12 Books I Thought I’d Fall In Love With…And Yet, I Didn’t Like Them

Despite loving books, I can often be disappointed by them.

I know, the horror!

I thought it’d be nice to spend today talking about books I was expecting to fall in love with, but then they asked me out, and whoops, I was Catfished.

I shall never stick to the status quo.

1.) rebel of the sands by alwyn hamilton

what i expected: I actually buddy-read this with a friend on Goodreads a million years ago and was actually enjoying it! My friend actually dumped the buddy-read because she read the first few chapters and wasn’t really into it, but I stuck around. I mean, I was actually really digging the whole western setting.

what i got: Okay, so 24720840 characters were suddenly introduced, and I really wasn’t into that whatsoever. The romance got pretty stale and boring. And I really was not into the whole journey aspect of the story. Have I said I don’t like journey stories yet? Because I hate them. I ended up DNF-ing this one about thirty pages away from the ending.

2.) first we were iv by alexandra sirowy

what i expected: I mean, I absolutely LOVED The Creeping, so I really thought I was going to love this one as well! I am a total sucker for messed up friendships and cult-y type groups. And I originally thought that this was going to be about a group of girls? It was not.

what i got: This one was just…weird? It was definitely addicting, but I didn’t understand the obsession with the body of a dead girl they had found when they were children? And the teenagers in this book did not act like teenagers; this was like some weird fever dream where teenagers make blood sacrifices and actually believe in statues and don’t have parents who wonder where they’ve been all night while they paint houses the color of blood? WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON?

3.) the love interest by cale dietrich

what i expected: Who doesn’t love a good old subversion of tropes? A love triangle where the two boys end up falling in love with each other instead of the girl they’re assigned to? I AM SOLD. And I actually got an e-ARC of this one Netgalley? Easily one of the best days ever.

what i got: Well, the writing wasn’t too hot. The world-building wasn’t great either. I didn’t like the way the romance was developed. And the ending was all over the place. It went from “comedic take on tropes” to “extremely trope-y dystopian-lite novel” in five seconds, and it gave me whiplash. The epilogue was pretty cute, though?

(I’ll still read his next book because noir!!! Hopefully, it won’t disappoint.)

4.) iron fey by julie kagawa

what i expected: Literally every single one of my Goodreads Friends was deeply in love with this one – even the super snarky ones who act like they hate every single book they’ve ever read. And you all know fae are easily my favorite fantasy creatures of all time. I put so much faith in these people I wasted all my money buying the entire trilogy off Amazon.

what i got: This was just such a surreal book? It started off well enough, and then it just got progressively weirder and weirder, and I just didn’t like the direction it took. And the romance was insufferable. I literally DNF-ed it seventy pages away from the finish line because the main character declared her love for the dude she just meant. HOW ABOUT NO?

5.) batman: nightwalker by marie lu

what i expected: I have literally loved every single Marie Lu book I’ve ever read. Not one of them has been rated less than five stars. She’s one of the few authors to consistently blow me away every single time. Let’s not mention the fact that I haven’t read The Midnight Star yet. DON’T GIVE ME THAT LOOK.

what i got: A romance disguised as what could’ve been a pretty awesome book about moral ambiguity and anti-heroes. This is easily my least favorite type of book of all time. And I was not sold on Madeleine whatsoever. Her character changed a minimum of 43 times. And the plot. WHAT PLOT?

6.) the winner’s curse by marie rutkoski

what i expected: Once again, Goodreads roped me in. Adding in the factor that around the time I read this book, I was living off the high of the Daughter of Smoke & Bone trilogy, the Angelfall trilogy, and the Lunar Chronicles, which are all highly recommend Goodreads books, so I assumed I would love this one. And, okay, the covers are nice to look at. SUE ME.

what i got: Yet another romance disguised as a fantasy. And I was not sold on the romance whatsoever nor Arin, so I just sat there, completely unimpressed. Kestrel is an absolute queen, and the politics of the book are my favorite thing of ever, but I read this book and its sequel TWICE, and I was even more unimpressed. We’re breaking up now.

(Plus, Captive Prince did it better. Just saying.)

7.) the lost and the found by cat clarke

what i expected: A YA thriller about a missing girl coming back to her family after being missing for all these years? That’s literally only my favorite type of book ever. And I was really getting into thrillers around this time, so I was pretty much reading any one I could get my hands on.

what i got: This book was SO BORING. This was more of a contemporary thriller than an actual thriller, and it moved at the slowest pace. And the side romance was actually ridiculous. She was so hot-and-cold about her boyfriend, saying that he was so understanding and wonderful on one page, and then saying she had been thinking of breaking up with him for a while, but also she lost her virginity with him despite saying she would only do that if she really loved the guy. I AM CONFUSED. The ending was good, but the build-up wasn’t worth it.

