17 Little-Known Facts About Me That You Didn’t Want To Know (Or Maybe You Did)

For some reason, people really liked learning more about me.

Last February, one of the posts I wrote was “25 Facts About Me,” and it was pretty popular, as you can tell. Since then, I haven’t seemed to talk about myself much, which is clearly a tragedy for all.

So, I decided to write up seventeen facts about myself, in honor of the fact that I’m seventeen years old at the moment. And that’s basically it.

(And if you must know, yes, that’s my dog blocking my bookshelf in the featured image. She’s a keeper. You can see her actual face in my other facts about me post.)

1.) i have never taken a selfie.

You think as a teenager this would be some sort of rite of passage in this day and age…but I just have never seen the point in taking one. I literally hate taking pictures or having my picture taken, so that probably plays a huge part in this.

I mean, my MOM takes more selfies than me. MY MOM.

2.) i used to be known as the “tall girl” in elementary school.

I’m pretty much average height nowadays, but I went through puberty so fast when I was in elementary school, and a huge aspect of that was that I went through this pretty intense growth spurt. I was over five feet, and everyone kept asking me how I became so tall. Which I totally did not know the answer to. And when we finally got lockers, I had to kneel so I could look at the dial and numbers.

It was a nice time of my life, people.

3.) i really don’t care about fashion.

I just…don’t. My wardrobe is basically a large amount of blue jeans, various shirts in red, blue, and black, and about five or six fandom-related t-shirts. And that’s literally it.

I used to love wearing skirts and dresses in middle school, but then I ended up growing out of that (not to mention that my school has a strict dress code regarding skirt and dress length, so I’d rather just wear a pair of jeans everyday). The only time I wear dresses is when my mom forces me to.

I also hate shopping. WHAT A SURPRISE.

4.) i don’t get all the hype around musicals.

I am so glad that so many people have fallen in love with musicals over recent years…but I think I’ll just accept the fact that I’m really not into musicals. Literally the only musicals I’ve ever watched are A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Musical: The Sequel. And that’s it. I haven’t even watched the third one!

Also, my brother likes to do the school musicals, and I tend to have to watch them multiple times, and wow, you just never really know how tiring it can be to watch three-hour musicals three times until it happens to you.

5.) i was almost named maya.

Honestly, it’s so strange and surreal to think I was almost named something else, especially since, for some reason, I heavily compare this name to the children’s TV show Maya & Miguel, which I loved when I was little!

But this was almost what my parents named me! I actually personally prefer Mikaela, so I’m glad they named me that instead!

6.) i’ve stayed up all night before.

I honestly don’t even know what I was doing. I think it was back in middle school, and I was probably staying up watching YouTube videos and bingeing television shows.

You know those nights where you just cannot go to sleep no matter what you try? Yeah, I have those occasionally.

7.) i’m stressed out 99.99% of the time.

I mean, the fact that I can’t even remember a fairly recent day in my life when I wasn’t absolutely stressed out about SOMETHING is one of the saddest things I’ve ever realized. What kind of life am I living where I am constantly stressed all the damn time.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way.

8.) i stepped on nails when i was younger.

Yeah, you’re probably wondering how that happened.

This took place in the few short months where my mom home-schooled my brother and I in the fourth grade. The carpet in the living room was getting extremely frayed, and it’s connected to the hardwood floors of the kitchen, so there were nails built in underneath the carpet. And I decided to not wear socks that day. And I wasn’t looking where I was walking. And stepped on nails.

I’m fine now, of course. BUT IT HURT LIKE HELL.

9.) i used to be scared of dogs.

It’s kind of hilarious because I have a dog now, and she’s the best thing ever and I absolutely love her, but in elementary school, I was terrified of dogs. I think their energy was what scared me the most about them, especially since I was so young, but even when we got a dog on our own, I was terrified of her. It wasn’t until a couple of months when I started relaxing and warming up to dogs.

What a journey!

10.) i was hit in the head with a golf club when I was in the fifth grade.

