Unpopular Books I Like

So, as bookworms, we all have different opinions on books. Three people could read one book, and come out of learning different things, liking different things, and hating different things, which is what’s so cool about art. But, sometimes, there are books out there that we enjoy, but it seems like people shame us for liking said books and can sometimes act a bit “high and mighty” about it. So, I thought it’d be nice to talk about some of the books that seem to unpopular, in my opinion, that I really enjoy.

Also, I apologize for this being so late. My family overslept and decided not to go to church, and that’s, like, the only way I manage to post at 8 in the morning, so yeah. But let’s get on with the list!


Queen of Shadows


So, it seems like the entirety of the TOG fandom ended up splitting up because of this book, because some people literally can’t handle when two fictional characters don’t get together, even though when there are about 24374 hints that it ain’t happening. So, lots of fans hated this book because their ship didn’t happen or because all the characters acted differently (which, in my opinion, didn’t happen at all). This is probably one of my favorite books in the entire series (but all the books are so good, I can never choose a favorite)!

The Maze Runner Trilogy


So, I’ve seen a lot of people hate on this series and saying the books get worse and worse each book and that Thomas is bland, but I actually love this series. Okay, I haven’t read The Death Cure yet, but I though the first two books were so addicting and wonderful and action-packed, and I absolutely love the entire cast of characters. Especially Minho, because he’s my boyfriend.

(I haven’t watched the movies yet, though? I’m so weird.)

Paper Towns


Okay, so everyone seems to hate this book (or just John Green in general), but I loved this one. I see everyone say they really hate Margo, even though she is literally in the book for about max 40-50 pages (I mean, really? She’s MISSING pretty much the entire book) and they just found it boring, but I read this book in about two days when I was younger. I thought it was really hilarious and heartfelt). And, again, I failed to watch the movie, for some reason.

End of Days


Everyone on Goodreads seemed to hate this finale with a passion, but I loved it. People thought it was utterly ridiculous and didn’t make sense and made them super angry, but I actually almost cried while reading this book. I really loved the romantic moments between Penryn and Raffe and the family relationships, not to mention how tense it was. I absolutely love lore about angels and devils, and I loved learning more about Uriel.



I actually really hated Allegiant, but re-reading the series last year, I actually really enjoyed this sequel. I’m a fan of war politics in books and don’t mind ones that are slower-paced, not to mention that Tris had some really great and realistic character development, especially when she suffers from PTSD. This book was actually really clever, in my opinion, and not at all boring.

The Raven King


Okay, some people might say this isn’t unpopular, but I know I saw some really negative reviews about this book and how disappointing it was, but I devoured it. Pynch was absolutely adorable in this, the writing was as magical as always, and, to avoid spoilers, I actually really enjoyed the ending and how everything unfolded. Also, apologies, but I didn’t really care much about Noah, so everything revolving around him didn’t bother me. Maybe it’s just the fact that ambiguous endings don’t bother me too much, plus we’re getting a new trilogy in the world anyway.

City of Bones


And, again, some people might say this isn’t unpopular, but most Goodreads users seem to snark on this book a lot for being similar to Harry Potter (even though, honestly, to do that, most people are reaching like crazy), and I actually avoided it for that reason. In the end, I caved it and read it for myself, and I’m glad I did, because now I’m a Cassandra Clare fangirl.

Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Some also might say this isn’t unpopular, but I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews when I was around Goodreads about this book, and I found it really enjoyable. I definitely didn’t enjoy the rest of this series, but this one was really quirky and funny, and I loved it.

Red Queen


Yep, I love Red Queen. Everyone seems to hate this one for being unoriginal – which isn’t a crime in my book; nothing can truly be free of cliches – and saying that it was made to become a movie just because it got a movie deal even before it came out, which is apparently an evil motive, even though books like The Hate U Give and Moxie have had movie deals months before their releases. I found this one to just be a really fun read, and, yeah, it may be predictable, but I didn’t think it was too bad, and I really liked Mare.

