Can Blog-Hopping Become A Burden On Book Bloggers?

I tend to be blog-hopping’s biggest fan.

  • I get to meet new bloggers. I know when I was a smol newbie blogger, when bigger blogs with 500+ followers even bothered to interact with me, whether they replied to my comments on their posts or tagged me in blogging awards or showed some love on my own posts. It was a huge source of encouragement for me (and it still is!!!), so I enjoy giving that joy to other people!
  • I give back to the bloggers who have given to me. If someone is nice enough to take the time to write a comment on my blog post, it’s just nice to return the favor, you know? Not to mention that it really helps foster relationships.
  • I enjoy interacting with others. I mean, isn’t that pretty much the entire point of blogging? Getting to talk and share your opinions with others so you feel less alone (and so you can eventually rule the world)?

But we simply can’t ignore it: sometimes, blog-hopping and social networking straight up sucks.

And that’s what I wanted to put on the spotlight today.

In the months of November and December, I did so poorly at blog-hopping and commenting back, and I absolutely hated it. I mean, it just gets boring when you shout into the void, but don’t bother to read other people’s attempts at shouting into the void.

We always seem to overlook that it can sometimes be a lot of hard work and a burden among bloggers everywhere, and I wanted to talk about that today!

truth #1: i need to be in a certain mood to blog-hop.

Name it, and I’m probably the Mood™ version of that. I’m a mood reader and a mood blogger when it comes to writing posts and such, and the same thing applies to blog-hopping. When I’m not in the mood to comment on any posts, I really don’t bother too put in a lot of effort, which doesn’t help everyone. Whereas when I’m in the mood to comment, my excitement about it makes me want to comment on anything and everything that my Reader provides!

The same thing can be said about commenting back! I do enjoy giving back to the community and looking through blogs and posts that I wouldn’t have ordinarily stumbled upon, especially if I want some inspiration. But when I’m too exhausted to do it, I don’t even bother, since I know I’ll just take a lot of shortcuts.

truth #2: it can be really, really tough sometimes.

Surprisingly, most of us have some sort of life outside of blogging, whether it’s school, work, taking care of family, writing books, bookstagram, extracurricular activities, reading, and just plain fun stuff and hobbies! Who knew? And that can often translate into not having enough time to carry out all of our blogging duties, blog-hopping being one of them.

Though pretty much every blogger out there understands, since we’re all pretty much in a similar situation, it does suck that it always tends to boomerang back to your own blog. I mean, sometimes the lack of interaction that I don’t give in means that people might skip out commenting on my own (which I will be forever salty about because it implies that commenting is something we’re only obligated to do when said blogger comments on our blog, which is dumb) and I don’t think any of us want our blog stats to suffer.

truth #3: commenting can be a tricky business.

It really can be! Even right now, I’m being candid when I say that my comment sections aren’t the same way they used to be before I took a hiatus, and I’m still trying to figure out how to get people to comment on my posts. It also can serve as a bit of a dilemma because I just don’t know what to do – I mean, what else is there when you’ve commented on the posts in your feed, commented on the posts of brand new bloggers, reply back to your own comments, and post interesting posts…and it seems like you can still only manage to get ten people to comment? Honestly – it can be quite frustrating.

If I do manage to get a lot of comments, having to sift through them all when it comes to replying and commenting back is a lot of work and can get really tiring, especially after having to reply to all those comments in the first place AND visit new blogs. It’s a lot of hard work, and, sometimes, you just need to take a break and step away from it all!

do you think that blog-hopping can sometimes be a burden? what are some problems you have dealing with blog-hopping?


137 thoughts on “Can Blog-Hopping Become A Burden On Book Bloggers?

  1. It really can be a burden. It is so important as far as meeting and connecting with fellow bloggers, but there are so many blogs to visit and comment on, and so little time. And, if you get behind, wowsa! I had email subscriptions I was keeping up with daily, and I got in to a slump, and the holidays came, and now I’m catching up on 1000+ emails, and I my own blog comments and likes have suffered too. I am not getting the great discussions on my posts I once was because I got behind with visiting others. I wish there was a better way to keep up without the stress!

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  2. Mikaelaaaaa! This post is 500000% relevant to me!

