[LET’S CHAT] What Makes Me Unfollow Your Book Blog

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Sometimes, we unfollow blogs, and that’s okay. 

If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that I actually wrote a Let’s Chat months back about what makes me follow your book blog. For some reason, it ended up being wildly popular, and was the first post to get 100+ views within one day. So, why not make a sort of second part to the post about what makes me unfollow your book blog (which I’ve certainly done. A lot). Obviously, this isn’t a “to-do” list for how anyone’s blog should be, so don’t take any of my points to heart! I’ve learned that 99.99% of the time, even though you really think someone is talking about your blog, they’re not.


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I said in my previous post that I really like consistent content on someone else’s blog. Of course, it doesn’t have to be every single day, it could be once or twice every week, or maybe three times a week. The blogger doesn’t even have to have some sort of blogging schedule for me to keep up with their blog. But, if out of the blue, someone who usually posts three times a week only posts two reviews for a couple of months with zero explanation behind it, then I’ll probably unfollow them.

I don’t mind if the blogger mentions somewhere, whether on their blog or social media, that posting will be sparse because they’re busy or on vacation or something else, but if the posting just stops and there’s no reason behind it, I’m likely going to just leave.

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This can mean a lot of things for me. It could mean that when I start scrolling past your posts in my Reader without barely giving them a second look, I’ll unfollow you. If I start mindlessly liking your posts without really commenting or feeling like I’m even prompted to comment, I’ll unfollow you. Or if I just don’t really like what they’re posting anymore, I’ll unfollow. Like, if I followed someone because I love their discussions and their recommendation posts, and all of a sudden, all I see from them are book blitzes and reviews and book tours, I’ll probably leave their blog. I always suck at keeping up with the people I actually care about following, so I don’t need my Reader filled with people I don’t really pay attention to.

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I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. If someone just ends up vanishing in thin air or they announce that they’re leaving the blogosphere, then I’ll wish them well and unfollow them because there’s no reason to keep following them. For those who vanish, if it’s been months since they’ve posted, I’ll just unfollow them. I know there are some people who don’t feel like unfollowing people who vanish unexplained because they might come back one day, but, sometimes, I just don’t feel like sticking around. Is that heartless? Maybe.

Though I will say, I don’t mind if someone goes on a hiatus and says they are! We all need to take breaks. But if someone just drops off the earth unexplained, I’m usually just left confused and let down.

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I’m sure we’ve all experienced those blogs where we like the blogger’s most recent posts and they have a pretty design and they’re really nice and it seems like you share the same favorites, so OF COURSE you follow them…and then a couple of weeks of following them seem to be a nightmare because literally all of the posts after that aren’t interesting to you or the person is too negative for your taste or the content just seems to change or they go on hiatus. Basically, those people are impulse follows. I follow them because they seem really awesome and right up my alley…and then I realize they’re not.

This is probably why I follow so few blogs and why I check and double-check before I follow to make sure I WANT to follow them. I’ve had many a impulse follows where I just can’t get into any of their recent posts, so it’s just best to unfollow.


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And those are all of the reasons I unfollow blogs!

Hopefully, this is a good reference to those who are looking to unfollow blogs and just don’t know where to start! Or to those who are just curious. Just remember to never feel guilty for unfollowing a blog, even though that might be your instinct. We all have our tastes, and that’s totally fine!

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Do you unfollow blogs? What are the reasons you unfollow a blog?

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[LET’S CHAT] What’s the Most Effective Social Media For Your Blog?

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So, there’s a constant message around the blogosphere that social media is a big must for your blog and promotion. I think that’s definitely a true statement.

Though you can definitely go without social media and still do well (trust me, I reached 100 blog followers in a short amount of time and wasn’t using Twitter or Instagram at the time), I have found that it’s a really awesome place to promote my posts.

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Social media can definitely be time-consuming.

I mean, even waking up in the mornings, I usually check my e-mails and Bloglovin’ first, then Twitter, then the WordPress app, then Instagram, and then I end with Books Amino. Obviously, that takes a while, but I will say, it’s really fun to look through all my feeds or wake up to new comments, likes, and followers.

There are definitely people out there who are total social media wizards, who can fire off clever tweets five times a day, post three gorgeous pictures, organize an entire Pinterest board, interact on Faceboook, and then manage to answer all their blog comment. I am not one of those people. I’d say that my handling of social media is average, and I do prefer some social medias over others (Instagram over Twitter any day), but I try, and it’s really the thought that counts.


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So, I consider this one to be the best way promote your posts! A large majority of book bloggers are on Twitter, and it’s probably the easiest since you can actually hook up your Twitter account to WordPress to promote your posts (which was  godsend when I figured out I could do this).

Personally, this isn’t even my favorite social media. I literally spend probably three minutes scrolling through my timeline, then I leave, which I’m sure is odd to some people who say they’re addicted to Twitter. I’m just not. But I’d recommend this one the most just because it’s not as hard as keeping up with other social medias, because most of them require work while you can fire off a Tweet in like, five seconds.

