I Went to Bookcon 2017! | Recap and Haul

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As you guys know, I was in New York for Bookcon earlier this month!

It was so much fun. SO. MUCH. FUN. Okay, it had a bit of a rough start on Saturday, but everything ended up working perfectly on Sunday, AND I got every single book I wanted (and more)! So, basically, I’m really proud of myself, and definitely will be attending next year (or BEA? It’s up in the air at the moment).


File_000 (86)

So, my family and I woke up bright and early around six on Saturday morning because I wanted to be one of the first in line to get to the show floor! I wanted to be there by eight, but we ended up being a little later than that, which was perfectly fine! We were immediately led to the queue hall for getting into the show floor, where we waited for two whole hours. It was so amazing to see the hall fill up with SO MANY book nerds, though! I’ve never seen so many in my life. While waiting in the hall, I was alerted of two things via Twitter: one was that they were giving away ARCs of The Cruel Prince by Holly Black by saying a password and another was that Penguin Teen was giving away a Penguin Teen Game Changers box every top of the hour throughout the day, and whoever said the password first won it. If you don’t know about the whole Game Changers campaign, basically, Penguin Teen is releasing five YA titles back-to-back five weeks during September-October in different genres that they call “game-changers” of its respected genre. AND I WANTED THEM SO BAD.

As soon as it hit ten, we were all allowed to go to the show floor. As soon as I got there, I tried to find the Hachette booth for The Cruel Prince which took FOREVER to find. Once I found it, I said the password, got the book, and was also handed a Novl tote bag. And they had ARCs of Invictus on display and up for grabs, so I grabbed one, of course. I then rushed with my mom and brother to the Harlequin Teen booth for some author signings of their latest ARCs, but the line was capped, and I couldn’t make it. That was disappointment number one of the day. My mom ended up learning that they were doing a galley give-away at three, so we planned to see if we could go to that!

The I Read YA breakfast wasn’t starting for another hour, so I ended up going to the Penguin Teen booth and waiting for the password on Twitter so I could win their box. At eleven, I went straight to one of the attendants, told her the password, and she said I won, which was exciting! On my way there, though, I saw another girl who was handed the box, and once I got there, they said that they had actually given away the prize to another girl because she was in a different area of their booth than I was, and there was nothing they could do. This was AFTER they specifically told my mom and I that we could be ANYWHERE around the booth and go to any attendant to say the password, but now they’re saying we had to be at a specific spot. Disappointment number two.

After that, we raced to the I Read YA breakfast where I got to meet Maggie Stiefvater and get a signed ARC of All the Crooked Saints, which is one of my most anticipated releases! She was so sweet and so nice and I can’t believe I got to meet her face-to-face.

Shell-shocked after meeting one of my favorite authors of all time, I went back to the Penguin Teen booth to try to win the Game-Changers box. Again, no such luck. Twitter notifications failed me and decided to send me the Tweet with the password a full minute after everyone had already screamed it out loud. Disappointment number three. Luckily, my mom was vigilant and complained to the Penguin staff about how I was the real winner of the second box, and one of the ladies was nice enough to give us a card with her e-mail on it and said that if we didn’t win it at Bookcon, we could e-mail her about it and probably get it that way, which lifted my hopes a little bit.

It was around twelve at this time, and all three of us were tired from walking around and were super hungry, so we decided to leave the Javits Center and walk around New York to find something to eat, and stumbled upon Five Guys (which I’ve never eaten from before), and then walked back to the Javits Center. My legs were pretty much dead at this point, just in case you guys wanted to know.

We sat and ate for a moment before getting up and entering the show floor again because Harper was dropping four ARCs at their booth, and one of them was They Both Die At the End by Adam Silvera, which I would literally give anything for, so I raced there, and my mom and brother went to the Harlequin Teen booth for their galley drop. Harper Teen was really strict about not making a line, so basically there were a cluster of people just waiting until two hit so they could push and shove in line, and push and shove they did. I was near the front of the booth, but ended up having to be in the back of the booth because so many people were shoving their way in front of me. So, that was annoying. Then, I basically waited in line for a full hour, and when the giveaway finally started, by the time I got up there, all the ARCs of They Both Die At the End were taken, so I ended up getting my second choice, Release by Patrick Ness, which wasn’t too bad since I wanted it as well!

After that debacle, I met up with my brother and mom, and was really happy to find out they had snagged me ARCs of All Rights Reserved and Daughter of the Burning City, which I was trying to get signed that morning! We ended up wandering around the Penguin Teen booth because they were going to be giving away tickets for Marie Lu’s signing of Warcross, and I just HAD to get one. All the attendants were screaming at everyone to keep walking around the show floor and to stop loitering, so my mom made a plan to make my brother stand in the back of the booth, and my mom and I near the front. Once they started lining up for the signing, we realized that our mob was being pushed to the back, so my mom and I bombarded my brother with texts to GET IN LINE NOW, and, thankfully, he did! We managed to be number 78 in line, and if he hadn’t been in the back, I would’ve missed out on Marie Lu because my mom and I were so far back in the mob, so a big thanks to my little brother.

I ended up waiting in line for probably an hour and a half before I actually got to meet Marie Lu. YES, IT TOOK THAT LONG. While waiting in line, my mom and little brother were kind enough to actually WIN THE GAME-CHANGERS BOX FOR ME. I was so happy, and then just a couple minutes later, I got to meet Marie Lu. She was absolutely wonderful and it was so great to tell her face-to-face that I absolutely love both of her series and can’t wait for her newest book!

(Ah, a blurry picture of my face!)