Yeah, I know, my life is tragic.

This actually happened at the End Of The Year Party that took place at a local camp. I impulsively decided to run near the golf course, not looking where I was going, and at the same time, someone was swinging a golf club. And that’s how I got hit in the head with a golf club.

It’s actually funny, because I barely remember the sensation. It was so dull. And afterwards, I thought I had gotten a nosebleed because there was blood on my glasses. Go figure. I didn’t even know that I needed stitches until about ten minutes later. It was actually pretty lucky because I was hit right above my eye, and any lower, and I’d only have one eye to this day! I still have a light scar if you look closely.

As you can see, I’ve experienced an exciting life.

11.) my biggest pet peeve is other people listening to audio without earbuds.

I actually cannot even when it comes to this. Both my mom and little brother have this weird habit of watching videos on their phones at the loudest volume possible with no earbuds. Like, do people just NOT understand that earbuds were created so you can blast something WITHOUT other people hearing?


12.) gore doesn’t make me blink much anymore.

I find it sort of hilarious that I used to be so squeamish about violence in middle school. Now I watch horror movies and incredibly violent TV shows and read super gross books without a second glance. I’ve actually sort of started to enjoy it?

I don’t know what that says about me.

13.) my dreams are either weird or nonexistent.

I really can’t explain this guys. I mean, I once had this incredibly vivid series of dreams every single night when I was really young where a different girl would be walking in darkness and be met by a giant spider that ate her. I watched Flushed Away, and my dream that night consisted of me being flushed down the toilet and somehow ending up in my dollhouse? I scared the crap out of my mom because I woke up screaming when I was younger after a dream where I was in a museum and bats just flew at me out of nowhere.

More recent dreams involve a house robbery turned into a giant mall shooting where my dad became John Wick and saved me, and one where a serial killer chased me around my house, and I managed to be the only one that escaped into the woods.

Or I just don’t dream at all. Can any of those dreams be influenced by all the action and horror movies I watch? We will never know.

14.) the most books i’ve read in a month was 25 books in july of 2016.

The context of this is that I actually wanted to attempt to finish a book a day, but I failed at it, as you can see. But I can’t really be too upset about it since I did such a good job and got pretty close! I am hoping to maybe break it sometime this summer because I am so competitive when it comes to beating my own goals and such, but we’ll see.

15.) i don’t believe in aliens. or ghosts. or bigfoot. i’m boring.

Yeah, I’m one of those people that has a hard time believing in the supernatural. It just all seems ridiculous to me? No offense to those who totally believe in it. I will live in my unpopular opinion of the fact that aliens don’t exist (I’m 99.99% sure that aliens are a made-up concept from humans, so it sounds dumb to say they’re real) but is an alternate universe or other humans out there? Maybe. But we don’t know if any other place is liveable than here and the fact that the galaxy is super big doesn’t mean anything else is out there, and, yeah, I’ll stop bursting bubbles.

16.) my biggest fears are all over the place.

I mean, my fears are basically spiders and various types of bugs, loneliness, getting robbed in my own home, death by murder, the end of the world – either by a plague swiping the world or another World War – and bigotry will end up winning, which is sort of a living nightmare.

My head is a nice place to live in.

17.) i’m a picky eater.

I feel so sorry for my parents for having to constantly cater to my needs because I just really barely like anything, BUT THAT’S WHO I AM. I either don’t like something you probably love or I’ve just never tasted it because I don’t have many opportunities to do it often. I apologize in advance.

what are some facts about you that other people might not know? do we share any similarities in our facts?


59 thoughts on “17 Little-Known Facts About Me That You Didn’t Want To Know (Or Maybe You Did)

  1. YES TO EARBUDS!!!!! one of my biggest pet peeves too?????? and the same with gore, i always stayed with my grandpa as a smol child and he loves michael myers + freddy krueger and now i’m insensitive xD

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, I thought I was the only one who was annoyed by this! My mom thinks I won’t be able to handle a roommate because they might listen to something without earbuds, but why would they do such a thing??? 😂 I actually only started watching horror movies two years ago, and even then, I was pretty much covering my face the entire time. It’s onky been the last year where I’ve gotten used to it!

