Unpopular Books I Like

So, as bookworms, we all have different opinions on books. Three people could read one book, and come out of learning different things, liking different things, and hating different things, which is what’s so cool about art. But, sometimes, there are books out there that we enjoy, but it seems like people shame us for liking said books and can sometimes act a bit “high and mighty” about it. So, I thought it’d be nice to talk about some of the books that seem to unpopular, in my opinion, that I really enjoy.

Also, I apologize for this being so late. My family overslept and decided not to go to church, and that’s, like, the only way I manage to post at 8 in the morning, so yeah. But let’s get on with the list!


Queen of Shadows


So, it seems like the entirety of the TOG fandom ended up splitting up because of this book, because some people literally can’t handle when two fictional characters don’t get together, even though when there are about 24374 hints that it ain’t happening. So, lots of fans hated this book because their ship didn’t happen or because all the characters acted differently (which, in my opinion, didn’t happen at all). This is probably one of my favorite books in the entire series (but all the books are so good, I can never choose a favorite)!

The Maze Runner Trilogy


So, I’ve seen a lot of people hate on this series and saying the books get worse and worse each book and that Thomas is bland, but I actually love this series. Okay, I haven’t read The Death Cure yet, but I though the first two books were so addicting and wonderful and action-packed, and I absolutely love the entire cast of characters. Especially Minho, because he’s my boyfriend.

(I haven’t watched the movies yet, though? I’m so weird.)

Paper Towns


Okay, so everyone seems to hate this book (or just John Green in general), but I loved this one. I see everyone say they really hate Margo, even though she is literally in the book for about max 40-50 pages (I mean, really? She’s MISSING pretty much the entire book) and they just found it boring, but I read this book in about two days when I was younger. I thought it was really hilarious and heartfelt). And, again, I failed to watch the movie, for some reason.

End of Days


Everyone on Goodreads seemed to hate this finale with a passion, but I loved it. People thought it was utterly ridiculous and didn’t make sense and made them super angry, but I actually almost cried while reading this book. I really loved the romantic moments between Penryn and Raffe and the family relationships, not to mention how tense it was. I absolutely love lore about angels and devils, and I loved learning more about Uriel.



I actually really hated Allegiant, but re-reading the series last year, I actually really enjoyed this sequel. I’m a fan of war politics in books and don’t mind ones that are slower-paced, not to mention that Tris had some really great and realistic character development, especially when she suffers from PTSD. This book was actually really clever, in my opinion, and not at all boring.

The Raven King


Okay, some people might say this isn’t unpopular, but I know I saw some really negative reviews about this book and how disappointing it was, but I devoured it. Pynch was absolutely adorable in this, the writing was as magical as always, and, to avoid spoilers, I actually really enjoyed the ending and how everything unfolded. Also, apologies, but I didn’t really care much about Noah, so everything revolving around him didn’t bother me. Maybe it’s just the fact that ambiguous endings don’t bother me too much, plus we’re getting a new trilogy in the world anyway.

City of Bones


And, again, some people might say this isn’t unpopular, but most Goodreads users seem to snark on this book a lot for being similar to Harry Potter (even though, honestly, to do that, most people are reaching like crazy), and I actually avoided it for that reason. In the end, I caved it and read it for myself, and I’m glad I did, because now I’m a Cassandra Clare fangirl.

Mrs. Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children


Some also might say this isn’t unpopular, but I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews when I was around Goodreads about this book, and I found it really enjoyable. I definitely didn’t enjoy the rest of this series, but this one was really quirky and funny, and I loved it.

Red Queen


Yep, I love Red Queen. Everyone seems to hate this one for being unoriginal – which isn’t a crime in my book; nothing can truly be free of cliches – and saying that it was made to become a movie just because it got a movie deal even before it came out, which is apparently an evil motive, even though books like The Hate U Give and Moxie have had movie deals months before their releases. I found this one to just be a really fun read, and, yeah, it may be predictable, but I didn’t think it was too bad, and I really liked Mare.

