[LET’S CHAT] Do You Still Post Something You Know Won’t Be Popular?

It’s the question of the blogging century (okay, not really, but don’t take it from me).

I was inspired by my other post about blog post success, and reading several other posts about popular posts and predicting which posts will be popular, and I thought it’d be amusing to ask if we still post something that we know won’t be popular?

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[LET’S CHAT] Have You Ever Changed The Way You Blog To Suit Your Audience?

I think we can all admit that we’ve made a couple of changes to our blog to make it better.

Unpopular opinion time: even though most people talk about how you should always blog for yourself first and foremost, that’s never been my thing. I blog for all of you guys, not only so I feel less alone for talking about my favorite books, but also because I created this blog so people would read it!
I thought I would talk about some changes I’ve made that have been catered to all of you guys (and even some that I’ve done for myself)!

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9 Stressful Blogging Situations (And How To Solve Them)

I’m sure you all know that blogging is hella stressful.

I know that there are a multitude of problems one can run into while in their blogging career, and we sometimes feel like the only thing we can do is suffer alone. Well, that’s a total lie!
I thought it’d be nice to lay out some stressful blogging situations and talk about some of the solutions to them or how I deal with these problems. I’m definitely no expert, but, hopefully, this will help someone!

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You Will Never Get Me To Read These Books | Books I’ll (Probably) Never Read TagĀ 

Hey, it’s Mikaela back at it again with another tag!

I feel like I haven’t done one in a while, and I thought, why not schedule one for September! I discovered this tag months ago, I’m pretty sure, and I’ve always been interested in it since I have so many books I don’t want to read! So, let’s get to it!

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5 Tips For Reviewing Books (From Someone Who Hates Writing Reviews)

It’s no secret that I hate writing reviews. Like, a lot.

But, I still write them anyway, and I’m sure there are other book bloggers who have the same problem as I am (or think that I write good reviews. If so, thank you!), so I thought I’d list out five tips that I personally follow when it comes to writing my own reviews!

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[LET’S CHAT] Should We Stick To Our Favorite Genres Forever?

It’s obvious that all bookworms have their favorite genres.

There’s an endless amount of books out there, ranging from age, to genre, to sub-genre, and once you read a lot, you’ll realize that you favor certain stories over other types, and ignore the ones you’ve had not-so-great experiences with. But is that a bad thing?

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11 Tips For Growing Your Blog To The Point Where You Can’t Even

I think one thing all bloggers have in common is that we want our baby blog to grow.

I’m definitely NOT an expert on growing your blog and I’m definitely not even the most popular blogger on the block, but I wanted to provide some tips that worked for me regarding different situations, and, hopefully, this will help!

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[LET’S CHAT] Can You Measure Blogging Success?

 Ah, blog success.

I’ve talked about measuring a blog post’s success, and then went on to realize that I’ve never talked about measuring blogging success in general! I KNOW; WHAT IS THIS. So now I’m going to hop on board the train and discuss it today!
(I know; I’m such a professional book blogger.)
I know that we all have different goals when it comes to our blogs. Some people set their sights on getting all the ARCs, some people want to find other people to talk books with, some people want to gain a following so they can promote their book or their business, some people might want to try something new, etc. So, blogging success can definitely depend on what said blogger is trying to get out of it, but I wanted to dissect the types of stats we use and analyze and try to see if there’s ONE true way we can determine overall blogging success.

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