My Least Favorite Series


And with spring comes…me complaining about my least favorite series. Last month, I talked about a lot of my favorites and such because it was the month of love. But I thought it’d be great to introduce a bit more about me by talking about my least favorite series!

NOTE: Most of these series are super popular and well-loved, so if you’re not into that, you don’t have to read the post! No need to troll me because we all have different opinions.


The Selection Trilogy


Oh boy. I knew I should’ve stayed away from this one because of all the bad reviews, but the covers are stunning, plus, who knew, it might be one of those fluffy series that I liked even though I knew it was terrible (you know what I’m talking about). Yeah, it was just terrible. America is one of the most annoying characters ever (this is coming from someone who doesn’t really care too much about characters who are supposed to be annoying) and it really annoys me that this is attempting to be a dystopian, when it’s not. It’s one of those dystopians where the author thinks that if she throws in some sparse details about the world it counts, but it really doesn’t. Not to mention the romance is really boring and really cliche.

The Winner’s Trilogy


I have a lot of series that are uber popular on this list, but this one is probably the most popular. I was really excited to read this series because it sounded right up my alley – a fantasy book centered around politics and a smart female MC with a forbidden romance. And, for some reason, it just didn’t work out for me. I love the politics and I love Kestrel to death, but the romance bored me to tears. When you don’t ship the couple, and you don’t like the main male lead, it quickly becomes annoying. I even tried to read this twice because I felt like I missed something, but it didn’t work out.

The Darkest Minds Trilogy


Again, another popular series. I found these books to just be okay, nothing really spectacular. I think I owe it to the fact that these books are so incredibly slow at times and tend to drag in some places. By the time the third book came around, I ended up DNF’ing it and not looking back.

The Shatter Me Trilogy

shatter me trilogy.jpg

I don’t really know the general consensus of how popular this is, but I didn’t like it. This is just one of those series that just got worse and worse with each book, and the only truly redeeming factor was Warner (who is one of my favorite book boyfriends ever). Ignite Me was just a travesty since it was 2/3 romance, 1/3 actual plot, which felt like it was shoved in merely as an afterthought, with one of the most disappointing “big battles” ever.

The Under the Never Sky Trilogy


Okay, so I can’t really say this is my least favorite series since I only read the first book, but, wow, was it a book. I literally rage-quit reading it because the insta-love was just SO BAD. It took about a week and a half for them to go from hate to love because Aria gets her period and starts to smell good according to Peregrine. No joke. It was also a really boring journey story, which, again, not a huge fan of.

The 5th Wave Trilogy


This is one of the saddest series to see on my list, mainly because I loved the first book. Loved. Then the second book came along and was meh, but I still stuck with it. Then the finale came, and it all went to hell. It was all over the place, the ending left readers with way too many questions, and the romance was completely useless. I was just left disappointed, and the series just isn’t my favorite anymore.

Mrs. Peregrine’s Trilogy


Again, this was a series I sort of made it halfway through, to be honest. Again, I fell in love with the first book and how quirky it was, but I was bored to death while reading the sequel, and ended up just giving up on the series all together because I had zero interest in the finale.

The Testing Trilogy


This is probably the least known series on this list, but the first book was brilliant. It turned what could have easily been a cliche dystopian novel into something a little bit new. The sequel ended up basically following the formula of the first one, and the third was just plain boring, and the deaths in it were seriously unnecessary. I was just really upset with this one since it had so much potential.

The Wrath and the Dawn Duology


And we have another popular one! I actually finally read this series last year over the summer, but I found myself feeling meh about the whole thing. The writing was beautiful, yes, and I loved how witty the MC was, but I just couldn’t find myself falling in love with this series. It isn’t bad by any means, but I just ended up giving both books around 3 stars.

The Mara Dyer Trilogy


Again, another rage-inducing series. I knew from the Goodreads reviews I should have avoided this one, but I decided to read it anyway. Noah, the love interest, was probably the most annoying love interest ever. The concept was under-used, and the third book was just a hot mess of a finale that had a conclusion from out of the blue, not to mention probably the worst sex scene ever. This series just left me annoyed.