The Cursed Child


And I enjoyed this one, too. I’ll wait before someone says I’m not a true Harry Potter fan. But, really, I loved getting back into this world and I smiled and laughed and teared up reading this, and all the Albus and Scorpius (who I shipped years before this book released). Pretty much everyone hates it and says how disappointing it is, but I don’t agree. Guess I’m not a real Harry Potter fan anymore!

All the Missing Girls


I saw a lot of my favorite crime book reviewers saying they found this book boring and that the format wasn’t good, but I thought this book was pretty amazing. I thought the way this book was told – which was backwards – was what made it really addicting, and I found it really easy to piece all the clues together and keep track of everything. It made the book tense, and though the chapters were long as all hell, I still found myself glued to the pages.

All is Not Forgotten


Again, another book that had a lot of negative reviews for this book once it come out, and I was going to not read this, but I’m glad I did. It’s more of a contemporary thriller about a small town and its secrets told from the view of a twisted therapist, and it was brilliant. I read this in one whole day, and I loved Dr. Forrester’s POV. Some said he was too clinical, but he’s a therapist. That was sort of the point. I just really enjoyed this one, and now I feel like I’m in a party of one.

Order of the Phoenix


Not really an unpopular book, but I’ve seen so many people say this is their least favorite book in the series, which shocks me. This is definitely one of my favorites, and it seems that some people hate it because Harry is depressing and the beginning was boring, but again, I’m a fan of slower-paced books, and I thought Harry’s behavior was justified, since, you know, literally saw someone die, saw someone get his hand cut off, and watched Voldemort come back to life, and no one believed him, but, I guess we all have our opinions.

The Widow


I don’t know if I can really classify this as unpopular, but I saw really average reviews for this one, and I really loved it. It’s a thriller, and I could tell from some of the reviews that people expected some sort of amazing twist, but it’s just a linear storyline where everything you think it is, it is, which is sort of interesting, since it feels like so many people expect thrillers to have a giant twist these days to be considered good. It was such an interesting way of telling the story, and a great way to showcase domestic abuse.


And that’s it for all the unpopular books that I like! I hope you enjoyed it and it made some of you guys feel less ashamed to like books that everyone seems to constantly belittle!


What are some unpopular reads that you like? Do we share any of the same ones?

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My Favorite Bookstagram Accounts


Since this month is pretty much all about spreading the love, I decided it’d be nice to talk about something that I absolutely love: bookstagram. I have an obsession with looking at pretty pictures of books and I love aesthetics, and bookstagram manages to combine both. I follow pretty much all bookstagram accounts, but I have my favorite accounts, and I just wanted to share them all with you!

NOTE: I did this post last month (because I’m an overachiever at blogging, so the pictures of these people’s feeds are probably hella old, so feel free to click their name so you can get a look at their current feed!




Just look at her feed! I absolutely adore  the dark filter put on the books, and the way all her photos are unique and original.




Have you seen her character portraits? They are absolute gold. Not to mention her feed is so dark and pretty and eye-catching and she’s a master of make-up. Absolute perfection and seriously underrated.




I’m sure most people are familiar with Cait from her blog, and her bookstagram is just as fantastic. Look at the background! The bookshelves! The stacks! The bright colors! It just all comes together so well.




I’m a sucker for clean feeds setting off white backgrounds and pastels and Alexandra totally nails it. It’s just so aesthetically pleasing to look at! And she has a nice bedroom, and I know that’s completely unrelated, but my room is messy, so, yeah.




Abby’s bookstagram was one of the first that I ever discovered and the first I ever followed! It’s always consistent and neat, and since I’m a huge fan of mysteries and thrillers, I love her recommendations.




Fiderly is already such a sweet girl herself, and her photos are just as gorgeous. Again, I love the fact that she doesn’t have a theme so all her photos are unique, plus, she has bookshelf goals.




I watch a lot of Booktube, and I’ve seen Carmen around in some vlogs, but I never knew that she had a bookstagram. I just love the soft photos she takes and how pretty they always look.




My bookstagram skills are awful (I just need to improve on photography in general, to be honest), but Caden is around my age and yet she takes such gorgeous photos??? I am all kinds of jealous.




