In Which I Talk About The Books That Lied to Me

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I’m sure we’ve all experienced it.

We pick up a book. We’re excited to read said book, whether it’s a stand-alone, a first in a series, the sequel to a series you fell in love with while reading the first book, or the finale to one of your favorite series. You read it. You keep reading it. And then you realize mid-way through, or maybe near the end of the book, that you absolutely hate it.

(Or strongly dislike it.)

And, of course you feel betrayed. You feel lied to. But everyone told you how good the book was? But the first book was just so good…how could the series come to this? But isn’t the sequel supposed to be even better than the first book? But the concept sounded so good once I added it to my TBR on Goodreads; what happened between now and then? BUT THAT BOOK WAS SO FREAKING AWESOME; HOLY CRAP?

So, I thought it’d be fun to talk about those books; those books that make you excited, or make you really downtrodden because you could have been so much better! Let’s get started!


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Second Book Slump

Do you ever have those moments where you’re fresh off the reading the first book of a series? The first book was either a really great start to the series, and you need to start the sequel, like, now, or the first book was just meh to you, and the only reason you’re continuing on is because your friends are insisting the series gets better; THEY SWEAR. So you decide to read the sequel, and it starts out okay (like most bad books do).

And then you realize, right in the middle of reading it, “Why am I still reading this? I’m bored out of my mind.”

Independent Study, Rebel Springs, and The Winner’s Crime are all culprits of this. For the first two novels, I enjoyed the first books in the series – The Testing and Falling Kingdoms, respectively – but while reading was really let down. For Independent Study, it was too much of a copycat of The Testing for me to enjoy it; for Rebel Spring, the book was SO BORING (though Gathering Darkness totally made up for it).

For The Winner’s Crime, I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book, and went into the second book for another chance because everyone said it was SO GOOD. I didn’t like it the first time, and the second time around, I DNF-ed it. So, that was disappointing.

File_003 (15).jpeg

WTF Finales

“I’ve been waiting for this book for so damn long! I can’t wait to read it!” you say as soon as you purchase the finale to one of your favorite series and curl up in your reading space to get ready to read it.

“What the actual hell did I just read?” you say once you close the book and realize how disappointed you are.

For me, those three books were The Last Star, The Retribution of Mara Dyer, and Ignite Me. Out of all three of these, The Last Star was probably my biggest disappointment. I loved The 5th Wave, and though The Infinite Sea wasn’t perfect, I still enjoyed it. But I remember being so upset after finishing The Last Star because so many things were left open, the romance was terrible, and it was just a completely unsatisfying ending.

For The Retribution of Mara Dyer and Ignite Me, I didn’t like the first couple books in the series too much, but I was actually good at binging series at that time, and I also wasn’t a huge DNF-er, so I went ahead and finished the series, because why not? Unfortunately, the finales just ended up finalizing that I hated both series, mainly because they were so disorganized and boring and just didn’t line up with the rest of the series in terms of plot and resolution.

File_002 (27).jpeg

The Hype Machine

Ah, yes, the dreaded book hype. You read all the reviews praising the book on Goodreads, you see all these five stars, you see the book on everyone’s favorite list, the books have such a huge fandom, so you think, “Obviously, I’m going to enjoy this one as well!


There are so many books with lots of hype that everyone loved except me, but I decided to just lessen it to four books: The Darkest Minds, The Winner’s Curse, The Wrath and the Dawn, and Under the Never Sky. Pretty much all of these books sold me with their interesting premises, gorgeous book covers, and all the amazing reviews.

And I didn’t like any of these books. I hated most of them in fact. Oops. Either too slow, just didn’t click with me, I didn’t like some of the characters, the world-building was awful, or I thought that the actual story didn’t reach the full premise it could have. The hype machine can do incredible things, but sometimes, it just completely misses the mark for me.

File_000 (76)

Knocked My Socks Off

These are the books I didn’t think would surprise me or I thought would just be my ordinary reading experience, but totally and completely took my surprise in the best possible way. Whether with an awesome plot twist or fantastic character development or gorgeous writing – all paired with a stunning cover to boot – it just makes for an unforgettable reading experience that you wish you could have all over again.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Golden Son, and Crown of Midnight were definitely these types of reads for me. The first time I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone, I didn’t enjoy it too much, but the second time around, I fell in love with the prose. Golden Son and Crown of Midnight were sequels that were the exact opposite of second book slump and enhanced the series for me and launched it to my “Favorites” list.


