7 Common Book Blogging Insecurities

 With being an amateur blogger comes great insecurities.

Most of you probably think I have my blogging life together, and I’m not insecure about anything. THAT IS A TOTAL LIE. I have all the insecurities, and I’m terrible at not playing a part in the comparison game – I play it all the time. So, I decided that I’d talk about some of my blogging insecurities and hope I’m not the only one who’s suffering through the same thing.

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To All The Books I’ll Never Read | Revisiting An Old Post

 If you’ve been following me for a long time, I had a post called “Why Have I Not I Read You Yet?”

I posted it way back in early January when I was just a tiny blogger, and, basically it was just an entire post about all the books on my TBR that I feel like everyone else in the world has read…except for me.

Since then, I’ve culled my TBR down by asking if I’m REALLY ever going to read those books, so I’m going to revisit this old post by looking at some books that are still on my TBR and some that are no longer there anymore!

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15 Fictional Worlds I’d Like to Leap Into (Ft. Lots of Pictures of Books with Maps)

 As bookworms, we all want to live in a fictional world.

Who wouldn’t want to get their letter to Hogwarts or have Rhysand appear out of nowhere and ask you if you want to come with him to the Night Court or go trekking in Cabeswater with the Gangsey or hang out in Camp Half-Blood with Percy Jackson and the gang? We all would, duh.

So, I’d thought it’d be nice to talk about some of my favorite fictional worlds that I’ve read about, and even talk about some  that I haven’t read about yet, but are on my TBR, and have cool maps, so I couldn’t resist them.

Also, as the title says, this post will feature lots of pretty pictures of books with maps. So be prepared for book porn.

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10 Of My Most Secretive Bookish Confessions

Secretive Bookish Confessions.png

So, a couple months ago, I did a post about 11 blogging confessions and it was pretty popular and very fun to write!

So, I decided it’d be fun to kick off the month of August by talking about ten of my bookish confessions, because, clearly, I have lots of things to confess.

flower border

1. I sometimes skim.


Yes, yes I do. It’s usually not even because I’m bored or anything, but when I read a book, I usually read it pretty quickly, depending on what’s going on around me. So, if I read a thriller in a day, yeah, I’ll sometimes skip a couple of paragraphs if they just reiterate the same facts over and over again or if I’m reading a YA book and the main character is angst-ing about somebody that’s died for the millionth time. I don’t think it’ll kill me if I just skim over the paragraph, especially if my eyes accidentally wander to the end of the page and I see something exciting happening.

2. Action scenes can bore me sometimes. 


I owe this mainly to the fact that I’m awful at visualizing things in books. I mean, I’m weird enough that I can visualize whole story ideas in my head and see my own characters, but I suck at seeing things in my head as a story happens. So, to me, action sequences are basically nothing in my head. Not to mention that sometimes, I’ll read a couple of pages from a book but be completely out of it when I do, and that mainly happens when I read action scenes. And I’m terrible with keeping up with what’s going on during the scene, so overall, action scenes and me don’t get along.

3. I will frequently rant in my own head while reading.


It definitely depends on what I’m reading. For instance, there have been many a thrillers where the guy is a douchebag, and I continually rant in my head about how much I hate him (looking at you, Todd and David). There are also the times I’ll rant in my head if insta-love becomes present since I hate insta-love with a passion. Or when something really awesome happens or I love a quote or I notice something, I’ll also rant in my head about how good it is. It can go both ways, for sure.

4. I suck at finishing series.


I do. I really, really do. I’m not even going to bother to list them all, but for some reason, I have a problem with reading every book in a series except for the last one. Or it’ll be even worse and I read the first book in a series and fall in love with it, but haven’t read the sequels in the series, and now it’s been years and I forget everything. And let’s not get started on the amount of books I’m just in the middle of reading. Someone please help me.

5. Long chapters make me bored.


I’ve definitely said this before, but they do! I think it’s mainly because I have this weird thing where I HAVE to finish a chapter before I put down a book, or else, it’s going to bother me until the end of time. I have a problem with this since I’ll continually tell myself I’m going to stop after this chapter, but then end up almost finishing the book (oops), so when I tell myself “One more chapter and then I’ll go to bed!” and the chapter ends up being forty pages long, it honestly drives me up a wall.

