Mini Reviews // 1•15•17


As I explained last week in my review of Frost, I read fast and I read a lot per month, and I personally don’t think it’d be a good idea for me to post a review on every single book I read, especially if they weren’t that great. What’s the point of wasting time on a full-length review when the reading experience wasn’t too great? 

So, I thought it’d be a good idea to compile a more condensed version of my thoughts on books that were just “meh” halfway through the month. Of course, these types of reads after the fifteenth (or fourteenth, if we’re talking about February) of every month aren’t going to be mentioned, but that’s what monthly wrap-ups are for!

I’m not going to post any descriptions of the books because I’ve already linked them in my Christmas Book Haul, so if you’re interested in what they’re about, go check it out there (except for Crossroads, which has a link in the title).

Also, warning for spoilers! Just scroll down if you see the name of a book you’ve been wanting to read and don’t want to see my thoughts on it just yet.


The Marriage Lie


Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Adult

Series: None

Rating: 2 STARS

This was my first read of the year (and month), and it was meh. I was bored with the direction it decided to take, which is more personal opinion than anything; I just expected a better secret than what was provided. Plus, it also had some extremely cringe-y lines, such as,

“He grins, werewolf teeth against skin black as coal.”

(This is after she discovers the black guy is the villain, because before, she described his skin as looking like coffee beans. Yeah.)

“Have you ever seen a black man run?”

No, but seriously, has she? Really, though, how could so many people most likely read this, see that line, and think, “Yep, that’s okay! Looks good to me! That doesn’t even look just a tiny bit racist.”

“Will and I split our household duties neatly down gender lines. The cars and house upkeep are his department, the cooking and cleaning mine. Neither of us much minds the division of labor. College taught me to be a feminist, but marriage has taught me to be practical.”

Because feminism is all about women doing every single thing a man does, and it is therefore sexist to be a traditional woman, by cooking and being a stay-at-home mom. /sarcasm/

I will say, the last few lines were great, but it wasn’t enough to redeem this book, unfortunately.




Genre: Dystopian/Utopian, YA

YA Series: Scythe #1

Rating: 3.5 STARS

I was extremely excited to read this one not only because the premise was awesome, but because I absolutely love Shusterman’s Unwind dystology, and I kind of liked one of his stand-alones Bruiser, so I decided to read this first. I wouldn’t say it was disappointing, I actually really liked it; but after reading the Unwind dystology, I don’t think anything can really compare. The characters were so fantastic, and I loved their character development – Rowan was an absolute brilliant character, and I love him – and the world-building was superb, especially since it was a utopia and the more you learn about it, the more your opinion starts to change, but it was just okay for me in terms of how involved I felt. My ~feels~ weren’t really activated, for lack of a better word, but I’m really excited to read the sequel, which is also the finale! I will say, I could easily flip flop on my rating between 3.5 and 4 stars, so I definitely recommend!




Genre: Sci-fi YA

Series: Replica #1

Rating: NONE

I was super excited to read this one because not only did it have a pretty cover (I’m shallow), but it also had a cool premise: flip the book, get a different character’s story. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out, much like with other Oliver books. He authenticity of Lyra and Gemma was great; they both had distinct voices and were their own characters, and I liked the body positivity because Gemma isn’t skinny, but she’s seen as attractive to other boys and asked “Why shouldn’t you wear a bikini?” but it was boring. And the chapters were deathly long. And once you’ve read a chapter from one character’s side, you have zero motivation to just re-read that same chapter except from a different perspective, with minimal changes to the dialogue. So, yeah, is was, unfortunately, a DNF. I will say, I might try this again as an e-book sometime later because e-books can always make physical books a bit easier to read for me!




Genre: M/M Romance, Adult

Series: Crossroads #1

Rating: 3 STARS

Yes, I read M/M romance novels. They’re my total guilty pleasure. I felt like I was having a sort of “meh” beginning of the month concerning my reading, and I had just finished reading a really good Stucky fanfiction, so I decided to read a M/M romance. I don’t expect much from these because I just want some hot smut and adorable fluff, so even though this wasn’t the best book out there, it served its purpose to make me happy and push me to read other books.


And that’s the first ever edition of Mini Reviews! I hoped you like this new feature; I’m hoping to keep this up monthly.


Have you read any of these books? How did you feel about them?