12 Books I Somehow Still Haven’t Read Yet (Shame! Shame!)

My TBR of Shame is so big that if it toppled and fell on me, I would probably die by being drowned from my own books.

That’s how serious this is.

I’m glad to report that so far, 2018 has been treating me pretty well, and I’ve actually FINALLY conquered some of those books that have been sitting on my TBR for years now, and I’m extremely pleased.

Despite that, there’s still lots and lots and LOTS more books that I’ve yet to actually pick up, even though I’ve been wanting to. So I’m going to pull some amateur psychology, and hope that putting this list out there and having you guys yell at me might finally push me to read some of them.

Hopefully, it’ll work.

1.) crooked kingdom by leigh bardugo

Okay, yeah, I’m sure you’re already screaming at me because what the actual heck is wrong with me. Literally every single person has probably read this book and rated it five stars, which makes sense. I expect nothing less from this sequel.

I…just haven’t read it yet. For some…reason.

I mean, my gorgeous physical copy of Crooked Kingdom is just staring at me on my bookshelf. It’s one of the few completed series that’s completely in hardcover. I’ve owned the book for a year and a couple of months. I actively want to read this book. WHY HAVE I NOT READ IT YET.

HAHAHAHAHAHA…ha. I don’t know, people.

2.) carry on by rainbow rowell

Okay, so this is actually a double shame since I also haven’t finished Fangirl, despite starting it about five times. It’s fine, people. I’m fine.

I will say, I’m one of the few people that adored the fanfiction parts in between the chapters of Fangirl. My Drarry shipper heart was simply ecstatic, so when I heard that there was going to be a real live book just about them, I freaked out.

And then I went and never actually read it. Huh.

I will claim pride in actually reading the first hundred or so pages via iBooks and really enjoying them. So, HA.

3.) i hunt killers by barry lyga

This has pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted in a book: a male narrator, serial killers, crime-solving, an inkling of an anti-hero, sarcasm, good reviews, and probably a lot of gore to boot. And I haven’t been spoiled, which is absolutely miraculous.

And for some reason, I put it on my TBR about three years ago? And I still haven’t read it? I swear, it’s going to happen this year. And I’m not going to never end up reading the sequels. THIS IS MY PROMISE TO MYSELF.

4.) anything by stephen king

Fun Fact: I haven’t read a full-length Stephen King novel. I HAVE read his recent short story collection Bazaar of Bad Dreams, which was my first taste of Stephen King, and I absolutely loved it. And I’ve also read his other short story, A Good Marriage, which was extremely entertaining.

So why have I not read any of his full-length books even though I’ve added 11/22/63, Sleeping Beauties, It, Misery, Running Man, etc. on my TBR? I DO NOT KNOW. My fear of big books is stopping me, but that’s ridiculous. I am hoping to actually read his newest novel The Outsider when it comes out this summer since it sounds THRILLING, so, we’ll see, people. We’ll see.

5.) the outliers by kimberly mccreight

I am well aware that this book has an overwhelming amount of negative reviews. But I don’t even care anymore. I’ve stopped avoiding books I’m extremely excited about just because they have negative reviews, because I can name probably ten amazing books I would have missed out on if I paid attention their negative ratings. I AM A FREE SPIRIT.

And, okay, I have a special attachment to Reconstructing Amelia, so I just have to read another book of hers. I can’t help myself.

6.) the deep by nick cutter

Okay, see, I have this problem where I fall in love with one author’s books, get the rest of their books, realize I’m not in the mood for them at that moment in time, promise I’ll read it soon enough, then never read it for 248204820 years.

It’s perfectly normal you see.

(Someone please help me.)

7.) our dark duet by victoria schwab

And yet another finale of a duology where I’ve read and loved the first book written by an author that I adore. It’s almost like this entire post is just revealing reading trends that I didn’t even know myself.


But, yet again, I’ve seen only good reviews for this one, I really want to finally finish a series for the first time in YEARS, and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m going to blame the fact that I don’t have a physical copy on this.

(Also, I haven’t finished A Conjuring of Light either. I swear, I’m not going to be like this when Vengeful comes out.)

8.) the scorpio races & all the crooked saints by maggie stiefvater

I know what you might be thinking.”Mikaela, I thought Maggie Stiefvater was one of your absolute favorite authors? Why would you not read every single book she’s ever written in the history of ever?”

I DON’T KNOW WHY. I swear, I want to read both of these books so bad, but I’m not in the mood for magical realism at the moment. So I’ll wait when the time is right and binge my little heart out. I know I’ll love both these books. I know I’ll rate them both five stars (most likely). 

I just have to actually…you know…read them.

