17 Oddly Specific Types Of Books That Make Me Go “Yes! I’d Like More Of That Please!”

I have a very specific taste when it comes to the books I’m attracted to.

Other bookworms might say, “Oh, I really like books that contain music!” or “I love it when authors write about robots!” I say, “One of my favorite types of books are the ones where a plague or disease has overrun the world, and the protagonist is the cure, and, oh no, what should they do now??”

(I swear, I’m normal.)

Today, I’m going to be talking about specific types of books that I’m seriously addicted to, and I hope I’ll see more of in the future. I’M DESPERATE HERE, PEOPLE.

1.) cons conning their way into the families of missing kids.

On this blog, I often complain about the surprising lack of books where a down-on-their-luck character cons their way into a nice, unsuspecting family, and, whoops, who could’ve guessed that everything would go oh-so-horribly wrong (I did)?

There are only about four or five out in the world, and I’ve only liked two (!!!), so this must immediately be fixed, specifically by Gillian Flynn and Marisha Pessl (AHEM.)

2.) extremely stabby and sassy assassins.

To my horror, I realized that I have not talked much about my love for assassins on this blog, and I have decided to fix that. I absolutely love assassins and murder and mayhem and sass.

There. It’s out in the air now.

(Bonus points if an assassin academy exists!!!)

3.) contemporary novels dealing with current events.

If you know me, you know I tend to hate strongly dislike contemporary novels. BUT (!!!) my exception to contemporary comes when it deals with current events. An #ownvoices novel dealing with the Black Lives Matter movement or police brutality? GIMME. A debut novel talking about feminism? Sold. A book that talks about the balance of being religious and a part of the LGBTQ+ community? Hell yeah!

4.) fantasy books dabbling with war and politics.

Definitely not something I’ve been quiet about on this blog, but books like Red Rising, The Cruel Prince, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Half A King, anything written by Sarah J. Maas…I could go on and on. I love being challenged in that way, and there’s something about the bleariness of war that really pulls me in.

5.) monsters and humans cohabiting in the same universe.

Literally the only books dealing with this concept are This Savage Song and the Shadowhunter Chronicles, and I don’t know why? There’s an endless amount of concepts and ideas that can be explored in that type of universe.

Also, I just really like monsters. WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE.

6.) revised historical fiction.

My strong dislike of historical fiction is 99.99% driven by the horrors I’ve dealt with when it comes to reading classics for school, but when it comes to historical fiction via time travel or if it explores an alternate timeline or if there’s an abnormal aspect thrown in, I’m totally in love.

7.) a whodunnit mystery among a lying ensemble cast with secrets.

This is only my second favorite type of thriller to ever exist. I AM VERY PARTICULAR ABOUT THESE TYPES OF THINGS. But I love it when murder strikes among a group of people with secrets up their sleeves, and we’re left to figure out whodunnit.

 (Bonus points if it takes place in a closed environment or all the characters get a point-of-view!!!)

8.) group of strangers stuck on a ship with the horrors of space.

My obsession with this stems mostly from an array of movies where a group of astronauts is stuck in space and their dumb asses decide to explore the shiny thing on the surface of the unexplored planet and oops, they’re all dead now. (It’s a niche. ) I want more of these types of books immediately.

9.) competitions, contests, and conspiracies.

It seems like everyone is completely exhausted with these types of stories. WELL, I’M NOT.

I will read every book out there that mentions the word “competition”  in the synopsis and absolutely no one out there can stop me.

10.) fae that will eff with your life without remorse.

I am not quiet about my encompassing love for all things fae-related. I am also not quiet about the lack of faerie books that exist out in the wild.


11.) all the ya horror.

Two years ago, I did a special reading challenge in October where I read only horrors and thrillers, and when searching for books to add to my reading list, I realized that there is a surprising lack of horror novels that exist. And that is SO DISAPPOINTING.

 I understand that there doesn’t seem to be a market for it out there, but it feels like no one even tries? The television industry has the exact same problem. I want all the horror shows…and they’re are only about four or five true horror shows out there. #GiveMeHorrorOrGiveMeDeath

12.) villains and anti-heroes have powers.

In general, I love me some books dealing with superpowers. But the idea and unpredictability of the bad guys having the powers instead of the good guys? I AM ABSOLUTELY SOLD.

 (Bonus points if the author delves into frequent discussions of morality!!!)

13.) missing kids come back.

And I mean the ACTUAL missing kids, not the con artists this time around. There’s something about the psychological influence that affects not only the missing person, but the family, and the secrets behind what actually happened to them during those awful years that really gets to me.

(I am a terrible person.)

14.) weird, surreal urban fantasy with gorgeous writing.

A la Maggie Stiefvater, Laini Taylor, and V.E. Schwab. It’s honestly so hard to put into words, but these three authors capture that feeling so freaking well. It’s no shocker that I wish they’d all team up and write a book together (if they’re reading this, pls do it.)

15.) main characters making the awful decision to visit their small, messed-up towns.


I blame Gillian Flynn for bringing this trope into my life. This is easily my number one favorite thriller scenario, and if all the thrillers of ever went with this premise, I would die happily.

16.) weird, creepy, or magical carnivals and circuses.

I’m looking at you, The Night Circus (and Erin Morgenstern. Pls come back to writing.)!

Despite how uninteresting carnivals, fairs, and circuses are for me in real life, I really dig this concept in fantasy books. Probably because there’s no magic involved in real life.

17.) thrillers jumping between the past and the present.

I don’t care how many people unfairly hate on this plot device – it is my absolute favorite thing.

Why be satisfied saying, “What the heck is going on?” once…when you can say it TWICE after every single chapter? It’s genius, really.

what are some types of books that you want to see more of? any specific buzzwords or premises that really get you going? do you agree with any on my list? do you have any good recommendations for me (hopefully you do)?