6. Sometimes, I’ll rate books higher because of hype.


Yeah, I admit it. Most of the time, I do give my honest opinions and ratings on books, but when a book is really hyped up, sometimes I’ll end up convincing myself that I loved it more than I actually did. Some books this happened with were A Darker Shade of Magic, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Clockwork Angel – these are all the first books in some of my favorite series that I originally rated four stars, but as time went on, they went to three stars. They definitely weren’t bad, but not as good as what I was expecting. Books like Shadow and Bone and The Winner’s Curse were books I also rated higher for some reason, but, unfortunately, I didn’t like those series or those books, so those ratings went from four and three stars to two and one stars. I think it happens to the best of us.

7. The more I hear about a hyped book, the more I want to scream.


I feel like 2017 has been the year of “Everyone Keeps Recommending Mediocre-Looking Contemporary Novels That I Almost Fall Asleep When I Read Their Synopsis’.” Like, I’m glad you guys love your contemporary novels, but I literally could not care less about any of them (or maybe I could; who knows?). But, in general, I feel like I’ve been bombarded by the same hyped books over and over again this year, and it drives me crazy. Is it the influence of the blogosphere? Probably.

8. I’ll sometimes judge people on what they read.

i see you

Yes, I know, I shouldn’t. But if someone says that a book I love isn’t good but rates five stars to every single new adult romance book that’s the same as every single new adult romance book, except with different names for the main characters? Or if they trash my favorite series while constantly talking about and praising an extremely mediocre one? Yeah, I’ll probably judge them just for that. It’s terrible, I know.

9. I don’t like reading negative reviews of books I love.

nope 1

I actually hate it. It seems like everyone always has this attitude of “I actually go out of my way to read negative reviews of books I absolutely adore!” but I just don’t. It’ll make me angry, I won’t change my mind, and it’ll just be a huge downer on my mood, so I just find absolutely no reason to go seek out something like that (and, between you on me, I don’t really believe people when they say they always read negative reviews of books they love, but that’s just me).

10. I’m brutally honest with myself regarding what I will and won’t read. 


Literally just a couple months ago, I went through my TBR and took off probably 100+ books, and it felt really good. I know there are people who will keep a book on their TBR forever, but for me personally, if it’s been years and it’s just not happening or I realize I’m just never going to read a book no matter how much I want to, I’m totally okay with just removing it from my TBR. I want my TBR to be A LITTLE bit manageable, at least.

flower border

File_003 (26)

Let's Chat

Do we share any of the same bookish confessions? What are some of your bookish confessions that you have to share?

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20 Retellings That Need to Be Written Like I Need Air

File_001 (43).png

We bookworms love our retellings.

Over recent years, retellings have pretty much taken the publishing world by storm, and with that comes a whole new genre of books that I feel like hasn’t been explored to its full capability. So, I decided that I wanted to talk about some retellings of stories that I would love and enjoy (and, hopefully, you’ll beg the publishing industry for them as well).


Robin Hood

1. Robin Hood

Because imagine a book where the main character was snarky and went around with a group of anti-heroes taking from the rich and giving to the poor in a sci-fi or a contemporary setting. Try to tell me that doesn’t sound totally awesome, BECAUSE IT DOES.

The Nutcracker

2. The Nutcracker

I will say, my obsession is birthed half from the Barbie adaptation and half from seeing the ballet live way back a long time ago (and it was absolutely stunning, if you want to know), but I’d love to see a modern retelling of The Nutcracker! It doesn’t even have to be centered around Christmas, but it’d just be amazing to see the gorgeous world adapted onto the page, especially with an author who has gorgeous prose.

Pandora's Box

3. Pandora’s Box

Not only does this Greek mythology really interest me, but it also pretty much ends on a sort of cliffhanger, if I remember (Pandora opens the box with all the bad traits inside…and that’s it, basically). I know there’s a middle grade series out there that I really enjoyed when I was younger that retold this story, but I’ve yet to see a YA retelling of this story. It’s so interesting, and I think it’d easily make an amazing series or stand-alone.


4. Hercules

This would make a brilliant series or book! I remember that Hercules had to go through a slew of challenges to appease Hera, and it’d be so awesome to see a modern or sci-fi adaptation of the whole thing. And this may or may not have come up because I watched the Hercules movie a couple months back (it was objectively terrible, but subjectively entertaining).


5. Prometheus

When I first heard this story, I absolutely fell in love with it. I don’t know why, but I’ve always found it so interesting that Prometheus was a sort of rebel and introduced fire to mortals anyone at the risk of being chained to a rock and having his insides attacked by a bird for the rest of his life, so why not have a more modernized version that talks about the events and gets into Prometheus’ head?


