12 Books I Wasn’t Going To Read…And Then I Did Because I’m Weak

I am one hundred percent the cat that curiosity killed.

Why, you might ask? Because I tell myself I’m not going to read a book…and then I do it anyway because I CAN’T HELP MYSELF.

It’s a sickness.

I thought it’d be fun to talk about some books I told myself I wasn’t going to read, but then I did it anyway. Some I deeply regretted, some I’m glad I caved for. It’s up to you to find out.

(Also, inspiration for the format came from Cait @ Paper Fury’s own post talking about books she wasn’t going to read!)

1.) the wrath and the dawn by renee ahdieh

i wasn’t going to read it because… Though this book was pretty damn popular on Goodreads, my Friends shared a ton of mixed feelings. I had people who absolutely loved it, people who hated it, people who thought the romance was swoon-worthy, and others who thought the romance was gross and non-consensual. There were so many clashing opinions that I just decided to avoid it altogether.

i did read it because… Okay, I admit it: the premise and the cover pulled me in. So I took a chance.

worth it? Unfortunately…no. I was pretty unimpressed with the duology as a whole. Objectively, I can see why people love it so much, but subjectively, I just didn’t care – not about the characters, the romance, the plot, anything. And I can’t remember a thing about this book, so that sums it up pretty well.

2.) an ember in the ashes by sabaa tahir

i wasn’t going to read it because… I only had money for one book, and I was stuck between this one and Red Queen, so I decided to check reviews on Goodreads to see which one I’d like best. Both had pretty mixed reviews overall, but I was more sold on Red Queen, so I bought that one and skipped out on this one. I honestly didn’t think I’d ever read this one after that.

i did read it because… I stumbled upon it on Overdrive, saw no one had borrowed it, and decided that I’d go ahead and be the one to do it. WHY NOT?

worth it? One hundred percent. I totally fell in love with this one and read it in only a couple of days. Unfortunately, I wasn’t sold on the sequel, so I’ve since quit the series, but I do highly recommend the first book still!

3.) the diviners by libba bray

i wasn’t going to read it because… I saw this one took place in the past, and I went screaming for the hills because I don’t like historical fiction. Also, I saw from other reviews that this was a horror novel, and at the time, I was not into horror.

i did read it because… Overdrive made me do it! It made me do a lot of things.

worth it? Hell yes! This has easily become one of my favorite books of all time, and I don’t feel like I talk about it enough on my blog? I shall fix that immediately (and I’m planning to quite soon)!

4.) the unbecoming of mara dyer by michelle hodkin

i wasn’t going to read it because… This time, Goodreads explicitly warned me NOT to read this book. A lot of negative reviews compared it to Twilight and said the romance was awful, so I pretty much avoided it like the plague.

i did read it because… Okay, yeah, the covers were really nice. And I saw a lot of reviews that were really high that were praising the book. And the synopsis made it sound pretty awesome. So, I bought the entire boxed set on Amazon.

worth it? Absolutely not. The potential with this book was not delivered, the romance was cliche and boring, I wanted to murder Noah, and the finale was an absolute hot mess. I AM SO BITTER I WASTED MY MONEY ON THIS.

5.) the selection by kiera cass

i wasn’t going to read it because… If I remember correctly, almost every review on the first page of Goodreads is a one star and a bunch of ranting. Obviously, I was never going to read this book. And it didn’t even sound like something up my alley, so I avoided it.

i did read it because… I…I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. What was WRONG with me?

worth it? I read the first two books, rated them both one star, DNF-ed one hundred pages into the third book because it was so bad, and got a refund of the boxed set on Amazon, so you tell me.

6.) the demon king by cinda williams chima

i wasn’t going to read it because… I was just not sold on the concept whatsoever, and I didn’t have a strong need to get involved in yet another series, so I avoided this one.

i did read it because… Two of my Goodreads Friends whose opinions I held in high regard had been re-reading the series at the time, and their positive reviews were all over my feed, so I ended up cracking and borrowing it on Overdrive.

worth it? Yeah, no. I was completely and totally detached from the story, and Risa really annoyed me as a main character. I just wasn’t sold on this one, and I’m probably never going to finish the series.

7.) shatter me by tahereh mafi

i wasn’t going to read it because… Again, the ENTIRE FIRST PAGE on Goodreads is a bunch of one star reviews talking about how weird the purple prose is and how awful the romance was. I mentally added it to my “never ever touch this with a ten-foot pole” pile after that.

i did read it because… I downloaded a sample of the book on my Nook to get a taste of the writing style for myself, and I actually didn’t hate it? And after reaching the end of the sample, I was intrigued. So why not?

worth it? Yeah…no. I absolutely love Warner, and I think Juliette and he are the CUTEST ship, but this series was a hot mess from start to finish and progressively got worse with each book, only to end with a whimper. I should’ve listened.