After that, we went back to the hotel because my legs were actually dead at that point and I was way too tired to go see the Booksplosion Booktube panel. Though Day 1 of Bookcon was rough, it ended up being a really good time! Here’s a picture of my full Day 1 haul:

Day 1 Bookcon Haul.jpeg

File_001 (42)

Again, my family and I woke up at around six! Because we knew what we were doing this time around, we ended up getting to the Javits Center at 7:30, and was in a pretty good place in line outside, which was awesome. As soon as the doors for the queue hall opened, we sent my brother to coat check to drop off the suitcase, and my mom and I walk-ran to the queue hall line. We were so fast that we ended up being SUPER close to the entrance to the show floor, which was awesome.

Because of the chaos of Saturday, my mom and I planned to the T what times we should be lining up for all the signings and ARC drops I wanted to make it to. You might think, “It’s not THAT big of a deal,” BUT IT WAS.  I kid you not, people would line up two hours early for a signing.  THAT’S how hardcore Bookcon was. We found out early that morning via the amazing Bookcon app that ARCs for Zenith were dropping at the Harlequin Teen booth as soon as Day 2 of Bookcon started, so when the show floor was open, my mom and I rushed to the Harlequin Teen booth. My mom was much faster than me and ended up getting the seventeenth place in line. In line, I talked to two other girls who were super sweet, and the girl in front of me also wanted Zenith, and we both ended up nabbing a copy, which was awesome! It meant that I didn’t have to go through waiting for the mob that would be the signing (especially since I had two other events around that time to line up for)!

After getting my copy, I went to the Penguin Teen booth to meet up with my mom and brother. They were about to give out tickets for E. Lockhart’s signing of her ARC, Genuine Fraud, which I was looking forward to! We all divided and conquered into different places around the booth (and I guess this is where I mention that Penguin Teen actually got security guards because their booth was just THAT popular and crazy once signing tickets were given out the previous day). My brother ended up being in the right line, and got me a fantastic spot for the signing! I took his place and chatted with these other two girls who were awesome while my mom and brother went to the Autographing Area to hold my place for Nic Stone. After meeting E. Lockhart and getting Genuine Fraud signed, I went to the Area and jumped in line with my family.

E. Lockhart Signature.jpeg

There ended up being a bit of a mishap because apparently, something happened with the box of ARCs of Dear Martin, so Nic Stone only signed bookmarks while the lady managing her signing took down our address so she could send the ARC to us at a later date. She was so sweet and pretty, and it was great to be able to tell her how excited for her debut novel I was!

File_001 (54)

(Ah, a clear close-up of my face! And probably the worst picture of me, too.)

We then went to go find the Entangled Teen booth because I didn’t want to miss out on Tristina Wright’s signing of 27 Hours. Once we found the booth, we quickly found out that people had ALREADY STARTED FORMING A LINE even though a signing was already still going on at their booth, and Wright’s signing wasn’t even for another two hours. Like I said, Bookcon is hardcore. I had to charge my phone at this point, so my mom stood in line for me for a while as I got it charged, and then I had to go back and get my spot while my mom went to Harper’s booth to get ready to line up for the ARC drop of four books, one of them being This Darkness Mine, which is one of my most anticipated releases.

It was a long, long wait for Tristina Wright, so I passed the time by re-watching Buzzfeed Unsolved videos (totally worth my time, by the way), until she arrived. I was one of the first few people in line, so I ended up meeting her fairly quickly, getting the opportunity to tell her I loved her hair and was excited for her debut novel, and got 27 Hours signed by her!

File_002 (39).jpeg

I then went and met up with my mom and brother at the Penguin Teen booth because tickets for Leigh Bardugo’s signing of Wonder Woman: Warbringer were about to be handed out, AND BOY IT WAS INSANE. The best way I can describe it is by saying that it was basically like a mosh pit and a mob simultaneously. My mom handed me the ARC of This Darkness Mine she had gotten and stayed near the back while my brother and I were near the side of the booth. We anxiously waited for the tickets to be handed out, and they actually didn’t even hand them out on time, but about ten minutes late. THANKFULLY, my mom was near the back where they were handing out the tickets first, and managed to get one, which made me jump for joy because I WAS MEETING LEIGH BARDUGO. My mom changed places with me and then raced to the Harper Teen booth for the second drop of four ARCs, which included They Both Die At the End.

I waited in line for a LONG TIME. My phone battery was low, I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything since that morning (and it was around three in the afternoon), and my legs were dead from standing and walking since six in the morning. I can’t say it enough, you guys; BOOKCON IS HARDCORE. But it was all totally worth it to meet Leigh Bardugo face-to-face and tell her the Six of Crows duology was one of my favorite series ever and that Jesper was my favorite character and get a copy of Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, they didn’t allow any photos because the line was so long and it’d take too much time, but I have the memory with me.

File_003 (25)

After that, I walked over to the Harper Teen booth. My mom was pretty close to the beginning of line, but they hadn’t started the giveaway yet, so I waited around until it happened. It was a super tense few minutes, let me tell you, because my mom was bunched up with a whole lot of people, and They Both Die At the End was going away quickly (they only had about twenty-five copies of each book), but, by the grace of God, my mom managed to snag a copy for me! And with that, my tight schedule for Bookcon was over. I got every book I wanted and every signing I wanted and I was ready to eat and get some water.