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Though I love Instagram with all my heart, it’s probably the worst way to promote your blog posts. To me, it feels like a total different entity, especially since bookstagrammers are now seriously considered as people to send ARCs to, even if they don’t have blogs, while Book Twitter is sort of for the “average Joe” if that makes sense.

Instagram doesn’t allow links in captions, only in the “Website” space for your bio, so that makes it harder for people to actually find your site since most people aren’t going to take the time to go from their newsfeed to your bio. Not to mention that even though I had people who had blogs who followed me on Instagram, they didn’t follow my actual blog, and vice versa; there are people whose Instagram accounts I followed, but not their blogs. So it’s all very disconnected. It’s a lot of work, and that’s probably why I quit last month, so there’s that.

But if you really want to put effort into it since it takes a lot of work and if you love pretty pictures of books like I do, feel free to use Instagram! But I just feel like it sucks promo wise, no matter how much I try. I do love looking at pretty pictures, though. I feel like just getting an account again just to follow my faves and like their pictures. I MISS YOU, INSTAGRAM.

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Honestly, I don’t know if it’s a good way to promote your posts or not. Personally, I don’t have an account at all, and never had. But, funnily enough, I get a pretty good amount of views from the site, and I’m guessing it’s because someone is cross-posting my stuff on there? Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t tell you when someone cross-posts your stuff somewhere else, so I have no idea who is doing it or what posts they’re advertising, but thank you Mysterious Facebook Poster. Your work is appreciated. Feel free to reveal your identity in the comments.

Though in my millenial (or Generation Z because I was born in the 2000s – I can’t keep up with these stupid generation things) mind, I feel like FB is totally outdated, I’m well aware that it might work for someone else, especially since it gives me a good amount of views.

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I will say, this is a pretty great site to use to follow blogs, especially if you want to follow Blogger blogs or blogs that require you to sign up via e-mail, if you really hate it. I tend to only follow WordPress blogs and a couple blogs outside of that on the site, so I definitely need to work on branching out more.

You’ve probably heard about that whole controversy a couple months ago where people were saying that Bloglovin’ was stealing your views; here’s a post from Ashley @ Nose Graze about the whole thing. Personally, I didn’t care that much at the time because I don’t have too many followers in the first place, nor a lot a views on my posts. Also, I think I have a good amount of views on my posts on WordPress that I just really don’t care if I miss out on 6. But I’m sure there are some people out there who have a large amount of followers and have all their posts go viral on Bloglovin’ that it really bothers them. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those popular users.

I’ve actually started to get a lot of traction from Bloglovin’ the last couple of weeks, which is pretty awesome! My followers and interaction has grown a lot, so this one isn’t actually too bad!

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(Does this count as social media? I’m counting it.)

So, if you’ve been living under a rock for a while, you’ve probably not heard of Goodreads, which I’d probably say is the biggest book-reviewing site out there. Mostly what people do on the site is review books, but you can also gain Friends, keep track of your reading, join groups, etc. 

I tried to re-start a Goodreads account a couple months ago, but it was just so much work, that I gave up (again). Since I was only on there for a couple of days, I can’t say if it’s good promotion or not, but you can definitely join groups dedicated to finding book bloggers and gaining more of a readership, which is always great! Personally, I feel like Goodreads is more of a way to advertise to publishers that you cross-post on other places, and I don’t necessarily think a large readership on there translates to blog readership, but someone probably knows more than me who actually uses the site!

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I feel like this is another meh way of promoting posts. I mean, you can add your stuff to Pinterest, but unless you have a large amount of followers, I feel like it’ll get lost. I mean, if one of your pins gets extremely popular, that would be great because it gets the top search and gets spread a lot, and maybe people will go ahead and visit your blog? But, I feel like this is more for people who write a lot of “Help/Blogging Tips”-like posts and also have gorgeous pictures as graphic headers to draw people’s eyes to actually check it out.

I have a personal account that I basically haven’t used for pretty much a year (I should delete it, but I don’t really care enough to do it), and I actually made one for my blog for, like, a week, and even though I actually got two or so referrals (I don’t even know HOW), it just seemed pretty useless and no one repinned my stuff. I did it for only a couple of weeks, though, so I’m not a good resource. I’m impatient; don’t blame me.

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Books Amino

You’ve probably never heard of this app before in your life, but I absolutely love it! I’d say this app is sort of like blogging-lite; you ask questions, do fun quizzes, create polls, post your writing, write discussion posts, review books, etc. And it’s very easy to link other posts and web pages and insert pictures and format things.

I used to do full-blown posts on the site, but after I started blogging, I’ve basically just linked to my posts, which does well for me. Unfortunately, since Books Amino isn’t as big as Twitter and Instagram, WordPress doesn’t calculate their views, so I can’t find out how many views I’m getting from there, but people comment on the app, so that means people there are obviously reading! I actually have found some other book bloggers on the site, not to mention that I have over one thousand followers on there, so it’s sort of my biggest platform.


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And, that’s it!

