Can Blog-Hopping Become A Burden On Book Bloggers?

I tend to be blog-hopping’s biggest fan.

  • I get to meet new bloggers. I know when I was a smol newbie blogger, when bigger blogs with 500+ followers even bothered to interact with me, whether they replied to my comments on their posts or tagged me in blogging awards or showed some love on my own posts. It was a huge source of encouragement for me (and it still is!!!), so I enjoy giving that joy to other people!
  • I give back to the bloggers who have given to me. If someone is nice enough to take the time to write a comment on my blog post, it’s just nice to return the favor, you know? Not to mention that it really helps foster relationships.
  • I enjoy interacting with others. I mean, isn’t that pretty much the entire point of blogging? Getting to talk and share your opinions with others so you feel less alone (and so you can eventually rule the world)?

But we simply can’t ignore it: sometimes, blog-hopping and social networking straight up sucks.

And that’s what I wanted to put on the spotlight today.

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Who Is Superior When It Comes To Canon & Interpretation: Authors Or Readers? (Ft. A Fight To The Death)

Is it really me if I don’t do some sort of mildly controversial discussion post?

(Clearly not.)

Today we’re going to tackle the question if authors or readers are superior when it comes to interpretation and declaring canon. Fun topic, I know!!!

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[LET’S CHAT] Problematic Faves & What To Do With Them

 Is it truly a bad thing to be a loyal fan?

I’m sure we’re all familiar of how it feels like to be part of a fandom! We’re all fans of certain book series, movies, TV shows…if there’s a name for it, there’s a group of people passionately carrying it somewhere out there. But, of course, being in a fandom can become hella complicated pretty quickly, and as bookworms, I feel like it’s a conversation that has popped up often.

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[LET’S CHAT] Are We Making The Error of Looking for the “Perfect” Diverse Book?

Ah, yes, we’ve approached another edition of “Mikaela discusses things only she has ever noticed or cared about.”  I’m sure you guys have missed that while I was away.

If you haven’t heard or you’ve been living underneath a rock when it comes to the book community, you might have missed out on the hype and controversy surrounding a book titled 27 Hours. I personally feel as if the controversy surrounding this book has never really been fully discussed. I can’t tell if it’s because it’s a diverse book, the fact that it was hyped as all hell, or the fact that – let’s be honest here – the community that hyped this book acted pretty hypocritical as things came to light. So, I thought that I would talk about it, because I feel like it really sheds light on an issue that I’ve been thinking about lately.

(Also, wow, does it feel good to be back!)
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[LET’S CHAT] The Debacle of Rating Books Before You Read Them

Obviously, there’s a debate surrounding the idea of rating books if you haven’t read them.

Should you do it? Is it a form of protest? Is it completely wrong or right? Are there certain instances where it’s fine, but others where it isn’t? What’s the whole point of doing it in the first place? I decided that today would be the day I put my two cents into the discussion, so let’s do it!

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[LET’S CHAT] Do We Have The Right To Judge People For What They Read?

I think we can all admit that we’re pretty judgmental.

We judge people based off of a lot of things, but as bookworms, I think it’s pretty obvious that the biggest thing we judge people off of is what they read, even though we don’t want to. But is it truly okay to judge what people are reading or is it a more complex issue? Let’s dive into it!

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