6. Atlas

Even though I haven’t read the Percy Jackson series in a long time, that brief moment in The Titan’s Curse when Percy had to hold the world on his shoulders in place of Atlas was SO INTENSE. I think it’d be so interesting to have a retelling of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of this entire story! And because the premise of someone having to hold up the world with their shoulders is so interesting.

Spartacus 2

7. Spartacus

Basically, I freaking love Spartacus’ story, and if there was a YA modern adaptation of his story or the movie 300 or even the TV show, I would be behind it 100 percent. Please someone write this.

Trojan War

8. The Trojan War

The idea of an adaptation where a group of people hide in a giant wooden horse and pretend to be a peace offering is totally entertaining to me, and I’m all for it.


9. Frankenstein

I actually had to read this book for school and absolutely hated it, but I can’t deny that the concept and the whole discussion about what makes something human is totally fascinating and would make an amazing YA adaptation that delves deep into a topic that’d make people think! The Unwind Dystology (one of my favorite series of all time) explores this concept magnificently, but I’d love more dystopian and sci-fi that talks about it!


10. Rapunzel

Okay, this is definitely inspired because Tangled is one of my favorite Disney Princess movies ever (and probably one of the most underrated besides The Princess and the Frog and Brave, but THAT’S NOT THE POINT HERE), and I absolutely loved Marissa Meyer’s Cress, so I’d love a modern retelling of Rapunzel, especially since the original fairytale is pretty dark, if I remember.

King Midas

11. King Midas

This is another sort of story that really has a tragic, cliffhanger ending, much like Pandora’s Box, so it’d be nice to see a sort of continuation of it or maybe even a metaphorical retelling or adaptation of it. I really think it’d be an interesting story to retell.


12. Icarus

Again, another Greek mythology that has a tragic ending with it, and that’s basically it. I do find the story intriguing and interesting, though, especially with the fact that a modern retelling could have a main character that’s really good at inventing things, which isn’t usually seen a lot in YA! And it involves being in prison, and it’d be nice to see how one got there, along with their father.

Romeo and Juliet

13. Romeo and Juliet

This is actually another classic I read back in middle school that I really didn’t enjoy (be prepared; there are a lot of them coming up), but the story of a star-crossed forbidden romance would make an awesome modern retelling, especially if it delved into politics and family relationships, or even had an alternate ending.

12 Dancing Princesses.gif

14. The 12 Dancing Princesses

I actually know about zero of the story behind this one, and the only reason I’m intrigued by it is, again, because of a Barbie movie I watched when I was younger about them, but it was a gorgeous-looking movie, and one of my favorites, so a YA adaptation, please?

The Little Mermaid

15. The Little Mermaid

And I don’t mean the Disney adaptation of The Little Mermaid, I mean the Hans Christian Anderson’s version of The Little Mermaid where awful things happen and it ends terribly. Because I want more dark fairytales, damn it! And, also, because I have yet to find a book about mermaids that actually interests me.

Julius Caesar.gif

16. Julius Caesar

Again, another book I hated when I read it for school, but I love the plot and think it would make an amazing retelling. I mean, it’s literally an entire story leading up to a betrayal and it deals with politics and takes place in Rome. That’s basically all I’d need to hear, and I’d want to read it immediately.


17. 1984

I’ve actually never read 1984 ever (it’s been on my TBR for a long time, though), but the premise sounds so amazing that it’d be really cool to have a retelling of it, especially since YA dystopian has died off, and I really miss it (but then again, I only read about five or so of the many dystopian novels that came out, so there’s that). And, again, I want more YA that gets me thinking.

Fahrenheit 451

18. Fahrenheit 451

Again, another old dystopian novel with an interesting concept that has been on my TBR since the dawn of time. But don’t tell me you don’t want some sort of YA dystopian retelling that talks about free speech, because that would be absolutely amazing.

Lord of the Flies.gif

19. Lord of the Flies

This book bored me to death when I read it in school, but again with the amazing premise! The Troop by Nick Cutter deals with a horror variation of this (and it was absolutely brilliant; I’d highly recommend it), but the idea of a group of boys having to survive without adults on an island would be interesting to watch unfold (without the ridiculous amounts of filler like in the original).

The Odyssey

20. The Odyssey

Another super boring book I read in freshman year of high school, and my opinion of Odysseus could be explained as “If him living was the only way I could still keep reading and he was on the threshold of death, I’d still let him die,” but I’d love to see a modern version of a male or female protagonist going on an awesome journey with a group of people for an extremely long amount of time. And in novel format instead of poetry format, because that made the original book about ten times more painful.

Let's Chat

Do you agree with any of my retellings? What types of retellings would you like to see? Any book recs for the retellings I mentioned?