I think I covered a lot of the social media platforms that can correlate with blogging, though I feel like I might be missing out on one or two because there are JUST SO MANY. But I tried as hard as I could to talk about all my experiences with all of them and impart some of my ~wisdom~.


Separately, this is the last time I’m going to promote Project Big Blogger, Little Blogger! I’m so surprised from the response I’ve already received (I thought for sure this would flop and I’d only have, like, two responses)! I’ll be closing the link tomorrow morning and sending out e-mails this week, so don’t miss your window of opportunity if you want to hop in! The link to the Google form is right here, so fill it out if it’s something you’re interested in! And if you want to learn more about the actual project, the post is right here. Feel free to share or join in!

Let's Chat

What social medias do you use for your blog? Which one do you think is the most effective way to promote your own blog or posts?

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[LET’S CHAT] What Makes Me Follow Your Book Blog

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So, as I’m sure you guys know, the book blogging community is pretty huge.

There are probably, like, thousands of book blogs out there that we haven’t even heard of, not to mention all the people who probably start their own book blogs daily.

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BUT, we have to pick and choose which ones we’re going to follow and which ones we’re going to completely ignore.

We all have personal things or preferences that make us want to follow a blog, and I know I definitely stick with mine. I know there are people who follow a lot of book blogs, but, personally, I only follow around 30-40, I’d say? Personally, I’m really picky with the blogs I follow, and I’m not afraid to go ahead and unfollow blogs I’m not into anymore, but that’s a discussion for another day (by another day, I mean a couple months from now). So, I thought I’d talk about some of the things that push me to click that “Follow” button, and even provide some examples of those things via some of my favorite book bloggers!

File_000 (69)

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Good Design

I’m a sucker for beautiful looking blogs, okay? I know, I know; it’s totally shallow, and, in a way, it’s sort of wrong to judge a blog by the way it looks over its content, but I just can’t help myself! I’m a huge fan of aesthetics, and if I see a gorgeous blog button, or a nice header, or a great combination of colors, or gorgeous graphics and pictures, I can’t help but stay.

Book blogs that are always gorgeous always manage to push me to make my blog look better. I know some of you guys have stuck around since the very beginning of my blog, and, wow, was it pretty ugly. But being so jealous of all these other gorgeous bloggers is what pushed me to finally make good graphics, pick a good WordPress theme, and finally get everything together so my blog doesn’t look like a hot mess.

The Best of the Best:

Reg @ She Latitude

Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

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Fascinating Content

I’m more likely to follow a blog with original content than anything. I do follow some review-only blogs, but that’s usually just for thrillers/crime, and not really for YA. I just much prefer bloggers who continually create discussions that initiate conversation, give out great recommendations, and always come up with really cool ideas. So, the majority of the time, if you’re a YA blog, and all you do is review books, do cover reveals, book blitzes, and blog tours, and that’s it, I’m more likely to ignore your blog because that gets old and boring after a while, especially when I’m not interested in the books they’re attempting to promote.

I also like to follow blogs with content that inspires me. So, the ones who can come up with good discussion posts or come up with original tags and posts are more likely to get a follow from me. I’m always brainstorming for good ideas, so the types of blogs that push me to do that are always great ones.

The Best of the Best:

Puput @ Sparkling Letters

Cait @ Paper Fury

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Similar Interests

Most of the time, I really enjoy blogs that share my favorite genres! This is why I follow so many thriller blogs, because it’s where I get my main source of recommendations in those genres, and following YA blogs is a pretty obvious given, because that’s the age range I usually read from.

I also really like blogs that push me out of my “comfort zone,” so to speak. So blogs that talk about literary fiction or non-fiction, which are genres that I enjoy reading, but I don’t feel like I read often enough are ones that I’ll definitely follow if they constantly add books to my TBR! It might take forever for me to get to them, but I will (eventually).

The Best of the Best:

Chelsea @ The Suspense Is Thrilling Me

Sam @ Clues and Reviews

Janel @ Keeper of Pages

Marija @ Inside My Library Mind

File_004 (6)

Consistent Posting

I have to say, I’ve seen this more when I’m going through bookstagram and see someone has a blog on WordPress than anything. I’ll check it out, and it looks pretty and has nice content, but then I’ll see that they post all over the place. Their most recent post will be dated yesterday, but the post before that will be dated December 8, 2016, and that immediately makes me run off.

I’m just not a fan of book blogs that post all over the place. You don’t have to post every single week, but at least have around 5-7 posts a month, because I feel like it’s useless to be following a blog that’ll only post every two or so months with mediocre content. I know some people don’t have all the time in the world, but I personally just don’t feel like wasting my time following a blog like that.

The Best of the Best: 

Uh…everyone I follow?

File_000 (69)

File_008 (3)

And that’s pretty much what I personally look for in a book blog!

(Also, I highly recommend all the blogs I mentioned in this post. They’re A++, and, as you can see, I obviously follow them for a reason.)

Let's Chat

What makes you follow a book blog? Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Why are you following my blog (just kidding, just kidding; it’s a joke question)?

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