After we all ate and drank, we went back to the show floor, stress-free because it was the last hour of Bookcon and we had accomplished everything. Earlier in the day I had seen a girl in line for 27 Hours with an ARC of The Belles, which I wanted SO BAD, so we headed to the Disney-Hyperion booth, and they were all gone. Of course, I was upset (especially since Disney said that the author was only signing a poster and giving away an excerpt of the book, AND NOT THE ARC), but not too upset since I literally got every book I wanted. Since so many people were trading ARCs on the Bookcon app, I decided to advertise the double copy of Warcross I’d won from the box on the app in exchange from The Belles. We visited a couple more booths and my mom bought me Roar for only ten dollars at the Macmillan booth, but with no one responding, we went back to the hotel.

Of course, while on our way back, someone said that they had The Belles and would be happy to trade. My mom was nice enough and said we could meet up with them somewhere, so after dropping off my brother with the suitcase full of books, we walked around New York for a while looking for the meeting place, and then I ended up trading Warcross for The Belles, which I’m eternally grateful for Jennifer for trading for!

And with that, Bookcon was officially over! Here’s my Day 2 haul if anyone is curious:

Day 2 Bookcon Haul.jpeg

File_002 (31)

So, I decided to go into detail about all the books I got from Bookcon (and one I got from The Strand when I visited there)! The Goodreads links to the books will be found under the pictures of the books! This doesn’t include Dear Martin, which is hopefully being sent to my house as I write this, but I have all the other books!

File_001 (55).jpeg

Daughter of the Burning City

All Rights Reserved

Wonder Woman: Warbringer

File_002 (40).jpeg

Things I’m Seeing Without You

Forest of a Thousand Lanterns


There’s Someone Inside Your House

Jane, Unlimited

File_003 (26).jpeg


Genuine Fraud

They Both Die At the End


File_004 (19).jpeg

This Darkness Mine

27 Hours

All the Crooked Saints

File_005 (13).jpeg

The Cruel Prince


The Belles

File_006 (10)


The Possible


Bookcon Badges.jpeg

And that’s it for my recap and book haul of Bookcon! If you made it through the entire post, a huge congratulations to you!

Anyone, I have no idea what I’m doing next year! I really want to go to BEA next year because I’m a blogger and I’d love to attend one year (and there are way more ARCs, which yes please), but it’s super expensive for my parents, so I might just go to Bookcon. IT’S UP IN THE AIR. But I can say that I’m 98% sure I’m going to Yallfest this year, so yeah for that!

Let's Chat

Did you go to Bookcon? If you did, what was your experience, favorite moment, what books you hauled, etc.? And if you didn’t, which of the books I got do you find the most interesting/do you most anticipate? SHARE WITH ME!

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Most Anticipated Summer 2017 Releases

File_001 (19)

It’s May, which means spring should start coming to a close, and summer is almost upon us (thank God, because school and track are simultaneously killing me. Also, Bookcon).

I was trying to choose between posting a Let’s Chat or this today, and lo and behold, Twitter decided that they wanted to see my most anticipated summer releases for 2017! Hold on tight, there are a lot of them. Like, a lot.

File_000 (95)

So, much like I did for spring, I’m decided to compile a list of my most anticipated summer releases of 2017! Again, there’s a variety of genres, so I’m sure you’ll find something you like!


File_000 (27)

The Party

The Party

(June 6)

This sounds like an awesome cross between Moriarty’s Big Little Lies and Walker’s All Is Not Forgotten (both books which I loved). AND I ALSO WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS?


The Owl Always Hunts At Night

the owl always hunts at night

(June 6)

Last year, I read the first book in the series, I’m Travelling Alone, and loved it! I actually got an e-ARC of this one through the Penguin First to Read program, so I’m super excited to dive into this one!


And Then There Were Four

and then there were four

(June 6)

Um, teenagers think their parents are trying to kill them??? GIMME!


The Possible 

the possible

(June 6)

I haven’t yet read this author’s other novel, The Leaving, which is on my TBR, but this one sounds extremely interesting, especially since it seems to be combining mystery and PNR elements, which seems to be becoming a trend these days.


Here Lies Daniel Tate

here lies daniel tate

(June 6)

I really love this trend in thrillers where people decide to con their way into families where one of the children went missing. I haven’t seen this trend too much in YA except for Cylin Busby’s The Stranger Game – which I loved – so I’m hoping this one’s good!


He Said/She Said

he said she said

(June 6)

The summary is super vague, which I’m happy about, because it really intrigues me. I saw this one via Crime By the Book on Instagram, and I’ve been super interested in it ever since. I actually got a physical ARC of this (my first one!!!), so I’m hoping to dig into this one this month!


The Weight of Lies

the weight of lies

(June 6)

Chealsea over at The Suspense is Thrilling Me’s review made me want to pick this one up, so a shout-out to her! This one sounds totally awesome.


Dividing Eden

dividing eden

(June 6)

It seems to me that this will be about twins pitting against each other for one throne, so yes please. Not to mention how beautiful the cover is. Haven’t had too much luck with Charbonneau’s books before, but maybe this one will work out?


The Sandcastle Empire

the sandcastle empire

(June 6)

Gimme that deadly island! Not to mention that this one sounds like an extremely unique dystopian/sci-fi novel, so I’m intrigued. Also, I’m clinging to the fact that there wasn’t a mention of romance in the synopsis.

(Also, there are way too many books publishing June 6. Way too many.)



want cindy pon

(June 13)

Yeah, a dystopian/sci-fi novel where the poor are trying to take down the rich! Not to mention that the cover is stunning. Praying that this book has heist-y type things going on. I have an e-ARC of this one, and, yep, I’m hoping to read this one this month!


Our Dark Duet

our dark duet

(June 13)

Well, duh.


Bad Romance

bad romance

(June 13)

I’m really happy to see that there are more YA books being published that talk about abusive relationships because it’s so extremely important and not talked about enough. I’m super excited to read this one, and I’ve heard great things about Demetrios’s books, so I’m pumped.


