16 Thoughts Every Book Blogger Has Had At Least Once

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So, as book bloggers, we’re definitely a bit different than other bloggers.

You know, unlike mommy blogs, fashion blogs, food blogs, etc., we’re definitely a bit more niche than other blogs, and, frankly, those other types of blogs are ten times more popular than our blogs will ever be.

So, I’m sure we all sometimes feel alone in our thoughts, but I’m here to tell you that you are not alone my friends! As a fellow book blogger, I know there are a lot of thoughts running throughout my head on the daily, and I’ve always wondered, “Am I alone in these thoughts?” But, alas, you are not! And I’m here to list a lot of the thoughts that I have as a book blogger. Hopefully, we’ll find some common ground.


“I thought up this great idea, but I don’t know what to write about it.”

thinking 2

The amount of times I’ve been like, “Ooh, such a fantastic idea for a blog post,” but once I get to my computer and actually attempt to write it and can barely come up with 200-300 words is astounding. Brain farts are always the worst.

“This book review sucks.”


Basically me looking at any of my reviews once I finish writing them. Though I will say, there are those rare times where I’m actually PROUD of one of my reviews. I know, what a miracle!

“Why is this blogger so much better than me in every way?”


Basically me looking at my favorite bloggers and fawning over everything they do and wishing I could be in their shoes and feel their success for, like, one day. Just one day.

“How do I even social media?”

thinking batman

That moment when you’re pushed to join a new form of social media, and you don’t know what in the world is going on, where everything is, how this will help promote your blog, how to change your profile picture from the default, or what what to say. Yes, even I as a millenial (or Generation Z???) can suck at social media. I am social media-challenged.

“Why am I working so hard on this blog and not getting paid for it?”


If I were paid monthly for blogging, I’d be able to buy all the books on my giant wishlist. But, seriously. I work so hard on this blog, and I love it, and I’ll surely continue to do it for free, but why can’t it be like Youtube where you get paid, even if you’re a smaller channel? Especially as a teenager with social anxiety who detests the fact that all jobs for me involve talking to people in high-pressure situations. WHY?

“I wish I had thought of that idea first.”

i wish

Do you ever just scroll through your Reader, spot a post, read it, love it, and then suffer from a sort of hate/love towards the blogger because they always think of amazing ideas, and you wish you had their brain? I certainly do.

“What if I make someone angry writing this?”


Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m a person that likes to please people, or the fact that I post in the mornings and don’t check till night, but I’m always terrified that someone will get offended by something in one of my posts, and then blast me on Twitter, or I’ll get a horde of mean comments. This is probably a horribly unjustified claim (okay, it’s really not; people are VICIOUS), but I have these fears, okay?

“I wish my blog could be as gorgeous as theirs.”

heart eyes

I’m a total sucker for a pretty blog, and even though I’m much happier with my blog and how it looks than I was when I started out, I am still constantly jealous of blogs that are just absolutely stunning and the blogger seems to be an expert on web design. Give me your skills, please.

“Why is this person more popular than I am even though we’ve been blogging for the same amount of time?”

why 2

But have you ever stumbled across a blog that is super popular and has a lot of followers and likes and comments, and you realize you’ve been blogging for the same amount of time, and they’re ten times more popular than you. But why? Their content isn’t even that good.

(Okay, yeah, it is; I’M JEALOUS.)

“Is my blog even good enough?”


I’m sure we’ve all had a tiny blogger crisis when a post doesn’t do as well as we thought it would or we’re not gaining too many followers or your social media accounts are losing followers or it doesn’t seem like you’re moving forward, but everyone else is. We’ve all been there.

“How long does this whole ‘success’ thing take?”


I’m a very impatient person, so even though I see these highly esteemed bloggers with a large following on all their social media accounts and have a lot of followers and a lot of comments and have an amazingly creative brain, I’m over here like, “Okay, but when is it MY time to shine?” Like, I’m well aware that I need to put hard work into it, but I just want everything to happen to me RIGHT NOW.



But, like, I would. Seriously. I would do it.

“Why did this blogger get an ARC of this book already and my request is still pending?”

why 3

But, seriously, when I see an influx of reviews of a book that I requested on Netgalley a month ago in my Reader, I get so incredibly jealous. Isn’t my blog good enough to get that ARC? Don’t you understand that I want this book with all my heart, soul, and mind? That blogger didn’t even finish it! WHY?


just do it

And this always happens with the books that I want THE MOST. When it’s an e-ARC that I just requested on a whim, I get accepted within the week, but when it’s something that I’m dying for, it seems like my request just gets ignored. Okay, then.

“How are people doing ALL THE THINGS and reading 35 books a month while I can only manage 5?”

tell me how

But, like, how? Please tell me your secrets.

“Damn it, I love blogging.”

happy sloth

Even though all these thoughts are running through my head, even with all my fears, even how much hard work I put into this blog for basically no reward, I can always say that I love blogging, and I don’t regret my decision.


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And those are all the thoughts that I have had on the daily when I blog.

I hope I’m not weird for having these thoughts so often. Please tell me I’m not alone.

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