14 Books I’ve Changed My Mind About (Because I’m An Indecisive Bookworm, Apparently)

I am a very indecisive bookworm.

For instance, I’ll walk into a bookstore planning to buy these extremely specific books, and end up walking out with five books I wasn’t even interested in when I walked in. What a talent!!!

Sometimes, being indecisive can also mean that I change my mind about books often.

Maybe I rated a book a bit higher because the hype swept me up. Maybe I’ve had more time to think about it, and my opinion has gone up or down. Maybe the first thing that comes to mind when I see a star rating of a book I’ve read is “What the actual heck was I thinking?”

Today, I thought it’d be fun to look back at some books I’ve read over the years that I have different opinions on!

What is better than looking back and realizing you’ve made objectively terrible decisions?



1.) caraval by stephanie garber

but why? Okay, okay, I admit it – I was caught up in the hype of this book.

When I read it, I wasn’t completely sold on the whole idea and story of it. It was one of those books where objectively, you know the story is good, but it just doesn’t click with you at all. So I did that thing where I gave it a high rating even though I felt pretty average about it.

I don’t HATE the book, though! I still loved the relationship between Scarlett and Tella, the games were so twisty and bendy, the writing was gorgeous, and I’m still anticipating the sequel in May! But was it as good as I thought it was originally? Not really.

2.) throne of glass by sarah j. maas

but why? “Mikaela, are you finally falling out of love with Sarah J. Maas!?”

Do not worry, my sweet summer child, I am not. I still love SJM and her books…but this book? Definitely not the best.

I’ve been open about the fact that I think that SJM writes really weak first books. I rated A Court of Thorns and Roses three stars upon finishing it because I thought it was pretty meh compared to her other works, but with this book, it was the first taste of a new author, so I didn’t know the full potential. It’s obvious that every single book in this series is way better than this first book, plus it doesn’t have the same tone and feel as the others, so it’s kind of awkward.

But, again, I don’t hate it! I have so many fond memories of the book, like when my family got stuck in traffic for an hour, and I read this book to pass the time or when I stayed up until midnight to finish the book, and started Crown of Midnight right away even though I could barely keep my eyes open. But is it the best series starter? Nope.

3.) daughter of the burning city by amanda foody

but why? Once again, I was swept up in the hype!

I actually read an ARC of this, and I definitely did enjoy myself the entire time reading it and thought the cast of characters were developed wonderfully, but this is another case of “it’s me, not you!” I know the story is objectively good, and I did enjoy it – just not as much as I thought I did. I do still think Amanda Foody is a genius, and I cannot wait for Ace of Shades!

4.) this is our story by ashley elston

but why? When I first read this, I really enjoyed it!

I read this during a period of time where I was reading YA thriller after YA thriller, so that might have tainted the experience a little bit. And it is a really good book that kept me turning the pages, had fantastic plot twists, and included a sensible ending that I was satisfied with! Hooray!

The one thing that really turned me off was the romance (#shocker). It was what you expect a romance in a thriller book to be like – dumb, unnecessary, cheesy, and they would have been better off as friends. It just bothered me so much, and dampened my enjoyment of the book, so I think it’s more of a three star book now.

5.) clockwork angel by cassandra clare

but why? It’s so funny how I can simultaneously love Cassandra Clare, but have so many mixed feelings about her books! The Infernal Devices trilogy is so much better than the Mortal Instruments series in every way, but I don’t think this first book is the strongest, much like Throne of Glass.

(Funny story: I actually spelled “mixed” wrong and put it as “fixed.” My brain is scrambled eggs at this point.)

I got caught up in the hype of it all, especially since I read this series later than everyone else, so I forced myself to like it more than I really did. It was a slow-moving book that could have been better with the pacing, and I didn’t love the characters or have all the feels that I thought I should, but it was still a fascinating and well-told story!




6.) the darkest corners by kara thomas

but why? After finishing this book, I just felt a bit meh about the whole thing. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t knock me out of the park. At the time of reading this, I was reading A LOT of thrillers, one after the other, so my judgement was definitely clouded here.

Over time, my love for this book has grown. I mean, this book had NO ROMANCE. It was a pure, straightforward thriller with an interesting premise, and I read it in a whole day. I mean, do I remember much of this book??? LOL no. But I’ll definitely reread it sometime in the future, and when I do, I think I’ll realize the error of my ways.

7.) scythe by neal shusterman

but why? This was another case where after finishing the book, I felt pretty meh about it. I have an unhealthy encompassing love for the Unwind dystology, and I think I was pretty unfair in playing the comparison game with his two books, since they’re not SUPPOSED to be alike.

On further reflection, this is a really clever, stabby, dark, smart book tackling a fantastic dystopian concept. I enjoyed myself the entire way through, and I don’t have any complaints beyond the fact that it didn’t make me feel the Feelings™, which is basically a four star book for me! And that it gets.

