11 More Book Blogging Confessions That Will Shock & Amaze You

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…just kidding.

For some reason, there are people out there who think I am the perfect book blogger. I don’t know what makes them think this because my life can be described best as “a hotbed of stress.” What is it like being content, stress-free, and satisfied? Don’t look at me, because I surely can’t tell you! HAHAHAHAHAhaha.

(Someone please help me.)

A million years ago, I confessed some blogging truths about myself, and it was quite popular, so why not expose some more blogging confessions so we can all cry together over my very real fears.

(Who put me up to this? Oh, yeah, I did.)

1.) this blog will eventually send me to an early grave.

Spoiler alert: I’m an overachiever and a perfectionist. Which means I like achieving things…and then going way over the limit to make them look absolutely perfect.

You might be thinking, “Wow, that’s so cool!”

It is not cool. It’s actually rather annoying (and mentally exhausting) after point five seconds of being in my head.

So, yes, I’ll spend hours writing posts on the weekend to the point where I want to collapse after I finish. Or I’ll make sure to absolutely perfect my graphics even though I know I’m probably the only one who even notices. And is it satisfying for my blog to look absolutely gorgeous and make the best content I can? One hundred percent. But it’s also SO TIRING.

I wish I was one of those people that didn’t care about that type of stuff, that didn’t care so much about graphics and photography, but I am, so I guess I’ll suffer.

 2.) sometimes, I would rather throw myself into the sea than blog hop.

I love commenting on people’s blogs and giving bloggers some love even if they only have ten or fifty or one hundred followers. I swear it! But there are some days where I go into my feed and I just want to collapse because writing a lengthy comment on someone’s post and hoping that they may or may not comment on my blog as well can make me tired just by thinking about it.

I’m not the only one who feels the same way, right? RIGHT?

3.) i would be the gold medalist at overthinking twitter if it ever becomes an olympic sport.


And I think I can owe this to my social anxiety, but when I tweet about something that doesn’t involve direct links to my blog, I get so nervous.

Like, what if what I’m tweeting is stupid? Or that no one cares what I have to say? Or that no one will like it, and I’ll be left feeling embarrassed? Or that I’m doing the whole Twitter thing wrong? THESE ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT.

(Your best critic is yourself, am I right?)

4.) on occasion, checking my notifications or stats can be a life-or-death situation.

I mean, when I post something even mildly controversial, I get so nervous that I’m going to open my notifications and get barraged with a bunch of hate. Which is actually ridiculous, because the people who follow me are so kind and I’ve rarely ever had disagreeable comments (and when I do, it’s on posts that I don’t even think are controversial. Go figure), so why I do I even worry about some phantom blogger coming in and being rude?

And regarding stats…sometimes I’m so excited about a post that the thought of looking at the stats really makes me anxious.

What if no one commented or liked it? Or I get way lower stats than I usually do? Or I worked HOURS on a post only for everyone to basically ignore it (which has happened before)?

Yeah, I do care about my stats, BECAUSE I WORK HARD, DAMN IT.

5.) taking bookish photos can make me as irritated as a bull seeing red.

I’ve definitely taken photos that I’m extremely proud of before, but I can’t even put into words how frustrating it can be when I come up with a good idea for a photo, but no matter how hard I try, it’s just not working out the way it should.

And these frustrations have only gotten worse because I want to re-ignite a bookstagram account, but nothing is working out the way it should when it comes to a cohesive theme. OH WHY OH WHY, MUST I SUFFER?

6.) i worry that I’ll eventually run out of blog post ideas (dun, dun, duuuun).

Real talk: I struggled so much in January coming up with ideas for blog posts.

I actually did manage to finally get some topics that I’m super excited to share with you guys in the upcoming months (specifically, this month and April because if I went any further than that, I was going to die from stress-related causes), but the path to getting there was rough.

It was the first time I ever thought, “What if I just run out of blog post ideas?” Which made me then subsequently panic.

I’m sure I’m not even the only book blogger to think of this, especially since I’ve seen bloggers who have been around for 3-4+ years and are still churning out great content, so I’m sure I’ll be fine…but it’s hard to think that when it seems like every other blogger around you has these fantastic and innovative ideas, and I’m over here having a brain fart.