Celine’s feed is pure goals. I just love how bright and organized her photos always are, and look at that bookshelf! Also, she introduced me to Passion Planners, so thank you, now I want one really bad. 




JUST LOOK AT THE WAY SHE USES PROPS AND COLORS! It’s so unbelievably perfect, and whatever filter she’s using is perfect.




I just love bright feeds or the types where the books have this great ombre shade, so this is basically book porn for me.




Beautiful crowded photos are always my weakness. And, again, she’s! My! Age!




Another feed that uses props perfectly. Look at how unbelievably neat this entire feed looks!




Not only are her photos that take place in nature really nice to look at, but, again, I love minimalist feeds with softer colors.


And that’s it for my favorite bookstagram accounts! I hope I’m not the only one who’s unhealthily obsessed with bookstagram. Please reassure me.

ALSO, I know some of you guys have already found me, but I decided to start up my bookstagram account this past week! I know I’ve said it’s super stressful, but, so far, it’s really fun, and I’m actually very happy with the way my feed looks (finally!). Here is the link to my account! Feel free to follow me; I’ll probably check you out as well!

(And I’ll probably end up making a Part 2 to this because THERE ARE SO MANY MORE!)


What are some of your favorite bookstagram accounts? Do you have a bookstagram account? Leave your username or your link in the comments section so we can find each other!


[DISCUSSION] Is the Romance Really Necessary?


And I’m back with another discussion for the month of February! Valentine’s Day has long since passed and love has most likely dissipated from the air, but since it’s still the month of love, I thought I’d center my discussion topic around it! I was also supposed to post this on Friday, but I posted my last discussion post around this time, so why not do it again?

Imagine you’re reading a book. It’s a thriller, a fantasy, a sci-fi, a dystopian, pretty much any genre except contemporary. You’re completely entranced in the world the author has created. The main character is the perfect main character, tailored just for you, a character you’ve always dreamed of. The writing is absolutely stunning. Literally everything about this book is perfect, every element is coming together so wonderfully…and then the Generic Love Interest enters the building and entrances your hero/heroine into insta-love. You sigh, you scream, you throw your book against the wall, because, damn it, why does EVERY YA book have to have a stupid romance in it, when there doesn’t even need to be one? Can there ever be a YA book without a romance? Is that possible?


Pictured Above: Everyone Reading Insta-Love

Which introduces the discussion topic: Is the Romance Really Necessary in YA Books and Why is It There in the First Place?

I’ve mentioned before in other posts that I just hate when romance comes in and ruins a perfectly good premise. It’s one of my main problems with YA mysteries/thrillers: it’s so damn good, so gory, but the author decides to focus more on the angsty backstory between the heroine and the love interest rather than, you know, solving the mystery. But this isn’t even just a problem in the mystery/thriller genre. This is basically a problem in all different types of genres, whether it be the assassin that’s too busy falling in love to actually do anything in fantasy or the revolutionary symbol who can’t choose between two hot guys in dystopians. 

I definitely am not against all romance that takes place in a different genre other than contemporary. Take Sarah J. Maas, for instance. I know some people hate her books, but I’m a huge fangirl of them, and if you know anything about her books, you know they create the biggest shipping wars the world has ever seen. Both Feyre and Aelin go have at least two different love interests in each of their respective series – the ACOTAR trilogy and the TOG series – but never have I ever felt that that the romance has gone first before the plot. The world-building is epic, the plot is complex, and the characters all shine in their own respective ways, and, yeah, there are hot sex scenes going along with that. Same with series such as the Raven Cycle, where even though the entire premise of the series is surrounding a forbidden kiss, relies more on friendship and magic than romance, or the novels These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner and The Program by Suzanne Young, that both feature gorgeous romances, but also take the time to deliver on their promising premises and push them to their full potential, even beyond what I thought I’d be given.