File_004 (13).jpeg

And those are some of the books that outright lied to me.

(Hopefully, I can avoid these types of books in the future, except the last category. Those can stay.)

Let's Chat

What are some books that you felt like lied to you? Have you experienced any of these categories? Do we share any of the same opinions?

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[2] Book Playlist • A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

File_000 (23).png

Yesterday, A Court of Wings and Ruin finally released into the world, so I had to commemorate it. Obviously.

Anyway, I wrote this playlist up on my Books Amino account last year, and since it gained so much attention, I just knew I had to put it on my blog, especially since I worked so hard on it, and I really loved making this playlist, so why not share the love?

This time, since I was just doing one book instead of an entire series like I did for my first one, I decided to split it up into the three parts the book is split into. The House of Beasts represents Feyre finally escaping her abusive relationship and her character development, the House of Wind explores Rhysand and Feyre’s blooming relationship, and the House of Mist is the culmination of that relationship (*WINK, WINK*) and the eventual downfall.

(Also, I don’t apologize for the abundance of Ariana Grande. Or the Weeknd.)


File_000 (24)

Ariana Grande – Why Try

My Everything

Selena Gomez – Same Old Love


OneRepublic – Apologize


Ellie Goulding – I Do What I Love


Lorde – Bravado


Bea Miller – yes girl

yes girl bea miller

Ariana Grande – You Don’t Know Me

My Everything

Sia – Elastic Heart




Selena Gomez – Revival


Junkie XL, Ellie Goulding – Tris

divergent score

File_001 (17)

Ariana Grande – Into You

dangerous woman ariana grande

Alessia Cara – I’m Yours


David Guetta, Emeli Sande – What I Did For Love


Dirty South – The Unknown


Halsey – Is There Somewhere

halsey room 93

The Chainsmokers – Inside Out


The Weeknd – Wicked Games


Zayn – BoRdErSz 


Ariana Grande – Dangerous Woman

dangerous woman ariana grande

Zedd – Done With Love 


Dirty South – With You


Skylar Grey – Addicted to Love

addicted to love skylar grey

Halsey – Not Afraid Anymore

fifty shades darker soundtrack

Ariana Grande – Touch It

dangerous woman ariana grande

Zayn – sHe


File_002 (15)

The Weeknd – Often (Kygo Remix)

often kygo remix

Zayn – TiO


Zedd – True Colors


Sohn – Carry Me Home

insurgent soundtrack

Troye Sivan – Wild


Selena Gomez – Nobody


Skylar Grey – I Know You

skylar grey i know you

Alessia Cara – Overdose


The Weeknd – Earned It

the weeknd

Junkie XL – A Friend

divergent score

Joseph Trapanese – You’re Worth It

insurgent score

Troye Sivan – Talk Me Down


Ariana Grande – Thinking Bout You

dangerous woman ariana grande


File_001 (37).jpeg

And that’s it for my book playlist of A Court of Mist and Fury! I’m pretty sure that my eyes are pretty much glazed over at this point. Yep.

Again, much like my first playlist, if you guys want me to compile all these songs into a playlist on Spotify, just ask me, and I’ll find the time to do it and tell you guys my username! 


Also, reminder that Project Big Blogger, Little Blogger is still open for sign-ups! I know there are some people who said they’ll sign up and still haven’t done so yet, or haven’t discovered the project, but my announcement of what it is can be found here, and the Google Form for sign-up can be found here. So far, the numbers are actually pretty equal, which is good, because I was low-key terrified I’d have way too many of one sign up. Thanks so much to all who have participated so far!

Let's Chat

Do you like the playlist? Do you think these songs give you ACOMAF ~vibes~? ARE YOU READING ACOWAR BECAUSE I AM AND I AM DEAD?

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I Need to Read More of These Authors’ Books

File_002 (13).png

So, as bookworms, we sort of idolize authors. Okay, we totally idolize authors.

And we suffer from the fact that we don’t always get the chance to read all the authors’ books.

But, fear not, we shall valiantly try. Or, at least I do. As someone who continually suffers from not being able to complete book series, I also suck at reading more of an authors’ books. I’m like that one person who’s listened to one album from an artist, and then starts calling them one of my favorite singers/bands of ever. So, I thought I’d talk about the some authors whose first couple of books I read, but I really need to read more of them.

(Also, I’m going to go ahead and link this up with Top 5 Wednesday with “Authors You Want to Read More From,” even though, again, this is way more than five. I’m a rule-breaker.)


