Can Blog-Hopping Become A Burden On Book Bloggers?

I tend to be blog-hopping’s biggest fan.

  • I get to meet new bloggers. I know when I was a smol newbie blogger, when bigger blogs with 500+ followers even bothered to interact with me, whether they replied to my comments on their posts or tagged me in blogging awards or showed some love on my own posts. It was a huge source of encouragement for me (and it still is!!!), so I enjoy giving that joy to other people!
  • I give back to the bloggers who have given to me. If someone is nice enough to take the time to write a comment on my blog post, it’s just nice to return the favor, you know? Not to mention that it really helps foster relationships.
  • I enjoy interacting with others. I mean, isn’t that pretty much the entire point of blogging? Getting to talk and share your opinions with others so you feel less alone (and so you can eventually rule the world)?

But we simply can’t ignore it: sometimes, blog-hopping and social networking straight up sucks.

And that’s what I wanted to put on the spotlight today.

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