January Recap ’18 | I Loved Lady Bird, Finished Spartacus, Listened To Fall Out Boy, & More

Welcome, welcome to my first ever monthly recap for the year of 2018!

I said late last year that something I really wanted to do was bring back monthly wrap-up posts, but I wasn’t interested in talking just about books and blogging; I wanted to talk about the movies and TV shows I had watched and some of the music I had listened to.

And I’m so happy to say that it has arrived, and I’m extremely happy with the result! I really hope you guys enjoy it as well since I rarely get to talk about these things anywhere else with other people, so I hope this doesn’t completely flop.

(Also, I watched WAY more movies than the ones listed, but most of them were total trash that I found on Netflix, so I didn’t bother wasting space. Feel free to ask me what they were if you’re curious!)



  • Flatliners (2017). I pretty much expected this to be a terrible movie and only watched it because I do really enjoy my horror movies, and thought this one would be pretty fun to watch. As I expected, it was absolutely awful, but I did find it to be pretty entertaining, so not a complete waste of time.
  • Hush. I FINALLY got the chance to re-watch this movie, and I actually fell in love with it even more the second time around! Also, it was ten times less scarier to watch it in broad daylight than eleven at night. Ahem.
  • Black Butterfly. I actually almost gave up on this one about three or four times because it was SO SLOW, but there was something pulling me forward. After reaching the end, I definitely should’ve just given up. There was a BRILLIANT twist near the end, and I was almost going to include it in my favorite movies of all time…and then there was a second twist that just ruined the entire movie. I AM SO ANGRY.
  • Lady Bird. I actually was not even planning to watch this movie, but then EVERYONE was raving about it, so I gave in. I AM SO GLAD. Honestly, I feel like Greta Gerwig just hacked into my life – a girl in high school who has dreams of moving out of her boring town to go to college in New York and has an up-and-down relationship with her mother? THE STORY OF MY LIFE. And I cried at the end. I clearly highly recommend.
  • Panic Room. I honestly can’t believe I almost missed out on this movie? I love David Lynch as a director since he nails the dark atmosphere of thrillers, and this one didn’t disappoint. I really enjoyed it, and I must watch all the Lynch movies out there!
  • You’re Next. Again, another re-watch that I’ve been waiting for, and it didn’t disappoint. It was even more entertaining to watch the second time around knowing what’s going to happen and understanding that it’s supposed to be funny. WHY IS THIS MOVIE SO UNDERRATED?
  • Maze Runner: Death Cure. My best friend and I love the Maze Runner movies because they’re just so much fun, so we decided to go see the movie for her birthday! I actually haven’t read the book, so I can’t comment on how accurate it is, but it was a really fun movie and concluded the movie trilogy quite well.



  • Good Behavior (Seasons 1 & 2). I ended up watching this show on a whim despite telling myself I wouldn’t watch it a year or so ago, but I’m SO GLAD I DID. This show is fantastic! Letty and Javier are the perfect messed-up anti-heroes I’ve ever dreamed of, the side characters are perfection, the humor actually makes me laugh out loud, and Letty and Javier are the best couple. Crossing my fingers we get a season 3!
  • Outlander (Seasons 1, 2, & 3). I watched the pilot about two years ago…and then never continued (whoops). I finally decided to do so in December, and why did I not watch this show earlier? It definitely has a slow start, but there was a certain point where I just couldn’t stop watching. I blew through all three seasons in less than a weak, and now I’m going through extreme Droughtlander because season 4 isn’t coming until the end of the year. I MISS JAMIE AND CLAIRE.
  • Black Mirror (Season 4). I have been eagerly anticipating new episodes for such a long time, and they did not disappoint, my friends! My absolute favorites were easily U.S.S. Callister, Crocodile, and Black Museum. The ones I felt meh about were Arkangel and Hang The DJ. My least favorite was Metalhead.
  • Shooter (Season 1). I randomly decided to watch this show because it was on Netflix and I absolutely love action movies (despite hating guns in real life. Go figure). This was like the less sophisticated version of The Punisher (which I highly recommend!), but I did enjoy it, and I’ll probably watch season 2 once it arrives.
  • Spartacus (Seasons 2 & 3). And here is my first finished show of 2018! I actually watched the first season two or so years ago, but never continued, but because I had three snow days a couple weeks back, I took the opportunity. I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. It’s over-the-top with the violence, sex, and slow-motion, but it’s so much fun. It’s basically Game of Thrones on steroids. Also, Nasir and Agron gave me life.
  • Riverdale (Season 2). Despite telling myself I would never watch this show after hating the pilot, I caved and watched the rest, and, yep, I’m obsessed now. This show is so dumb, but it’s so much fun and understands what it is, so I can’t help myself. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this season will bring!
  • 9-1-1 (Season 1). Another show that’s really dumb, but I just really enjoy it for what it is! It’s entertaining to see what the heck will happen next. I sincerely hate Buck though, and I am so tired of the “white dude is a player who can’t take anything seriously” trope. LET IT DIE. I’m also tired of every woman losing all sense when Buck is near and be overcome with some strong sense to have sex with him no matter what. WHY?