7.) i am very #lazy when it comes to writing reviews.

I have actually started to enjoy writing reviews. I KNOW; WHO IS THIS PERSON INVADING MY BODY? I like voicing my thoughts and opinions about books, and spreading the love to books that get absolutely buried by everyone else.

But do I actually write those reviews at a mildly reasonable time? Of course not.

I write them on Saturday, the day before I’m supposed to publish them, because I can apparently write a full month of blog posts in two weeks time, but reviews? LOL no.

8.) am i even qualified enough to give blogging tips? who really knows??

I’ve started regularly writing blogging tips since fall of last year, AND I LOVE DOING IT. It’s so much fun to examine the entirety of my blogging career, and figure out what went right and wrong.

But at the same time, I also feel like it’s dumb for me to be giving blogging advice since I’m such an amateur, and what if it doesn’t work for someone else? What if I lead someone astray? What if my tips are dumb, and I was just really, really lucky and I can’t help anyone?


9.) whenever I joke around, i assume all of my readers are simultaneously cringing.

I mean, I don’t think I’m hilarious in real life, so it’s not too far-fetched that I don’t feel like I’m that funny when it comes across on my blog.

I think that’s because my sense of humor is not “LOL SO RANDOM,” which is, like, 99.99% of the humor that most people have (and I haven’t found funny since I was in elementary school, but everyone has their tastes of course), so attempting to make those types of jokes to fit the mold doesn’t work for me.

I operate more on sarcasm.

10.) i appreciate nominations and tags, but will probably never do them.

I mean, I haven’t been tagged in any for a while (probably because I feel like I haven’t seen them around a lot), but I think it’s something that I’ve just grown out of as my blog has grown.

Awards just aren’t really that interesting to write or read (I mean, how many facts do I have to provide for myself??? I AM NOT THAT INTERESTING), and I tend to just choose my own tags because let’s be real here, most tags are really not that interesting, and I’d rather just choose ones I know I’ll enjoy writing about versus writing ones that are basically asking the same questions over and over and over again.

11.) I switch blog posts around WAY too often.

Honestly, there’s a 99.99% chance that at least one or two of the posts I post per month were probably not even originally supposed to be there, they were actually supposed to be posted the month before or the month after.

Why do I do this, you might be asking.

Well, this is the curse that falls upon you when you write all the blog posts for a month, and you’re also a perfectionist blogger whose entire worth falls upon curating “the perfect month” for blog posts.


what are some of your blogging confessions? do we share any of the same ones? hopefully we do so I’m not all alone.


71 thoughts on “11 More Book Blogging Confessions That Will Shock & Amaze You

  1. I’m totally with you about blog-hopping. I really enjoy reading others’ blogs when I make the time to do it, it’s just that I sometimes feel like, after I’ve worked on my own blog, I don’t have time to go and comment on everyone else’s. Then I feel bad because there are so many great posts out there 🙈

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  2. I switch around blog topics alllll the time 🙈 I like to have my month planned out but like life gets in the way or I’m just not in the mood to write what I scheduled!

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  3. Ahhh I feel soooo many of these!!! Twitter…umm yeah I am always like “omg I only got 2 likes everyone hates me” or I get super nervous someone will be offended with something I say 😣 Blig hopping can be so freaking hard. It’s one thing about blogging that makes me feel so guilty because I don’t do it enough. This is an awesome post (as always 😊😊😊)

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    • YES I FEEL THAT. It mainly comes from me being super excited about something and only getting two or three likes. 😝 Yeah, I often don’t feel like I’m fast enough when replying to comments, and everyone’s holding a grudge against me because of it even though I’m sure no one cares. 😂 Thank you! ❤️

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  4. I can relate to many of these confessions. I am also a total perfectionist. I try to perfect my blog and post as much as possible. Whether anyone else notices or not, it’s more for myself than them. Blog hoping is also a task for me. I like commenting on others blogs but sometimes I’m like “does that sound stupid? Will they even read this?” Writing lengthy comments can be difficult. I am forever checking my notifications and stats as well. I’m not that great at taking regular photos so never mind bookish photos. I get lazy sometimes writing reviews too. Running out of blog ideas is a big fear of mine. And although I try to be funny on my posts it doesn’t always come across that way. This was a great post!