And that’s it for all my least favorite series! We’re all done with the negativity and the complaining (for now).

Also, tomorrow, I’m going to be trying out a brand new time! Much like on Sundays, I’ll post early in the morning! It’s so stressful having to post and then promote before I start my track practice, so I’m just going to adjust the time instead. Hopefully, it’ll work out, and you guys won’t be completely lost!


What are some of your least favorite series (I promise I won’t bite if they’re my favorite)? Do we share any (please say we do; I’m all alone)?

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35 thoughts on “My Least Favorite Series

  1. Great post! I’m reading the second book in the Mara dyer trilogy at the minute, I really enjoyed the first book and I think the plot is really interesting. Not to mention the second book is creepy af! But I am getting a bit sick of the romance between Noah and Mara, but I feel like they’d be better as friends at the minute!

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    • The plot is seriously interesting! I feel like it’s one of those book series that just had so much unmet potential (which I think is where most of my least favorites stem from – they could be SO MUCH BETTER, but they’re not). LOL, the romance between Noah and Mara is my least favorite thing ever. One good thing I could say about the last book was that he wasn’t in it for 2/3 of the book. 😂


  2. Wow, I know a lot of these books! The Selection series is actually one of my favorite series (though down the list) but I DID NOT enjoy The Heir and The Crown. Ooh, The Darkest Minds was somewhere at the bottom of my TBR lol. So was The Testing.

    Great post! While I don’t necessarily agree with everything, it was interesting to see the other point of view. 😛

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    • Oh, yeah, I’ve heard fans of The Selection series didn’t like the extra books that came with it, so you’re not alone in that regard. 😄 I mean, you’ll probably like The Darkest Minds, since I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t??? The Testing just ended up being meh even though I really liked the first book, which sucked.

      And thank you! Yes, that’s always the interesting thing about opinions, isn’t it? 😄

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      • Yup! I just didn’t like Eadlyn, or who she ended up with. 😛 And is The Darkest Minds in third person? Because I feel like a lot of what I’m reading now is judged on what person it is. XD (Third person lover right here.) I’ve heard good things about it, and bad things about it. I mean, the whole “testing” thing is like the usual dystopian, ya know?
        It is! It’s really quite interesting to see other views, and very refreshing as well!

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      • Uh, I don’t know? 😂

        (Update: I downloaded a sample on iBooks to check. Unfortunately, it’s first person.) 😝

        Hm, if you don’t mind slower-paced books, you’ll probably like it! I think that’s my main problem with it, and it’s also quite dense.

        It definitely is! I thought the first book had an original spin on it, though, but the sequels were just the first book repeated, so that sucked. 😂

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      • (Oh. I thought so. XD Which person do you prefer?)
        Yeah, I’m fine with slower-paced books! I mean, the Raven Cycle was a little slow, and I really liked it!
        And hmm, the sequels repeated the first book? That’s a strange concept. XD

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      • I don’t think I have a preference! 😂 I do like books where we get to see lots of POVs, and that’s usually third person, so let’s go with that!

        Then, maybe you’ll like it! I actually liked TRC. It always depends with me on slower-paced books lol.

        I mean it pretty much used the same tactics/plot twists that the first book did. Sort of like if The Dream Thieves basically had the same sort of things happen as they did in The Raven Boys. I don’t think that makes sense. 😂

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      • Well, I used to love first person and hate third person, then I read HP and then I liked both equally. Then I read more books in third person and liked it better than first. And then I hated first and loved third, and NOW, because I’ve just finished a good book in first, I like third person better than first, still, but I don’t hate first person. 😛
        (That was long. XD )
        TRC was really awesome! ❤
        And yeah, it's just really weird for an author to repeat stuff that already happened, since it's not very good writing. Okay, that didn't make sense. XD