File_000 (73).jpeg

Maggie Stiefvater

|Books Read: The Raven Cycle|

No, I haven’t read all the books Stiefvater has to offer. It’s actually such a shame since I absolutely love her writing, and her other YA series/stand-alones sound so good! My main priority is getting to The Scorpio Races since everyone raves about that one, and I feel like it’s best for me to read something of hers that’s not part of a series since I suck at that. I’m also planning to read her Shiver series. I don’t even care that it has such an overwhelm of negative reviews on Goodreads. IT’S MAGGIE STIEFVATER, THEREFORE I WILL READ IT.

File_004 (5)

Suzanne Young

|Book Read: The Program|

Yeah, this one is actually quite shameful. I read this book so long ago and fell in love with it…and I haven’t read any of the other books in the series or the sequels or the prequels or the companions. On my part, though, I don’t own the other books, so there’s that. But, I’m hoping to fix that soon, especially since all her dystopian books sound so amazing and thoughtful. And the covers are gorgeous. SOMEONE HELP ME.

File_002 (22).jpeg

V.E. Schwab

|Books Read: This Savage Song, Vicious, A Darker Shade of Magic, and A Gathering of Shadows|

I’m still in the midst of A Conjuring of Light because of my whole reading slump thing, so don’t make me even think about it, or I’m going to start stressing out again about all of the books I’m still in the middle of. But, I’ve heard brilliant things about her Archived series and also The Near Witch, so I obviously need to read them soon. I LOVE HER BOOKS. I NEED THEM ALL.

File_000 (72).jpeg

Patrick Ness

|Books Read: A Monster Calls|

I actually bought the entirety of the Chaos Walking trilogy last year because, okay, I admit, the covers are absolutely gorgeous, and everyone was pretty much recommending them. AND I STILL HAVEN’T READ IT YET. And let’s not mention More Than This, because as I said in my post last week, that one has also been left unread. And there’s probably even more Ness books I still haven’t read yet. And Release is coming out in the fall, and it sounds absolutely amazing. So, obviously, I need to read his books already.

File_001 (34)

Shaun David Hutchinson

|Book Read: At the Edge of the Universe|

I’ve mentioned before that so many people have recommended his books to me, and this year, I FINALLY READ ONE. AND I LOVED IT. Therefore, I will 100% definitely read We Are the Ants and The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley sometime this year. Not making promises, but I’ll try. Hopefully.

File_007 (4)

Neal Shusterman

|Books Read: The Unwind Dystology and Scythe|

If you’re new here, you’ll learn now that I love the Unwind dystology. It’s one of my favorite series of ever. I also read Scythe, and I enjoyed it as well and can’t wait for the sequel! And I also read Bruiser, a stand-alone of his, last year, and thought it wasn’t my favorite, I still enjoyed it. I mean, he does have a lot of books, so that’s the main excuse I’m going to use. But still, I’m putting Challenger Deep on this year’s reading list. One step at a time!

File_001 (33).jpeg

Joe Abercrombie

|Book Read: Half a King|

I read the first book of the Shattered Sea trilogy last year, Half a King, and really enjoyed it! I actually purchased the entire trilogy off Amazon, but, of course, I only read the first book and never actually completed the trilogy. Or, like, started the sequel. And then he also has this adult fantasy series that sounds pretty awesome. Really, I just need to read more adult fantasy, and this seems like a good place to start.

File_008 (5).jpeg

Amy Zhang

|Book Read: Falling Into Place|

I read her debut novel SO long ago, way back in middle school when I had this huge contemporary phase (obviously, that stopped, and now it’s my least favorite genre, funnily enough). I really enjoyed it when I read it, and since then, I haven’t read any of her other books, which is such a shame! I’m really hoping to get to her sophomore novel, since I don’t think she’s published much since then.

File_003 (10).jpeg

David Levithan

|Books Read: Will Grayson, Will Grayson, Every Day, and Two Boys Kissing|

I’ve loved pretty much everything he’s written or co-written so far, so I really just need to read all his books. But, at the same time, he’s been writing for YEARS, and I honestly don’t think I’m going to be able to catch up. I also mentioned one of his co-written books in my post last Wednesday, and I’m hoping to read it this year, at least, since I was SUPPOSED to be catching up on 2016 releases (which I’m 100% failing at).