But with the good, comes the bad. There are two series that I think would’ve been absolutely fantastic if not for the romance – the 5th Wave trilogy by Rick Yancey and The Selection by Kiera Cass. My love for the 5th Wave trilogy waned as the books went on, and, unfortunately, completely halted once I finished The Last Star, and I remember that when writing my review, I realized that the series could have done without the romance. Evan and Cassie weren’t the adorable ship they had been when they first met, instead fighting and partaking in one of the worst sex scenes ever, and Ringer and Ben came out of absolutely nowhere (and you guys know how much I hate ships with zero build-up). And concerning The Selection, it’s probably one of the best examples of a dystomance I’ve seen in recent years. During the rise in popularity of books like The Hunger Games  and Divergent, most authors decided to write their own dystopian novels, where they basically all ended up being about a world where a basic right is taken away and a sixteen-year-old girl has to serve as both a revolution symbol and a love interest at the same time, but focuses more on the romance than the world-building or the plot or basic realisticness, hence dystomance. The Selection could definitely have potential, as expressed much better than I ever could in this Goodreads review from a user named Kiki, but is instead wasted on an infuriatingly stupid heroine and a love triangle between the Boring Prince and the Boring Ex.

This goes without mentioning other popular and extremely loved series whose premises were ruined by romance, in my opinion, namely the Shatter Me trilogy, the Mara Dyer trilogy, and the Winner’s trilogy. All series that had such amazing plots and a great cast of characters, but ruined it with love triangles, crappy love interests, and boring forbidden love subplots.


And then you have to wonder why it’s there in the first place. And the answer is consumerism, that’s why! We, as readers, usually consume these types of books, hence every new debut that comes out that now explicitly states that we’re in for a “steamy” or “forbidden” romance with a “mysterious stranger.” And though it might be met with snarky pre-reviews or eye-rolls, it really doesn’t matter when it comes down to the sales. It’s sort of the same thing when reviewers complain that books are super cliche, so why are they still being published? Well, of course they’re being published when there are five-star reviews for the book plastered everywhere on Goodreads. 

To conclude this discussion, I thought it’d be nice to include some books that have no romance at all, or little to none to the point where it doesn’t really affect the plot. I haven’t read all of these listed here, most of them have good reviews, and even if they don’t, I believe in reading it for yourself because you never know what you’ll like, so feel free to explore! There are a lot of genres included, so no one should feel left out!


Vicious, The Giver, Illuminae, 172 Hours on the Moon, and Red Rising


This Savage Song, Half A King, The Darkest Corners, The Women in the Walls, and Everybody Sees the Ants


Wonder, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, The Stranger Game, and Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock


Two Boys Kissing, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, All American Boys,  The Book Thief, and Scythe


MARY: The Summoning, The Merciless, The Call, Bird Box, and The Detour


Dangerous Girls, With Malice, Slasher Girls & Monster Boys, A Monster Calls, and Scary Out There


And if you want even more recommendations, here’s Cait @ Paper Fury’s post recommending YA books without romance! I haven’t read many of those either, so, obviously onto the TBR list they go!


This wouldn’t be a proper discussion post without asking your opinion, so here it is: What do you think about romance in YA books? Do you prefer romance or plot? What are some series that you think balanced the romance well or did it horribly?


[REVIEW] At the Edge of the Universe by Shaun David Hutchinson


Genre: Sci-fi, Contemporary, YA

 Series: None

 Rating: 5 STARS


Tommy and Ozzie have been best friends since second grade, and boyfriends since eighth. They spent countless days dreaming of escaping their small town—and then Tommy vanished.

 More accurately, he ceased to exist, erased from the minds and memories of everyone who knew him. Everyone except Ozzie.

 Ozzie doesn’t know how to navigate life without Tommy, and soon suspects that something else is going on: that the universe is shrinking.

 When Ozzie is paired up with new student Calvin on a physics project, he begins to wonder if Calvin could somehow be involved. But the more time they spend together, the harder it is for him to deny the feelings developing between them, even if he still loves Tommy.

 But Ozzie knows there isn’t much time left to find Tommy–that once the door closes, it can’t be opened again. And he’s determined to keep it open as long as possible.

 My Thoughts:

“I sat beside the window pretending to read Plato’s Republic as the rest of the passengers boarding Flight 1184 zombie-walked to their seats.”