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  2. Omg the earbuds things bother me too! And I also have some really weird realistic dreams. I would have never taken a selfie if it wasn’t for my boyfriend constantly asking for one but I love him so I do it. I’m a picky eater in some way! And I’ve also become stressed! Happy Birthday!!

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  3. definitely agree with the ear buds thing! i pretty much constantly have mine in these days because i have been listening to audio books; but then i feel guilty looking so anti social. lol
    i haven’t stepped on a nail; but i stepped on a pin in my gramma’s sewing room when i was little! it hurt so bad!
    these were super fun to read!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I feel like I’m one of those people who mainly likes earbuds because people leave me alone, and I want to be left alone. 😂 I’m anti-social as heck.

      Oh, no, that sounds awful! 😭 I’ve jammed the same pinkie toe so many times as well; I’m a mess. 😝

      I’m so glad! ❤️


  4. I don’t get musicals either… i went to see LOTR musical, and was told off at the end, cuz i didn’t have the “appropriate reaction”. I mean, what the hell? I’m allowed to dislike things…?! 😀

    Re selfies: i prefer to take a selfie cuz then at least i look acceptable and somewhat close to reality. Whereas when other people take a pic of me, i look horrible. Like, squinting all the time, or just smirking like a wiseass…

    Liked by 1 person

    • There’s a LOTR musical??? I learned a couple years back that there’s a Spider-Man musical, and I was shocked. 😂

      That’s true; at least you can dictate how you present yourself when it comes to selfies. I feel like I look objectively terrible in all photos taken of me no matter what. 😝

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      • awww ❤️
        once you find your angle… it will all be fine! i pretty much look the same in all pics, hehe. or habe a mug cover half my face…. 😂


  5. oh my god I am SUCH a picky eater it‘s unbelievable! a lot of the time it‘s things that i used to like as a kid but now i hate it and whenever my parents discover something new i don‘t like they‘re like “but you loved that when you were younger!!!!!!!” yeah mum, tastes change you know 😂

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  6. 25 BOOKS IN A MONTH! That’s crazy! Also your pet peeve about listening to music without earbuds is TOTALLY MINE! I also get annoyed when people blast out music that I don’t want to listen too. While I’m not a picky eater, I can see your logic behind it.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. wow, you remember lot of things from your childhood. No you’re not only one who constantly feel stressed. That happens to everyone. It happened to me, it’s just phase where we feel nothing is right and there is no particular reason for it, whatever happens during that time makes us more irritable. It will pass. Do what you like and love. there is no point in stressing over stress.
    Ghost, Aliens, supernatural never scared me, but movies and books are fun. Animals don’t scare me but I definitely be careful. I don’t like cockroaches, they are disgusting. Humans scare me- serial killers, stalkers, psychos- the real horror. I fear them, you never know what they are capable of. Nothing annoys me more than people interfering my life and space.
    Great post!

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    • Haha, I really don’t think I do? 😂 Elementary school was only a decade or so away for me, so I remember a lot! And the memories are pretty vivid as well!

      Yeah, I feel that! I’m way more scared of movies with serial killers and such since I don’t believe in the supernatural all that much. Those tend to be my favorite movies as well (the ones with serial killers and slashers). Definitely the fact that they’re a real threat plays a part in it. 🙈

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  8. I never really loved musicals either, but I watched AVPM and got completely obsessed, so almost anything Starkid I love, but other musicals? I just don’t care.