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22 Things I Want More of in Books That You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

File_000 (88).png

Books are wonderful, but sometimes they don’t have everything I want.

Apparently, all books don’t cater to my interests (which is upsetting BECAUSE THEY CLEARLY SHOULD). So, I thought I’d talk about some of the things I want more of in books, continuing on with the whole “things in books” trend I’ve been carrying on for the whole month! Hopefully, you’ll be convinced that you need these things in books, too, because WHY WOULD YOU NOT?


yes 1

1. Heists

I don’t know about you, but because of Six of Crows, I now love heists. A group of people trying to steal something or overthrow a government? Count me in! There are clearly not enough heist plots out there, but about 240840284 books where a group of people is going from one place to another. WHY?

yes 2

2. More Realistic Horror

By this, I mean horror that centers less around paranormal activity and such, and more around serial killers and psychopaths. I’ve become really interested in serial killers in the last year because of all of the thrillers I read, and I think realistic horror is what really makes it scary. I’m not one to believe in ghosts and spirits, but a serial killer hunting me down? SHIVERS.

yes 3

3. Cut-throat Ballerinas

After reading the Tiny Pretty Things duology and then binging the mini-series Flesh and Bone on Starz (I highly recommend both of those), I’ve been so intrigued about how cut-throat and intense the ballet world is, especially since I used to want to do ballet when I was younger (then quickly let that dream die because ballet class was THE WORST). So I demand more books about the OTT drama of the ballet world, please!

yes 4

4. Male Protagonists

Because what would I do without Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and Darrow? WHERE WOULD I BE? But, seriously, I feel like I rarely read from a male’s point-of-view, even when I read thrillers, they’re usually narrated by a woman, and I wish there was more of it! Good thing I only have a large amount of books from a male’s point-of-view on my TBR.

yes 5

5. Missing Kids

I don’t know why, but this sub-genre of the thriller genre is one of my favorite things. Which sounds terrible, but I’m always intrigued about the whole mystery and what could have happened and whodunnit? I feel like I’ve only read a couple of thrillers with this trope that I REALLY loved – there are definitely some that are meh out there – and I’d like more that are done well!

yes 6

6. Alternate Dimensions

This is literally one of the most interesting things to read about. Like, the idea that there are alternate universes out there where we made different choices or there are different worlds? Excuse me while my mind explodes. I feel like this is such an interesting trope to play around with, and my obsession with Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter has not helped with damping my interest.

yes 7

7. Time Travel

Some people absolutely hate time travel because it’s confusing and weird, but that’s basically the reason why I absolutely LOVE time travel. It makes my brain hurt, and that’s what makes it so fun. Not to mention that this also has endless possibilities and interpretations to play around with, so no matter how many stories I read involving it, it always never fails to interest me. So more time travel stories!

yes 8

8. Fae

THESE ARE MY FAVORITE PARANORMAL CREATURES. It seems like vampires and werewolves and angels had their time to shine, and after that, fae were never really properly introduced, which is terrible, because fae are so sneaky and seductive and conniving and magical and a whole slew of things because there are SO MANY interpretations of faeries out there! Of course, I love Sarah J. Maas and Cassandra Clare’s books, but that’s only two authors out of the millions out there. WHEN IS IT FAERIES’ TIME TO SHINE?

yes 9

9. Speculative Science-Fiction

I totally enjoy sci-fi that takes place in space with aliens and the galaxy and all that, but I’m more of a fan of the type of sci-fi that’s satirical or manages to make me think about our society and some of the ridiculous things we do (not like that’s not already every single day of my life or anything). Basically, I want more books that are like one of my favorite shows of all time, Black Mirror.

yes 10.gif

10. Non-Contemporary Short Story Anthologies

I absolutely LOVE short story anthologies, especially YA ones since they’re far and few between, but it really annoys me how pretty much all of them are contemporary-based. My fantasy/thriller/horror/sci-fi-loving self doesn’t WANT to read thirty short stories from contemporary authors I don’t like or read from making ten page short stories about falling in love. I want more Slasher Girls and Monster Boys and Scary Out There and Because You Love to Hate Me. BRANCH OUT IN DIFFERENT GENRES, PLEASE.

yes 11.gif

11. Prohibition Era or Roman Era Settings

I talked about this in some other posts earlier this month, but I’m so tired of the Regency era and the World War II era being used EVERY SINGLE TIME a book is in the historical fiction category. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the Roaring Twenties (thank you, The Diviners series, for giving me this obsession) and the Roman era with gladiators and ridiculously gratuitous amounts of violence (but is really interesting to me? Don’t ask why). There are barely any YA books in these settings, and it’d be nice if there were more out there and less of petticoats and fancy language.