22 thoughts on “17 Oddly Specific Types Of Books That Make Me Go “Yes! I’d Like More Of That Please!”

  1. I just had a few thoughts while reading your oddly specific things and, here they are.
    Don’t know if you already know them or have read them but then you can look into them yourself, haha.

    2. Not a book; don’t know if it’s maybe based on a book, but the new movie Red Sparrow came to mind.
    3. You’ve probably read a ton of these or wrote them off but still: Dear Martin, THUG, Autoboyography, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda.
    6. The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August by Claire North; Paris Adrift by E.J. Swift
    10. The Cruel Prince like, SERIOUSLY.
    12. Renegades, but that’s like so obvious..
    13. Not about what happened when she was gone, but like.. It’s worth checking out: Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker.

    And I’ll just end by saying I NEED MORE PIRATE BOOKS IN MY LIFE.


  2. I’m totally with you on the need for more YA horror. There are so few and even less of the creepy spooky kind I love. If you haven’t already read them I would recommend the Frozen Charlotte books and C.J. Skuse’s Monster. They’re the best ones I’ve come across recently.

    What I’d really love though is more zombie type stories. I love all of the ethical type questions and issues they raise.

    I do also like an anti-hero/villian type story. Characters with dubious morals are always more fascinating to me but the author has to do it properly and not make them secretly good or have a miraculous transformation. Give me a complicated or conflicted character or someone completely evil and I’m happy.


  3. Wait, are you me or am I you? Hahaha

    Your first type of book reminds me of a documentary I watched a while back. It was a creepy one but I forgot the name.

    I’m so partial to fantasy books with politics and lots of darkness. I love seeing the touch of human in a villain. That said, with thrillers and crime I mostly read adult. I’ve tried a few YA but it didn’t appeal to my taste. I’m also a freak for horror movies!

    Contemporary novels are rarely on my list unless they tackles social issues, like you said. I also prefer ones that discuss these issues in whole rather than making it a passing plot line.

    I enjoyed this post a lot & would have loved to see some of your recommendations!


  4. NUMBER 14.
    oh my gosh just give me number 14 and I will be a good person and contribute to society.
    & I don’t think i’ve ever read a ya horror book??? one completely intended for that genre?? WE DEMAND MORE ❤ ❤


  5. These were oddly specific, but I LOVE it so much haha. It’s so weird, but I also have a thing for stories where a person is missing – missing then coming back and everything else stars unravelling from there? There is something so strange, yet very compelling in these kind of stories??! You are not a terrible person, or I might be, too 😂 And even if I am not too fond of thrillers, I do LOVE stories jumping between the past and present where you have to figure out whatever the heck is happening. I LOVE IT.
    Great post!! 🙂 x


  6. Yep, they really were specific :p
    I particularly like stabby and sassy assassins, I’m pretty sure they are my favourite sort of assassins xD
    (there are so many S’s in assassins)
    I’m also a big fan of a murder within a group, sort of like one of us is lying maybe??
    competitions are my ultimate favourite tho, I only have to read about a competition on a blurb and I’ve added it on goodreads xD


  7. I really, REALLY want a good carnival/circus book, but it seems my tastes just don’t align with the majority. I had to give up on The Night Circus about a quarter of the way through, it was just so dull to me 😦 I was so excited for it too!

    And I don’t know why I haven’t written anything involving a competition yet. It’s been on my to-do list forever because, like you, I am NOT sick of them yet! Hopefully someday!


  8. Some of these are major items on my bookish wish lists! Red Rising, The Cruel Prince and Daughter of Smoke and Bone are some of my favourite books/series so if there are anymore releases out there that deal with war and politics like those books do then get them in my hands right this second. Also I would LOVE stories that are set in magical carnivals and circuses. The Night Circus is one of my all-time favourite books ever so any book set in a magical circus is an automatic add to my TBR list and if Erin Morgenstern ever writes anything else ever it will go the the top of my to-read list! 🙂
    I definitely want more villains and anti-heroes will powers and the only other things I can think of not on your list are fairytale retellings, magical realism and time travel.
    Maybe one day there’ll be a book with all of the above in it! 😀
    Great post Mikaela. 🙂 ❤


  9. A). You must get this on a T-Shirt or Poster or something immediately: extremely stabby and sassy assassins.
    B) You might like “The Westing Game”. It’s a murder mystery – technically a children’s book – with numerous characters etc. It definitely threw a few curveballs at me!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I think “extremely stabby and sassy assassins” might be one of my personal weaknesses too. I just really love assassins and sometimes wish we had more assassin books. Do you have a favorite assassin book? For horrors in space, have you read Pitch Dark by Courtney Alameda? It’s fantastic!


  11. Love your posts. Really helpful for me as a newbie writer 🙂 Very interesting and informative. If you have any reccomendations on other people to follow similar to yourself I would love that!


  12. I think something that sticks out with me is cutesy contemporary, school settings, and political intrigue. I’m not really picky with what I read but all of your options sound awesome!


    I absolutely love revised history, and time travel is my absolute favourite! I will devour any piece of writing with a mention of time travel 😍

    Also, magical circuses are the best! I need more of them the Night Circus was too good 😭😭😭

    And I’m not bored of competitions and contests like the Hunger games yet! On the contrary, I absolutely adore them.

    And I love all types of LBGT books because they’re usually so sweet and make me cry😭

    Great post!


  14. small towns, carnivals, competitions are all MY FAVORITES!!!! whenever a book even vaguely mentions any of these things in the synopsis and i get 1000 times more excited… this was honestly such a good list i loved reading it.


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