[LET’S CHAT] The Perilous Process of Writing Blog Posts (Or, How I Write My Blog Posts)

I think we can all agree that writing blog posts is a difficult, but fun, process.

I thought it’d be interesting to talk about the process that commonly unfolds when it comes to actually planning and writing my blog posts, since it seems like you guys really enjoy when I talk about my day-to-day blogging life. That’s right, I’m spilling all my secrets! Enjoy it while it lasts.
(I kid, I am happy to spill my blogging “secrets” anytime!)

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[LET’S CHAT] Do You Still Post Something You Know Won’t Be Popular?

It’s the question of the blogging century (okay, not really, but don’t take it from me).

I was inspired by my other post about blog post success, and reading several other posts about popular posts and predicting which posts will be popular, and I thought it’d be amusing to ask if we still post something that we know won’t be popular?

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[LET’S CHAT] Do You Measure a Blog Post’s Success?

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Welcome to probably the weirdest Let’s Chat on my blog!

Today, I’m going to be talking about measuring a blog post’s success.

I feel like I’ve seen several discussions that talk about measuring how successful your blog is, but not really any that talk mainly just about a blog post’s success, so I thought I’d tackle the unknown!

Mainly because I do this often, and I want to know I’m not alone.


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before posting

 I obsess over the title. Like, a lot. I’m pretty sure no other blogger feels this way, but I always think that if I don’t have a good enough title, no one will read my blog post. Which I’m pretty sure is ridiculous, but, who knows, maybe I’m on the right track. So, I’ll try as hard as I can to make the blog post as intriguing as possible, usually by having a question somewhere in there for my Let’s Chat or Discussion posts. For lists, I’ve realized that having the number in the title really draws people in (more people would click “16 Bookish Pet Peeves That Make Me Rage Inside” over “Some of My Bookish Pet Peeves,” which was my original title). And I’ve also tried making review titles as interesting as possible, but it seems like nothing really works no matter what I do.

I also usually go through a stage of predicting whether a post will be popular or not. I usually base it off the title and what the post is about – for instance, my first ever Let’s Chat was about DNF-ing books, and I knew it’d be popular because most discussion posts about them are. Sometimes, I can be off, but we’ll talk about that later.

I also try to make my blog graphics as attractive as possible. I started using emojis that sum up what the post is about, which I think look cute, but I don’t know if they help? I honestly don’t know if people even pay attention to my blog graphics or if those actually make you click a post, but I won’t stop doing it.File_001 (62)

Usually, I post in the morning, and then I don’t check how my post does until around eight at night. I usually do this so all the notifications can come in and I can answer most of your comments all at once. When I check my stats, I just can’t help but garner whether a post was popular based off of my first impressions of it.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, I think we all have a certain number of likes and comments on a post where we consider it successful. I know I certainly do, and those numbers have obviously grown in my head as my blog has grown. I think the longer I’ve been blogging, I care less about those types of stats. Which doesn’t mean I DON’T care about them – because I totally do – it just means that if a post doesn’t do as well as I thought it would, I shrug and move on. I guess it’s mainly because I’m so blessed with what I’ve achieved in such a short amount of time that a “dud” post – which is more a dud to my standards then a bigger or smaller blog – that it doesn’t really matter, in the long run. And because everyone has “dud” posts.

I also factor in pageviews as well, though you could think of them as less concrete because someone could just click on a link and then leave five seconds later, but I’m not going to pretend that it isn’t nice getting a 100+ views per day. I remember one of my posts that was a sort of “dud” on the blog was a hit on Books Amino and pulled a lot of pageviews in, so there’s that! I don’t really favor any sort of stat above the other, to be honest!File_002 (47)

I mentioned earlier that I go through a stage of predicting what post will be popular or not, and I do it all the time. Maybe to the point that it’s unhealthy? Who knows?

I’ve noticed that sometimes I’m right on the nose, and sometimes I’m not close at all. There have been a couple of discussion posts that I thought would do really well, but were sort of “duds,” and I also have some posts that do absurdly well, and I’m shocked that it even happened. It just goes to show that once your post is out in the world, you can’t really control how well it does or what happens with it (which is a terrifying thought, now that I think about it???).