9.) turtles all the way down by john green

I am one of the biggest John Green fangirls out there. Yeah, I may have jumped on the bandwagon when The Fault In Our Stars was getting popular, but he’s one of the few authors out there where I’ve read all their books. I’ve been waiting for YEARS for him to release another book. I was so excited when it was announced.

And I still haven’t read it. What the heck is this?

I’m not in the mood for a contemporary novel right now, so that’s probably why this one has been left unread. But it sounds so amazing? Everyone says the mental health rep is fantastic? People who hate John Green even love it? I clearly must read it.

10.) chaos walking by patrick ness

This is actually ten times more shameful because I literally spent money buying the shiny new box set of the entire trilogy with the new covers. It’s stunning. I like to photograph the books often. AND YET I HAVEN’T PICKED THEM UP.


I’ve read both A Monster Calls and Release, and I’ve loved them both. I’ve read a couple chapters of the first book and really enjoyed it before I put it down. So why haven’t I picked it back up? I don’t know. I don’t know.

11.) renegades by marissa meyer

Actually, this could be a double whammy because I haven’t read Heartless as well. Or Fairest. Or the graphic novels. I should stop while I’m ahead.

Despite seeing negative reviews all over the place, I am still totally excited for this one. I mean, it’s superheroes and villains! The premise sounds awesome! I love Marissa Meyer! The book is signed by her! And I don’t mind slow plots that much, so this seems to be set up to please me.

But I do have plans to read it this year. Huzzah!

12.) vigilante by kady cross

As soon as I heard the premise for this book, I added it to my TBR. I mean, a girl decides to go on a vigilante spree against rapists and misogynists after her best friend is murdered? I AM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT HERE FOR THIS.

And yet I still haven’t read it. I mean, this could also apply to about 248208402 of my anticipated 2017 releases, but I’m choosing one because I don’t have all day, people.

what are some books that you still haven’t read yet? are you planning to read them soon? why do you tend to put off anticipated books?



38 thoughts on “12 Books I Somehow Still Haven’t Read Yet (Shame! Shame!)

  1. I hunt killers is a great read, I hope you can read it soon. I still have to read Turtles as well.. I’m so looking forward to it and yet I can’t find the time because of all the other must-reads (literally). I was doing so well the beginning of the year with reading some of my own books and we’re March and I’m overwhelmed with other books already again 🙂

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  2. Don’t worry, the only books on this list that I’ve read are Scorpio Races and Turtles All the Way Down… so behind on reading! 🙂 We’ll get around to them someday!

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  3. 80% of my TBR is a TBR of shame to be honest. I’m not even going to start thinking about that actively or I’ll just end up being depressed and wishing the whole world would just STOP AND LET ME READ.

    I’ve read The Shining by Stephen King. Creeeeeped me out but I love his writing so April is ApTHRILL [monthly reading challenge, YAY] and I’m dedicating it to THE KING. I have a bunch of his books on my shelves so I’m going to try and read those. Try.
    You haven’t read Crooked Kingdom yet? I have. BUT. I haven’t read the Grisha-trilogy yet. So I guess we’re even? Sort of?

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  4. Can’t believe you haven’t read Crooked Kingdom yet, what are you thinking?? I’d also recommend prioritizing The Chaos Walking trilogy, it’s super good. Also, if it makes you feel any better, I love Maggie’s writing and I only read TRC and All the Crooked Saints by her 😔😂

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  5. OH GOD DRARRY!!!!!!! carry on is everything I wanted for harry and draco. I was so pleased ❤ I still need to read fangirl, simon and baz are so precious i need more????? ❤

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  6. I won’t lie, these kinds of posts always make me feel better haha. Basically, if there’s a popular book that came out in the last 5 years, there’s a pretty good chance I haven’t even touched it. Such is my life. I’m slowly getting better, buuuuuut it’s a work in progress!

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  7. Omg you gotta read Chaos Walking. They’re long books, but they go by SO FAST because they’re intense and you can’t put them down (also, short paragraphs). I also haven’t read All the Crooked Saint yet and I’m a little ashamed . . . but someday! Soon! Hopefully….

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  8. I also love the fanfiction part of Fangirl so I was SO EXCITED for Carry On… except it turns out to be a let down for me 😦 Same with The Knife of Never Letting Go. Tbh I have never read anything by Stephen King too and I don’t have the interest to start *hides from the tomatoes thrown at me*

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  9. I haven’t read any of the above. In fact, I haven’t read a single book by these authors I so want to read – leigh bardugo, rainbow rowell, maggie stiefvater, stephen king,victoria schwab, neil gaiman, agatha christie, nora roberts, marie lu… and so more.

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  10. I cannot believe you haven’t read Carry On! It’s my favourite book, I’ve read it 5 times – it’s one of the few books I ever re-read. Honestly, you have to read it, it will be worth it!