File_002 (21)

Leigh Bardugo

|Books Read: Shadow & Bone and Six of Crows|

Yeah, I haven’t read Crooked Kingdom yet, which is clearly a problem, but the only book of hers I’ve actually read and enjoyed was Six of Crows! I didn’t enjoy Shadow and Bone too much, so I never actually continued with the trilogy, but Bardugo has two books releasing later this year, so I can finally get to experience more of his books and hopefully declare her one of my favorite authors!

File_001 (32)

Morgan Rhodes

|Books Read: Falling Kingdoms, Rebel Spring, Gathering Darkness, and Frozen Tides|

And yet another case of “Mikaela Is Horrible At Binging Series.” I raced through the first three books last year in January, but ended up ditching Frozen Tides for another book, for some reason…and now I’ve basically forgotten what’s happened, Crystal Storm came out, and now the series is ending later this year. So, there’s that giant problem. Oh, and I haven’t read any of the books in the spin-off series. So, yeah. Obviously have to fix that.


File_002 (20)

And those are just a few of the authors whose books I need to read more of. 

Obviously, the only solution is to clone myself and have one dedicated to conquering my TBR. Duh.

Let's Chat

What are some authors whose books you need to more of? Do we share any of the same authors? Do you think life would be easier if we could just clone ourselves (I certainly do)?

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[LET’S CHAT] What Makes Me Follow Your Book Blog

File_001 (11)

So, as I’m sure you guys know, the book blogging community is pretty huge.

There are probably, like, thousands of book blogs out there that we haven’t even heard of, not to mention all the people who probably start their own book blogs daily.

File_005 (4).jpeg

BUT, we have to pick and choose which ones we’re going to follow and which ones we’re going to completely ignore.

We all have personal things or preferences that make us want to follow a blog, and I know I definitely stick with mine. I know there are people who follow a lot of book blogs, but, personally, I only follow around 30-40, I’d say? Personally, I’m really picky with the blogs I follow, and I’m not afraid to go ahead and unfollow blogs I’m not into anymore, but that’s a discussion for another day (by another day, I mean a couple months from now). So, I thought I’d talk about some of the things that push me to click that “Follow” button, and even provide some examples of those things via some of my favorite book bloggers!

File_000 (69)

File_004 (5).jpeg

Good Design

I’m a sucker for beautiful looking blogs, okay? I know, I know; it’s totally shallow, and, in a way, it’s sort of wrong to judge a blog by the way it looks over its content, but I just can’t help myself! I’m a huge fan of aesthetics, and if I see a gorgeous blog button, or a nice header, or a great combination of colors, or gorgeous graphics and pictures, I can’t help but stay.

Book blogs that are always gorgeous always manage to push me to make my blog look better. I know some of you guys have stuck around since the very beginning of my blog, and, wow, was it pretty ugly. But being so jealous of all these other gorgeous bloggers is what pushed me to finally make good graphics, pick a good WordPress theme, and finally get everything together so my blog doesn’t look like a hot mess.

The Best of the Best:

Reg @ She Latitude

Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook

File_000 (70).jpeg

Fascinating Content

I’m more likely to follow a blog with original content than anything. I do follow some review-only blogs, but that’s usually just for thrillers/crime, and not really for YA. I just much prefer bloggers who continually create discussions that initiate conversation, give out great recommendations, and always come up with really cool ideas. So, the majority of the time, if you’re a YA blog, and all you do is review books, do cover reveals, book blitzes, and blog tours, and that’s it, I’m more likely to ignore your blog because that gets old and boring after a while, especially when I’m not interested in the books they’re attempting to promote.

I also like to follow blogs with content that inspires me. So, the ones who can come up with good discussion posts or come up with original tags and posts are more likely to get a follow from me. I’m always brainstorming for good ideas, so the types of blogs that push me to do that are always great ones.

The Best of the Best:

Puput @ Sparkling Letters

Cait @ Paper Fury

File_007 (3).jpeg

Similar Interests

Most of the time, I really enjoy blogs that share my favorite genres! This is why I follow so many thriller blogs, because it’s where I get my main source of recommendations in those genres, and following YA blogs is a pretty obvious given, because that’s the age range I usually read from.

I also really like blogs that push me out of my “comfort zone,” so to speak. So blogs that talk about literary fiction or non-fiction, which are genres that I enjoy reading, but I don’t feel like I read often enough are ones that I’ll definitely follow if they constantly add books to my TBR! It might take forever for me to get to them, but I will (eventually).