8.) the darkest minds by alexandra bracken

what i expected: Again, Goodreads made me do it. Plus, superpowers are my absolute favorite thing, so I shall devour all the books that contain them. And I had read the first few chapters and really enjoyed them, so I thought I’d feel that way about the rest of the book.

what i got: I can’t believe I was duped into reading an entire book about a road trip. AND I WAS SO INCREDIBLY BORED. I mean, this was basically the elongated book form of the worst of The Walking Dead – the boring journey, the obstacles that keep your interest for five or so minutes until they pass, only to end up in a location that seems idealistic at first, but, surprise, it’s actually run by an evil tyrant for a leader. So predictable.

9.) under the never sky by veronica rossi

what i expected: I actually first read this book way back in the sixth grade, and really enjoyed it! Then again, that was back in the sixth grade. So, yeah.

what i got: I reread it two years back, and, WOW, it’s as if I read a completely different story. I didn’t really care much about the characters (except Roar, who was lovely), the romance was the worst combination of “we’re soulmates” and “insta-love” I’ve ever seen, and some things were just plain weird (I mean, Perry can literally smell when she’s on her period and when she’s ovulating…and her period smells like violets? Did I get that right?). Once again, I hate that I wasted money buying this entire trilogy before I knew what I was getting into. WHY DO I DO THIS?

10.) an abundance of katherines by john green

what i expected: This was actually the third John Green book I read, if I remember correctly? Looking For Alaska and Paper Towns had made me fall in love, so I assumed that this one would be the same.

what i got: THIS WAS SO BORING. I mean, I still managed to read it in two days, but nothing about this book clicked for me. The protagonist of this book was so boring, I wasn’t into the whole road trip deal, I didn’t see the point of it, and the romance was so unnecessary. John Green made up with it for every one of his other books, but this one was not it.

11.) shadow and bone by leigh bardugo

what i expected: It seems like literally everyone out there loves this series, so of course I fell for the hype. What else do you expect from me?

what i got: I was entirely unimpressed. I didn’t hate this book, but I didn’t fall in love with it like everyone else seemed to. All I remember was that I loved Genya. And that I really hated the Darkling. I DO NOT GET THE HYPE. I assume that I should’ve read the sequels so I could cry about his past and fall in love with him as well, BUT I AM OVER IT.

12.) my sister rosa by justine larbalestier

what i expected: This is a thriller about a guy who is sure that he has a young sister for a psychopath and no one believes him, so he is left to keep his sister from escalating. HELL YES.

what i got: I AM STILL BITTER ABOUT THIS. It was basically just a contemporary novel with a boring romance trying to shove itself front and center. I don’t care about the guy’s stupid list. I WANTED A PSYCHOPATH SISTER. Apparently, there was some huge amazing plot twist at the end, but a plot twist thrown in after I suffered 300+ pages being tricked into a contemporary novel does not a good thriller make.

do you agree with any of my choices? what are some books you thought you’d fall in love with?




43 thoughts on “12 Books I Thought I’d Fall In Love With…And Yet, I Didn’t Like Them

  1. I am 100% with you on Shadow and Bone. I don’t get the hype around it. I continued with the series too, in the hopes they’d get better and they were all just solid three star reads for me, nothing extraordinary.

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  2. I really thought I would love ‘The Cruel Prince’ but I think I got it overhyped in my head and ended up feeling really meh about it, it’s a good book but I wanted it to be more. I can be my own worst enemy!

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  3. Goodreads has led me astray many a time too! And, I am totally on the same page as Judith, I just finished The Cruel Prince, and I don’t get what all of the hype was about. I had the hardest time caring about the characters or the plot. Meh is right.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! And, ooh, maybe you will! I’ve tried re-reading some hyped books so I could maybe get some perspective, but it hasn’t worked out for me, except when I re-read Insurgent and realized how GOOD it was the second time around. Other than that, I’ve hated the books more the second time around. XD


  4. I think the only thing I enjoy about Shadow and Bone is that it’s part of the Six of Crows world, haha. I never even heard of the trilogy before Six of Crows but I wanted to read more about the Grisha Trilogy after finishing Crooked Kingdom.

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  5. I didn’t really enjoy An Abundance of Katherines either, which was such a disappointment because I was so excited about the concept. It was my first John Green book, specifically chosen because the premise was so silly. (Also because I was watching Brotherhood 2.0 and he was winning awards for it that year.) I also found it boring, and I found ALL of the characters unlikeable. I also found the constant use of the f-word-expletive (was it fugging?) to be extremely obnoxious. Even if that is 100% exactly what nerdy teenage boys would do, it was still annoying beyond redemption to read.