    I went on the longest stint of doing barely any blog-hopping – I’m sure everyone noticed my absence and forgot about my existence *cries into the void!!!* and because of this my stats took an absolute nose dive, there was hardly any interaction on my own blog, and my motivation to even blog at all crashed and burned. I tried my best to hang on, but ultimately I was posting things pretty willy nilly.

    This is aaaalll due to the intense stress I’ve been under at work for the past THREE months. Real life SUCKS. Adulting is terrible – Mikaela, don’t grow up. Become Peter Pan or something! 😩

    But I’m back now. The stress is still there. My workload is still bonkers, but I’ve just reached the point where I refuse for work to be the reason I don’t want to blog in my spare time. I’ve been blog-hopping like crazy and catching up on all the posts I’ve missed – LIKE THIS ONE! – and it’s been a good time.

    But yes – blog-hopping is definitely a burden. It takes time and you need to be in the right mood for it. I went through several months where all I wanted to do was lay in bed and watch BookTube videos on my phone haha, but I’m glad to say the blog-hopping mood is now in session. 🙌🏻

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    • I FEEL THIS!

      High school has been killing me lately, and I swear, I feel like I’ve knocked out one super stressful thing, and, oops, there goes another one! I had a mini crisis a couple of days ago because I realized I couldn’t think of a day in the last two years or so where I wasn’t stressed about SOMETHING, which is ridiculous. I’m only 17 years old. I SHOULDNT BE DEALING WITH THIS. 😭

      And yeah, sometimes I just lie around and go through bookstagram or watch shows instead of blog-hopping. Oops.

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  3. Awesome topic! I agree with you that blog hopping can be difficult at times, especially when you go on a popular book meme like Sunday Post and you try to comment on everyone’s posts, but sometimes you just can’t comment on everyone’s post because it’s too much.

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  4. Although I am 100% in favour of blog-hopping, I DO find it trying at times. It is so very time intensive! Time that could be spent reading or writing your own blog posts.
    I realize that it is absolutely necessary. It is a way to discover other bloggers, support the ones you respect and who respect yours in return. “Blogger networking’ if you will…
    I follow hundreds of blogs and it is a supreme effort to keep up with them all.
    The fact is – it is sometimes ‘work’. Work, that if it is neglected, will show in your own blog stats eventually.

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  5. I feel this post so much! I’ve been struggling with this for a while now (like for a year and a half or something) Keeping up your own blog is already so much work, reading other people’s posts and then commenting is a lot more work and even if you have the time you just don’t always have the energy for it. I completely understand what you mean by having to be in the mood for it. There are plenty of times where instead of watching Netflix I could blog hop, but I’m just not feeling it and it’s frustrating. Thanks for this post! 🙂

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  6. This is perfectly applicable to me! I am just restarting my blog after a year or so hiatus. Today, I have decided to blog hop. I want to make it a daily thing but it can be hard. I don’t do too much during the day, but I am looking for a job, planning a wedding, and enjoying my hobbies. Life can get busy for sure! Thanks for writing this. I look forward to reading more of your posts.


  7. I’ve only been blogging for 3 weeks, and in that time I have learnt that in order for blog-hopping to be fun, I have to put varied and interesting terms into the search bar, or the same posts keep coming up; that sometimes I’m in the mood for visuals and sometimes for long-reads; that if I want to scroll through and hit like out of politeness, I shouldn’t be blog-hopping right now; and that I should only leave a comment when I have truly engaged with a post. I think it’s obvious when you’re only superficially engaged. Thank you for this post.


  8. I feel this so much. I consider myself to still be a newer blogger. I don’t know at what point that stop but at least for a while I feel I’ll consider myself that. I try to comment on at least a few blogs a couple times a week. But, it’s really discouraging when you don’t get any comments on your own posts.


  9. Oh I was just thinking about this the other day. I love getting comments and that is, ultimately, what I strive for. But then there are days when not too many comments come in and I think (for just a few seconds) oh, good. I am too tired to comment back today. Then you start wondering how to get more comments again, right? Great discussion!

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  10. I’m so glad I found this post! I’m brand new to blogging…. like didn’t know what “blog-hopping” meant when I opened the link.. new 🙈 Reading your thoughts and the subsequent comments was really insightful! I feel like I just stumbled on excellent blogging advice and I’m grateful 🙏🏻

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