 Oh my God, you guys; I did it! I finally read my first ever Shaun David Hutchinson book after people on Goodreads recommended me to read We Are the Ants! And now that I’ve read one of his books, I need to read them all. Like, right now, damn it.

 First of all, this book was so unexpectedly angst-y??? I mean, I absolutely loved how depressing and realistic this was, but what is with all these angst-y gay books? Why are all these authors duly set on breaking my damn heart? But, seriously, I loved this, and I could relate to it so well. Ozzie is in his senior year of high school, his boyfriend and best friend have vanished, and it seems like everyone in his life is moving forward except him. I’m only in my sophomore year of high school, as you guys might know, but, God, the fear of the unknown feels so realistic. Personally, I’m excited to get the hell out of high school, and I’m ready to go to college and travel and do something with my life that I care about, but do you know how terrified I am to adult? What in the world I’ll do once I’m out of college, especially since I’m a socially anxious mess? Will I make new friends? Will the ones I have now be left behind as memories? Will I still be blogging? Will I still be in love with the books I am now? Clearly, I have a lot of worries about “after college,” so I understood how Ozzie felt about being unsure of the future. I feel like everyone is, just a little.

 And, ugh, the characters! I love Ozzie. He’s a sarcastic asshole who’s crude and might piss you off with the things he won’t do and things he actually DOES do, but I loved him so much. He deserves all the hugs, and he continuously made me laugh throughout the book, especially since I’m a negative, sarcastic person as well. We also get to meet Calvin, who reminded me of Adam from the Raven Cycle, and I LOVE Adam, so you can guess how much I’m in love with him. And we also have Ozzie’s friends, Dustin, who’s a stoner type, but is also a genuinely nice guy, and Lua, who’s gender-fluid (which was awesome, because I’ve never seen a gender-fluid character before in a book, and, I personally thought was handled so well and wasn’t treated like some big deal) and is a rocker type and every word out of their mouth gives me life, honestly, especially that whole rant about how girls don’t get some sort of “free pass” to experiment. I LOVE THEM, OKAY? And we also have Warren, Ozzie’s brother, who goes through some problems that I’m not going to talk about because that would be SPOILERS, but I definitely loved him.

 THE ROMANCE BETWEEN OZZIE AND CALVIN THOUGH. It honestly slayed my life. At first, I didn’t even ship them, but as the book went on, I just couldn’t help myself. It was just so wonderfully realistic and angst-y (this book was angst) because they’re both so awkward and Ozzie still loves Tommy and Calvin cares about him so much, but he also has baggage and Ozzie wants to help him but doesn’t want Calvin to hate him and they’re both total science nerds and just aljflajflajflaj. AND THE ENDING KILLED ME, but again, not talking about spoilers. I just ship them so freaking hard.

 I also loved the concept of this book. I’d say it’s a mix of magical realism and sci-fi, and it was so interesting. I really want to get into sci-fi this year, and it’s like books like this that push me forward. The universe is literally shrinking, and I loved how the chapters showed how it was happening, and then the last few chapters kicked in and it was just so intense. I didn’t think the science was too complicated for people to not understand, and it definitely kept me reading. There’s just something about this book that has an addictive quality that I completely fell in love with.

 Overall, READ THIS BOOK DAMN IT. I literally cannot wait to read We Are the Ants. And, since we’re talking about that book, I see what you did here, Hutchinson.


Have you read this book yet? Have you read Shaun David Hutchinson’s books yet?

(Also, brief note: I’m going to take a break this whole entire day! I’m not going to be responding to comments, but I’ll probably be around looking at people’s posts who I follow, on occasion! I’m just trying to get everything together because I’ve decided to start a chill bookstagram account – I’m already really happy with the pics I took – and I’ve been trying to make my Goodreads look nice and I’m hoping to plan some stuff out. It’s not a hiatus or anything and I’ll be back tomorrow morning, but I just wanted to let you guys know!)


My All-Time Favorite Book Boyfriends


Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about my book boyfriends. I decided to do the Book Boyfriend Tag because if I just talked about my book boyfriends in general, we’d probably be here all day, to be honest. But, who cares? Let’s talk about the cute boys!