Obviously, I guess that discussions will be popular, but there are definitely discussion posts that are more popular than others, for some strange reason. Lists are also pretty popular, and I guess that’s because there are a lot of memes that are lists, so it’s a sort of trend? Recommendations and tags seem to be “meh” areas for me – it really depends on what the topic is. And, obviously, reviews are usually the least popular in terms of everything (though I have had some pretty popular reviews, which I don’t even know how or why). I’m sure we all know what might work or not work, and as long as you’re happy with what you’re posting, I don’t think it matters if you only post what you might think is popular, what you think won’t be popular, or whatever you want. It’s all up to you!


And those are all my thoughts on measuring a blog post’s success!

Hopefully, I’m not too alone in my obsessive routine for this, and there will be other bloggers out there that relate with me!

(Please do.)

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Let's Chat

Do you measure a blog post’s success? Do you ever predict a blog post’s success? What do you consider a successful blog post? 

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[LET’S CHAT] What Makes You Comment On A Blog Post?

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Let’s continue this wonderful series of “Let’s Chat” posts that could only be titled “Mikaela Is The Only Person In the World Who Cares About This.”

I’ve done posts on what makes me follow a blog and also my opinions on blog commenting, but I realized that I’ve never really combined the posts together into an interesting discussion. I’ve never really seen a discussion in the blogosphere about this, but I thought it would be a fun post to write because I realized this is a question I ask when I scan my Reader: what am I compelled to go read and comment on?


File_006 (7)

I feel like before we can get into a deeper analysis as to why we comment on certain posts, I wanted to talk about why I’m compelled to comment on blog posts in general! I feel like there are three main reasons why I usually comment on someone’s post.

1. When I have something to say. I would usually apply commenting like this for when someone makes a list of books or recommendations, and I’ve read the books before or the blogger and I share the same books on our TBR or we share the same opinion on a character or series. I feel like these are easier and shorter comments.

2. When I relate to it in some way. I mainly use these on discussion posts I read because I apply it to my reading or blogging life in some way and talk about how I do things.

3. Because I want and/or need to. Usually, I fire these off when I’m tired or lazy, so they’re pretty short overall and not as long as I’d like them to be. This usually happens when all the posts in my Reader have stacked up over a couple of days, and I just can’t keep up with them all.

File_007 (4)

I definitely feel like how we comment is definitely geared towards which types of posts we’re commenting on. Or maybe that’s just me. I know when I look at my Reader, I scan the title of the post, and from that, I can figure out whether I’ll like and comment on the post, or if I’ll just like it out of courtesy.

1. Reviews. I think we can all agree that it’s really hard to comment on reviews unless you can relate to what’s being talked about. I know if it’s a book I’m not interested in or haven’t read yet, I’m probably just going to skip out on the review. If it’s one of my anticipated reads, I’ll probably give it a glance and like it. And if I’ve actually read the book, then I’ll probably leave a like and a comment discussing my thoughts on it! Really, it all depends on what book is being reviewed. I tend to not really comment on reviews at all, to be honest, though.

2. Memes. These are a pretty easy post to find SOME way to relate to. I think it depends on what meme you’re doing – I find Top Ten Tuesday and Top 5 Wednesday to be the easiest to comment on – but there are some that are, in all honesty, just filler. I mean, what can you actually comment on a Teaser Tuesday post unless you’ve read the book they’re teasing? Some are definitely better at drawing in comments over others, in my opinion.

3. Wrap-Ups, Weekly Recaps, TBRs, and Book Hauls. I feel like these are definitely hard to comment on. I usually skim through these types of posts, and unless I have something to relate to that doesn’t seem like filler – like “Oh, yeah, I enjoyed that book, too!” – I usually just like them and leave. In my opinion, they can be sort of boring (which probably explains why I don’t write them), but that’s definitely a me thing!

4. Discussions. These are definitely the easiest to comment on! No matter what’s being discussed or said, all people reading the post will have some sort of opinion on the topic and want to express it! You can always probably find something to relate to, whether you disagree or agree on the blogger’s opinion, and a good discussion usually asks questions and is open for your thoughts and opinions, so it’s always much more personal! I know I usually comment on most discussions that pop up in my Reader, especially if they’re really interesting and well-written!


File_001 (56)

And those are my opinions on commenting on certain posts!

I’m sure all of you guys will have different opinions on what makes you comment on a post and why you even comment on posts, so I’m definitely curious about hearing your thoughts on what makes you comment on which types of blog posts!

Let's Chat

What makes you comment on a blog post? Do you comment on certain types of posts like I do, or do you just comment on all of them? What are your favorite and least favorite posts to comment on?

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