I’m Taking A Blogging Hiatus (Because 2017 Is Out To Kill Me)!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but, recently, I haven’t been around the blogosphere much. Or, like, at all.

I still haven’t responded to comments on my latest post (don’t worry, I have seen them, and I’m sorry I haven’t replied). I haven’t commented on anyone else’s posts. I haven’t been publishing anything this past week. And I’ve been super quiet on Twitter.
I was going to just push all my worries aside and keep trying to blog, but then I realized that was a terrible idea. There are a few things I want to cover before I disappear.

1. I’m going to be going to YALLfest!

When you’re reading this, I’ll probably already be there, but still feel free to wish me a good time! I’ll probably sum it all up on Twitter like I did with Bookcon, and fingers crossed that I manage to nab all the ARCs I’m planning on getting! I’m super excited to go, and I just haven’t found a good time to tell the good news yet, but here it is!

2. I’m (probably) going to be radio silent on here.

The main reason why I’m going on hiatus is because school is KILLING me right now. I’m not going to pretend that I’m taking super hard AP classes or that I sit up hours studying, because I don’t and I’m not (truth be told, I’m lazy as all hell, and I don’t know how I manage to get A’s and B’s, BUT I DO), but I’ve had so many projects thrown at me lately, not to mention that I’m stressing about presenting all of them because that’s social anxiety for you, and since I don’t have the time on the weekends to post, I’m falling way behind! So, I probably will try to reply to your comments, but just know that I might not be able to, but that’s not because I hate you. And to all people who have mentioned me in their posts and such, I’ll try to get to those, too! But, overall, I’m probably going to be pretty quiet when it comes to commenting on people’s posts!

3. I (might) be writing again.

I actually surprised myself with this, but after years of nothing when it comes to writing, I think I’m actually going to get back into it, and it’s quite exciting. I already have three story ideas so far (and a fourth pending) but have no outline or anything. I’m not participating in Nano, since it’s far too late, but I am hoping to start writing again over the holidays, maybe? The only hint I’m giving is that all three of my ideas are thrillers set in a YA setting – one of them where a guy decides to take over the life of a missing boy, one where the aftermath of a cabin party in the middle of the winter turns deadly for seven kids, and another where journalism gets a little too close for comfort. THAT IS ALL I SHALL SAY.

4. I’m reading again!

I haven’t read a book in SO LONG, but just a couple days ago, I read One Of Us Is Lying in two days! I didn’t realize how much I had missed it, but I do! I’m hoping to get back on the train of reading again, and hopefully, come back in 2018 stronger than ever.

5. This hiatus won’t be long.

Seriously, it won’t. This month, I’m going to be writing all the posts for December, especially since I have a Thanksgiving break where I’m planning on doing absolutely nothing, so I’ll be ready and less stressed out. I’m planning to be back with my first post December 1, so I won’t be gone for long! There’s no way I’m missing my birth/blogiversary month! I wasn’t planning on doing something super special and extravagant like I did with my six month blogiversary, since I’ve started doing how-to posts for pretty much every month, but if you do have any suggestions, feel free to leave any in the comments!
Anyway, I just wanted to update you guys on what’s going on! I have really missed the blogging community, and I’ll miss you guys this month (especially my stats, which will probably cave, but I’m deleting the app to avoid it), but I’ll be back better than ever, and hopefully you will, too!

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