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  9. I agree so much on those people who listen to music without earbuds! I don’t need to hear okok people??? Also I pretty much wear leggings and a hoodie every day haha being fashionable takes too much work no fashion is the best fashion

    Liked by 1 person

    I also am such a picky eater, my friends hate it when they go out with me as they know if it’s not a place I’ve been to before I’m going to take 5ever looking at the menu trying to find something that I actually know I’ll like!
    I’m also not into fashion either, like I live in leggings and tops/dresses, I basically just dress to be comfortable!
    AHHHHHHHH, gore I’m 100% okay with, I love the saw movies and that sort of stuff but sitting down and watching a horror movie that is no gore and all scariness I’m a massive wimp and have to hide behind a cushion, I’m ridiculous basically xD Ghosts and that sort of stuff I really don’t believe in even though my mom and sister are SUPER into it!!

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    • Oh, yeah, my family usually visits the same restaurants over and over again and haven’t gone to a new restaurant in forever. I usually prefer going somewhere where I know I sincerely like the food so I don’t go away hungry. XD

      Ah, I wonder if I’ll dress better once I go off to college, but we’ll see!

      Oh, yes, I feel that! For some reason, I can watch graphic mutilation and people eating people and whatever, but jump scares easily freak me out. XD I feel like the more I watch horror movies, the more I expect them, if that makes sense, so I’m starting to get less scared!

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  11. This was such a great post! I agree with you on weird dreams. I literally have the weirdest dreams ever. Thinking about them makes me cringe. And most of the times I don’t remember what I dream about.
    Even I don’t like taking pictures of myself. I find it really boring. And my Mom loves taking pictures almost as much as I hate taking them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel you! Sometimes, I remember a part of my dream, and I’m just like…”What the heck was that?” I once had a really good and vivid dream where I got a Barnes & Noble gift card and was so upset when I woke up and realized it hadn’t happened. XD

      Yes, my mom also likes taking pictures, and I don’t like it at all.

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  12. Yes, at 7 & 11 – I am constantly anxious and it is, an honest to god problem because it ruins my life a majority of the time. And 11 is also screwing with my life because my younger brothers also prefer to not use headphones and I feel like it shouldn’t bug me, but oh boy does it!

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  13. 100% yes to taking selfies … I never feel the urge to do this which results in me not having a lot of pictures of myself to choose to any profile picture 😂 And I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who’s not a super huge fan of musicals 😀 I think they’re nice, but I don’t really get the hype 😅
    I’ll also gladly join you as a fellow picky eater 😄

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  14. Oh my gosh, I stepped on a nail when I was younger too. My dad was re-roofing the house… I was stupid and walked across the lawn and didn’t see the board with nails sticking out of it.

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  15. Oh my gosh, I cringed when I read you stepped on nails and then after about the golf club, THAT SOUNDS SO PAINFUL AND MY HEART HURTS FOR YOU. (The funny thing is that gore doesn’t bother me at all either??) Also yesss for the earphones issue??? Like, you HAVE THEM. Please use them and stop torturing me??? Also, I envy your dreams to be honest!! 😂 They sound so interesting hahahah I never remember my dreams so I can’t claim to have many particularly exciting ones haha. I loved reading this post, Mikaela!!

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      Yes! Like, the entire point of the earbuds is that you can listen to whatever you want without other people hearing it. I don’t understand why people don’t take advantage of it! Well, I hate some of my dreams sometimes; like, they scare me to death. I’d rather have calmer dreams. XD Thank you so much!


  16. Okay, let’s start comparing – because I have nothing better to do at this point and it pretty much guarantees one of my famous way too long comments.

    2. At school I was always known as “the fat girl”, because obvious. At work, people always talk about me as “the one with the piercings / snakebite” which does the trick. I’m the only one in the entire building with piercings like that so whenever someone needs me, they always end up with the right person, haha.

    3. Fashion? What’s that? Jeans + band shirts is the way I role. I also have some “normal” shirts but those are like.. family-wear? I don’t even wear those at work. Nope. Band shirts.
    Oh, and the eternal Vans or Converse! Although some people try to convince me “I’m definitely doing fashion since Vans are in right now!” Sure, those always come back. I wear them when they’re both in and out; don’t care.
    Dresses.. is something I’ve been starting to wear since over a year, ever since I lost weight, really. I actually feel more comfortable wearing them now so I have those weird days where I just feel like showing up to work in a dress. Shocks people like crazy and I love it.