8.) the program by suzanne young

i wasn’t going to read it because… I had read a couple of bad reviews on Goodreads, and they had really stuck with me (are you sensing a pattern?). I also wasn’t completely sold on the premise, so I stayed clear of this one.

i did read it because… I had some book money, I saw it at Barnes & Noble, the first chapter interested me enough, so what do I do? I buy it.

worth it? Um, yes? Holy crap, this book was such an emotional roller coaster. This is probably one of the ONLY books out there that was more of a romance than it suggested…and I didn’t even care. I just loved it so much. And I almost cried a little? This book is highly underrated, and I recommend it, obviously.

9.) the lost hero by rick riordan

i wasn’t going to read it because… Fun Fact: I actually read a couple chapters of this book after finishing up the Percy Jackson series and I just really wasn’t into it. I’m 99.99% sure it’s all Jason’s fault, though.

i did read it because… I mean, pretty much everyone I talked to in real life who loved Rick Riordan books said that the Heroes of Olympus series was just as good as Percy Jackson, so I was basically forced to read this because of the public.

worth it? I’m glad to report that it was! I ended up really enjoying myself the second time around, and I loved seeing the old gang in a totally different setting. Also, The House of Hades ruined my life, DAMN IT.

10.) wonder woman: warbringer by leigh bardugo

i wasn’t going to read it because… I actually wasn’t too interested in this one despite loving Six of Crows. The synopsis really wasn’t pulling me in, so I was sure I was going to avoid it.

i did read it because… I was at Bookcon, and I got so caught up in it all that I decided to meet her, get an ARC, and get it signed. Which I did! So I had no choice but to read it then.

worth it? Yes, it was! Despite being a journey story, I really enjoyed it and found it to be thoroughly entertaining! The characters were wonderful and diverse, the story kept me hooked, and that plot twist left me shooketh.

11.) vampire academy by richelle mead

i wasn’t going to read it because… First off, I’m not into vampires whatsoever. Second, this sounded really juvenile and childish. Third, the covers are ugly as all hell. All solid reasons.

i did read it because… Booktube made me do it! So many of my favorite Booktubers were talking about how awesome this series was, so I just had to try it out for myself! I bought the entire box set on Amazon. Why do I keep doing this despite it never working out? I ASK THE QUESTIONS HERE.


worth it? Actually, yes! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, and I found myself having a fun time reading this! I actually only read the sequel, and decided I wasn’t into it enough to read the entire series, but it wasn’t all a waste!

12.) replica by lauren oliver

i wasn’t going to read it because… I’ve had a rocky relationship with Lauren Oliver. I LOVED Before I Fall, but both Delirium and Panic disappointed me and I DNF-ed them. So, I didn’t think this one would sell me either.

i did read it because… It was literally because the cover was nice. And I was sort of intrigued by the premise. But mostly the cover.

worth it? Eh, no. I ended up DNF-ing this one as well. It got boring reading between the two points of views pretty quickly. I still have Vanishing Girls left, and I hope it’ll be the one to sell me!

what are some books that you weren’t going to read, but did so anyway? was it worth it? did you also have a problem with buying box sets?


57 thoughts on “12 Books I Wasn’t Going To Read…And Then I Did Because I’m Weak

  1. Vampire Academy is my guilty pleasure. I love the tension between Rose and Dimitri.
    The Selection is not great, but pure, cheesy, predictable escapism (my other guilty pleasure). Great post!

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  2. This happens to me constantly – every time I say “I’m not going to waste my time with this book I don’t feel like I would choose myself but everyone raves about,” I somehow get sucked in. Last two were “Big Little Lies,” which I don’t regret, and “Girl on the Train,” which I regret a lot.

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  3. This post was so interesting to read! It sucks that so many of the books on this list ended up not being worth it though :/ I‘m glad to hear you liked Vampire Academy through! I didn‘t read it back in the days when it was super hyped on Booktube but a lot of people have been reading/rereading it recently and they still seem to love it so I definitely want to check it out still!

    And omg!!! I‘ve been seeing The Diviners EVERYWHERE recently and originally I wasn‘t interested because horror is just a big NO for me.. but a lot of my trusted blogger friends are loving it and I‘m definitely intrigued by the creepy aspect of it!

    and yeah I definitely have a problem with buying box sets or having to buy an ENTIRE series before starting it and it‘s worked out more often than not which I‘m so thankful for XD but I hate that I so easily waste my money especially if I end up hating the first book and there‘s an entire series on my shelf that I just don‘t care about! :‘)

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    • Yeah, I think Vampire Academy gets a bad rap since everyone thinks Twilight when it comes to vampires and the title makes it sound so juvenile, but it wasn’t that bad! I can see why people really love the series!