The Marsh King’s Daughter

the marsh king's daughter

(June 13)

Okay, so this seems like a badass cat-and-mouse chase between the main character and her father, who’s the Marsh King, if I’m getting it right. Because, if so, I want this one in my hands, like, right now.


The Lucky Ones

The Lucky Ones

(June 15)

I’ve LOVED pretty much all of Mark Edwards’ books, and I’m sure this one will be no exception. The man’s a genius, I tell you.


The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

gentleman's guide to vice and virtue

(June 20)

It’s a “road” trip book with pirates and gay romance and a manhunt. What is there not to like??? Also, I’ve seen fantastic reviews for this one, and I read the sample and truly adored it, so I know this is going to be a good one.


The Breakdown

the breakdown

(June 20)

I recieved an e-ARC of this one via Netgalley (my review will be published next month), but I decided to put this one on the list because I know there are probably some U.S. crime/thriller bloggers out there who haven’t read it yet!


Every Last Lie

every last lie

(June 27)

I couldn’t finish The Good Girl last year, and her other two books are still sitting on my TBR…yet, I want this one because it sounds totally awesome. I can’t resist.


File_001 (20)

Persons Unknown

persons unknown

(July 4)

I read Missing, Presumed last year, and I enjoyed it (even though I found the ending to be disappointing). I didn’t know there was going to be a sequel, so this was a pleasant surprise. One of the highlights of the book were the characters, so I’m glad to see Manon again. I actually got accepted this one via Netgalley, so I’m super excited to read this one!


Because You Love to Hate Me

because you love to hate me

(July 11)

First off, I’m a huge fan of some of the Booktubers who provided the prompts. Second, some of my favorite authors are a part of this. And third, it’s all about villains! I love anthologies, so I’m excited.


This Is How it Happened

this is how it happend

(July 11)

I really love different formats in books, especially ones that incorporate social media, so this one seems interesting. And I also really like the concept, since this seems to be half-contemporary, half-mystery.


The Merciless III: Origins of Evil

The Merciless III

(July 11)

I loved the first two books in this series, and I cannot wait for the third one to come out (even though it’s a prequel and not a sequel, unfortunately)! These books are some of the better YA horror I’ve read for sure.


The Inside Dark

The Inside Dark.jpg

(July 11)

I actually stumbled upon this one on Netgalley, and was lucky enough to get approved for an e-ARC. This one sounds really interesting and has a lot of potential, so fingers crossed that it’s as amazing as it sounds!


Final Girls


(July 18)

Again, I already received an e-ARC of this book forever ago, and absolutely devoured it (my review won’t be posted until July though, unfortunately), so I highly advise you guys to go out and buy this one if you can. It’s not to be missed!


The Lying Game

the lying game

(July 25)

I’m meh on Ruth Ware as an author (I’ve given both of her books three stars), but I find her books enjoyable, and the concept of this one sounds interesting, so, I’m going to read it.


Little Monsters

little monsters

(July 25)

I read The Darkest Corners by this author last year, and actually enjoyed it, so I’m looking forward to this one! I loved her writing style – Thomas can create atmosphere so well – so I’m pumped to read more of her YA thrillers.


First We Were IV

first we were iv

(July 25)

The Creeping, my first Sirowy book and one of my favorite Halloween reads, was really good, so, of course I’m going to read this. I absolutely love creepy secret societies/cults, so this should be good. I also got this one via the publisher as an e-ARC, so I can’t wait to read it!


Daughter of the Burning City

Daughter of the Burning City

(July 25)

All I saw was the word “carnival,” and that was really all I needed.


File_002 (16)

We Now Return to Regular Life

we now return to regular life

(Aug 1)

I’m also a huge fan of mysteries/contemporaries that observe people as they adjust to life back at home after being kidnapped, so this easily went on my list. Plus, it’s LGBTQ+, and that’s makes me super excited.


When I Am Through with You

when i am through with you

(Aug 1)

This sounds freaking awesome. A school trip to the mountains that goes terribly wrong and people end up dying? I’m so in.


The Wood

the wood

(Aug 1)

Originally, I thought this was a horror novel from the cover and synopsis, but then read the reviews and saw it was actually a fantasy dealing with fae and time travel, so that’s a bit disappointing, but, you know, fae. So, I’ll probably still read it.


Are You Sleeping?

Are You Sleeping

(Aug 1)

This one sounds so amazing that I just can’t resist! And I’ve heard good things about this one, so on to the TBR it goes!




(Aug 1)

This one just sounds like such an interesting thriller. It reminds me of the concept of Before I Go to Sleep (which I haven’t read), but this one sounds so good, especially because I love me an unreliable narrator.


The Hearts We Sold

the hearts we sold

(Aug 8)

So, a girl sells her heart to a demon to escape her horrible life, but gets much more than she bargained for, so she joins a group of other people stuck in the same situation. I’m loving it (and the cover).


Emma in the Night

Emma in the Night

(Aug 8)



The Walls

the walls

(Aug 10)

I haven’t read Baby Doll yet (it’s on the TBR), but this one sounds brilliant. A woman who works on death row getting caught up in an abusive relationship and purposefully setting up her abuser to be killed. Um, can I have it right now?


A Stranger in the House

A Stranger in the House

(Aug 15)

I’m a huge fan of books where the main character doesn’t remember what happened because I love guessing whodunnit and it always makes the book so much more fun and suspenseful to read! Though I didn’t love her previous book, The Couple Next Door, I’m hoping this one is better!