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    • Yes, I also think it’s more for me than anyone else! I do like making my posts look pretty and hope people enjoy them, but I’m probably the one who cares THE MOST. I’m so lazy at writing reviews, but once I get started, I can’t stop. It’s really weird. 😝 I have the biggest fear of running out of ideas, but let’s hope I survive! 😂 And thank you! ❤️

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  5. I’m with you for blog hopping and controversial blog posts. Sometimes I go on WordPress and feel mandated to comment because I want people to look at my blog too, but if I have been working so hard on something such a blogging, sometimes it’s not as needed to blog hop. OH, I once wrote a blog post about something that was controversial (not saying the name, it’s too cringy) and I spend like two hours trying to write a disclaimer so people wouldn’t hate me in the comments?? WHY?? I don’t know, because the post was not controversial really, so I can relate with you overthinking.
    Lastly (don’t worrry, I’m almost done here) writing reviews are stressful as heck. I’m currently writing a movie review, and it’s been a week, and I’ve only written like 5 points?? HALP. I understand your struggle, so we an struggle together!!
    Great post! Sorry this was a long comment but I really related to this post.

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    • Yeah, I feel like I used to not have to blog-hop as much, but then I went on hiatus for a couple of weeks, and it’s like half my audience just up and left, which really sucks, but what can you do? Haha, funnily enough, I have never written a disclaimer! I do sometimes delete sentences that seem passive-aggressive so someone doesn’t think I’m trying to be mean. 😝 I feel like the worst thing about reviews is just getting started, but when I actually start writing them, I can’t stop! I’m very lazy.

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      • I try to blog hop for the purpose that I enjoy finding new bloggers, although receiving followers is always fun.Same here! Starting a review isn’t as easy as others make it seem, I can never find the write words to start it off with,other than the generic “hello readers!” I don’t even know why I am a blogger, I procrastinate wayyyy too much and am lazy as welll.

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  6. hahaha i can relate to almost all of this. i’m not a twitter person because basically i’m too old for that and i don’t write book reviews because i’m just not a huge fan of reading book reviews. lol i know, i’m a terrible book worm. but i can honestly say a person’s opinion about a book is not going to make me want to read or not a read a book. i read what i read and i just can’t be bothered about how other people feel about the book. lol i promise i’m not a terrible person. i love discussing books and differences of opinions about said books, i am just weird about reviews.

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    • I don’t read book reviews either! Unless it’s something I anticipate, and even then, I jut look at the rating and leave. 😂 It’s just not the most interesting content to me! I mainly write them because I know there are some people who do actually like reading my thoughts, and I really like ranting about books I love and hate.

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      • i love to share my opinion about certain books i read; but definitely not all. and i feel like every time i write one it comes off as dry and uninteresting. lol so i just don’t do them.

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  7. Oh my gosh, I feel you on almost all of these! Especially running out of post ideas… I’ve always been worried about that, because I’ve always had a hard time coming up with them.

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    I used to stay up until ungodly hours of the night on weekends to write blog posts, bloghop, reply to comments and all things blogging related but eeh, I burnt out by the start of my second year of blogging; When you spend 8am to 6pm either running around a hospital or between classes and have only those weekends to rest, you don’t really have a choice but to use them for sleep haha.

    And bloghopping can be such a hassle some days. But then on others I can spend hours reading other people’s content and enjoy myself immensely. Also, I think that being excited about a post and it not doing so great is absolutely soul crushing *sniffs*. No matter how much people try to deny it, stats do matter.AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON PICTURES, I started a bookstagram a little over a month ago and although I have an absolute blast with it sometimes it just makes me want to bang my head against a wall.

    I think the fear of running of blog posts is one we all have, no exceptions. And it does come true for a little bit. Something like six months ago i had a little freak out because I thought I didn’t have anything to talk about anymore haha, but once i got out of my head I started getting ideas again.