The Cursed Child


And I enjoyed this one, too. I’ll wait before someone says I’m not a true Harry Potter fan. But, really, I loved getting back into this world and I smiled and laughed and teared up reading this, and all the Albus and Scorpius (who I shipped years before this book released). Pretty much everyone hates it and says how disappointing it is, but I don’t agree. Guess I’m not a real Harry Potter fan anymore!

All the Missing Girls


I saw a lot of my favorite crime book reviewers saying they found this book boring and that the format wasn’t good, but I thought this book was pretty amazing. I thought the way this book was told – which was backwards – was what made it really addicting, and I found it really easy to piece all the clues together and keep track of everything. It made the book tense, and though the chapters were long as all hell, I still found myself glued to the pages.

All is Not Forgotten


Again, another book that had a lot of negative reviews for this book once it come out, and I was going to not read this, but I’m glad I did. It’s more of a contemporary thriller about a small town and its secrets told from the view of a twisted therapist, and it was brilliant. I read this in one whole day, and I loved Dr. Forrester’s POV. Some said he was too clinical, but he’s a therapist. That was sort of the point. I just really enjoyed this one, and now I feel like I’m in a party of one.

Order of the Phoenix


Not really an unpopular book, but I’ve seen so many people say this is their least favorite book in the series, which shocks me. This is definitely one of my favorites, and it seems that some people hate it because Harry is depressing and the beginning was boring, but again, I’m a fan of slower-paced books, and I thought Harry’s behavior was justified, since, you know, literally saw someone die, saw someone get his hand cut off, and watched Voldemort come back to life, and no one believed him, but, I guess we all have our opinions.

The Widow


I don’t know if I can really classify this as unpopular, but I saw really average reviews for this one, and I really loved it. It’s a thriller, and I could tell from some of the reviews that people expected some sort of amazing twist, but it’s just a linear storyline where everything you think it is, it is, which is sort of interesting, since it feels like so many people expect thrillers to have a giant twist these days to be considered good. It was such an interesting way of telling the story, and a great way to showcase domestic abuse.


And that’s it for all the unpopular books that I like! I hope you enjoyed it and it made some of you guys feel less ashamed to like books that everyone seems to constantly belittle!


What are some unpopular reads that you like? Do we share any of the same ones?

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All-Time Favorite Stand-Alones


Hello, all! It’s Superbowl Sunday, as known to me as, “Wait, that’s today?” Sunday, because I couldn’t care less about football (I know, I’m betraying my fellow Americans).

So, continuing on with the trend of talking about some of my favorite bookish things, I thought I’d talk about my favorite stand-alones (I realized I had a hell of a lot more favorites than I thought I’d have on this list, and not all of them are mentioned)!

Note that I don’t mention all of my favorite stand-alones, so books such as Gone Girl, Night Film, The Ice Twins, etc. didn’t make it onto the list because it was already so long, and I feel like I’ve talked about them to death, but I’m sure you guys know about the ones not listed on here, so it’s not too bad. If you want to see more of my favorites, feel free to check this super old post out here!


Simon vs the Homo-Sapiens Agenda


Um, of course I’m going to have this adorable book on this list. I actually read this book in one day (probably because I really needed to know who Blue was), and it’s so wonderfully fluffy and cute and funny. Also, it mentioned Drarry, so ten points to Gryffindor!


Looking for Alaska


I don’t care what anyone else says, I’m a huge fan of John Green, and this book is still my favorites of his. Besides having a total girl crush on Alaska, I also love how this book dealt with a theme I didn’t think would be explored. Not to mention the quirky cast of characters, and the fact that this is probably one of Green’s best-written novel to date.




Of course, here’s the Obligatory V.E. Schwab mention! This is probably my favorite book of hers, and probably one of my favorite books dealing with anti-heroes and superpowers. And I’m definitely Team Victor.


Every Day


This was my first book by Levithan, and it definitely wasn’t the last. This was such a beautiful, complex love story, and, yes, I want a proper sequel.


Before I Fall


Even though Lauren Oliver is a hit or miss author for me, her debut novel is still one of my favorite books ever. The writing is stunning and the character development and original concept is what makes this book so great. And I teared up reading this book so many times.