8.) daughters unto devils & the women in the walls by amy lukavics

but why? I’ve had unfortunate luck with Amy Lukavics. I have one book of hers left (The Ravenous) that sounds amazing, but both of her previous books were disappointing reads for me at the time of reading them.

In retrospect, I actually think they deserve better than that. They’re both genuine horror stories with zero romance and a fantastic explosion of an ending. They’re definitely slow-burning, but it’s always worth it. And I think the fact that there’s so little YA horror out there definitely factors into this, so why not support more of it?

9.) good as gone by amy gentry

but why? When I first read this book, I pretty much loved it. It was more of a literary thriller that balanced between the past and the present and I thought it had an excellent portrayal of female characters.

But, for some reason, I gave it four stars? I don’t even remember what about this book I wasn’t really into. I think it was because it didn’t give me ALL THE FEELINGS, but the fact that I STILL haven’t stopped thinking about it ever since I’ve read it probably checks the box.

10.) tiny pretty things by sona chairapotra & dhonielle clayton

but why? Okay, so I think the main reason I rated this lower was because it’s definitely not the best contemporary book ever written, and I didn’t like the inclusion of insta-love.

But, it had drama and cutthroat ballerinas and morally complex characters and an addicting quality that kept me reading and fantastic diversity. This has probably become one of my favorite duologies of all time, and I just love these books, damn it! So four stars it is!

11.) 172 hours on the moon by johan harstad

but why? Once again, we have another YA horror novel! I was influenced by all the Booktube hype to read this book, and I actually did enjoy it, but, once again, there was an aspect of the book that kept holding me back (most likely the slow pacing).

Now that I’ve had more time to think about it, I really enjoyed this book! It had little romance, was really addicting, and the ending blew me away and is probably one of my favorites of all time. And this book genuinely creeped me out, which rarely happens with horror novels!

12.) bird box by josh malerman

but why? Once again, I rated a book four stars, and I don’t even remember what the heck I didn’t like about it!

I mainly read this book because it was oh-so-hyped and everyone was talking about how good it was. I don’t regret it at all! It was basically a tense, horror masterpiece all the way through, and I think it’ll make a fantastic movie once it actually happens!

I think I might have rated this book four stars because I wasn’t fully in love with it, but as time has gone on, I’ve really come to fall in love with this book!


13.) too late by colleen hoover

but why? For some reason, I rated this book four stars (even more proof that my brain is scrambled eggs)?

I read this book on Wattpad because it was free, and because I just wanted to increase my Goodreads reading challenge. And I did! I started and finished it before noon that day, so there’s that!

Is it a pretty addicting and fun read? Yes. But it’s also completely trashy and stupid and veered into WTF-territory near the end. Did I enjoy myself? Yeah, and I probably originally rated the book so highly based on that enjoyment. But this is an objectively terrible book that doesn’t deserve that high a rating.

14.) station eleven by emily st. john mandel

but why? Okay, I definitely didn’t feel the hype with this book. I found it quite slow and boring, and though I can appreciate the aesthetic of the novel and the cast of characters, I wanted to fall asleep and one of the chapters was so long, I just straight up skipped it, because it was a BIG PILE OF NOTHING.

I can’t remember much about this book in the first place and coupled with the fact that I literally can’t think there of any redeeming factors, one star it is!

do you often change your mind about books? what are some books you’ve changed your mind about?


57 thoughts on “14 Books I’ve Changed My Mind About (Because I’m An Indecisive Bookworm, Apparently)

  1. I don’t really change my mind about book. I may struggle sometime in putting thoughts together or expressing them in proper words but the overall feelings remain same. Sometimes it happens that i felt like something was missing in the book but can’t decide what, in that case i change my mind. It hardly make much difference though. Awesome post! this was something new. 🙂

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  2. I don’t do it often but.. it happens?
    Latest example is Keeper by Kim Chance. I read it in October, wrote my review then but it was only scheduled for.. this week or the week before that. I reread my review and went “why the hell did I rate it 3,5? This is like, a 2?! And I changed it.

    As for the other way around? The Cruel Prince by Holly Black! I think I gave it 4 stars at first but the more I thought about the book, the more I fell in love with it and.. well, I’ve been pretty much raving over it ever since I read it so I should change it to 5, right? [Going to read the finished copy before I make up my mind about that one though, haha.]

    As for going in a bookstore with a specific list and entering with entirely something else: I don’t even MAKE LISTS. I know I won’t stick to that anyway. The only rule I enter a bookstore with is “Do NOTNOTNOT buy entire series at once.” because that eats away the budget and I want to explore more authors instead of buying three books of the same author and then.. no moneys left.. :’)

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    • Oh, yeah, I was writing my review for Little Monsters, and I realized I had no complaints about the book whatsoever, so I changed it from four stars to a five stars!