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  3. I liked some of these series when I read them, but my tastes have changed, so I don’t think I would like most of them now. There actually aren’t that many series that I really don’t like, because I will just stop reading after the first book.
    Some series (or first books) I didn’t like were ‘The White Rabbit Chronicles’, ‘Outlander’, ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’ and ‘The Maze Runner Trilogy’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So far, I haven’t experienced that! I wonder if I’ll ever re-read some of my favorites while in college or as an adult, and think meh. 😂

      Funnily enough, I read most of these when I was getting back into the groove of reading, and I had missed a lot. I used to be good at binging, but now, not so much. 😅

      I heard bad things about White Rabbit! Outlander I don’t think I’ll ever read because it’s historical fiction (but I’ll keep watching the show!). The Maze Runner I actually liked, and I feel like no one liked it. 😂

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  4. Oh this is an interesting list, Mikaela! 🙂 I can’t say I agree with everything (TWATD and The Mara Dyer series being part of my favorites, and liking some others just as well on here), but I understand where you come from.
    I only read the first book in The Winner’s Curse series and, unlike many people, I did not fall in love with it at first read, and I don’t know if I want to continue reading it or not. I also read the first two books in The 5th Wave, and I felt exactly like you – so I think this means I will feel the same way about the ending and should stay away from it? Hahaha.

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    • Lol, I had to look at the list to figure out what TWATD stood for, and then I was like, “Oh, The Wrath and the Dawn!” 😂 Ooh, yes, most of my GR friends loved Mara Dyer, and I was sort of meh on reading it, but went ahead and did it because the books are addicting! The Wrath and the Dawn is objectively good, but I just personally didn’t like it (you know those types of series where you know it’s good, but it’s just not your thing?).

      Hm, I didn’t like Crime and thought it was worse than Curse, but maybe you’ll like it better? And, yeah, I’d advise you to stay away from The Last Star; the ending was really unsatisfying. 😂

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  5. I haven’t read too many of the series on your list Mikaela, but I’ll admit some of them you have on this list are actually favourites of mine, or if not favourites then books I really ended up enjoying.
    I think Miss Peregrine’s, Shatter Me and The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer started slow, and it did take me until the second book in each trilogy to actually enjoy the series more and see where all the positive reviews were coming from.
    I don’t have any plans to start The Selection series, it was on my to-read list but I removed it again because looking back I just have no desire to actually pick those books up. Guess I’m not missing much from the sounds of your comment on it.
    Still great topic, and it was interesting to see some of these series on your list considering how popular they are as well.

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    • Funnily enough, via Goodreads, I was like, “I’m never going to read these.” They had terrible reviews on Goodreads (especially Shatter Me, which has so many one-star ratings on the first page). As you can see, I’m weak, and I caved and read them anyway. 😂 For Miss Peregrine’s, the first one was my favorite, but with the other two, I thought the sequels were pretty good! But not good enough to redeem the series, unfortunately. 😬

      Mm, yeah, they’re basically fluff! I mean, I think they’re great if you want to get ahead on your Goodreads goal since they’re all about 300+ pages and the chapters go by quick. But they’re just really shallow.

      Thank you! ❤

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      • Well even though you didn’t end up enjoying them it’s still great you gave them a chance. I’ve read some negatively rated books I haven’t enjoyed but I’m still glad I read them and formed my own opinions you know?
        I’ll remember them in that case if I need to get ahead of my Goodreads goal but it’s unlikely I’ll pick them up at all.
        That’s all right! 🙂 ❤

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  6. Hey! I totally agree with your discussion about the Selection Trilogy. My best friends are obsessed with this series, and read all the companion books and watch the videos. I told them that I thought the series was meh and they looked like they wanted to murder me. I just thought it was so cliche. There was nothing special about it, I wasn’t rooting for any of the love interests, and America was also so whiny. Also, I hated the names. They were very not subtle. (I take names of characters very seriously.) This is a great post!