  • All the Vera Blue. I discovered Vera because one of her songs was in the background of a scene during a show, and I loved it, so I’d like to give a formal thank you to TuneFind for helping me fall in love with this wonderful artist. Her voice is enchanting, and I just can’t even with her lyrics. I highly recommend watching her sing Hold live. | Must-Listens: Hold, Settle, Patterns, First Week, Give In, We Used To, Private, Magazine, Pedestal/Cover Me, Mended
  • My My My! by Troye Sivan. I’ve loved Troye Sivan for years now, and I was so hyped when I heard he was making new music because it’s been two years since Blue Neighborhood. It did not disappoint! I can’t stop listening to this song on repeat. I can’t wait for the new album, and his single on the Love, Simon soundtrack (!!!).
  • Outlander Vol. 1 & 2. I was obsessed with this one song on the show, and it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t figure out what it was. And then I learned that there’s a soundtrack out there, and lo and behold, I finally found it! Raya Yarbrough’s vocals are INCREDIBLE. | Must-Listens: Dance of the Druids, The Summoning
  • Bright: The Album. The movie didn’t get too-hot reviews, but I did listen to the entirety of the soundtrack because the singles were so good. I absolutely love it. Some fantastic hype music in here. | Must-Listens: World Gone Mad, Home, Crown, Darkside, Danger, Smoke My Dope
  • Camila by Camila Cabello. I’ve been tracking Camila ever since she left Fifth Harmony because she’s easily my favorite, and, no offense, but I haven’t liked a Fifth Harmony song since the Reflection album. I had really enjoyed all the singles, so I was looking forward to this, and it was really good! Her voice is incredible; I don’t care what people say. | Must-Listens: All These Years, Havana, Consequences, Something’s Gotta Give, Into It
  • Mania by Fall Out Boy. I confess that I only got into this band because of American Beauty/American Psycho, which I adore, but since then, I’ve loved their music. I already had a feeling I’d love this album since I fell in love with all the singles, and I was right, of course. WHAT A RIDE. | Must-Listens: Young And Menace, Champion, Stay Frosty Royal Milk Tea, HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON’T, The Last Of The Real Ones, Wilson (Expensive Mistakes), Church, Heaven’s Gate
  • The Kids Are Alright by Chloe x Halle. I actually have known about these two since their Disney days, but because I watched Grown-ish, I found out that they were actually still making music! I discovered this single, and now I cannot stop listening to it. THEIR VOICES ARE STUNNING TOGETHER.

what are some movies and tv shows you’ve watched recently? any good music you’ve heard? have you heard or watched any of the same things?


45 thoughts on “January Recap ’18 | I Loved Lady Bird, Finished Spartacus, Listened To Fall Out Boy, & More