The Troop


This wonderfully disgusting book is still one of my favorites, and you can see its discussion here! I fell in love with horror last year, and this is probably still my favorite one out there (I haven’t read a Stephen King book yet; I’m sorry!). It’s gross and it’s violent, but it also gave me so many feels because I loved these boys (most of them, at least). And the ending was spot-on as well.


Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock


THIS BOOK IS AN UNDERRATED MASTERPIECE. I highly recommend going into this blind (I was unfortunately spoiled before I read this, of course), and just letting it take you on the journey because it’s so raw and real and so very sad. It’s definitely a dark book, and, warning: it doesn’t have a happy ending, but it’s so brilliant.


Eleanor & Park


I actually read this book around the time it came out, and I absolutely loved it. It was such a beautiful look at first love between two awkward protagonists just trying to make I through another day. And that ending is still one of my favorites to this day.


The Fault in Our Stars


What’s a “Favorites” list without this one on it? Of course I loved TFiOS. And to those saying Augustus was too pretentious and unreal, that’s the point. /rant over/


Big Little Lies


Look at me; I finally read a popular book that came out years ago! I’m not too excited for the HBO show since it seems to have missed the entire point of the book, but I love how funny, but serious it is, especially since it deals with sexual abuse and domestic violence. Also, it’s highly addicting. I felt like I was a PTA mom myself reading this.


All Is Not Forgotten


So many people don’t like this book, but I loved it. I read it in a day last year, and its such a powerful book that deals with the rape of a fifteen-year-old girl. Some of my favorite quotes came from this book, and I love how effed-up the entire novel was since we get it only from the perspective of Dr. Erskine.




YA mysteries and thrillers sometimes tend to miss the mark, in my opinion, but this one really impressed me! It’s loosely based off of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None (which I haven’t read) and managed to not only be tense, but really surprise me with its murderer, had a great, smart heroine, and a romance that I actually shipped and wasn’t cheesy!


I’m Thinking of Ending Things


More of my thoughts on this weird book here!


Aristotle & Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe


This was actually the first book I ever read in one whole day, and I’m glad it has that standing. It’s such a touching novel about the friendship (and eventual romance) between two boys and it’s so sad but beautiful and cute and just asdfghjkl!


More Happy Than Not


I’m sure you’re tired of hearing how awesome Adam Silvera is, but he’s freaking awesome, and his debut novel is fantastic. I just love how it talks about depression and the mash-up of a sci-fi and contemporary was so cool.


Two Boys Kissing


And another contemporary penned by David Levithan! I actually consider this my favorite of his at the moment, and there are just so many fantastic quotes in it and it’s so poignant and all the feels!


The Night Circus


Ah, yes, my first ever adult book! I actually bought this when I was twelve but read two pages of it and wrote it off as bad, but picked up again last year because my taste has changed since then, and fell in love. I know some people feel it’s too slow and boring and doesn’t live up to its premise, but to me, it was gorgeous.


Draw the Line


Again, we have another cute, fluffy book with a gay protagonist that made my heart sing. I swear to God, I was smiling like a dork through the entire book. It also deals with the homophobia that gay people face in the South sometimes and how gross it is that people aren’t held accountable for it. It’s such a beautiful, underrated book. Plus, the main couple is ADORABLE.


How to Repair a Mechanical Heart, Dark Matter, & The Song of Achilles


All three of these books made it to my Best of 2016 list, and I’ll just leave it here if you want to check out more of my thoughts on these beauties!




This is probably one of my favorite middle grade novels ever. I’m not really a huge fan of middle grade nowadays, but back when I read this, I was probably twelve or thirteen, and I devoured it in a day. It’s so heart-breaking to see how Auggie is treated, but I loved how his sister loved him and how he had fantastic friends that loved him. So good.


And that’s (mostly) it for my favorite stand-alones of all time! Who knew that I was obsessed with so many stand-alones of all different genres and age ranges?


What are some of your favorite stand-alones? Do we share any of the same ones?