i was supposed to be doing something else, i have definitely written in a book (after all, i read ulysses, notes are required lol), and technically i have read tons of books and not put them on my goodreads; but mainly because i don’t have a goodreads account. lol

    Welcome back!

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    • Ah, I’m in awe of people who finish all the books! I’m very impatient and I tend to read books I’m not enjoying slower than ones I do, which is probably why I give up on them so quickly, so I can move on to better ones! But good for you, that’s awesome!

      Oh, yeah, I have a dog, and she loves sniffing books but I always make sure she doesn’t slobber all over them. 😂 And oh my God when I signed up for Goodreads, I literally spent a full hour adding and rating books I’d read in elementary school; I was actually ridiculous. 🙈

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      • hahaha goodreads sounds like it would take up all my time if i joined!

        i definitely read them slower. which is annoying. it will take me weeks to get through 50 pages of a book i don’t like, whereas if i enjoy the book i can knock out over 200 pages in a day, even with three kids running around.

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    I’m not even rich enough for a book buying ban tbh. I ENVY THOSE WHO HAVE THE LUXURY TO GO ON BANS. Like, I’m here begging for books. AND AHH AN ARC YOU DIDN’T REVIEW?!?1 I have 2 unread ARCs that I need to get onto ASAP but I have a feeling I won’t get to the second one for a while. EEK! You’re not missing out much on Replica it wasn’t THAT amazing, meh even. I actually HAVE bought a book because of a pretty cover and didn’t end up liking the book that much. OOPS. Not doing that again (I hope)

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      SAME! Like I can’t afford to buy books in the first place so how can I go on a ban??? I mean, I have WAY more unread ARCs. I still have a couple from October and November??? Oops??? Yeah, I’ve heard meh things, so I thought it was best I skip it. It is SO PRETTY though. I could never do that! I think it’s synopsis first for me, always.

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  3. I have 4 yes from this list from 15 so that must mean I’m nice. Then again, I’m not a book blogger so some of these things don’t apply to me. Can’t wait to read more of your entries. But yea I have definitely folded a page of a book (by accident), read while I should be doing important things, will completely miss my Goodreads goal (I only read 35 out of 50), and broken my book buying ban by buying some books. Even though I never DNF’ed a book, I did not like The Edge of Everything. It was just messy. Did not connect with the characters. The world wasn’t developed enough. Oh and some major insta-love. Cannot stand it. Although I did like Replica. I liked the perspectives but I just wish it was dual perspective because that would have fit better. I do like it enough to finish the duology. This is actually first recent post seeing from you so I can’t wait to hear more of you!

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    • It is! Ooh, surprisingly, only this year I’ve started using bookmarks??? And I actually like them! I used to use the inside flaps for hardcovers or random pieces of paper to keep my place. 😂 Yeah, I really need to work on my reviewing speed. Once I get into it, I can’t stop, but the starting point is always difficult.


  4. The ARC thing happened to me. I had like 3 or 4 books on Eidelweiss, but then my Adobe Digital Editions stopped working. I downloaded the app. It still didn’t work. Now that I have it working, months later, I went back. However, I can’t get any of those books back XD. I don’t know if I should just forget about the old ones and move on or not, and I hope that it doesn’t affect some sort of score of mine.

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    • Ugh, I feel that! There’s this thing called the First To Read Program where Penguin will offer certain early copies of books online, and you can enter a raffle to win them. One time, I got a book, but didn’t download it because you have a time period to read he book before the file expires, and I wanted as much time as I could. On the last day I could download it, it said the download wasn’t possible. I WAS SO ANNOYED. 🙃

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    • Ah, thank you; I actually have never watched Bob Ross (THE HORROR), but my friends who have grown up with him made me learn about him. XD

      (Also, I freakishly answered this so quickly because I’m on WordPress right now, not because I’m stalking my notifications; I swear!)


      • I was one of those people who I grew up watching Bob Ross, I used to sit with my grandmother and watch TV, we loved watching him paint beautiful landscapes.

        I wasn’t worried, I’ve been on WordPress and replied right away.

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    Dude, same. I mean I LOVEEE my pretty covers, but I barely buy any books?? I think I bought like… two this year. 😂 And it was after much pondering and reading lots of reviews to make sure I'd like them!! And god, I wonder who can NOT DNF a book??? Why do you willingly choose to put yourself through a bad book??? 😂

    And ugh, I have reviews from like October to write, and even though I wrote down notes and stuff, I STILL can't remember enough?? And I think we all have read while instead of doing something we were supposed to — like sleep. (aka what I'm doing right now 😂)


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      Aw, man, I convinced my mom to buy me a lot of books this year, so there was that??? But, otherwise, I bought the most books with my birthday money. And, yep, I do that now because I once spent all my Christmas money on a bunch of books that I consider my least favorite series, so that was a waste of my time. 😂 I CANNOT DO THAT. I have about zero patience.

      Psh, yeah, I still have October ARCs??? Oops. I blame everything on my reading slump, tbh. 😅

      I AM TOO!

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