      Ah, I highly recommend it! I don’t think it’s that scary, but I also like being scared and don’t get scared easily. 😂

      Yeah, I think it has something to do with me liking books in all the same format! Most of my series are a mix of paperback and hardcover because the series is still going on, and it bothers me. 😝

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  4. Ahh no Mikaela you liked Vampire Academy?? I feel like I only read that book because of Booktube and I don’t regret it but there is definitely so many other good books now!

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  5. This post was such a great read! I’ve never really given it much thought but after reading this I realized that I wasn’t too keen on reading Wonder Woman either. I was so totally wrong because it was a wonderful read! Great post!

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  6. For years I held off on Cinder because I thought it sounded dumb. When I finally read it last summer I LOVED it. I’ve done this with other books, as well. I don’t know why I convince myself that I won’t like certain things because I usually end up being wrong.

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    • Ah, I actually got Cinder when it first came out and there was all this hype about it, read the first few pages, and decided I hated it! And then two years ago, I reread the book and loved it! 😂 And so true! I procrastinate so often in books I feel will be faves and waste time on terrible books. WHY?

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      • Who knows! I do the same thing, haha. I get it in my head that a book sounds “too heavy on sci-fi,” “too sappy,” etc. I get these preconceived notions based on the blurb on the cover and then I think I won’t like it. 🙄

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  7. I had no intentions of reading Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus but did because of the hype and for me, they were not worth it at all. I had a few issues with the books.

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  8. Ah, I’m so glad you enjoyed an Ember in the Ashes! The sequel is definitely harder to read, but I’ve really enjoyed the series.
    Also, the Selection is such a weirdly terrible series. I don’t understand all the hype for it? And I don’t think I’m ever going to read the Shatter Me books. The covers just scare me away.

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  9. This is such a great post and I really mean it! I had so much fun reading about your experiences with these books! A lot of them were ones I was considering reading so now I have a better idea of whether I should read them or not! I find that I always end up reading books that are hyped up because I just want to see if it will live up to my expectations… but they usually don’t.

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  10. OMG THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS POST!!!! There are so many books I was indecisive about reading FOR SO LONG (The selection, an ember in the ashes, Wonder Woman, the unbecoming of Mara Dyer) and this post literally just helped me decide. THANK YOU

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  11. Being a new reader fortunately I have long list of want-to-read-books rather than I-didn’t-want-to-and-but-ended-up-reading list. But after reading some reviews it definitely makes me change my mind from want-to-read list into do-not-want read. Like I didn’t know the selection series has negative review but after reading your this post it made me reconsider my thought of buying that series.

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    • Yeah, I think I’ve stopped being so easily persuaded, especially if I’m just not interested! There have been times where I skimmed a synopsis and was like, “LOL no,” but after reading it a second time a but later, I realize I’m a bit intrigued!

      I mean, I’d pass, but it’s up to you! 😂

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  12. I am SO disappointed to hear that you didn’t end up enjoying A Torch Against The Night! If I remember correctly, I did enjoy it a lot and I’m actually going to reread it soon and can’t wait to find out what my thoughts are going to be this time around.

    As for Vampire Academy, I feel like I probably wouldn’t love the series as much if I read it now either. When I first got it I absolutely ADORED it and I am probably not going to go back in and reread it because I want to keep that positive association I have right now.

    I’m sorry so many books didn’t quite end up being what you had hoped but at least you can say you gave them a try, right?

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    • Ooh, I only read Vampire Academy two years ago, so it wasn’t long ago! I feel like I would’ve loved it in middle school, though, but right now, the series and spin-off have way too many books and I don’t have the energy for them! 😂

      Yeah, definitely! I feel like I’m less likely to try things out now because of my bad experiences though. 😂 If I have a bad feeling, I stay away!

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  13. Book hype gets me all the time!! I was nervous about the Percy Jackson series being to juvenile but it was hilarious and wonderful. I almost didn’t finish the Heroes of Olympus, also because of Jason but it was so worth it!!

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  14. Omg, I have a TON of books on my TBR I would have otherwise passed up because, admittedly, I never used to really think THAT much about what I wanted to read. Was the cover pretty? Was the blurb good? Yup. That’s all I needed, and I often ended up with a bunch of books I hated. So I’m actually really grateful for the extra help!