The Arsonist

the arsonist

(Aug 22)

Two weird teenagers team up to try to solve an old mystery of the murder of a teenage girl. That premise really intrigues me, and the cover is stunning. I still haven’t read The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly yet, but this one sounds terrific.


Girl in Snow

girl in snow.jpg

(Aug 22)

This sounds like a really interesting mix between literary fiction and mystery, and, again, major cover love. I’m really digging the fact that we’re seeing everything in three POVs, and think that’ll shed an interesting light on the novel, so I’m excited!


All Rights Reserved

all rights reserved

(Aug 29)

Do my eyes deceive me? A dystopian that actually has an original concept that doesn’t mention a romance? Yes please. 


Wonder Woman: Warbringer

wonder woman

(Aug 29)

Again, duh.


File_003 (16).jpeg

And that’s my giant list of books I’m excited for that are coming out this summer!

I swear to God, I’m going to just drop dead doing one of these things because it’s so much work, it takes hours, and I feel dead by the end of it.

Let's Chat

What are some of your most anticipated summer releases? Do we share any of the same? Have I made your TBR explode?

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Anticipated Spring Releases 2017


With spring comes a lot of new releases that make me super excited! I thought it’d be nice to introduce a new feature (because I do this about once a month on my blog at this point) in which I talk about my most anticipated releases for the season!

I actually made a large two-part post for all the 2017 releases, but I ended up deleting both of those posts because I deleted the photos in my gallery, and apparently when you do that, it deletes all the photos on said posts (why did no one tell me this). I was too lazy to redo the entire thing again, so I thought I’d just copy the information, delete both the posts, and recycle them for a much shorter, more organized post. And here it is!

If you want to learn more about the book, just click the title, and it’ll lead you to the Goodreads page! I have a mix of YA and Adult, and I’m pretty sure I have a book for every genre, so, that’s awesome!

(Now I’ll shut up and start talking about the books.)



The Bone Witch


(Mar 7)

I haven’t read Chupeco’s other novels, but this one sounds really good. I haven’t read much fantasy in a VERY long time, so I really need to hop back on board. And, again, cover love!


The Roanoke Girls


(Mar 7)

This book wasn’t even on my radar until I joined Netgalley and read the description and was immediately lured in. This author actually wrote YA dystopian books (which, obviously, are sitting unread on my TBR), so it’ll be interesting to see her tackle a totally new genre. Also, I’ve heard this is dark, and it’s about a twisted family, and that makes me so excited.


Bleed Through


(Mar 14)

So, this guy has schizophrenia, and his meds give him the magical ability to see murders that happened in the past. I’m so excited for this, especially since I’m getting used to thrillers with a little PNR twist.




(Mar 14)

I read her co-written book These Broken Stars (and Amie Kaufman, Queen of Sci-fi, was said co-writer) and loved it, so this should be 100% marvelous. Also, I see that it has fantastic reviews on Goodreads from people I trusted, so, I WANT IT!




(Mar 21)

More weird sci-fi books, please.




(Mar 21)

I’ve become a huge fan of YA horror ever since my spooky reads of October, so I’m ready to devour some more!


Goodbye Paradise


(Mar 21)

This is a M/M novel dealing with cults written by Sarina Bowen. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG AND I NEED IT NOW.


The Cutaway


(Mar 21)

First off, WHY ARE THERE 3480280 BOOKS RELEASING ON THE SAME DAYS? Second, this puts politics and psychological thrillers together. UM, THOSE ARE MY TWO FAVORITE THINGS??? (Let’s ignore the fact that they called it a perfect mash-up of Gone Girl, Luckiest Girl Alive, and Big Little Lies – we all know it’s going to be like none of those books).




(Mar 28)

How could I have read this summary and not immediately added it to my wishlist? I haven’t read McGinnis’ The Female of the Species, but I’ve heard fantastic things about it, and this one sounds similar, so excitement!


Strange the Dreamer


(Mar 28)

I’ve been wanting this one since last year, when it was originally supposed to release, and I just want it right now! It sounds so brilliant, and I loved the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, so I’m guessing I’ll love this one as well!





(Apr 4)

I heard this was a super dark thriller, and I absolutely love dark thrillers, and this one sounds so amazing! I can’t wait to get this one in my hands!


Given to the Sea


(Apr 11)

I read the description and I barely understand it, but it sounds interesting? Does that even make sense?


The Upside of Unrequited


(Apr 11)

It’s Becky Albertalli. That’s literally all I need to know.


The Girl From Yesterday


(Apr 17)

This just sounds like an awesome thriller; please give it to me now. Also, this was again compared to Liane Moriarty, Gillian Flynn, and Jessica Knoll. I see what you’re doing, publishers.


Meg and Linus


(Apr 18)

Cute, gay contemporary is my weakness!




acowar cover

(May 2)

Well, duh.




(May 2)

It’s a sci-fi horror that sounds like Inception. I will sell my soul for this book.


The Scattering


(May 2)

This is actually a sequel to The Outliers! I haven’t yet read that book, but I’m a huge fan of Reconstructing Amelia, so it’ll be interesting reading her YA thrillers.


Into the Water


(May 2)

OMG A NEW PAULA HAWKINS! I read The Girl on the Train earlier this year, and though I thought it was just okay (I gave it three stars, I think), I’m really excited to see if this one will live up to the hype of her first novel! The cover is gorgeous, and this one sounds so different from her previous novel, so I’m excited to get it.


The One Memory of Flora Banks


(May 2)

I’ve been pining for this since I heard about it and thought it had come out way back in January (apparently, that was the U.K. release date ugh) and I read a sample in Buzz Books, and just gimme it noooow.

(Also, May 2 is now declared to be “We Are Trying to Make Mikaela Broke” Day).