  1. I know that they are old shows, but I can never get enough of House M.D. Psych and The Twilight Zone (original). If I just need to relax they would be my shows of choice. I love Black Mirror, my son introduced me to that series and, as you say, it did not disappoint. Book wise, I am an absolute horror buff, but my favourite book of all time is Joseph Heller’s Catch-22. I actually read this by chance. It was on my college reading syllabus and I thought I would get the audiobook! Within ten minutes I was down the book stores searching. It is an amazing satire from start to finish. It has a character driven plot, and the characters reflect society prejudices in a wonderful way.
    The main character is Yossarian, a bombardier trapped in the war effort. Every time he reaches the number of missions entitling him to retire from the war his CO ups the mission count. Yossarian asks the Doctor, who forges paperwork instead of actually flying, if he can get an honourable discharge for madness. The Doc says come to me and tell me your mad, Yossarian asks if that will get him out to which the Doc explains that people who know they are mad are not mad, so cannot leave the war. There in lies the catch, so Yossarian has to prove he is mad without saying it. At the same time he is actually slowly suffering a post-traumatic breakdown due to a horrific incident.
    Each chapter focuses on one caricature and Yossarian navigating around that persona in a bid to get leave. The characters include; a Major none of the grunts like because he is
    not a grunt and none of the officers like because he is not an officer, an Anabaptist priest who no one likes because he is not mainstream, a Native American who was forced into Canada and forbidden to return because he was not a citizen, an inane, grinning patriotic Texan, a stunt man and a salesman who trades secrets and goods on both sides.
    The pace of the book is unreal, the absolute lunacy of the policies hilarious and the characters over the top.
    Then, the book changes mood. The stuntman cuts a colleague in half and kills himself, two men escape or drown (depending on how you interpret the book) and the Doc starves to death because the plane he was (not) on crashes and the paperwork shows he is dead, even though he is clearly alive. Then comes the real shocker! I absolutely cannot give this away because it is a huge twist that changes everything for Yossarian.
    The end is dark, downbeat and totally horrifying. What is more horrifying is the force’s reaction to the shock. Total desensitization and obsession with the rules. Morals have all flown away, along with Yossarian’s tormented mind.
    I confess I have read this book more times than I care to remember, and it gets better every time I read it! Please don’t forget the poor dead man in Yossarian’s tent, who never had time to register. Since he is not on the books, he cannot exist and therefore it is no one’s responsibility to move him. If you only ever read one book in your life make it this one!

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    • I’ve heard that Black Mirror has a very Twilight Zone feel, so I definitely think I should watch it sometime! And I am definitely going to watch House sometime; I’ve had that on my to-watch list for ages! 😅

      I have been wanting to read Catch-22 for a while now! I’ve heard good things, so when I do get the chance, I hope I love it as much as you do! ❤️


      • Black mirror is a dystopian Twilight Zone. It is very good, very dark. House will not disappoint, I watch it over and over and over, and it never bores! Catch-22 will not disappoint, you will fly through it because it grips you. x Do you have any recommendations ?

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  2. Riverdale ❤ ❤ ❤ I used to be so self-conscious about liking that show, but NO MORE.
    also I need to listen to the music you've recommended!!!!!
    i've been obsessed with Lana Del Rey, isolated for months and months

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  3. I don’t really watch movies or TV shows and all I listen to Taylor Swift XD But I was thinking about delving into new music when I don’t feel like listening to Taylor all the time. Camila’s album is high on my list because I loved all the single. Something’s Gotta Give sounds so good!! Also, Troye Sivan’s new music sounds great and OMG HE HAS A SONG ON LOVE, SIMON WHAT!! Time to go listen to Blue Neighborhood immediately! I love this wrap up! It’s so different and it lets me see what you like and don’t like in other things other than books! Keep doing them!

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    • Ah, I absolutely love Something’s Gotta Give! Her voice is great. ❤️ YES HE DOES! I got so excited when I heard about; I can’t wait for the soundtrack. 😭

      And thank you so much! I definitely will since I enjoy writing them, and it is nice to talk about something other than books once in a while!

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  4. BUSY! I like the way you weave your music and films together, e.g., heard this in background so looked for it. Some oldies and goldies in your list. Inspiring.
    I recently read The Alice Network, almost by accident. I want to see the top nominated for and Oscar film The Shape of Water plus the Chilean entry for foreign film, Fantastic Lady (not sure of translated title). That’s about it for end of the month. As I said, you are inspiring!