Most Romantic Boyfriend


(Image from Cocotingo)

Darrow. I mean, would I necessarily call him romantic? Probably not. But, he’s a total romantic in my mind, so it counts. Plus, he’ll probably give amazing pep talks and speeches when I need encouragement and/or I’m low on self-esteem. Have you read the Red Rising series? #inspirationgoals


Dark and Moody Bad Boy with a Good Side


(Image from chrysalisgrey)

Warner. A.K.A. The only good thing to come from the Shatter Me trilogy. Of course, pretty much everyone was wary of Warner when he first popped up in Shatter Me, but the more you get to learn about his character, the more you just fall in love with him. He’s probably one of the few bad boys in fiction that I don’t roll my eyes at.


Paranormal Boyfriend


(Image from viria)

Percy Jackson. You’re probably thinking, “How is Percy paranormal?” He’s a demigod. That’s totally not human, so, again, counting it. I mean, do I really need to explain why Percy Jackson is the best book boyfriend ever? He’s funny and kind and look at how he treats Annabeth! Give me sweethearts over bad boys any day.


Boyfriend You Want to Tame


(Image from Merwild)

Kaz Brekker, of course. I mean, I’m not going to try to stop him from going on heists and being a criminal because that’s what makes him awesome, but, you know, he could take me on a date once in a while. Just saying.


Boy You Friend-Zoned  


(Image from blalua)

Noah Shaw. I don’t have time for wimpy bad boys who sleep with every girl in the high school, and then spout Edward Cullen-like sentences because “I’m not like other girls.” Barf.


Your Soul Mate


(Image from vulpixmew)

Rowan Whitethorn. He’s my top book boyfriend of all time, and even though I love him with Aelin and they’re the most perfect couple ever, he’s meant for me and me only. Sorry, Aelin.


Boyfriend You Want to Elope With


(Image from Cassandra Jean’s Wiki)

Jem! I know so many people prefer Will over Jem, but, unpopular opinion: I don’t like Will that much. Again, I always go for the sweethearts, and the violin is actually one of my favorite instruments to hear (I blame Lindsey Stirling). And look at the way he treats Tessa. He’s so perfect.


Boyfriend You’d Venture Anywhere With


(Image from Merwild)

Rhysand. Look at what happened when Feyre went with him instead of marrying Tamlin. She got to visit the freaking Night Court. To the Night Court I go!


Boyfriend You’d Want to Be Stranded on a Desert Island With


(Image from LauraHollingsworth)

Thorne. He’s absolutely hilarious, plus, he and Cress already survived the Sahara, and that was when he was rendered blind. He’ll find us a way out (and, hopefully, he’ll realize I’m the one for him, not Cress, and he’ll fall in love with me and we’ll get married).


Most Badass Boyfriend


(Image from Gemina courtesy of Marie Lu)

Nik. Um, who wouldn’t want a drug-dealing criminal to go around kicking everyone’s ass?Okay, he’s actually more of a sweetheart, and he was traumatized after he had to shoot a living human being, but, you know, I’d still totally want him on my side to protect me.


And that’s just a sneak peek of some of my book boyfriends! Too bad they don’t really exist and boys in real life always seem to just disappoint.

Also, I feel like I’m on a blogging and reading high right now! I’ve finally gotten back into reading, I’m back to writing reviews again (and I hate writing reviews, so this is a miracle), and I’m on break, so that means I can finish my posts for April (yes, I’m that far ahead)! #killingit


What are some of your book boyfriends? Do we share the same ones (if we do, I called dibs first)?


[REVIEW] Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough


Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Adult

Series: None

Rating: 5 STARS


Why is everyone talking about the ending of Sarah Pinborough’s Behind Her Eyes?

Louise is a single mom, a secretary, stuck in a modern-day rut. On a rare night out, she meets a man in a bar and sparks fly. Though he leaves after they kiss, she’s thrilled she finally connected with someone.

When Louise arrives at work on Monday, she meets her new boss, David. The man from the bar. The very married man from the bar…who says the kiss was a terrible mistake but who still can’t keep his eyes off Louise.