    10. Hit in the head with a golf club.. Like.. YES?! When I was about thirteen or fourteen I had to go to camp – parents made me – and we had to play golf. One of those stupid girls [I really didn’t like the giggly type back then either] swung her golf club WAY higher than you’re supposed to and it hit me right above my eyeball. I went home seeing through one eye and the other all black, blue and yellow. It was quite the sight. I don’t have a scar though, but I was quite lucky as well. :’)
    Mikaela, we’re GOLF CLUB BUDDIES. Or something like that. :’)

    11. Amen to earbuds. Just put them in. My boyfriend knows it, does it and I love him for it.
    The people that annoy me most when it comes to that, though, are all those weirdoes OUTSIDE. Like, actually outside, or on public transport. WHY DO YOU DO THAT?
    It’s not like I want to listen to whatever you’re listening to. Not to mention that it’s often music that hurts my ears.

    17. The only thing I now want to know is.. How much do you like / dislike pasta?
    That’s a question that will decide my future love for you. Just saying.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, yes, I’m actually hoping to maybe improve on my fashion choices when I maybe go to college, especially since I’m already looking at some really nice stuff! I don’t think I’ll ever wear dresses again unless I’m forced to, and maybe then, it’ll be a better experience since I’ll be wearing a dress that I chose!

      AW HEY SO GLAD WE CAN RELATE TO GETTING HIT IN THE FACE WITH GOLF CLUBS. That sounds it totally sucks though. >_<

      Ah, what, do people actually do that in real life? So far, it seems like it's only contained in my family. My mom keeps saying I'll be a terrible roommate in college because they might do that and I'll just be complaining the entire time. XD

      I don't like pasta at all. I AM SO SORRY.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t think I’ll ever get into the fashion-side of things. I just like wearing what I like and what’s comfy, haha. On the dresses-front, though, it does help if you just go out shopping by yourself and maybe you find a dress that’s totally YOU. I have a thing with those kind of lumberjack shirts and then found a dress with that same pattern. Fell in love with it and bought it even though I hadn’t worn a dress in ten years. :’)

        It did! I barely did anything for the rest of that stupid camp since my left eye wouldn’t open and that’s DANGEROUS. Especially with golf clubs still being around after that.

        Oh yes, yes they do. There’ll be a day where I simply head over and pause their stupid music / video / whatever it is just to get rid of it. I really believe it’s a matter of showing respect to people around you, doesn’t matter if you know them / don’t know them / are related to them.. :’)
        Hahaha. Maybe you should simply have earbuds in all the time yourself! That way you hopefully won’t hear it when other people are not using them. 😛


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  17. My family are the same too, and me and my boyfriend. It’s our 7 year anniversary tomorrow and instead of going to a nice new place were are going to go to our favourite Mexican restaurant!! I’m always worried that I won’t like the food at a new place and I’d be hungry / have to pay for another meal??? I’ll just stick to what I know, much safer that way 😛

    Haha, well I can tell you now that the more you watch movies the worse they get. Me and my best friend are making our way through the conjuring / Annabelle series that OMG, I’m scared as hell not gonna lie to you. Dolls are some freaky stuff. I also can’t read horror books? I think I have a too active imagination for that!! xD


  18. We have many things in common! Even if for fashion and ghosts we are at the opposite. My family came from a big story of supernatural events so it’s kinda hard to say the contrary. And I had some experience myself. But for fashion, as a fashion student myself, I prefer the way of create my own fashion, if that makes sense. Something that suits me.

    I used to be afraid of dogs too! Now I’ve a wolf as a dog, so go figure 😂 And I was going to be name Teodora instead of Camilla.
    Also, I’m not that botherd by gore. Sometimes I can hiss or say “bleah” is something digust me but I’m not going to really look away. And yes, to dreams! The dreams I remember are either pure delirioum or nothing. One I dreamed Jafar fighting some army of white animals on Inca pyramids. I woke up and felt tired. 😂

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