      Haha, it’s funny because I make lists when it comes to shopping for books online and I tend to stick with them. But when it comes to going to the bookstore? Nope. 😂

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      • Those are the fun ones! Although I sometimes have a case of.. “I don’t have any bad things to say about it but I don’t want to give it five stars either?” without being able to explain why exactly.. :’)

        How.. can you keep to a list when shopping online? HOW DO YOU DO THAT. Show me that magic. I need to learn. Teach me!😂

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      • I do feel that as well! There are some books I loved, but I still think they only deserve four stars just because!

        No magic! 😂 I just mainly use Amazon for book buying online, so I add books to the cart, and when I get money, I just buy them! 😂


  3. Station Eleven?! Oh the humanity! 😉 I can’t quite remember an instance where I changed my mind about a book. However, my reading challenge for the year is to read all the books I own, and since many of them are rereads, I’m expecting to question myself about some. And like your last category here, I have certainly felt out of the loop with not understanding the hype around certain books or authors; the most prominent being Jane Smiley.

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  4. I don’t tend to change my mind too often on books, although this year there are one or two that I wondered if maybe I was a little harsh in my review but I won’t change it now. I have to say though I do have that problem with going into bookstores I try to not go in unaccompanied so that I have someone to tell me that I don’t need that many books or I go mad and buy too many 😊

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  5. I change my mind sometimes, mainly when I follow one book by another in the same genre and they are vastly different in reading experience. I may have thought the first book was ok, but then it gets blown out of the water by the second book, so then I re-think my opinion of the first one.
    I’m sure we’ve all had that experience?

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  6. Completely agree with you on The Bird Box. I’m usually not into horror, but by golly, the guy took the scariest thing ever, which is not being able to SEE the thing killing you, and made a whole book about it. Genius. I also thought it was a very tightly woven plot. I also appreciate it more and more as time goes on.

    I loved Station Eleven but my husband thought it was just a bunch of people running around talking about Shakespeare after the end of the world and dropped it. I thought he was crazy but I keep running into (virtually, on the internet) people who share your guys’ view! Maybe it’s a love it or hate it kind of book?

    I just found your blog, and even though I don’t read YA, I still subscribed because you have such interesting discussion posts!

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    • Yes, the thought of that happening utterly terrifies me! And that whole scene during the storm near the end? GAH! I’m looking forward to seeing how it will be made visually since I feel like the fact that you couldn’t see it was what made it so scary.

      I feel like it is! I feel like I’ve seen people either love it a lot or not at all. 😂

      Aw, thank you so much! I appreciate it! ❤️


  7. I’m really decisive about life, but when it comes to books I’m so not! I change my mind and can’t figure out my feelings ALL THE TIME.
    I didn’t like the first ToG at all, I thought it was so boring. Almost predictable. But I had read the entire ACOTAR series, so I kept reading because I know Maas gets better. And she did! If only her first books were as good.

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  8. Love the idea for this post! I read only Throne of Glass out of these so I can’t really comment on any of them. I am surprised to see Station Eleven get a “no” since it’s so popular, and I really wanted to read it, but never got around to it.

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  9. Ahh I have to agree with you with Caraval and Throne of Glass! I was also caught up with all the hype surrounding Caraval before it came out, and though it was good and I enjoyed it, I guess I was expecting so much more after hearing people compare it to The Night Circus😪.
    And with Throne of Glass… well, I’m not a huge fan of the path the series is taking *coughs* or the romance *coughs*. I’m debating whether or not finish the series, because I’m curious, but who knows😅.

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  10. I read Daughter Unto Devils last year and don’t like it. I still want to read The women in the walls, but with lower expectations. But sometimes I changed my mind too: reading more and more books every year, sometimes I compare books and maybe change (a little) their rating on GR.

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  11. Of those I’ve only read ToG and Caraval. I loved the second and mildly enjoy the first one. And I agree. It’s quite a weak book but also captivating? I got wrapped up in the story.
    Usually I change a bit my idea about a book during the review. It happens a lot with books that I enjoy but not adored, just for discovering that I was passionated about it more than what I expected.

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    • I’m going to assume you’re talking about TOG and not Caraval! 😂 But, yes, it is addicting! I love a good competition in books, personally!

      Yep, same! I changed my rating while writing my review for Little Monsters because I realized there wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it, so it went from 4 to 5 stars!

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  12. Love this post! I could think of so many books I feel differently about, it’s amazing how your current mindset and situation can change your perspective on a book! 💕📚

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  13. Station Eleven was pretty meh for me as well! I went through it in a day, but i can’t even recall what happened. Something-something, plague, Shakespeare, something-something, comic books, etc.