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  11. I feel somewhat attacked . . . I haven’t read Carry On or Renegades either, even though I love both Marissa Meyer and Rainbow Rowell! Why do I procrastinate so much?? Agh. Good luck getting through your TBR, and thanks for sharing this funny post 🙂

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  12. Renegades is amazing! I know it has a lot of bad reviews, but I absolutely loved it! It’s definitely worth reading, especially if you don’t mind slow plots.

    There’s SO many books out there that have been on my TBR for ages, but I still haven’t read… The worst of which I feel like is Six of Crows… It sounds good, I enjoyed her other series, and everybody is screaming at me to read them… but I haven’t. I don’t even have the excuse of not being able to get them easily, because my library has about twelve copies of them… but I just haven’t read them yet for some reason.

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  13. There are a good bit of these that I have not read as well. I actually own all three Chaos Walking books but I’ve had trouble with all of Patrick Ness’s books (except A Monster Calls, because that one is great). Some books that I’ve had sitting on my shelf for a while are the second half the Raven Boys books and All Crooked Saints (I have a very love-hate relationship with Maggie Stiefvator, but her covers are SO PRETTY)

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  14. I haven’t even started the Six of Crows or Savage Song trilogy so you’re way ahead of me in that respect! YOU HAVE TO READ TATWD!! It’s so incredibly good, I am also a massive John Green fan and wouldn’t have gotten this far without reading it 😅

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  15. Carry On was amazing!! Simon and Baz are truly precious. I did enjoy the fanfiction parts in fangirl but only after reading Carry On. And I still have to read Six of Crows and Turtles all the way Down so I don’t know what I am doing with my life.

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  16. I don’t really understand the purpose of making a post listing books you haven’t read and shaming yourself… Instead you can talk about the books you HAVE read and proud to have read! I do have books I’ve always wanted to read, including All the Crooked Saints as well, but I’ll read it if I ever get the chance to, and I’m never shaming myself for having not read the book yet.

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  17. King does have some shorter stuff. Like Carrie, Pet Semetary, Fire starter, Dolores Claiborn, Misery, Cujo, Gerald’s Game for example.😍

    I’m having similar feelings towards my tbr too… some stuff is on it since 2012… those are the books “we shall not mention”. 😂

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  18. Mikaela, you HAVE to read Crooked Kingdom and Our Dark Duet!!! I’m sure you heard that both are really HEARTBREAKING, but they were so so good. You have to read them. Especially Crooked Kingdom that came out years ago omg. 😂

    Oh, I’ve been meaning to read Carry On as well! I think it’s the only Rainbow Rowell book I’ll read (especially since E&P is racist) for the lovely gay romance, but I have no idea why I keep putting it off. 😂

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  19. !!! CROOKED KINGDOM YES I AM SCREAMING! Our Dark Duet was fabulous too, and there is poetry in it too so thats something to look forward too? I really hope you enjoy these books when you get around to them ahah! Oh and also, I DNF-ed Renegades and The Chaos Walking first book because they are SO BORING and I COULD NOT DO IT!!

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  20. Don’t feel bad, I haven’t even read Six of Crows yet 😂 I’m going to get to it soon, but first I have to finish the Grisha Trilogy that I finally started 😀
    I haven’t read a lot of Schwab’s books (I only read ADSOM so far) and I still need to finish the Lunar Chronicles. Plus I would love to read Renegades too, but I would have to buy a copy first 😀

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  21. Carry On is one of my favourite books and I reread it every year, I love it so much ❤️ Hope you’ll get around to it some point soon haha. I only read Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom last year, so you don’t have to feel bad 😛 CK is so good though ahhh. And so is The Chaos Walking trilogy!! 10/10 would recommend to just binge them. The upside of not having read any of these books yet is that you do have something to look forward to! 🙂

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    Is it working? 😂 If it makes you feel better I haven’t read any of those books, but most are on my TBR too.😂

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  23. This post is so relatable. I have an enormous TBR pile and it never stops growing. 😣

    Carry On and I Hunt Killers are wonderful books. 👌👀 I Hunt Killers now has a sequel and maybe another. I need to reread it, though. I read the first book in like… 8th grade… I am in college now. LOL

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  24. I guess I tend to put off anticipated books because I worry they won’t live up to my expectations?? To be fair, I haven’t read all the books you mentioned in your post but I have read and loved quite a few of them! One of those books I’ve been meaning to read is Turtles All The Way Down. I’m not the biggest John Green fan but everyone seems to love his latest book. I also feel conflicted about reading Renegades. You mentioned seeing a lot of negative reviews and that’s what initially put me off reading the book but I loved Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series so I’m tempted to check this one out too.

    Rachana @ Spun


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