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    • Hi! LOL, if you look on Goodreads, you’ll find that you have a community of people to embrace your opinion! 😂 And if was terribly cliche ugh. I couldn’t get through The One because it was SO CHEESY. America was way too whiny lol. And haha, I still can’t believe her name is America Singer like why? 😂 Thank you! ❤

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  7. Wow, I read a lot of the series beginners on your list and agree in that a lot of them weren’t good enough to make me want to continue… apart from Miss Peregrines, which I loved and do want to continue. I am just really done with sequels that don’t live up to their first book!

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    • Yes, I agree! Second Book Blues is all too common! I think most of the reason why I finished the entire series was because I had bought the whole thing, so why not? Especially with some of the cliffhangers! 😂

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  8. I haven’t read most of these because I was afraid of the over-hype potential. I was NOT a fan of The Selection series, though I got through the first three books surprisingly quickly (I was sick and wanted something simple to listen to on Audible, lol). I felt like there were aspects of the world that I MIGHT have found interesting, especially with the idea of disrupting the norm and doing meaningful things. But then … nothing really happened. And it just focused so much on the romance. THERE WAS PLOT POTENTIAL PEOPLE. And then there wasn’t.

    I was so-so on The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer; I thought it was an interesting enough concept, but really struggled with some of the execution. I just didn’t like Mara, mostly, and, if I remember correctly, too many of the events were too random. Never read more from the series.

    So, so far, it sounds like we’re pretty similar on this one! I may just decide not to bother with the others on here then 🙂

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    • Lol, I mentioned this below, but most of these had terrible reviews on Goodreads, so I never got that over-hyped feeling! I just ended up caving because I’m weak when I’m interested. 😂

      Same, I bought the box set off of Amazon, read the first two in three days, attempted to read the third, and DNF-ed. I ended up getting a refund and buying the Shatter Me trilogy (which, as you can see, was a waste of time). And, yes, I think that’s what frustrated me the most! I mentioned it in my February discussion, but this Goodreads review talked about a better version of the books, and it was so incredible because it sounded so good! But the books are basically a love triangle, unfortunately.

      And, yeah, same on that as well! SO MUCH POTENTIAL with super powers and creepy things, but it literally turned into a sci-fi book out of nowhere?? For some reason, YA books with super powers disappoint me. So many of the events were random, especially in Book 3, which was basically WTF.

      You really shouldn’t, but, then again, I’m biased. 😂


  9. Oh my god! Finally someone who didn’t like the Shatter Me trilogy – yes, its a very popular series. I just don’t see the attraction to a shitty love triangle, weak action scenes and creepy love interests. 😤

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    • I loved Warner…and that was it, that was all I really liked. 😂 I saw it might be becoming a show, and I’m curious because it doesn’t really have that much material to last that long, but who knows?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I don’t know??? Personally, I feel like the first book could easily be compiled into a couple of episodes since it’s just escaping and arriving at that underground bunker thing. I mean, maybe they could turn it into a superhero show, since they have powers??? I feel like it’ll be another The Vampire Diaries where it’s basically just a love triangle, and it’ll be even more boring because we already know who wins. 😂 It’s going to be on the CW, and I’ve only liked Supernatural from that channel, so I don’t have too much faith. 😅

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  10. I haven’t read any of these. I did want to read Miss Peregrine before the movie but something put me off the book. The mara series has interesting covers, sorry to hear that the series didn’t quite work out for you.

    My favourite series is DCI Forster starting with The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza. I also liked Joe Goldberg series by Caroline Kepnes. Its about a ‘likeable’ serial killer so it reminds me of Dexter Morgan from the TV show, Dexter.

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  11. I gave up on Mara Dyer too. I’ve also avoided The Selection and Shatter Me because of some hilarious negative reviews I found on Goodreads 😛

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    • Oh my God, you should continue to avoid them. 😂 I saw them as well, but I went ahead and read them because I can’t resist trying things out for myself lol. Goodreads can go both ways sometimes; there are some popular books that I just hate. 😝

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    • Yes, it’s so disappointing that The Last Star was terrible when the first book was SO GOOD! 😩 And, yeah, Shatter Me and Unbecoming of Mara Dyer were so overrated and disappointing. 😂

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