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    • Ah, thank you! I tend to find most of my favorite singers either because I heard their songs in the background of something, and I’m inclined to hear more or just because I heard a hit single of theirs. 😄

      Ooh, I really want to watch The Shape Of The Water! I’m going to throw in Call Me By Your Name in that list as well. I’m hoping to at least have watched a couple of the Oscar nominees this year! 😂 Thank you so much! ❤️


  5. This is the second monthly wrap up post I read in a row that mentioned Troye’s new song and I feel so bad because I keep forgetting to listen to it erghhhh!!!! Fall Out Boy too erghhhh!!!! I might actually listen to Camila’s album because Havana is one of the few songs on the radio I can stand lmao.

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    • I almost forgot to listen to it because Spotify doesn’t notify you when artists you follow post new songs (which will annoy me to the end of time). 🙃 I actually have never listened to the radio in my life! When I was younger, my mom would put on the Gospel station, and when I was a pre-teen, I listened to Radio Disney before I got my own iPod and listened to my own music. But Havana is a bop. 😂

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      • I don’t actively follow Troye besides on his social media but I have heard maybe 2-3 of his songs and I’ve been meaning to listen to more of his music so I thought to start with his newest since loads of people seem to love it 🙂 Luckyyyy the radio is the worst it plays like the same 10 songs over and over again lmao

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  6. Panic Room!!! I loved those type of movies and Jodi Foster is just amazing ❤ I really need to see Lady Bird because of all the hype it has been getting as well. And I'm not a huge fan of the new Fall Out Boy album, but I can't help but put Young and Menace on repeat :") Hope you have a great February!

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  7. I’ve been wanting to watch Black Mirror and Riverdale for ages, I may have to bump them up on my watchlist sometime soon 😊 And I haven’t really been into Fall Out Boy since their third album came out a million years ago but I’m glad you enjoy their newer stuff, I’m still stuck in the past listening to their first two albums all the time 😂

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  8. I always feel like in the Fall I get hyped up about returning shows and then once the Holidays come I stop watching them. I also am guilty of not watching a show after season two. I loved Good Behavior but as of yet have not seen the second season.
    You also watched some great movies! I totally understand Lady Bird’s buzz. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend watching iTonya. Sooo good! ❤

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    • Ugh, same! I do it with books and movies as well; I hype them up so much, and then they come out, and I don’t read/watch it for a year. 😂 The second season is just as good as the first, so I hope you enjoy it when you watch it!

      Ah, I’ve been wanting to see it since the trailers! It looks amazing! I’m hoping to watch a couple more Oscar-nominated movies before it happens in March this month! 😄


  9. Ahaha, I didn’t think I’d be able to comment about anything because I rarely watch TV shows and movies, but then I saw you included My M y My! and I just need to scream: YES!! I love that song so so much (and also The Good Side), Troye is honestly a legend. ❤ Hope you have an amazing February, Mikaela!

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  10. I accidentally watched an episode of Black Mirror without knowing it was part of a whole series. I believe it was from season three, so now I need to go back and watch all the seasons. I’ve heard much chatter about season four, so I need to hurry up and binge watch. Happy February!

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  11. Great recap Mikaela, and I’m really glad you’ve managed to find a format you’re happy with enough to bring back your monthly recaps as well! 😀 I have to say I wasn’t even aware The Death Cure film had even been released, I can’t really say I want to see that one but I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    Also I LOVE Fall Out Boy’s new album, I’ve listened to it pretty much non stop since I got my copy and can’t really pick my favourite song (I have a list of my top favourites). Also I really need to get a copy of Camila Cabello’s album given I’ve enjoyed all her singles so far. 🙂 One of the albums my friend introduced me to, which I love despite not having seen the film, is The Greatest Showman, that has some incredible tunes on it!
    Again great post, and I hope you have a great February as well. 😀 ❤

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    • I actually gave up on Riverdale after the pilot and then went and continued the show months later because the hype! And I actually enjoyed myself. I binged the whole season in a couple of days. 😂 Outlander started off slow, but was so worth it. There’s something about it that I just really love. ❤️

      Ooh, I hope you enjoy the rest of Black Mirror! One of my top fave shows ever. 😍


  12. I love monthly wrap ups! I’m still slowly discovering the new Fall Out Boy album, but I’m loving it more each listen 🙂 And the new Troye Sivan song is so good! I didn’t know he had a song on the Love, Simon soundtrack, can’t wait for that one!

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