    Great, great post, as always ❤

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    • I feel like I’m spending less time blogging now but only because I’m being buried by so much work that it’s hard to even find the time! And when I don’t feel like blogging, I want to do something else. It’s been rough recently. 😅

      Yes! There are some days where I feel like commenting on ALL THE POSTS, but, like today, I’m just feeling super meh and tired. And then it stresses me out because I think that no one is going to read my posts if I don’t read their stuff. Ugh. BOOKSTAGRAM IS SO STRESSFUL. I feel like everyone is doing so much better than me, and even when my pictures look fine, I still don’t like them. Bleh.

      Yep, right now I’m running on looking at other people’s blogs to get my ideas. I’m thinking I’ll probably start turning to books next. 😂

      Thank you! ❤️


  9. You had me at the first one. My husband blogged for a while and drove himself nuts trying to post every day (he’s a very slow typist!). We love to hear from you, but doing short entries, taking a break or posting less often are all totally OK!!

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  10. I also sometimes get nervous that I’m going to get basically hate mail for controversial posts…and I don’t think most of what I post is even that controversial. But people have gotten grumpy over things I totally didn’t expect like a post on why I don’t care about symbolism in literature. Apparently some people really, really do!

    We’ve also been getting disgruntled comments on any post where we mention a library recently because of all the discussion about how not everyone has a library on Twitter recently. I am 100% aware that not everyone has a library, and posting about how I use my library or how people who do have libraries can take advantage of cool resources does not mean I am trying to overlook people without libraries or that I’m assuming every single person who reads my blog has one…I’m just talking about libraries and my personal experience as someone who does have one. But I feel like putting a 5 line disclaimer at the top of any post where I use the word “library” would be getting a bit ridiculous.

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    • Yep, I feel that! I got a super passive-aggressive comment earlier in my blogging career where I did The Who Am I Tag, and someone got rude because I didn’t link to the quizzes? I told them that it totally slipped my mind, and that if they wanted to do them, there were other book blogs that had the links, and they replied, “Well guess I’ll visit their blog instead of yours then.” Like what???

      Yeah, I live in the U.S. and my library rarely satisfies me, but I don’t think I mind! I think the discussion is relevant and important to have, but I find it silly that all discussion should be shut down about libraries.


      • That’s so funny! (In hindsight, because why would someone comment something like that?) We got two hilarious comments on the blog recently to the effect of “I don’t find this post helpful at all but maybe I would have if you had done x and y.” Ok? It kind of reminded of the professors I had who would read a paper draft I’d written and be like “Oh, I guess this paper on the nature of friendship in Jane Eyre is fine, but I really think you should have written about the nature of familial relationships in Jane Eyre.” Ok, sounds interesting, but I didn’t write that so…. :p

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  11. lol… hilarious post! 😂😂
    the way you are sometimes with blog hopping… that’s how i am with reviews about the cruel pince… got to the point where I don’t even wanna read the bloody thing anymore. 🙈

    back in the day i had a personal blog and i always obsessed about pictures for the posts. for my book blog i decided I won’t use any, apart from book pics… it is going great 😂. a very few post has gifs and my life is much less stressful….

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  12. YOU SAID IT! I just can’t blog hop. I suck at it. I never know what to write. Then I feel that whatever I’ll write, the blogger probably won’t understand it.
    Also, agree with the cringing part (I mean the part with making a joke but the readers not understanding it). I actually couldn’t agree more. Because I feel that my sense of humour is really weird. Which is why whenevr I write something (especially something I have written in all caps) I can see everyone cringing.

    In fact this comment is also cringy. See I can’t write proper comments.

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    • Yeah, sometimes I’m just really tired and don’t feel like commenting, so then I’m dead. 😂 And I always feel like people will ignore my blog if I don’t comment on theirs, but I mean, if they only comment on my blog because I do it back, I guess I don’t really care about their comments. 💁🏾

      Yeah, I HATE writing in all caps to convey humor. But I also hate it when other bloggers do it, so maybe that’s just something I hate. 😂

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  13. I relate so hard to these! Commenting on others blogger’s posts can be intimidating and exciting, especially when you are hoping for them to comment on your blog as well.