    I wanna read Caraval and Scythe, so i’m curious how i’m gonna like them once i finished.

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  14. I’ve definitely changed my mind about books more often than not, in fact I’ve become much more critical in terms of my ratings which I think is a good thing because it shows how my reading tastes are developing more as I blog and learn more about books you know? 🙂
    I definitely agree with you about Throne of Glass, while I love the series and I love SJM’s books this one is the weakest of the lot. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but when you compare it to her others it doesn’t really compare. I still have to read Scythe, like so many other books it’s still on my to-read list but I’ll get around to it one day! 🙂
    Great post. ❤️

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    • Yeah, I feel like I’ve gotten more critical as well! I mean, I’ve read about 12 books so far, and no 5 star reads yet, but SO MANY 3 stars. Blah. 🙈

      I agree! It definitely wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but now that I’ve read ALL of them, it’s just average. Ah, I hope you love Scythe!

      Thank you! ❤️

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      • That makes sense. I reread books a lot, but usually when I reread a book, its years after the first time I read it. So of course I’m going to be looking at it differently than before. But I also know even when I finish reading a book I’m still thinking about it. So I try to let my mind process the thoughts and feelings I have on it before I write a review so that I’m not debating too much between whether I love or hate whatever book I’m reading.

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  15. I feel like the books I’m most likely to change my mind about are the ones I rate four stars and then look back and realize they are more like three-star reads. I think part of this is just being exposed to more books. A trope we were once in love with might start to feel bland if we are continuously exposed to it. I’m really interested in finally reading Tiny Pretty Things. I like morally grey characterization a lot, so I think I’ll enjoy it. Great post.

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    • I totally agree! I think the more exposure I have to books, the more my opinion changes. Like, some of the thrillers I rated highly back when I first started reading the genre might not be as great as I thought they were now that I’ve read SO MANY. I think that’s a good thing!

      And I loved Tiny Pretty Things! You’ll definitely enjoy it for the morally grey characters! ❤️

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  16. Yes I relate! I’m currently moving all my Goodreads data over to Libib and looking at all the ratings like “really?! I rated it that high/low?!”

    Makes me wanna reread some of the ones where my rating has me confused but I don’t have time that 🤷🏼‍♀️

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  17. I change my mind about books all the time, and it’s usually because I get caught up in the hype. The most obvious series that I changed my mind about is definitely Twilight. I was around 12 years old when I read it and thought it was the best thing ever, but now I think that the characters are boring, the writing is too purple, the vampire lore is kind of silly, and the romance is a huge red flag. I didn’t finish the series because I outgrew it before I read the last book.

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    • Ooh, I actually read Twilight when I was 12 as well (I’m probably younger than you though, because the movie franchise was over at that point!) and I knew everything going into the book! Despite that, I still enjoyed myself; I can’t deny that it’s a really fun book to read. But objectively? Definitely not that great. 😂


  18. I totally know what you mean. I’ll finish a book, give it a star-rating on Goodreads, and then, because I’m such a nifty blogger, I’ll write an actual review on it like three years later aND THEN REALIZE!!! The star-rating isn’t how I actually felt!!! So I change my mind on books so easily and get so confused because, like your brain is scrambled eggs, mine is mashed potatoes (mostly because I love mashed potatoes) (and now I really want some mashed potatoes).

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  19. Omg I change my mind about books ALL THE TIME! Like I go back to my old review and just change the rating. Like Caraval, I kept changing it between 3 or 4 and for The Cruel Prince 4 or 5. I’m really weird. As for bookstores, I usually am set on what to buy but I might buy something extra if I’m tempted. XD

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    • Oh, you’re definitely not! I do it when it’s been a long while since I’ve read a book, and I look at the rating and go, “Um, what?”

      Aw, man, I can’t! I’m way more set when it comes to online shopping, though! I think it’s something about seeing physical books that gets me going. 😂

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  20. I agree about SJM – her first books are always weak compared to the epicness of the rest of the series! I often change my ratings of books, because I’ll read a new book and rate it 5 stars, then when I look through all the books I’ve rated 5 stars, some just don’t fit into that category anymore and I have to bump them down to 4 stars.

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    • Yes, definitely! Both of her sequels were the ones that got me hooked on her series! 😄

      Yes, exactly! If I rate a fantasy book five stars then read another fantasy book and think about rating it five stars, I tend to compare the two to see if it really deserves that rating!


  21. I’ve definitely been there when forcing yourself to enjoy a book more than it’s actually enjoyable haha

    And I’ve been thinking about reading Scythe, but I didn’t enjoy Unwind thaaaat much – I think I’ll have to put this on my TBR and give it a go! The concept does sound pretty great.

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