The Best of the Best:

Chelsea @ The Suspense Is Thrilling Me

Sam @ Clues and Reviews

Janel @ Keeper of Pages

Marija @ Inside My Library Mind

File_004 (6)

Consistent Posting

I have to say, I’ve seen this more when I’m going through bookstagram and see someone has a blog on WordPress than anything. I’ll check it out, and it looks pretty and has nice content, but then I’ll see that they post all over the place. Their most recent post will be dated yesterday, but the post before that will be dated December 8, 2016, and that immediately makes me run off.

I’m just not a fan of book blogs that post all over the place. You don’t have to post every single week, but at least have around 5-7 posts a month, because I feel like it’s useless to be following a blog that’ll only post every two or so months with mediocre content. I know some people don’t have all the time in the world, but I personally just don’t feel like wasting my time following a blog like that.

The Best of the Best: 

Uh…everyone I follow?

File_000 (69)

File_008 (3)

And that’s pretty much what I personally look for in a book blog!

(Also, I highly recommend all the blogs I mentioned in this post. They’re A++, and, as you can see, I obviously follow them for a reason.)

Let's Chat

What makes you follow a book blog? Who are some of your favorite bloggers? Why are you following my blog (just kidding, just kidding; it’s a joke question)?

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My All-Time Favorite Authors

File_001 (25)

For every bookworm out there, we all have our auto-buy authors. You know, those authors where if you see their name on any book – literally ANY BOOK – you will immediately put it on your TBR and give up anything to get that book. Yeah, those authors.

I know I’ve talked a lot about some of my favorites in some of my posts in February, but I realized that I left out a list of some of my all-time favorite authors, so I decided to write one up for today! Without further ado, here they are.

arrow break

Sarah J. Maas

I’m pretty sure this one is obvious to anyone who has been on my blog for a couple of minutes, but I absolutely love this woman. So many people seem to hate her and her books, but I’m just a huge fan. Both her Throne of Glass series and the ACOTAR trilogy feature amazing characters, steamy romances, and fantastic, intriguing plots. Every time I read her books, it instantly makes my day better.

Rick Riordan

This is the first of many authors on this list that I’m sure everyone agrees with, but I love him so much. I’ve been reading all his books since I picked up The Lightning Thief in the fifth grade, and I haven’t regretted it since. His books always make me laugh, and I absolutely love his cast of characters and how three dimensional and realistic they all are. I will always be excited for a new book of his.

V.E. Schwab

I LOVE THIS WOMAN SO MUCH. After hearing all the hype about her on Goodreads, I finally caved and read Vicious, and fell in love with it (it’s still my favorite of hers). I read A Darker Shade of Magic, and wasn’t too impressed, but fell in love with the series after A Gathering of Shadows. And then I finally read This Savage Song, and I swear to God, this woman is utterly brilliant. She can write any story idea perfectly.

John Green

So many people seem to have personal vendettas against him and think all his books are the same thing, but I love all of his books (okay, except An Abundance of Katherines. That was pretty bad.), especially Looking for Alaska, which is still one of my all-time favorite stand-alones. I just always love how his books seem to deal with the weirdest situations, but also deal with serious topics and strange characters I can relate to, and then proceed to stomp on my heart. Like, a lot.

Gillian Flynn

Otherwise known as the Queen of Thrillers. If you’re a thriller fan and haven’t read any of her books, YOU MUST. I just love how wonderfully dark her books can get and how evil the women are and how twisted all the characters are and just everything about her books is brilliant. Even Dark Places, my least favorite of hers, is still pretty freaking good. I anxiously await her next book (it’s been four years, guys).

Cassandra Clare

Again, another controversial writer, but I have a lot of unpopular opinions, so who cares? I absolutely love everything that comes out of the Shadowhunter world, and this was probably one of the first series where I became an official fangirl for shipping and things. I’m literally excited for all the Shadowhunter things, and no one can make me feel bad for feeling that way.

Neal Shusterman

Probably another one you guys aren’t too surprised to see. I’ve talked so much about how much I love the Unwind Dystology and how every single person on this planet should read it. I read Scythe as well, and though I didn’t love it as much as Unwind, really nothing can compare, and I still thought it was really good! Also, I still need to read the rest of his books. #shame

Maggie Stiefvater

Duh. Her writing is absolutely magical, her characters are amazing, she’s so sweet and funny on all her social media, her ideas are weird and wonderful, and just everything about her is perfection. Again, I still need to read the rest of her books because I’m always that person who’s late to the fandom.

J.K. Rowling

Again, this one is fairly obvious, and I’m sure literally everyone has read and loved her books, so I’m not going to bother to needlessly add my adoration for the Harry Potter series.