    I’m completely with you on reviewing books. I love voicing my opinion but it can get tiresome typing it all out. Maybe I should video myself ranting and post that. Loo

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  14. I’m so bad at bloghopping and even commenting/networking in general. When I first started blogging I never commented on anybody’s posts because I had such bad anxiety that I would be bothering people by leaving comments, which is pretty silly looking back but I remember getting so nervous about it, haha. And I’m so bad at writing reviews that I eventually just gave up on it and focused on discussions and other posts instead. I’ll probably write reviews again sometime in the future but I just don’t feel like it now.

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    • Yeah, I feel like I’m terrible at the general upkeep of commenting on new blogs or finding new blogs to comment on or commenting on blogs I already follow. I think I just get tire and I can’t do it all. 😝 I started writing reviews again after not writing them for months, but I only did it twice and now I’m right back to not posting reviews in two months. I think I should just do an every other week thing.


  15. This is oddly, creepy and amazing reletable. Aside from some points, like taking pictures. With my new camera I’m quite satisfaited…. but that’s not the point XD
    So yes, for all the rest I really feel you!

    I’m not good at responding comments back. Sometimes I arrive at home totally tired and destroyed, with zero strenght to read a book, figure a blog post and write down some good and meaningful comment. In the end, I try to take a bit of time in which I’m awake to chose interesting blog post where I’ve actually something to say.

    I’m lazy at reviews too 😦 I always postpone them… so my list get so long that I don’t want to think about it. As much as I’m super nervous everytime I post a discussion and as much when I post in Twitter. I know that I’ve still a lot to learn and when I touch a serious topic I’m kinda anxious of using the wrong words and messin up <.<

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    • Yeah, I go to school all day, then I do track practice, and then I don’t come home until around 6:30, which only leaves me time to do homework and eat dinner and maybe have a little time to myself before I’m forced to go to bed. So I feel you about being too exhausted to be doing anything related to blogging. 😝

      Yep, I have 25 books to review and I haven’t started on any of them. 😂

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  16. as far as #6 goes, in the unlikely chance that you ever run out of blog post ideas, all you have to do is remake/rehash old ideas -like you’re doing with this one! doesn’t matter how many times you make the same type of post, they’ll all be great and as amazing as your other ones!

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    • Aw, thank you so much! I’m paranoid that it’ll get boring eventually to do the same lists over and over again (especially if I can think of anything new), but my audience changes a lot, which is a positive. Most of the people who commented on my first post in the series seem to have disappeared!

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  17. Yes @ #1 – I will spend hours writing a post only to g back and look at it the next day and decide I hate it and so it goes in the trash. I totally feel you on being a perfectionist – it’s a neverending battle.

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    • Ah, I feel that! I always think up an idea for a blog post, can’t wait to write it…and then I do, and it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to. 😭 So then it goes in Drafts and stays there forever and ever. I have three posts that are jut sitting in Drafts that I wrote months ago, but don’t want to publish because I think they’re just meh.

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  18. As someone who has been blogging for more than a year but has just reached out to the blogging community recently, I 100% relate with your confessions. Half the time, I feel like a complete idiot because I know nothing about making my blog look the way I want it to, and the other half of the time, I’m obsessing over my posts and my stats. I think that you should definitely not feel like you are just an amateur; people like me love reading tips on how to improve blogging habits and anyone who has learned from their past mistakes and wants to share the information is much appreciated! I haven’t done any tags or awards because I also don’t really think it’s my thing. Right now, all I do are blog reviews, which is why it’s fairly easy for me to stay up to date with them, but I’m thinking of moving into discussion posts once a week so that I get more of an interaction with my followers and the blogging community! Great post (sorry for the rambling)!

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  19. This is such a relatable post – it’s crazy annoying to be so perfectionist about everything blogging… we quickly lose our minds, spend endless times on tiny little details that us and us only end up noticing, hahaha. I’m also quite terrified of running out of ideas, but taking small breaks every once in a while often makes me feel better about this, and makes me come back refreshed and ready to write down all the new things 🙂
    Lovely post! 🙂

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    • Yeah, I wish I could have that chill blogging approach that I’ve seen so many other people have, but I cannot. I am not chill when it comes to my blog. I’m with that with most things that I love though; I want it to be perfect.