yes 12

12. Gangs

A gang of anti-heroes. A gang of hunters. A biker gang. A gang of druglords. I honestly don’t care what it’s a gang of, I just want a gang of people doing gang-like things. I guess we could tie this into the previous point with the Roaring Twenties (NO, I haven’t watched Boardwalk Empire; IT’S ON THE LIST, DAMN IT). But I do think the concept would make for an amazing book.

yes 13

13. Mythology

I really don’t care what mythology is, whether Greek or Roman or based off of some sort of folklore, but I will eat it up. I feel like everyone thinks that only Rick Riordan can write about mythology, and even though I love his books and consider him one of my favorite authors, it really bothers me that he’s the ONLY source of mythology-inspired plots and concepts.

yes 14

14. Dark Fairytale Retellings

Because even though I love Disney and what it’s done with some of the fairytales, it’d be really great to see more books written surrounding Hans Christian Anderson’s original dark fairytales.

yes 15

15. Boarding Schools

I feel like boarding schools were a thing for a while because of Harry Potter, and then they just completely died out as a setting, but I absolutely love the boarding school setting! It’s just so interesting to see the main characters navigate a school throughout an entire series, and also leave me jealous because I WANT TO GO TO HOGWARTS, DAMN IT.

yes 16

16. Superheroes 

Okay, this is 100% inspired by my love for Marvel, how excited I am for Avengers: Infinity War (IT’S BEING DIRECTED BY THE RUSSO BROTHERS), and the start of the DC Icons series starting next month with Wonder Woman, but I want more superheroes and superpowers! Out of all the books I’ve read involving the concept, only a couple of them have satisfied me, so I want better stories surrounding superheroes.

yes 17

17. Villains and Anti-Heroes POV

And banking off the other point, I really love seeing villain’s origin stories or reading from the POV of anti-heroes. Yes, I love being confused about my feelings towards people that I’m supposed to hate, but do I really actually hate them, and is it wrong for me to love them?

yes 18

18. Video Games

It’s actually funny, because I don’t even PLAY video games – but I absolutely love watching people play video games and I love reading about it as well. There are a couple of books out there surrounding video games or taking place in a video-game type world on my TBR, but not nearly enough to satisfy me.

yes 19

19. A Closed Environment

I’m a huge fan of any sort of plot where people are stuck in a room together for a long amount of time because what will happen? Why are they stuck there? There’s just an endless amount of questions and possibilities. I’ve watched a lot of movies that deal with closed environments, but, funnily enough, I haven’t read too many books that have the same thing.

yes 20

20. A Group of People Stuck Together

Again, WHAT ARE THE POSSIBILITIES? This can definitely tie in with a closed environment, and I have read a couple of books that deal with this subject, but I don’t feel like I’ve found too many, and I’d like more of them.

yes 21

21. Robots

I find robots super interesting, especially since you can make them good or evil and have some other sort of side on their own. Again, movies and shows seem to have tackled robots in their many different forms a lot, but I rarely see them pop up in books, and most of the time, they’re usually fun side-kicks. WHERE ARE MY KILLER ROBOTS AT?

yes 22

22. Zombies

I know so many people think that zombies are over-done and need to stop, but I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of zombies and the zombie apocalypse. I just love how every single one of these stories seems to be different and explores a different aspect of zombies. I mean, World War Z, The Walking Dead, and I Am Legend all deal with zombies and are completely different, but I don’t feel like there are enough zombies in YA, so I demand them.

Let's Chat

Do we share any of the same thoughts? Did I add any to your list? Any book recs for me based off of my list?

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17 Things That Make Me Want to Run Away From Your Book

File_002 (33)

We all have things that make us want to not pick up someone’s book.