Marie Lu

I feel like she’s so underrated??? I absolutely loved the Legend trilogy and found it had more depth and intricacy than most The Hunger Games-ripoffs around that time. Plus, The Young Elites trilogy is absolutely perfection, and if you haven’t read it yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE PICK IT UP RIGHT NOW.

Pierce Brown

Not only is he extremely attractive (because he is, like, seriously), but his books are brilliant. If you haven’t had the chance to read the Red Rising trilogy, you must. You absolutely must. Fantastic world-building, great characters, Darrow is the best book boyfriend ever, and it’s a complex read for those who prefer their YA a bit more challenging. And, yes, I cannot wait for Iron Gold.

Marissa Meyer

As you guys probably know at this point, I’m a huge fan of The Lunar Chronicles. I love the kick-ass characters, I love the friendships and romances between the characters, I love the complex plot, and I love the world-building. Basically, this series is fantastic. And it’s a huge shame I still haven’t read Heartless yet.

Nick Cutter

Honestly, I don’t think I talk about this guy as much. Yeah, I’ve only read one book of his, but I WILL BUY ANY BOOK HIS NAME IS ATTACHED TO. The Troop is a brilliant horror novel that is disgusting and horrific and all kinds of wonderful. I have The Deep and Little Heaven on my TBR, and I can’t wait to dive into them both.

Adam Silvera

This is the man I go to when I want to be completely and utterly destroyed by emotions. I read More Happy Than Not in one day because it was oh-so-brilliant and emotional, and then I read History Is All You Left Me in one day because it was brilliant and emotional and wonderful. You bet I’ll be clamoring for They Both Die At the End.

Laini Taylor

She writes magical stories about magical people, and that’s pretty much, like, my favorite thing. Also, her writing is absolutely perfect and enchanting and wonderful, not to mention she also writes quite complex YA fantasy that’s heavy on politics, which is always my favorite kind of YA fantasy.

arrow break

And that’s it for most of my favorite/auto-buy authors! I hope you really enjoyed this post; it took me so long to write because I kept putting it off for some strange reason.

let's chat

Who are some of your favorite authors? Do we share any of the same ones?

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[1] Book Playlist • The Unwind Dystology by Neal Shusterman


Oh, look, I’ve created another new feature on my blog! Honestly, who’s surprised at this point? Sit down, because you’re going to get a little story. 

Way back in January, I felt a bit meh about the content I was posting. Most of it was just tags that I had seen on Amino, but I realized that they quickly got boring and repetitive and weren’t too creative. So I brainstormed a lot of new ideas, and decided I’d create some new features, and this was one of my favorites.

Last year, on Books Amino, there was this sort of prompt to think of five songs for a book. Because I was recovering from ACOMAF and I had written a long review on Goodreads including a playlist for each individual part of the book (don’t worry, I’ll be releasing that in May for the release of ACOWAR), that’s what I typed up. It got a lot of attention, and I realized how much fun I had doing it, so I thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool to just go ahead and make playlists for some of my favorite books/series?” And, not only that, but you sort of get to learn more about me through my music taste! Hence, this brand new feature.

If you guys are new here, the Unwind Dystology is one of my favorite series of all time, and I urge everyone to read it. It’s such a brilliant dystopian series. So, I decided it’d be fitting to make my first playlist surrounding this series. I hope you love it (and if you ever read the books and decided to listen to it, enjoy the sounds)!

Unwind Description



Civil Twilight – Letters from the Sky


Thirty Seconds to Mars – This is War


Bridgit Mendler – Love Will Tell Us Where to Go


David Guetta ft. Skylar Grey – Rise


Ellie Goulding – Paradise


Flume – Helix


Halsey – New Americana


Tove Lo – Scars


Katy Perry – Rise


Lindsey Stirling – The Arena


Lorde – Team


OneRepublic – Human


Ruelle – Game of Survival


Sohn – Bloodflows


X Ambassadors – Renegades


Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart


Martin Garrix ft. Bebe Rexha – In the Name of Love


Lukas Graham – Take the World by Storm


Ed Sheeran – I See Fire


Major Lazer – Lean On



And that’s it for my first ever book playlist! I’m hoping to make this a thing every two months so the same songs/artists won’t be on here all the time. I listen to a lot of new music in that period of time. If anyone wants me to create a playlist on Spotify for this, feel free to ask me! I’ll do it and share my username so all of you can follow and listen to it!


Are any of these songs your favorites? If you’ve read the Unwind Dystology, do they give you the vibe?

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