      I’m hoping I can get to a stage where I can feel refreshed. At least I have two months to think up ideas for May! 😂

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  20. Being too awkward and weird for Twitter is 5000% me. God, I am so bad at Twitter. I try and be one with the cool kids, but I just can’t seem to fit in there.

    And same about having a great idea for a book photo, but not being able to figure out the logistics on how to get it right?!! God that happens to me all the time. It’s the worst feeling.

    You are so right about the book award tags. I loved them when I started out, but I’ve gotten like three nominations for the same award and I’m just… no, I’m not going to do it again lol

    These blogging confessions posts always make me feel less alone lol

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    • Yeah, I feel like I’ve started using it for news and sharing my blog posts (where the interaction can be really good or it seems like no one cares). 😂

      Ah, I hate it! I always have a perfect vision, and then it gets completely ruined when I try to work things out. 😝 I haven’t gotten nominated for anything in a very long while, and I’m okay with that.


  21. Confessions 2 and 5 are real.

    Honestly. I’ve been on a bookstagram hiatus for a while (personal reasons led to me losing the creativity in my photos) but I’m trying to get back into it? But I FEEL SO MUCH ON THAT.

    I think I’m one of the few people who don’t stress so much about Twitter? I’ve been on Twitter for a while – it started as a uni assignment, and then now it’s just my venting area, plus I’ve cultivated a decent writing circle thanks to a few chats. So yelling into the void is actually really cathartic for me? I stress more about blogging and bookstagram, because I don’t have a lot of people commenting, if at all. That might be because I have a bad habit of not going blog hopping, because that just stresses me out.

    I mean I did do a call for blog hopping but – no one commented so now I just try to comment on blogs I have subscribed to that have posted something that catches my interest. Like this!

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    • Bookstagram is so very stressful UGH.

      Ooh, I think my stress comes from the fact that yelling into the void is what I hate! I want interaction, and I feel embarrassed if I don’t get any, especially if I’m excited about it! 😝 Blog-hopping can definitely stress me out; I feel you there!

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  22. Ahhh hahaha I love this…. it’s not just book blogging, it’s all blogging, I think! It’s a bizarre masochistic thing we do… you love to blog but then you put yourself under so much pressure it’s not as fun as it was to start with! I hear ya!


  23. I’m honestly quite weird when it comes to commenting myself. Either I have this ridiculously long comment or I barely have anything to say. And the latter is very often the case with bloggers commenting on my blog.. Like, sorry?! I take a look at their posts, like the ones I like but then.. I often don’t really have anything decent to say about it? [Please don’t shoot me.]
    And other times I’m simply brilliant at writing way too long comments which probably drives some people nuts. Especially when I’m going over the blogs I follow after about three weeks of not doing that and leaving very long comments on multiple posts.
    I can totally imagine some bloggers rolling their eyes at that and feeling like it’ll be such a hassle replying to me. [I’M SORRY OKAY. Maybe you just shouldn’t make your posts so much fun to comment on or something..]

    When it comes to giving blogging advice.. I just think people have to keep in mind that a blog is unique. The thing that works for me, is possible to fail big time when you try it and vice versa. Having bloggers posts their tips at least gives us opportunity to try out different approaches and figure out what works best for us.
    No need to doubt yourself and think you shouldn’t be creating those posts, is my conclusion!

    Completely get the tag-confession. I kind of “stopped” doing them, but I do save them in my drafts when I’m tagged. Never know when I’ll feel like simply answering some questions – if they’re fun questions, that is. Otherwise to the bin it is.

    As for one of my blogging confessions.. Pretty much 75% of my blog posts are scheduled the month before?
    How’s that for a confession, HAHA. I’m just awesome at that. [Actually, no. That’s just me planning one day to freak out, freak out some more and then get my blogging shit in order before I don’t have any time to do it at all..]


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