What Alice Knew

what alice knew.jpg

(May 4)

Missing husbands and suspicious phone calls; what not to love? Also, more jealousy at the UK for already having this!


The Lines We Cross


(May 9)

This is another book that I’m pretty sure is already out in other countries under the name Where Michael Met Mina, and it’s finally coming to the US! At a time where immigration is such a hot-button topic, this sounds like such a good read, especially since we get to see two sides!


The Love Interest

the love interest.png

(May 16)

Yes, this is a book about making fun of YA tropes. Yes, the two guys pining for the girl in the love triangle are going to fall in love. Yes, I want this right now.


Lord of Shadows


(May 23)

Obvious excitement is obvious. I mean, the cover is ugly, but I really want to know how this strange love shape is going to turn out? Also, this is 704 pages. WHY?


One of Us Is Lying


(May 30)

No mistaking, this is definitely a thriller twist on The Breakfast Club. It sounds amazing, and I want it, of course. Give me all the 2017 YA thriller/mystery/horror! Also, I’ve never watched The Breakfast Club (#shame).


House of Furies


(May 30)

I own Roux’s Asylum trilogy, but haven’t yet read it, but, again, YA horror. Hopefully, I’ll read it before this releases!

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And those are my most anticipated releases for the spring! Can I have them all? Can they come just a little bit earlier? Can authors just send free books to me?


Have I listed any of your most anticipated releases? Have I missed any on your list? Have I added more to your list (if so, I apologize for making you broke)?

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[MONTHLY WRAP-UP] February Wrap-Up


And the second month of 2017 has passed! I can’t believe all that’s happened this month; I’m so excited for what the next month is going to bring in!


I ended up reading 10 books, and having 1 DNF this month! It was pretty meh regarding reading, but I’ll pick it up next month, hopefully!

(1) City of Saints and Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson (3/5) An okay murder mystery thriller with pacing all over the place. You can read more of my thoughts over here.

(2) Ubo by Steve Rasnic Tem (3/5) I got the chance to read an ARC of this weird sci-fi/horror mix. Read my full review over here!

(3) The Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles (DNF) I was initially super excited for this book because it sounded weird and awesome, but I read the first couple of chapters and instantly knew I wasn’t going to like it. Also, I heard there was insta-love all over the place, so I don’t feel bad for passing. 

(4) Caraval by Stephanie Garber (4/5) I pre-ordered this book because of all the hype, and, fortunately, it lived up to it! Here’s my full review right here!

(5) Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough (5/5) Again, we have another hyped book, and, again, I fell in love with it and its unlikable characters! For more of my spoiler-y thoughts, click here!

 (6) At the Edge of the Universe by Shaun David Hutchinson (5/5) I finally read my first Shaun David Hutchinson book, and now I need to read, like, all of his books. My gushing review can be found here!

(7) Allegedly Tiffany D. Jackson (3/5) This was a pretty nice contemporary/thriller novel, but I was really disappointed with the ending since I’ve seen it already before. My review should be coming up sometime in March (I originally posted it this month, but it didn’t get too much traction, so I’ll just re-post it. Am I shallow? Yes.)!

(8) My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry (4/5) Yet another thriller with unlikable characters that I really enjoyed! Check out my rant-y review here!

(9) The River at Night by Ericka  (3/5) A survival thriller that I thought was pretty much okay, but definitely kept my interest! I literally just posted my review this past Wednesday, so if you missed it, (here it is)!

(10) Les Mis by Victor Hugo (1/5) I had to read this for school, and, not surprising to anyone, I hated it. No review is coming because I don’t really review school books, but please pray for me on this upcoming open-book test. #RIPMikaela

(11) This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab (4/5) I read this for my Bookmark book (basically, my class had to read and annotate a book, then write an in-class essay about it), and I literally binged this in a couple of days because I’m a huge procrastinator. BUT IT WAS SO AMAZING. GIVE ME OUR DARK DUETS RIGHT NOW, DAMN IT.

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So, lots of stuff happened this month. I still don’t know what in the world exactly happened this month or how I deserved it, but it happened, and I’m so thankful. First off, I received 100 followers this month, and a week before I reached two months! At the moment, I have 120+ followers, AND WHY ARE YOU HERE WHERE DID YOU COME FROM WHAT! Also, my stats rocketed. Like, holy crap; I never thought I’d get to over 1,100+ views in a month, but I did? Thank you?? I also received two author requests this month (one I accepted and one I turned down), and a review for the one I accepted is coming out this month, so that was cool! And my social media also did pretty well! My Bloglovin’ is actually being used/followed, and my Instagram is doing well also, so, this month was actually pretty good in terms of blogging, and I can’t wait for the next few months.


Also, I’ve decided to change my schedule! My schedule is changing from Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday to Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ll be posting two mandatory reviews a week (Monday and Wednesday) and something else bookish-related on Fridays and Sundays! Hopefully, this works out! Track has started again (someone please kill me), and it runs into my posting schedule during the week, so if I post at odd times or a little late, you’ll know why! I think I’m going to stay with the time I’m posting, but who knows, I might change it! 


So, since this was a month that I felt I finally had consistent visitors/followers, I thought it’d be interesting to talk about posts that did and didn’t do well, and some new upcoming features! Interestingly enough, my favorites list regarding books worked out well, but my bookstagram and book boyfriend lists didn’t do as well. My “25 Facts About Me” post is currently my top post in terms of views and likes, which is still nuts to me, so apparently you guys really like learning about me. Also, my discussion post also did really well! My discussion post last month was my highest viewed post as well, so I’m glad to see that you guys like reading them, because I love writing them! Also, awards seem to do well, and wow, I still have two more to go, I think, and I have no idea when I’ll post them.