You see a pretty cover, you click on it, you glance over the cover…and you find yourself cringing and pretending you never saw that book in the first place because it has that one thing you just cannot stand. Last week, I talked about the things that make me want to pick up your book, and this time, I’ll be talking about the things make me want to run far, far away from your book.


no cat

1. “An infuriatingly attractive boy.” No, no, no. I could read the most awesome premise in the whole world, and if it mentions that the main character has to team up with some boy who’s attractive or some mysterious boy or some boy that she hates (but, obviously, totally won’t), then I’m immediately out.

no 4

2. Anything to do with kings and queens and courts. I love fantasy, but, personally, this is the most boring type of fantasy to me. Anything to do with royalty has just been so overdone that I’ve gotten tired of it. And ten times out of ten, the lost princess is the main female character. Nobody is shocked.

no 5

3. Anything that takes place in the Regency era. This era has been SO overdone. I get it, there were petticoats and stiff language and sexism and Victorian London and pretty dresses and balls. Literally every PNR book that takes place in a different era ALWAYS takes place in the Regency era. I’m so tired of it.

no 6

4. Journey-type books. I immediately get bored if I find out that the entire book is some sort of a road trip or a a straight-up journey from one place to another. There are only so many times a group of people can be attacked, defeat the enemy, things go back to normal, and at the end, SOMEONE betrays them or things aren’t what they seem before I’ve read them all.

no 7

5. Books about finding yourself. Unless there’s some sort of unique concept going along with it (like Lauren Oliver’s Before I Fall), these just bore me. I just don’t feel like someone’s character development can stand on its own as a plot.

no 8

6. Pirates. I’m going to blame Treasure Island for being SO TERRIBLE that I can’t stand pirates anymore. They’re just not interesting? At all? But, I still have Black Sails on my to-watch list, so I guess I’m not getting rid of them everywhere.

no 9

7. Anything that takes place over the period of one day. Pretty much all of these books are romances or end up developing into some sort of romance, so I’m going to give a hard pass on these types of books. And I’ll just end up ranting in my head about how unrealistic it is. There have definitely been a couple of stand-outs, but usually because the author is terrific.

no 10

8. Being ship-wrecked. I’m pretty sure I’ve only read one book where the characters are ship-wrecked and I enjoyed it. The rest are just super boring to me or end up being really limiting with what can happen, especially if they’re in the contemporary genre.

no 11

9. “Laugh-out-loud” contemporary. I guess this is because I rarely ever laugh out loud when I read a book. And a humorous contemporary just sounds really boring to me. I like my contemporary novels tragic, thank you very much.

no 12

10. Survival stories. I don’t mind if I read about survival stories in a dystopian or PNR setting or something like that, but when it’s just purely trying to survive, again, really boring. There are only so many times someone can complain about the fact that they can’t find anything to eat before I’m done.

no 13

11. Any mention of pure romance. I rarely like romance as an aside in fantasy, horror, thrillers, PNR, etc., so any mention of it being an erotica or just a plain contemporary romance, I’m out of there. Unless it’s M/M. Then I’ll read it. But otherwise, no.

no 14

12. Sports. I don’t like nor care about sports in real life, so an entire book surrounding the concept of sports is a big nope. Also, this brings up awful flashbacks of straight sports romances. Ugh.

no 15.gif

13. “Seeing the other side.” I guess this could tie in with finding yourself, but I just don’t like romances where one character is on one side, and another character is on another side and realize that they’ve been conditioned to hate each other for no reason. It’s probably the most boring romance trope, in my opinion.

no 16

14. Love triangles. Nope, nope, no, never, no. I actually haven’t read too many books with love triangles in them (I thought the peak of them was back when every book was trying to be the next Twilight), but I have no interest. And nine times out of ten, by the end of the first book, I know who the main character will choose anyway, so there’s zero suspense.

no 17

15. The synopsis is way too pretentious. If I’m intrigued by a title and good reviews, but when I read the synopsis on Goodreads and I’m left confused because it uses the biggest words and the longest sentences to explain a simple premise, I’m out of there. I don’t need to sit through that for 300+ pages.

no 18.gif

16. Anything remotely marketed as “the next The Fault In Our Stars.” This was a trend in contemporary for a while, and though I love The Fault in Our Stars (it’s one of my favorite contemporaries of all time), I’m not in the mood to read its thousands of read-alikes that are basically just trying to make me cry and are overly cheesy and pretentious. Pass.

no 19

17. Any classic retelling that is super boring. If I found out that a book is supposed to be the modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice or something like that, I’m out. No need to read those types of retellings when there are thousands of less boring stories to retell.

Let's Chat

What makes you run away from a book? Do we share any of the same ones?

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17 Things That Make Me Want to Pick Up Your Book

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I definitely have my fair share of bookish weaknesses.

I think we all do, of course. We all have our preferences that make us want to pick up a book, and I thought it’d be fun to share my own! I guess you could say this was inspired by that old Top Ten Tuesday topic, but it’s not really a tie-in? So enough confusing you, let’s get into it!


i don't believe you

1. An unreliable narrator. Any mention of reading about a main character that I can’t trust makes me super excited. I just really enjoy wondering if they’re telling the truth or if they’re lying or if I can trust them. Some people are tired of this trope, but I just can’t get enough.