    Though I admit, I did read the first book of The Selection because it was 99 cents at the thrift store and the cover is just soooo pretty. I knew everyone seemed to hate it, but…I actually like it? Haha, unpopular opinion it seems! I haven’t read any of the others yet, but it’s on my to-do list 🙂

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    • Oh, yeah, definitely! There was one time back when I had Goodreads where I went through my “to read” shelf, and there were so many times where I was like, “What the heck is this even doing here?” after reading the synopsis. 😂

      I can’t tell if people love it or hate it more, but I couldn’t stand it. 😬 Fluffy romance triangles is not my thing.


  15. For the longest time I refused to read Harry Potter, I think mostly because everyone raved about it so much that I was a bit scared of the hype… Then I picked it up because it was basically the only book in the house that I hadn’t read… Also my brother (Who NEVER reads!) had read it, and I couldn’t let HIM read something I hadn’t read…So I picked it up and adored it!

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    • Ah, our stories with Harry Potter are pretty similar! I avoided it because of all the hype (and because I was in this terrible “I’m so cool for hating popular things” stage in middle school), and my brother owned the first couple of books (he’s only read the first one, though). I ended up caving and binging the entire series that summer! 😄

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  16. Great Post and I’m sorry that you didn’t like The Wrath and the Dawn.. I did enjoy it but I can see why so many didn’t .. it is what it is… I’m still a bit on the shelf about An Ember in the Ashes, I started it but couldn’t get into it for some reason (it might have been my state of mind at the moment so I’ll pick it up again) —

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  17. Omg TWATD & Ember are two books I don’t see myself ever reading — they just don’t interest me, at all. (But maybe I’ll end up reading them one day like you did…? 😂) And aahh I’m so glad you loved The Diviners!! I had to DNF because it was too long for me, but I’m definitely going back to it (even tho I wasn’t quite enjoying it where I was at, haha). Great post!!

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  18. Loved how you had legitimate reasons for reading these books but then the reasons got weaker until you were like ‘nope. Idk why either 🤔’ 😅

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  19. Most books I think I wouldn’t like I know I will end up reading to see if it surprises me. But I guess you can say books that I was hesistant and ended up reading is ACOTAR for sure. I picked it up because of hype and then over months I was afraid I wouldn’t like it. But now I’m really enjoying it. I hated The Wrath and the Dawn so I’m glad I’m not the only one. I actually liked The Selection series just because it was so addictive and fun! I like Replica too but Before I Fall is way superior. Wonder Woman was amazing I love it so much! Mara Dyer I DNF’ed so I can finish it later. But the rest I haven’t read but are planning to. Except for The Program. I heard a lot of problematic content for that series.

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    • Ah, yeah, so glad you love ACOTAR! You’ll love ACOMAF even better (at least, I hope you will)! You’re definitely not alone! I wish I loved it, but I ended up feeling so meh. 😝 Yep, I actually read The Vanish Girls last month, and it was good, but I still think Before I Fall was her best! She’s coming out with a horror novel later this fall, so I’m excited about that! Mara Dyer isn’t worth it, but that’s personal experience! 😂

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      • I met the author at a book signing so I want to give it a chance but I definitely will take your warning into effect. XD

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  20. I still have the hugest problem with buying box sets, because I’m like “I HAVE to get this entire Series, so I can binge-read it” 😂
    Personally, I wasn’t planning on reading The Sun is Also a Star, because I heard it was heavy on the insta-love, but then my library had it + I really wanted to read it because it deals with immigration. Was it worth it? Yes and No – it was an enjoyable, addicting read, but not totally gripping me, still 3.5 stars 🙂

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    • Yeah, I think I’ve finally backed off doing it now (I don’t really buy backlist books anymore, more new releases), but, man, what a terrible phase. 😂

      Ooh, I’ve heard so many mixed things! I’m not really interested in Nicola Yoon’s books, but it seems split between love and hate.

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      • I don’t think I’ll ever be over the ‘buying the box sets’ phase 😂

        I wasn’t 100% interested, but when my library has a book, I’m more likely to get to it, but I don’t think that I would have bought the book myself 😅

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  21. Haha, brilliant, loved this!
    I am a huge fan of Vampire Academy and the sequel series, Bloodlines. Just never watch the movie. EVER EVER EVER.
    I’m glad you liked The Program though. It’s so great and such a roller-coaster.


    Dramatics aside, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it!! I’m glad you enjoyed An Ember in the Ashes though, I enjoyed that one so much!! I haven’t picked up the sequel yet though and I’m a bit less inclined now haha. But a HUGE YES for Wonder Woman!! The characters and that plot twist (!!!!) were so amazingggg.


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