Also, regarding reviews, it’s so weird. Some reviews do really well, and some do meh. I’d like to think they’re all pretty successful in terms of where they are since I know reviews are the lowest in drawing in stats. I also can never predict what does well. Some reviews of books I think won’t do well because they’re not that popular, but they still do well anyway? Reviews are weird.

Also, I’m introducing three new features in the next few months! I’ll be doing a Monthly Recommendations post, which is pretty self-explanatory and I’m so excited to post because I’ve literally worked hours on these posts. I’m also introducing Let’s Chat, which is basically going to be my Discussion posts except shorter and dealing with topics that pretty much everyone has already talked about, and since you guys seem to love my discussions, I’m super excited to bring this feature in! And I’m also introducing Book Playlists, which, again, self-explanatory! I have no idea if it’s going to do well, but my first one will be coming out later this month, and it’ll be about my favorite series, the Unwind dystology, so I hope you’ll enjoy that! Some other things that I’m adding are seasonal 2017 releases and more unpopular opinions, because why not? Basically, I’m really excited for all these new features, and I hope you love them as well! 


Also, I’m finally going to be adding these little social media banners at the bottom of my blog posts now! I think it’s cool to see it on other people’s blogs, and it feels like the most effective way to promote my social media! I’m usually just going to link to my Bloglovin’, Twitter, and Instagram, since I’m not using Goodreads or Twitter, and my Books Amino is already popular enough, and I don’t think too many of you guys are on it for people to care, so there’s that!

Which brings me to the fact that I have Twitter! I know I said I’d never do it, but I’ve totally caved. It’ll be linked at the bottom of this post, but feel free to leave your usernames/links to your own Twitter accounts in the comments section to make it easier to find and follow you guys!

let's chat

And that’s it for this amazing month! How was your month? What was your favorite read of February? Any accomplishments?

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[REVIEW] History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera


Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQ+

Series: None

Rating: 5 STARS


When Griffin’s first love and ex-boyfriend, Theo, dies in a drowning accident, his universe implodes. Even though Theo had moved to California for college and started seeing Jackson, Griffin never doubted Theo would come back to him when the time was right. But now, the future he’s been imagining for himself has gone far off course.

To make things worse, the only person who truly understands his heartache is Jackson. But no matter how much they open up to each other, Griffin’s downward spiral continues. He’s losing himself in his obsessive compulsions and destructive choices, and the secrets he’s been keeping are tearing him apart.

If Griffin is ever to rebuild his future, he must first confront his history, every last heartbreaking piece in the puzzle of his life.

My Thoughts: 

“You’re still still alive in alternate universes, Theo, but I live in the real world, where this morning you’re having an open-casket funeral.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA I’M FINE. Okay, I’m totally not fine. I’m not okay. I went into this knowing this would be incredibly depressing, because have you read More Happy Than Not? But, boy, this book was painful. And also happy, in a way. It’s really unfair to read about Griffin and Theo’s adorable relationship, and then be reminded a couple pages later that he’s dead, and Griffin is suffering. Honestly, I’m pretty sure this review won’t do the book justice, but I’ll try my best. 

First off, I loved Griffin. I mean, it’s basically impossible to hate him, even when he makes extremely stupid decisions (and he does that a lot). He’s grieving and he’s angry and he just feels different because he has these OCD compulsions and he’s honest. All the ingredients for a great contemporary protagonist. I remember this moment early on, while he was reading his eulogy, that I almost cried because it was so heartfelt and it all felt so real. I have never experienced grief in my life. No one close to me that I’ve loved has ever died, but I have seen others who’ve suffered through it, especially my friends. But, by God, if that’s how I felt while reading about a fictional death, I don’t know how I’ll deal with a real one. The book really feels like it was written from the heart. 

We also have Wade, Theo and Griffin’s best friend that has his own problems (and ended up playing a larger part of the plot than I thought, but I’m keeping this spoiler-free), Theo, who we only get to know through flashbacks of the past and was such a genius sweetheart that I wanted to hug him and bring back to life just as much as Griffin did, and Jackson, Theo’s current boyfriend who was there when Theo died and is suffering as much as Griffin was. The relationships that Griffin had with all three of these people were so great. It was so beautiful to see the blossoming first love between Theo and Griffin; I’m a sucker for friendship-to-lover relationships, and there’s was just SO DAMN CUTE, even if it was a little sad. Jackson and Griffin also have a slowly-developing relationship, where it feels as if it’s them against the world since they’re the only two people who felt as if they knew Theo like they did. Yeah, it’s a bit awkward at first, and realistically so, because how are you supposed to talk to the current boyfriend of your dead ex that you’re still deeply in love with, but I like how they soon learned to lean on each other and how Jackson respected Griffin’s compulsions even if he felt awkward talking about them.

I’m not a huge contemporary reader myself unless it’s LGBTQ+, so this is probably the first one I’ve read in months, and I binge-read it in a day. I pre-ordered this for Christmas, and I was so excited that I just read through it all. It was that good. I wouldn’t describe the book as fast-paced, probably because I read too many thrillers, but I found the book so engrossing that I could barely put it down, which is always a thumbs up for me when I’m not a huge contemporary reader.

Also, the question on your mind might be, “Is this even more depressing than More Happy Than Not? Is that even possible?” And I’d say a definitive yes to both questions. It doesn’t even matter that the death is fictional, and that none of the characters are real – it just feels so real. It’s a painful book to read, yes, but it’s just as important as Silvera’s first novel was. 