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    • Yeah, I think it’s definitely John Green’s worst (and I don’t know why that one was the other book that won the Printz when I think TFIOS was much better, but, you know, I don’t vote or however they determine that). It was just so boring, and, you’re right, I didn’t like the characters that much. >_<

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  6. OMG I despised An Abundance of Katherines !!! Worst John Green novel for sure! Also, I’m so glad you confirmed Under the Never Sky is an “insta-love” kind of story because I suspected it might be just by LOOKING at the cover and that was the only thing keeping me from buying it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep! All his other books definitely make up for it though! 😀

      And, yeah, I’m shocked that no one ever mentions it in their reviews??? It was the worst insta-love I’ve ever read ever. I can understand why I liked it so much when I read it in middle school, but I’ve read way better romances than that one, so…

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    • I feel like I really loved the beginning of The Darkest Minds, but once they went on that roadtrip, I was so bored! I actually think the whole “how the world fell apart/Ruby got there” was so much more interesting and would’ve made a better first book? But maybe that’s just me!

      I haven’t read any reviews of the sequels, so I have no idea what the general consensus is, but it does suck when a series finale doesn’t live up to expectations!


  7. I’ve been considering reading Shadow and Bone since I absolutely LOVED Six of Crows, but I’ve heard such mixed things, and now I really don’t think I’ll ever get to it. I think I’ll just content myself with Leigh Bardugo’s later books 🙂

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  8. The only one I’ve read out of this list is Shadow and Bone and I thought it was really good. I really liked it. A book I thought I would love is H20 and then I didn’t because the character was so annoying.

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    • Yeah, I feel like I’m one of those people who tends to have really elaborate expectations for books that I’m excited for, and when the book isn’t like that at all, I tend to be really disappointed. Or I’m just not seeing what all the other reviewers are saying whatsoever. XD

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  9. I still haven’t finished Batman: Nightwalker because of the thinly veiled romance that actually pops up in almost every Batman story that has a female villain (or hero). I get it, he likes bad girls but can he be alone and not smitten for five minutes??? I’ll probably finish it someday because Batman is one of my favourites but I’m sick of him right now so I’m just not in the mood.

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    • Haha, I’ve never actually watched anything related to Batman (or at least, centered around just Batman since I have watched Justice League), so I have no idea what’s canon or not, but I do know he likes Catwoman (or am I totally off-base?). XD I definitely thought the romance was annoying and unnecessary, so there’s that.


  10. Thinking you’ll love a book and the not liking it is the worst feeling 😦
    I definitely agree with Rebel in the Sands (pretty underwhelming in about every aspect and the pacing was so strange at first) and An Abundance of Katherine’s (boring with nothing to keep me engaged), I wanted to like them but it just didn’t happen 😦
    I was personally super disappointed with An Ember in the Ashes, it seems like everyone but me loved this book and I wanted to love it too, but it didn’t work for me at all :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • It so is! 😦

      Yeah, I feel like pretty much everyone loves Rebel of the Sands, but I just wasn’t feeling it whatsoever! And, yeah, there was really nothing engaging about An Abundance of Katherines that made me remember or love it.

      Ah, I loved An Ember in the Ashes, but I didn’t like A Torch Against the Night at all! I ended up DNF-ing it. >_<

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      • I had so high hopes, because everyone gushed about how great the main character was and I felt pretty meh about her 😦 I loved John Green’s other book but this one completely missed its mark …

        Oh nooo 😦 I’ve heard that from quite a few people recently – It’s always disappointing to not love the sequel :/


  11. I don’t really get the hype for the Grisha trilogy either – I find them fun but nothing special. I haven’t read the third one yet, so who knows maybe it will change my mind haha. But I will never ship Alina with The Darkling nope bye

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  12. One book that I thought I would love because of all the hype was Night Film. It turns out I had to drag my way from three months through that brick, and ended up not enjoying it at all. Too bad 😦

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  13. I have Marie’s “Batman,” and hope to read it asap. It sounds fun… and still have ‘Winner’s’ on my shelf too. Hopefully I’ll enjoy both. Sorry you didn’t care for them; that’s never a fun end game for a reader.


  14. The Love Interest really dissapointed me too. ._. I wanted to love it so much and yet nope.
    I did finish the 4 Iron Fey books but yeah, the romance was not okay. I was taken by the covers though. They deceived me, haha.

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