2. Promises of “twists and turns.” Okay, this is totally cheesy, but when a thriller or horror novel promises me that it’ll be a twisty ride, I can’t help myself! Onto the TBR it goes.


3. The story’s told using flashbacks. Some people totally hate flashbacks, but when I’m told that a book is going to be told in the present and the past, I NEED THE BOOK. I love that type of story-telling everywhere – in my books, in my shows, in my movies. So, just enjoy it in all formats.


4. It’s like “insert favorite book here” or “insert favorite author here.” Obviously, these are usually marketing ploys, but I can I resist myself when I’m told that the book is a combination of Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo? Or if it’s like The Hunger Games? No, no I can’t.

character portrait

5. It’s a character portrait. I don’t know why, but I really love it when a book observes a certain character and what happened over their life to make them the way that they are. I’ve seen this done a lot in literary fiction, and it always interests me. I don’t even know why.

excited 2

6. It takes place in a small town. Did you say that the book takes place in a small town filled with secrets? Because if you did, I AM THERE. I feel like I’ve just read so many of these types of books and fallen in love with them all, and now they’ve become my favorite thing.


7. The characters are anti-heroes. I LOVE ANTI-HEROES. Are they good? Are they bad? Are they really villains? Is it weird if I love them? Anti-heroes are just so endlessly interesting that I’ll be sold on your book if I know that there’s a gang of them.


8. It’s about missing people coming back. This has been a recent trend in thrillers, and I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it. It’s one of the few tropes that you can do so much with that it never really gets old. And I just really like the idea of having to awkwardly adjust back to your normal life after being away from your family for so long.

dark fantasy

9. It’s a dark fantasy novel. I’m already deep in love with fantasy, but if it’s a dark fantasy, COUNT ME IN. Bring in the anti-heroes and the villains and everything to do with them.


10. It has a magic system. I absolutely love magic in my books, whether it’s a fantasy novel or just some good old magical realism. I emphatically blame Harry Potter for giving me this obsession.


11. It contains an awful family with lots of secrets. For some reason, I just really love stories where some rich family is at the center of it, pretending to be perfect, and then some event upends their persona and spills all these secrets. It’s just so interesting to me. AND I’m nosy, so I always want to know what those secrets are.

game over

12. There are some sort of games going on. I don’t care how many times I read a summary that is clearly trying to cash in on The Hunger Games and its popularity, I just love the idea of people having to compete in some sort of games. It’s just so much fun and always manages to keep me on the edge of my seat!


13. The world is split into two (or more) different sections. I know this usually makes zero sense and people are tired of this type of story, but I’m always intrigued and I’ll always add it to my TBR. I don’t care how cliche it is, it’s just my favorite thing to read about.


14. There’s a curse. Who caused the curse? Why are they cursed? Are they actually even really cursed? What does the curse entail? Can they get rid of the curse, and if so, how? I don’t know, but I’m definitely going to find out!

creepy woods

15. There are creepy, creepy woods. Because I obviously need more reasons to be convinced to never go camping. But, seriously, this type of setting is one of my favorites in thriller and horror because there’s just so much mystery and uncertainty. Points if the book mainly takes place at night.

I've found my people

16. It promises to be a quirky, weird book. Because I’m weird and into really weird things, so if the book is also weird or has a weird sense of dark humor I enjoy, then that obviously means that that book is meant for me.


17. It has something to do with cults. For a while now, I’ve been really interested in cults. How they start, how they grow, how people even manage to get involved with them in the first place when the leader is CLEARLY out of his damn mind. So I really like observing characters in that type of setting, whether it’s them just living in a cult or even realizing what’s wrong with it and escaping.

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11 of My Most Secretive Blogging Confessions

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We, as bloggers, definitely have our secrets.

So, I thought I’d jump in and talk about my blogging confessions, because they’re fun posts to read, and I hope I’m not the only blogger who experiences these types of things. I NEED OTHERS TO RELATE TO ME.


scared 1

1. I’m scared of scheduling on WordPress.

You guys are probably like, “Mikaela, that is actually ridiculous,” but it’s true! I scheduled once way back in my first week of blogging, and it was a terrible idea because it posted much later than it should have. Then again, I didn’t know that you had to set up your timezone with WordPress, and mine was completely off, so that might have been why it didn’t work out, BUT STILL. It just seems like way too much work to me, I don’t like it, and I’m also that one person who still reads over and edits my posts a minute before they go live. Yeah, I know.


