21 Fictional (And Real!) Names I Couldn’t Pronounce If My Life Depended On It

Sometimes, I’m one hundred percent sure that authors are trolling us.

I mean, have you SEEN some of the ridiculous character names that authors have come up with.I swear, they put all the letters of the alphabet on a wheel and spin it a certain amount of times to make up a name.

A couple months back, I asked you all on Twitter whether you wanted to see me talk about authors I’ve met or weird character names, and lo and behold, you wanted to see me talk about weird character names!

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

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11 More Book Blogging Confessions That Will Shock & Amaze You

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…just kidding.

For some reason, there are people out there who think I am the perfect book blogger. I don’t know what makes them think this because my life can be described best as “a hotbed of stress.” What is it like being content, stress-free, and satisfied? Don’t look at me, because I surely can’t tell you! HAHAHAHAHAhaha.

(Someone please help me.)

A million years ago, I confessed some blogging truths about myself, and it was quite popular, so why not expose some more blogging confessions so we can all cry together over my very real fears.

(Who put me up to this? Oh, yeah, I did.)

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February Recap ’18 | I Watched 9 Movies, Cried Over This Is Us, And Had The Flu

So, the entirety of February can basically be summed up as a hot mess.

This was supposed to be when I finally got my blogging mojo back, but I ended up switching around all my posts and shoving them to March, leaving February empty and me floudering. I was stressed and tired and all over the place. I was super sick, and I was in a lot of pain. Track season started up again, and it already hurts. My reading was pretty much thrown into a wrench. I didn’t blog-hop for weeks.

It wasn’t too great, but I’m really hoping that March will be a better month. But I’m very much just exhausted. I swear, March WILL be a regular blogging month for sure!

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I Have A Lot Of Unpopular Bookish Opinions | The “Nope!” Book Tag

“Mikaela, what? I thought you were dead!”

I know that it seems like I disappeared on all of you guys out of absolutely nowhere, but I was very stressed and tired (and, in actuality, I am STILL stressed and tired), but I’m back now, and, hopefully, I won’t be taking any more hiatuses like I have been.


But, today, I have a tag for you that was definitely made for me because I get to talk about my unpopular bookish opinions? And rant a lot? WHAT A TREAT.

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13 Underrated Thriller & Horror Novels I’ll Scream About Until You Read Them

It’s Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day, and while other people are getting mushy-gushy by talking about books they love or listing the reasons why they love books or their favorite ships in books, I shall stand out by talking about thriller and horror books I’ve fallen in love with, and you really must read immediately.

Because I like to think of myself as a lover and expert of the genre, I thought the best way to express that love was to recommend some books. This is my Valentine’s Day, people

I shall never stick to the status quo.

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10 Book Blogging Hacks That Will Change Your Life For The Better (Hopefully)

Apparently, people enjoy my blogging tips? This will forever elude me, to be honest.

Last year, I entertained the idea of writing about WordPress hacks, but failed to, and that was definitely, one hundred percent NOT because I was too lazy. What are you talking about?

(It was probably best that I didn’t, because it probably would have turned out terribly.)

BUT now that I’ve had a year and a month of blogging (!!!) under my belt, I think it’s time that I spill my greatest secrets at your feet.

You’re welcome in advance (I kid, I kid).

Also, P.S. you’re probably wondering where the heck I’ve been the last four days. Well, all of last week, I was sick with the flu! After years of not getting it, it finally caught up to me. Go figure. It was awful and terrible, but it got really bad after Wednesday, so I ditched posting on Friday and was super late replying to comments and didn’t blog hop whatsoever all weekend. And I also missed a whole week of school. So if I’m slow or anything, just know that I’m probably dying from being buried under school work.

But I am much better now, which is great, because being sick was the worst. I watched a lot of movies and TV shows, though!

That is all.

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