This book just made me all kinds of happy and sad and I’m a mess, and I love you Adam Silvera. I literally cannot wait for They Both Die at the End, if it’s actually coming out in September (please tell me it is).


Have you read this book yet (please do)? How did you feel about it (please fangirl with me about it)?


Christmas Book Haul


Okay, so Christmas was a couple weeks ago, and, really, I should’ve posted this earlier, but I already had pre-planned posts, and I didn’t want to move any of them because then it wouldn’t have worked, so here it is now! I received over $200 worth of gift cards and ended up buying eleven physical books, pre-ordering 10 December/January releases, and a planner (for all the blogging things). 




I’m sure you know at this point that I’m one of Neal Shusterman’s biggest fans, and as soon as I heard the concept of this novel, I wanted it. I’ve already read it (because, clearly, I was excited for this one), and I gave it 3.5 stars since it was good, but I expected a bit more. I’ll be talking more about it in my Mini-Review Wrap-Up on the fifteenth!

The Diabolic


First off, this one sounds super badass just from the synopsis alone, not to mention I’ve heard fantastic things about this one, and it’s a stand-alone, which is a bonus for “I can’t finish series for my life” me. I started it today, and so far, so good, even though I’m only four chapters in, and I hope it’s just as good at the end!



I’ve heard both good and bad things about this one, but I absolutely love Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles series, and I absolutely love the cover, I have to admit, so I’m really excited to see how I myself feel about this one!

Three Dark Crowns


Again, I’ve heard both good and bad things about this one, mostly with the pacing and how some people are saying it’s boring, but I’m always one to try out books for myself no matter what others say, so I’m super pumped for this one! I have yet to read Kendare Blake’s other series, though I own the Anna Dressed in Blood duology, so this will be my first run with her!

The Female of the Species


Originally, I wasn’t even interested in this one, but after seeing all the positive reviews for it and learning that it’s quite feminist and discusses rape culture and vengeance, I WANTED. I haven’t read a contemporary in a long while, but this seems to be a good mix with mystery/thriller as well, so hopefully, that’ll make it a bit more entertaining.



I read Illuminae early last year (probably just around this time, actually) and absolutely devoured it, so, of course, I bought the sequel! I can’t wait to dive back into this unique reading experience and wonderful universe!

Crooked Kingdom


I don’t think I need to explain myself with this one! I was actually spoiled about a character death in this one (thanks Goodreads), which sucks, but I’ve heard pretty positive things about this finale, and I need me some Jesper and Wylan, so I can’t wait to finally read this one!

The Midnight Star


I’ve pretty much loved every single book that Marie Lu has put out ever since Legend was first published, and I have zero doubts about how much I’ll love this. I heard the ending was depressing and soul-crushing, so, obviously, I’m in for some fun!



Lauren Oliver’s books and I have a bit of an up and down history. I’ve only loved Before I Fall, her debut novel. Panic and Delirium were boring flops for me, and I’ve yet to read Vanishing Girls. Unfortunately, this joined the “boring flops” category, and I DNF’d it earlier today. I’ll also be talking about this more in my Mini Reviews post.



This was described as Cinder meets The Walking Dead??? I’ve already finished it and my review can be found here!

Boy Robot


Okay, so, I learned by accident that this just happened to have LGBTQ+ representation, which I always love to have in genres other than contemporary, and, apparently, I’m going with a theme of robots because so many books I hauled involve them. So, I’m really excited to read this!




(I’ll be talking about the books in order of their appearance from left to right, so I’m not including pictures for each cover!)

The Twilight Wife

I’ve actually never read A.J. Banner’s books before, even though I own The Good Neighbor, and I’ve heard just okay things about this one, but I’m way too interested in this one that I just had to buy it!

The Marriage Lie

While writing this post (I’m actually writing this right now on December 28, FYI), I started reading this because I was bored, and I really enjoyed the 100 or so pages I read! Now it’s January 3, and I’ve completed it, and, unfortunately, I thought it was meh, and, again, more on that in Mini Review Wrap-Up!

My Husband’s Wife

I actually had zero interest reading this after checking out the blurb, but Goodreads reviews managed to make me a little bit interested in it, and I ended up caving.

Little Heaven

Nick Cutter wrote it. That’s all I needed to know.

Sister Sister

Okay, so Goodreads is lying about the release date – it says May 23, but the book is releasing January 6, for those who are curious – but I’m super excited about this one because creepy siblings! Again, I own Sue Fortin’s other thrillers and haven’t yet read them, but I’m really excited to read it!

Everything You Want Me to Be

I’ve heard nothing but good things about this one, and I really enjoy contemporary/literary thrillers, and this one sounds absolutely fantastic! I’m hoping to get to read this one really soon!

Behind Her Eyes

I NEED TO KNOW THE ENDING! (#wtfthatending)

History Is All You Left Me

I absolutely love Adam Silvera and his debut novel More Happy Than Not, so I’m super excited for more depressing gay romance (?). I’m ready for all the feels and emotions.


First off, the cover is absolutely stunning. Second, the premise sounds gloriously unique and wonderful. Third, literally every single review I’ve seen has said nothing but praises, so gimme! It sucks that I have to wait the whole month to actually get this book, but I just know it’ll be worth it.

The River at Night

This book sounds really interesting, especially with the survival story aspect, so I’m really excited to see where this goes! Abby over at Crime By the Book gave this a positive review, and I trust her taste in thrillers, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to love this one.


And that’s it for this post about my Christmas Book Haul! I’m pretty much satisfied about all the things I bought, and I can’t wait to read them all. Also, I’m extremely shallow and vain, and my hardcovers are perfect photography material, so there’s that.


What are some books you purchased for Christmas?