2. I probably wouldn’t be blogging a lot if I had little to no followers.

“BUT, MIKAELA, YOU’RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE BLOGGING FOR YOURSELF, NOT FOR OTHERS.” Quite true, BUT, I honestly probably wouldn’t be blogging that much or working as hard on my blog if barely anyone read it. I mean, I work HARD on my blog, but the reason I do is because I know there are people who will read and comment and like and share it. I probably wouldn’t be spending hours on posts and graphics if only two people read my blog. Maybe I’m the only one?

oh god no

3. I don’t like writing book reviews.

I don’t. I never really have. Which is funny, because I was on Goodreads for a full year and a half before I started my blog, but whatever. I just don’t like them because they’re hard and boring to write. And it’s funny, because I can talk about a book in ANY OTHER POST, but once it comes to a review, I don’t know what to say??? What are words???

i love you

4. I cater to my followers. 

“BUT, MIKAELA, YOU’RE ONLY SUPPOSED TO BE BLOGGING FOR YOURSELF-” Yeah, I know that, but me blogging for myself is blogging for my followers? If I think a post is going to be popular, I’ll post it. If I don’t think it’ll be popular, I’ll delay posting it. Pretty much every single time I post something that I think my followers want, I’m happy with it and I work hard on it. Other bloggers seem to think it’s terrible to do this, but I’m happy, so it doesn’t matter to me!


5. I’m jealous of those who easily have publicist and author connections.

I’m sure we all know those bloggers that are always having the most casual conversations with authors on Twitter and are best friends with publicists and all the authors follow them, and I AM JEALOUS. I am way too much of a socially anxious mess, and getting the courage to tag an author is already hard enough, nevertheless keeping a conversation with an author. I’ll just awkwardly follow and like their Tweets, thank you very much.

i wish 1

6. I wish I was better at social media. 

I failed at bookstagram because it’s too much work and am I doing good at Twitter? Who knows, because I really don’t care that much. I wish I were better at social media and could have witty things to say three times a day and easily gain thousands of followers, but that’s probably not going to happen any time soon, so I’ll learn to deal with it.

envy 1

7. I get ARC envy – like, all the time.

You got an ARC of a book that I would literally do or give anything in the world for? It’s fine, I’ll just sit here and wallow in envy and happiness for you while I wish I could get all the ARCs I wanted if I were more cool.

(I will admit, I feel less like I’m in this state after Bookcon and the combination of 2482048 e-ARCs I have to read, so yeah.)

not good

8. I suck at reviewing books.

Because I hate reviewing books, this leads my reviews to just be meh. I don’t know if people even like them or buy books based off of them, but once I finish writing them, I always think they’re average or I’m saying the same things or phrases over and over again. But, then again, we all look at the things we write through a critical lense, so that might be why?

scared 2

9. I want to self-host, but at the same time, I’m terrified of code and design.

Do I want to self-host on WordPress.org? Most definitely? But I don’t know anything about coding or design, and it sort of scares me that my design won’t look as good as it does now or my website will glitch and I don’t know why or how or I’ll fail to transfer all my blog stats and posts and I’ll lose everything I worked hard on. IT’S SO SCARY.

thinking 4

10. I think too hard about blog titles. Like, way too hard.

I’m not even kidding. I’ve mentioned this before, but I always feel like if the title is boring or not intriguing enough, no one will click on it, so I’ll just sit around and take so long re-doing my title and wondering if anyone will even click on it or what in the world will my title even be. I’m pretty sure no one cares so much about my blog titles except for me though (or maybe I’m wrong and you guys DO care?).

ugh 1

11. I get sort of annoyed at those who get ARCs because of their social media prowess.

Okay, this sounds like a terrible confession, but I will admit, when someone literally has ten followers on their blog and 3,000+ followers on their Twitter account, but still manages to get all the coveted ARCs, I’m just left sitting there as to why I’m putting hours into blogging if I can do nothing but host Twitter giveaways that require people to follow me to get a stack of books. I get bookstagramers getting ARCs because that’s actual hard work (people think it’s easy, BUT IT IS NOT) and those who have thousands of followers on all their social media accounts AND their blog, but I don’t get why publishers think large number of Twitter followers from giveaways = popular. SORRY I CAN’T LIVE UP TO YOUR UNREALISTIC SOCIAL MEDIA EXPECTATIONS, PUBLISHERS.


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And those are all of my blogging confessions!

Hopefully, I’m not the only one who shares these opinions and confessions? I’m not alone, right? RIGHT?

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