And then Louise bumps into Adele, who’s new to town and in need of a friend, but she also just happens to be married to David. David and Adele look like the picture-perfect husband and wife, but then why is David so controlling, and why is Adele so scared of him?

As Louise is drawn into David and Adele’s orbit, she uncovers more puzzling questions than answers. The only thing that is crystal clear is that something in this marriage is very, very wrong, but Louise can’t guess how wrong―and how far a person might go to protect their marriage’s secrets.

My Thoughts:

“Pinch myself and say I AM AWAKE once an hour.”

 Okay, so, you’ve probably heard of this book before. It’s been hailed as the Thriller of the Year, you may have seen #WTFThatEnding going around, you’ve probably seen everyone falling in love with this book, etc. I heard about this book first via Bookstagram, and after seeing all the positive reviews, I decided I’d pre-order this book with my Christmas money. And, boy, was it worth it!

 Also, spoilers, spoilers, everywhere! I can’t talk about this book without spoiling, unfortunately.

 I will definitely say, this is a weird book. The entire time, it just had the weirdest vibe to it, not only because we’re dealing with the weirdest triangle (???) ever, where Louise is sleeping with her supposed best friend’s husband, but we’re also shown different sides of the story, you’re completely left in the dark two-thirds of the time, and then you’re fed flashbacks that seem out-of-place and make no sense, but keep your interest piqued nonetheless. But, for some reason, the fact that it was so strange is what made it so addicting, in my opinion. You’ll probably going to be like, “WTF is going on?” but you’ll still turn the pages because you need to know what will happen next and what the damn ending is and why is any of this happening?

 The characters were some of the most interesting I’ve seen in a thriller yet. I’ve mentioned multiple times that for thrillers, I don’t really care too much about characters; all I really care about is the plot and what’s going to happen next. I’m going to blame that on the fact that thrillers are just generally unpredictable, and the character you’re rooting for could end up being a ruthless murderer. I will say, Louise is so annoying. She’s so indecisive about everything, and she’s one of those book cheaters that expects me to feel bad for her because she’s guilty for sleeping with her best friend’s husbands, and I just don’t care, Louise. I don’t. Stop whining, for Pete’s sake!

 And David. Ugh. We find out near the end of the book that Adele is dealing with mental issues and may or may not be a sociopath who killed two cats. David had broken up with Louise earlier in the book once he finds out that she and Adele have been friends, and once Louise finds out that Adele may not have shown all her colors and wants to talk to him, we get to hear David intensely white-knight and talk about how he’s suffered from a trapped marriage because Adele killed Rob, and she has the evidence to blame it on him, and he’s been trying to help her, and Louise was the only bright spot in his life, and when he basically threatened her, it was “for her own good.” I practically rolled my eyes. Just leave the marriage, David. LEAVE. I do not care about the plight of a rich man who says the cheesiest things ever.  And the ending made me even happier for his fate.

 And then we have Adele (or should I say “Adele”?), who is my favorite person out of the entire novel. Meet your next Amy Dunne, a girl who’s out of control, who’s ready to do anything to get her way, and is conniving and corrupt and pure evil. I absolutely loved her, and, to be honest, since I hated both Louise and David, I was ready to watch her plans to mess with them to completely unravel. I think I just met one of my favorite characters of the year!

 Of course, we have to talk about that ending. First of all, I loved it. I heard there were paranormal sort of elements in this book, which worried me a little since I’m not really into that, but I thought Pinborough handled it well; I thought the entire concept of a separate dream world made sense, and it didn’t completely overpower the novel’s premise. I thought I had figured out the ending once Louise got trapped in Adele’s body and died because Adele loved David so much she wanted to in hers, but when it was revealed that it was actually ROB??? Holy crap, that was awesome. I definitely did not see that coming, I thought it made sense with the storyline, and I hated David so much, that it was nice to see him get his just desserts.

 Overall, a gripping thriller with an ending, I think, definitely lived up to the hype.


Have you read this yet? What did you think about the ending or the characters?